Are Indian movies underrated on IMDB?

TL;DR: Ok, once I finished the answer I read through it and realized that what I wrote essentially says not too many Indians on IMDB hence the underratedness.First, we need to understand how the IMDB score is calculated. They do not

As of 2018, which are the most underrated movies?

Source: Alltvupdates1) THE SISTERS BROTHERCast: John C Relly , Joaquin Phoenix, Jake GyllenhaalIMDB rated it 7.2 out of 10.This film was a misguided mess which had hilarious frontier story. Despite of all these, the movie had moment of wit with devastating tragedy and the hope

What are some of the best Indian movies ever made, and what makes them the best?

With different concept and ideas, some of movie are not noticed or not bang on box offices still script of the movie are fantastic, real and heart touching. 1. Pyar Ka Punchnama: - based on fun, comery drama etc and for yongester , it is one of the

What are some of the most disturbing movies? What made them so disturbing?

EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO KNOW IS HERE!!!(May this list keep going forever...and I will keep updating too)Also the end of list will surely surprise you!Well I have this bad habit of collecting gems like these...I've seen plenty and the most dreadful of all gores that are beyond human comparisons...But talking about movies it's

What are some of the most underrated movies?

50. THE FOUNTAINHEAD (1949)Ayn Rand's doorstopping tract on architecture and morality – with Gary Cooper as master builder and Patricia Neal as a whip-cracking heiress – is a masterpiece of modernist design, and its eccentricity feels entirely right.49. OPEN YOUR EYES (1997)The template for the botched Vanilla Sky,

What are some of the most underrated Tamil movies?

Tamil Movies in general is Underrated. Because outside Tamil Nadu only Commercial Movies are released because of their Widespread audience and Guarantee in Return on Investment for Producers. But we failed to notice lots of good Tamil Movies which went unnoticed or most of the movies were ahead

What are some of the worst films to feature in IMDB Top 250?

I'm amazed there were so many on the Top 250 list that I like. My taste is eclectic.  Most Hollywood blockbusters of the decade leave me cold. Here are my picks for some of the worst films on that list.#  6, 53 Anything Dark Knight (2008) -  I turned it

What are some old scifi movies which are worth watching?

1) Metropolis (1927, dir. Fritz Lang)This film is one of the most formative works of science fiction of all time, and its imagery remains potent nearly 80 years later. And now that there's a fully restored version finally hitting cinemas - for the first time

What are some really good movies like 300?

There are lots of good and inspiring movies related to such fights or wars. Here are few -Gladiator - British-American epic historic drama directed by Ridley Scott. Russell Crowe the lead actor won an Oscar for his act as a gladiator and movie won the best picture of the year . This is a really

What are some underrated comedy movies?

One that immediately comes to mind is Maxie in which Glenn Close play dual roles, one of which is as a prim and mousy secretary and the other a dead vamp who possesses the secretary's body. This was the first movie in which Close breaks away from playing serious roles, and she had

What are some underrated SciFi movies?

In no particular order,Moon - The film is about a man who experiences a personal crisis as he nears the end of a three-year solitary stint mining helium-3 on the far side of the Earth's moon.Primer - Four engineers-Aaron (Shane Carruth), Abe (David Sullivan), Robert, and Phillip-who work for a large corporation during

What are the best Hollywood movies?

I am gonna say some of the best movies i have seen in every genres :-DRAMA:Schindler's list12 Years a SlaveForrest GumpThe Shawshank RedemptionOn Golden PondWhat's eating Gilbert GrapeInto The WildTo kill a mockingbird12 angry menShameWar HorseHachi a Dog's TaleOne flew over the cuckoo's nestThe Color PurpleWildCaptain FantasticDead poets societyRain ManThere will be bloodMagnoliaGood

What are the best movies of all time?

A lot of movies have been mentioned here. So I would just post my Personal Top 10.Here are my Fav 10:1. INCEPTION (2010)IMDB Rating -> 8.8 / 10.A thief who steals corporate secrets

What are the best movies with a plot twist?

I'm sure there is nothing left for me to say after 100+ answers. But since it's an A2A, I'm game.Here is a list of some good movies with a plot twist... but with a kicker.I'm giving the twists but not the names of the movies. If you have seen the movies, here is

What are the most underrated and overrated movies you've seen?

DOCTOR STRANGEMost overrated i will say Doctor Strange because it was like seeing IRONMAN lookalike dawn the avatar of a super hero with power of magic and with same level of wit and humor and story line up also same .MCU is just trying to make up money by making

What is that one movie you want to watch again and again? Why? What inspires you?

Well, the movie that I'd like to watch again and again is The Shawshank Redemption. You probably watched it too.The story begins with the trial of a young banker, Andy Dufrense, victimized by circumstantial evidence, resulting in a conviction for the murder of his wife and her lover. After a quick conviction, Andy finds himself serving a life

What is the most underrated documentary movies?

Well, that's easy. My movie... BOTSO: The Teacher from Tbilisi.We traveled to film festivals around the world a few years back, and won awards at five, including a couple of

What is the saddest/most touching movie you've seen?

After some thought I came to the conclusion that the most sad/touching movie I have seen must be

Which are some of the most under-rated Bollywood movies?

Here is the list of some movies movies. It is just that we don't get to hear much about them because of the marketing gimmicks of mainstream commercial movies, which these underrated ones can't generally afford.1. Masaan (2015)Masaan follows two separate story arcs in

What are some good mountain bike movies?

There's a lot of new buzz around "Where the Trail Ends" - Red Bulls (and all their production power) move into MTB movies. I'd also consider "Follow Me" by Anthill Films, especially Steve Smith and Gee Athertons segment from New Zealand is killer.Aaron Larocque has got an awesome full

What are some of the best movies based on true events, that are educational as well?

These are the movies based on true stories which I've seen so far:The Baader Meinhof Complex (about the notorious German terrorist group of '70s)Munich (about Mossad killing the people behind the terrorist attack towards the Israeli Olympic team in '73)Battleship Potemkin (about the mutiny from 1905

What are some of the most underrated Indian movies?

Underrated Movie! TAMIL: JOKERThe film has proved to be a dark horse at the box office, with a steady run since release last week. When Dream Warrior Pictures released their Tamil film Joker, little did they imagine the humungous response it

What are the best movies about figure skating you ever watched?

Ice Castles (1978) - IMDb: Lynn Holly-Johnson, future Bond girl and a former ice skater herself, plays a skater who tries to overcome an injury. The Cutting Edge (1992) - IMDb: D. B. Sweeney plays a former ice hockey player who is recruited as one half of an ice skating pair.

What are the most depressing movies of all time?

The Life of David Gale.This is a movie which very few of us have heard of. The movie is directed by Alan Parker with lead cast as Kevin Spacey , Kate Winslet and Laura Linney. The movie is well scripted and brilliantly executed. The actors have all been superb. The movie ended with such

What are the unknown facts about Hollywood industry?

Charlie Chaplin made his movie mocking Hitler with his own money because Hollywood was afraid of losing money if they took a stand.In 1920s the Hollywood-sign was lit by thousands of light bulbs and the guy who changed the burnt ones lived in a little cabin near the sign.

What are the worst movies ever made?

What makes the worst film of all time? Bad direction? Writing? Acting? Set design? I'd argue that all of these, even when put together, can fail to make a film unwatchable. The usual suspects for ''worst film of all time'' like Plan 9 and Troll 2 are

What are some examples of famous films that almost starred an entirely different actor/actress?

1. It's disputed how seriously Shirley Temple was considered for what would ultimately be Judy Garland's role in The Wizard of Oz, but she at least auditioned for the part, despite being far too young to deliver the kind of performance that made the movie a timeless classic.  What is certain is that Buddy Ebsen was originally set

What are some frustrating things about being an actor?

#1 - You're judged all the timeIf you're an actor, whatever you do becomes a part of everyone's gossip.You're sighted with someone of the opposite sex, media starts talking about your dating choice. People are excited to discuss who you are cheating your wife with. Your divorce receives

What are some good movies where the villain won?

I'm stretching this to include movies where there aren't just

What are some movies like Gulaal (2009 movie)?

Gulaal Is basically one of the Indian Epic Movies That Can be Called Cult OF That Time! Here is the list of names of the movies that you will find interesting as compared to GulaalJaane Bhi Do Yaaro (1983)Released in 1983, the film is a dark satire on the

What are some movies that use American-Japanese crossing like Tokyo Drift?

*SIGH* It's so unfortunate that when coming to American-Japanese crossings of culture, setting or actors, the list of

What are some of the best Chinese movies?

Notice: some of these aren't actually movies but tv shows. It's actually pretty hard in my opinion to find a decent movie in China that I know of.I grew up with these movies/tv shows as a child. They may be old and may not even have a translation, but these movies are still watch-worthy gold nonetheless.

What are some of the saddest movies?

These are some of the saddest films I have ever seen.I will not include films like Dead Poets Society, Good Will Hunting or One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest because they aren't really suitable for this list (they had some scenes that made us cry and thats all). I will list films

What are some really good family movies?

The Princess Bride has already been taken. So here are a couple of others.Princess Mononoke (or anything by Studio Ghibli)The Incredibles (or anything by Pixar except for those wretched Cars films)Mon Oncle (or anything by Jaques Tati)Robin Hood (the

What are some really good samurai movies?

I can't possibly narrow it down to one, there are so many great directors Yoji Yamada, Takeshi Miike and so many great actors Kochi Sato, Takuya Kimura are just a few...I have created a list of my all time favorites:1. Mibu Gishi Den (When

What are some things filmmakers know but most people don't?

The movie is not what exists on the screen; the movie is what exists in the mind of the viewer as a result of the audio/visual input. And that movie changes with every person and every viewing.This is something you realize when you watch the same film projected multiple times to different audiences

What are the 10 movies every intellectual person must watch?

They are definitely:-1.) THE MAN WHO KNEW INFINITY :- This is the real story of S.Ramanujan a Indian Mathematician who went to University of Cambridge, England during 20th Century. He educate Mathematics on his own and went to England on the scholarship to publish his papers

What are the most overrated movies?

Titanic.Before I go on, let me say, I was dragged to this movie and pretty much forced to sit through it. It was okay at best. Now, I'll go on.Okay so you have a historical event so no spoiler alerts for you. You already

What are the top 10 best mythological movies ever like 'Troy' or '300'?

Well first of all...Absolutely NOT Troy or 300, Both of which are complete Travesties!The Vikings {1958}Clash of the Titans {1981}King Arthur {2004}Jason and the Argonauts {1963}Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger {1977}The Golden Voyage of Sinbad {1973}The 7th Voyage of Sinbad {1958}The 13th Warrior

What is the best, historically accurate film about monarchy?

Most of the films mentioned here are on my list as well:Elizabeth (1998)The King's SpeechThe QueenYoung VictoriaBut there are a few older ones that are good as well:Lady JaneLion in Winter (Peter O'Toole version)Elizabeth R (Glenda Jackson)The Six Wives

What is the best intellectual film to watch?

Thanks for A2A!!I thik these are the best Intellectual movies that everyone should watch-Interstellar (2014)The Shawshank Redemption (1994)The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)A Beautiful Mind (2001)Fight Club (1999)Castaway on the

Which are the top 5 best and worst films of Shah Rukh Khan according to you? And Why?

According to me SRK's 5 Best movies are1 Dilwale Dulhaniya le jayenge2 Devdas3 Bazigar4 Chak de India5 Kuch Kuch hota haiOther good movies are Darr, Mohabbatein, Chennai Express, Rab ne Bana Di Jodi, Don, Swadesh, Veer Zara, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi gham, Deewana, Chamatkar, Karan Arjun, Dil toh pagal hai, Dil se, Kal ho na ho, Main hoon naWorst

Which movie has the best villain in Hollywood?

My iconic villian portrayals are as follows and make sure to check the entire answer.Lord voldermort (Harry potter Franchise)He is very evil when people cannot even say his name. After killing Harry's parents and apoarently done himself Lord voldermort returns to finish the job by

What are some life-changing movies that everyone should see?

1. Into The WildThis movie is nothing short of epic. An adaptation of Jon Krakauer's fascinating novel of the same name, Into the Wildfollows the adventures of Christopher McCandless and his tryst with the Alaskan wilderness. Fresh out of law school, McCandless' decision to

What are some movies that everyone needs to watch at least twice in their life?

A couple of Capra films:It Happened One Night (1934) One of those

What are some of the best 'hacking' movies?

Top Twelve Hacking Movies Of All Time | AIBMost of these films revolve around robbery capers or virtual reality villains. Some are visually-stunning imaginings of conceivable alternate worlds. Unlike the end, hackers are computer experts who enjoy understanding the inner workings of systems, discovering their vulnerabilities and

What are some of the best Indian movies that you have seen and would suggest to others to see it?

1. Mughal-E-Azambiggest movie of india.. took almost 12 years in making.. epic lovestory about mughal prince and lower class girl2. Guidevijay anand's classical.. 1st movie maid simulteniously in hindi and English 3. Jwell thiefanother vijay anand's good work4. Aradhana appreciated most for its amazing

What are some of the most common things you always see happening in real life, actually never shown in movies or TV shows?

1. The villain doesn't give a huge speech before killing the hero in real life. He, mostly, just kills.2. Everyone isn't beautiful in real life. 3. Money. It's almost as if money doesn't exist in most movies. Most action/spy film heroes don't even carry a wallet. Do people pay Bruce Willis in the Sixth Sense

What are some of the most disturbing movies? What made them so disturbing?

STATUTORY WARNING: Disturbing movies can affect the human psyche adversely. If you are under 18 years of age, parental guidance is advised. (:P)If you are still reading this answer, the warning above has been graciously ignored by you (Yeah, we know and we appreciate

What are some really good and seriously disturbing movies?

What are some really good and seriously disturbing movies?I will offer a few movies which I've seen that I consider to be really good, and yet, really disturbing views. The movies are excellent movies, but they don't exactly leave a pleasant taste behind.They will disturb most people to the core - but these are

What are the 5 movies to be watched by a person at least once in his whole life?

(This will be a long answer.)Okey. So my choices for the top 5 movies will also reflect how I judge a film. For me, the story is not the only aspect which makes a film great. The cinematography, the screenplay to support the storyline, the background score to complement the situation and even the opening and

What are the best Hollywood movies?

I am gonna say some of the best movies i have seen in every genres :-DRAMA:Schindler's list12 Years a SlaveForrest GumpThe Shawshank RedemptionOn Golden PondWhat's eating Gilbert GrapeInto The WildTo kill a mockingbird12 angry menShameWar HorseHachi a Dog's TaleOne flew over the cuckoo's nestThe Color PurpleWildCaptain

What are the best movies of Bollywood?

NOTE:- The following films are not in order. All the movies are important but the order is not there kindly watch all as soon as you get time as all are awesome and must watch movies.-------------------------------------They are:-1.)LAGAAN:- Reminds us about our history i.e. The British

What are the most disturbing movies you could ever watch?

Just one word...Watchmen(2009)When I first read the reviews of this movie, I thought that it would be a good superhero movie... But when I watched it, it's an entirely different story. Only people who love Comics would be able to understand the feeling of disappointment that overtook my senses. Even though the movie can be considered a good

What are the must watch Hollywood movies to see before you die?

Movies which will play with your mind1: Inception2: predestination3: Mr nobody4: Memento5: Fight club6: Primer7: shutter islandRomantic movies1: silver Linings (must watch)2: The notebook3: The great Gatsby4: titanic (too obvious but had to name it)5: the fault in our stars6: 500 days of summer7: Edward scissor hands (loved

What are top must watch English movies?

The list can be never ending. Here I've listed the ones that are my all time favorites:1. The Dark Knight Trilogy2.Mission Impossible Series3. Inception4. Die Hard 1&25. Rain Man6. Se7en7. The Social Network8. The Departed9.

What book or movie really disturbed you?

There is no book or movie that can disturb me, because I feel movie is a movie and book is a book, not life.Some times I get emotional, but not disturbed.So why I am answering this question. Because I have explained the disturbance in another sense to amuse

What Hollywood movies must I watch in my 20's?

Being in your 20′s is not all wine and roses. It's puzzling and there is no longer a road map on how to live life. One boundless thing about movies and films is that they bid audiences guidance, through entertainment. Here are few movies to watch

What is the best movie that you have watched online?

Do you mean, a movie that was made by a company like Netflix? To be viewed as an online experience?I liked a movie called the Ritual. It was actually entertaining as far as horror/thrillers go. I feel the horror genre is severely lacking in good movies. When I watch one that is actually

What is the most chaotic movie you have ever watched?

Guy Pearce, Carrie Ann Moss and Joe Panoliano starred in the Chris Nolan directed this film. It is, like

What is the movie you can watch again and again without being bored?

First off, I can't pick one.  And I don't think most people could because this is such a great discussion starter.Secondly, it's VERY easy to just list films that you love.  When I started making this list, that's what I was doing.   Well, I LOVE The Godfather.  But

What movie made the most money ever?

The answer by Isaac Cheung is incorrect. Avatar has grossed the most money of all time All Time Worldwide Box Office Grosses. But given inflation, that doesn't mean it's sold the most tickets of all time. The answer to the question,

What movies should I watch over and over again?

The one movie I would want to see over and over again would be, in my opinion, the greatest Indian movie ever made - Sholay (1975)To give you some context - I was born in 1977 in middle class India. My father was an avid movie lover and

Which modern movies are actually remakes of really old movies but nobody seems to know it?

The Lion King takes most - though not all - of its key plot elements from Shakespeare's Hamlet, which had been filmed several times before the Disney animation was made.Obviously the movie and the player are not totally identical in all their details - the members of the Danish royal court at Elsinore are