Am I working out wrongly if I don't feel pain through the day after exercising?

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), also called muscle fever, is the pain and stiffness felt in muscles several hours to days after unaccustomed or strenuous exercise.The soreness is felt most strongly 24 to 72 hours after the exercise.[1]:63

Any good exercises to gain muscles on the lower stomach?

I liked that you asked about gaining muscle on the lower [abdomen] stomach instead of asking about how to get ripped abs. As someone who has dealt with weak and compromised pelvic floor muscles and hip flexors in the past, I believe

Are 8 pack abs possible? If so, which muscles are involved?

There seems to be a misconception that by working out more or taking steroids, you can go from a 6 to a 10 pack. That isn't exactly true.By dieting, you can lose the belly fat and see your rectus abdominis muscle. This muscle has

Are eggs enough to build muscles?

No, you need to exercise as well that too like hell !!!Just Kidding.Now with proper diet apart from eggs, such as sprouts from moong dal, gram, soya, you can add the natural protein intakes. If you eat non veg, do take 30-50 gms of boiled chicken

Are great trap muscles built by doing heavy compound movements (like deadlifts) or should they have exercises dedicated to them (like shrugs)?

While you are most likely referring to the superior or upper trapezius muscles, there are actually three different sections of the trap muscles and it is important not to neglect any particular group. With that being said, however, if you

Are Hindu pushups or dands beneficial? Will it lead to lower back injury?

Hindu pushups are an excellent exercise that improves both flexibility and strengthens the dorsal and ventral ‘chains'- the interconnected muscles, ligaments and joints that allow you to go about your daily business with some measure of grace and dignity. Provided

Are one armed pushups a significant way to gain muscle?

No. It's just a show-off move....totally unnecessary and I personally think its an injury risk.Stick to the big compound moves like squat, bench, overhead press, pull-ups, dead-lifts. You will gain muscle.If you have no access to the gym or any equipment and you are looking to hit the chest, then stick

Are people who work out slower than the people who don't?

For the purpose of this answer, I will assume that 'working out' means some form of strength training, rather than things like jogging, swimming, biking.The short answer is: No.Speed is a function of high force production in short amounts of time. In human physiology, that would be

Are pull-ups the best upper body exercise?

Like all things fitness-related, the answer to this question is: it depends.The pull-up (and all variations of grip, bar and width) is a fantastic upper body exercise, and when it comes to maximal muscle stimulation it's definitely up there. Not only are you activating the muscles of your upper, mid back and arms, when you do

Are push-up better than lifting weights for chest muscle mass?

Push-ups is a great exercise to build strength into your upper body core i.e. it involves multiple muscles mainly Chest and Triceps. It helps to increase strength but here the strength is limited due to the only involvement of body-weight. You will gain the initial muscle mass to support your body-weight framework.

Are pushups alone enough for a toned body?

For a toned Upper body - Yes Pushups are great but you need to do different variations of it to target different parts of the upper body.Wide Grip Push UpTarget-ChestClose Grip Pushup/Diamond push UpsTarget-TricepsDivebomber/Hindu Push UpsTarget-Chest,Triceps,Lower back and

Are resistance Bands as good as weights for building muscles?

They are great for fat loss , and initial muscle gain. They help you do a certain workouts too like Assisted Pullups . But if you want to gain some serious muscle you have to lift weights !You can use resistance band to do a full body workout too !Squats , Overhead shoulder presses , Abs ,

Are resistance bands good for building muscle and a good alternative to weights?

They are great for building muscle. I wouldn't say they're a good alternative as they are even better when added to weights.Using resistance bands with weights is called

Are show muscles different in composition from muscles developed for a purpose?

I'm no expert on body building, but the trainers I've read say,

Are some muscles more susceptible to delayed onset muscle soreness?

DOMS is caused by eccentric exercise, where the muscles resist lengthening, and a bout of DOMS gives some protection against future eccentric exercise. Therefore muscles that are typically exposed to eccentric stress have some background protection. This is why typically the upper body is more susceptible than

Are squats helpful in building muscle strength?

Try muscle-building exercises to build muscles and lose fat, Squats may be useful but they are not the only exercises for a sculpted body, Try other exercises too, All exercises are not treated equally. Some exercises are meant for building muscle and strength and most of us think that the only way we can do that

Are there any workouts that will build muscle without building mass?

If your question intended to ask about building muscle strength without building muscle mass, the answer is yes.The difference is programs built for muscle hypertrophy (growth) versus strength and power. The latter programming focuses on central nervous system (CNS) training where

Besides genetics, why do some people have small calf muscles and some people have big calf muscles?

As a recreational bodybuilder, I noticed my calves were small. They look like softballs on a stick or what is referred to as high calves. Other guys had calves that disappeared into their shoes like they didn't have Achilles tendons. Training them 3x/week for 2 months got me from 16 to 17.5 inches. When I stopped

Can anyone can give me the most effective exercise for each muscle group?

If you are amateur then you should start the exercise first for gaining strength in your arms. This is d most important step before you start your proper workout.As far as i have experienced body weight training exercises are more effective.. Body weight exercises are good for ripped body.following are some exercises....Surya Namaskar push-up/

Can calisthenics help me build muscle?

It's really good if you know what you're doing and keep adding the challenge and weights for your workouts. Calisthenics is mostly (hope I said this right) about mastering difficult skills as Gymnast do, but at the same time you build your overall strength over time (lots and lots of compound workouts).Depending on

Can endurance weight lifting build muscle mass?

Our bodies are the most efficient machines on the planet.With that, it would not be an efficient use of energy to have to fuel large masses of muscle to perform a task with endurance. So, on the surface I will tell you: No, building

Can gymnastic rings build muscle?

At the same time looking at the summer time Olympics the last few days you might be hard pressed not to realize the satisfactory physiques possessed via many of the athletes. However through far and away the most muscular our bodies perpetually belong to the gymnasts and the sprinters. These guys definitely know easy methods

Can I actually do a clean bulk? To where I bulk and won't lose my six pack?

You're going to put on fat and that's a neccessary evil if you want to bulk up and get insane results. In saying that, you can still keep your six pack if you're lean enough.Think of it like having a haircut. If you get down to 10% and bulk up to 13–14% you'll still have your 6 pack,

Can I build muscle with 20 pound dumbbells?

Yes and no. Depending on what exercise you're doing, 20 lbs may be too much or too little. If you want to get really big and muscular, 20 lbs will be tough to do it with, because there limited progressive overload.Progressive overload is the increase in stress on the muscle during

Can I build muscles owing to 'muscle memory'?

Working out actually builds muscles and has less to do with muscle memory.You are able to do more pushups because the repetition and strain signals to your your body to put resources into growing your actual muscle fibrils and cells,

Can I convert to a dumbells only weightlifting routine and still build and maintain optimal muscle mass?

Well I have 3 ways to answer this question!1-Hypothetically asking ?Than I would have to just say yes, you can !Have a nice life !2- A question just to take money from Quora ?No fucking answer for you.3-You have issues with machines and cables? You have issues

Can I exercise every day and build muscle?

I think you can. I work out everyday and I mostly do push ups and pull ups.This is what I do actually.Morning:52 push ups after waking up.Why 52? I actually can't do more than that !!You probably know, the right way to

Can I get 6 pack abs while doing daily activities?

Exercises is safe method to get six pack abs. For people who want to get six pack abs in short time, you can try Imodstyle 6 Pack Abs (please search on google) . I was pretty lean before, but after a 21 days of follow that guide I actually

Can I get muscle mass without bodyweight exercises?

Well....Bodyweight exercises are not even a particularly good way to gain muscular mass or

Can I increase muscular strength at 38?

Use salads as a major part of your diet, stick with stems and leaves. Avoid all fried/junk foods. Incorporate climbing stairs, jogging in daily workout plan. Eat tofu/chickpeas for protein. Do not overeat, 6 small meals, lots of water, ample sleep should  do well. After you are accustomed, start with mild weight training, consult a trainer for same.

Can I make a good body working out at home instead of going to gym? Can I make a physique like below working out with dumbbells/barbells without the machines?

Actually this is how I started lifting - I bought myself a pair of 3kg dumbbells and started exercising at home. I was following a workout program called Yourself!Fitness. Basically a lady shows you the exercises and you just copy whatever she does (youtube hardly had any exercise programs in this

Can I substitute quail eggs to chicken eggs for body building protein?

Quail eggs make up an important part of several cuisines, and they're commonly consumed in Colombia. They're much smaller than chicken eggs, so making a meal of them requires eating several at a time; they still come loaded with nutrients that benefit

Can I train a muscle two times a week?

Well you can but the bigger question is which ones? All of'em?The First case: Hitting only selective muscles 2 times a week.I can share my old workout routine. May be that helps.Day Muscle # of ExercisesMonday Back 4Biceps 3Tuesday Chest 4Triceps 3Wednesday Legs 4-6Thursday Shoulder 5-6Friday Biceps 4Triceps 4Saturday AbsSunday RestI needed to train my arms more than other

Can I train if my muscles sore?

Generally speaking - I wouldn't recommend it. The soreness in your muscle is typically a result of two things:Mechanical damage (micro-tears in actin-myosin pairs that make your muscles contract); orDamage from hydrogen ions and mounting acidity as a result of high-intensity exercise in largely anaerobic condition(many people mistakenly think of soreness as

Can I turn my flabby chest into muscles with pushups alone?

No, you cannot transform fat into muscle, nor can you spot reduce. Having muscles will support your flab better and you will look less

Can I work the same muscle group everyday?

The common theory is that different muscle groups can be trained with different frequencies, depending on their function.For example, calves and abs are muscle groups that are constantly engaged in everyday life and therefore can be trained with a higher frequency.  You

Can some muscles be trained every day?

The most muscle gain I have ever noticed was while doing grease the groove with pull ups. My lats grew massively.I started by doing 3 pull ups ten times a day, five days a week. Sometimes on the 6th day I

Can someone give me a workout routine for all your muscles during the week?

Body weight exercises are a terrific foundation for building strength. Most body weight movements are compound, but you can break it into upper body, lower and core if you choose. As a beginner I would recommend doing three days of total body for better results. That will provide you with a day off in between workouts, which is

Can sprints alone add upper body muscle due to testosterone levels increasing?

Well I haven't really vetted the methods used, but the study mentioned in this article suggests that increased testosterone isn't a contributor to building muscle after weight training. The after weight training is key in answering your question, however-your muscles

Can swimming help reduce body fat and tone ab muscles?

1. Yes swimming helps to reduce body fat : For some time, some people thought that because water is generally cooler than our body temperatures, it would be difficult to lose weight with a water workout. Like many old ideas about exercise, this has since been revised: Swimming is now recognized as one of the biggest calorie burners

Can we gain muscle by lifting weights and doing cardio on alternate days?

when you do weight training your muscles break down takes place and if you provide enough protein and other macros then recovery of muscle starts which leads to muscle growth,so doing weight training alternate days will gain you muscle if and only if you provide your body with proper nutrition and rest.

Can you build muscle by flexing constantly?

Technically yes, but it would be very inificient. But this is really 2 questions, so let's break it up.Building muscle by flexing:There's a common (mis)conception that muscle is built by breaking down muscle fibers through exercise, which are then rebuilt by the body while you are resting, and are built bigger than

Can you build muscle with light weights?

Yes, you can.Before I start in on my answer, I want to caution all readers: Fitness is not a single-best-solution game. There are dozens of ways to reach the same goals and they are not mutually exclusive. There are ideal exercises to perform for various aspects and usually

Can you build muscle with only going to the gym 4 times a week?

Workout with enough volume and intensity and build muscle working out 1 or 2 times a week. Not 4 times a week, because that can over tax the CNS ( Central Nervous System) and the recovery system in general.Volume = sets X reps X weightIntensity = challenging the muscle's strength and endurance abilities.This response is predicated on the workout

Can you build muscle with pushups and cardio alone?

Not really.You'll eventually stop making any noticeable gains.The science behind hypertrophy is:increase strength = increase muscle size (generally)progressive loadingmechanical tensionfrequency and total volumerest and sleepcaloric surplusGenerally speaking, increase in strength equates to increase in muscle size. The stronger you are, generally

Can you build muscle without any fitness equipment?

Of course. You don't need any equipment other than your own body in order to gain muscles.You may not have heard about it but there is a form of training known as calesthenics.You just need a pull up bar and floor.ProsYou can do it

Can you build muscle without eating a lot of protein?

Yes, it is very possible and not that hard.Looking at the Canadian food guide as an example, it says a teenage boy should be eating about 3 servings of meat and alternatives a day. This is without any changes for someone

Can you build muscle without losing weight?

Yes, you can totally build muscle without losing weight. Really it depends on two combined factors:1. Type of WorkoutOk, if you are looking to build muscle, you need to introduce weight-lifting 2-3 times per week in your workout regimen. Weight-lifting has

Can you build muscle without working out?

Yes you absolutely can!This has been proven scientifically.Testosterone by itself is capable of inducing MORE skeletal muscle hypertrophy than even exercise!There is a study that shows this, I will post a link here when I get some time.

Can you build strength without building muscle?

Tl;dr: yes you can and everyone does this before actually getting body changes. You first learn how to use your body and that means you get stronger by learning to control your nerve system first.I didn't read all of the other answers, but I read some of them, and people seem to be

Can you do cardio every day and still build muscle?

Educating To Gain MuscleIf you're training to lose fat, you're visiting should do even more cardio than an individual who is educating to gain muscle. A great beginning point is 3 times per week, 20 to 30 mins each session. Depending upon the other aspects we're visiting talk about, you may need essentially compared

Can you do hypertrophy training after strength training?

Short Answer: Of course.The two are interdependent, not mutually exclusive.Meaning you will rely on developing a certain amount of strength over time to develop hypertrophy and you will need a certain amount of volume (weight x sets x reps - typically associated with hypertrophy)

Can you gain muscle and develop abs at the same time?

I'd say the two go hand in hand. 'Developing Abs' is really the same thing as muscle building.Making them visible is the distinction.Gaining muscle increases energy requirements, and is actually a fantastic way to help people lose fat (which would make your abs more visible).

Can you gain muscle just by doing exercises like push-ups, squats and crunches without adding weights?

Short answer: It dependsLonger answer:For someone who has never done any form of strength training before (which also means they haven't been lifting heavy weights as part of their job), a proper diet combined with rest and some form of first time resistance training (including squats, pushups and pullups) will

Can you get ripped working out at 50?

Yes, you definitely can.From the perspective of medical practitioner's point of view, building muscles after the age of 25 is definitely much more difficult, especially so even when u reach the 40s or 50s. This is due to the fact that there is a significant reduction in hormonal levels (i.e. testosterone levels etc.). Moreover, muscles also take a

Can you train the same muscle everyday?

Let me set the record straight by giving you a definitive answer:[/begin humor] YES and NO [/end humor]Reasons for YES:Firstly, because compound exercises employ large groups of muscles, you're training the same muscles all the time throughout most of your workout routines. You do it without even realizing it.Many people choose to train, for

Could I lose weight, gain muscle, but have more fat?

[I've lost about 105lbs since Jan. ‘16. For whatever reason, Quora won't let me use that as a credential.]Not really.Look, so far as is relevant - what you can change through your actions, how you eat and exercise -

Do bench presses and push ups work the same muscles?

Yes and no.  They both do primarily work the chest and triceps as well as the anterior deltoids.  However, they are fundamentally different in a number of ways.  A push up utilizes more of your core to maintain proper form as well as different supporting muscles. Also,  bench press

Do high reps increase muscle mass or decrease muscle mass? Shouldn't they decrease muscle mass since high reps activate the slow-twitch muscle fibers?

You're completely correct. Low reps (6-12 reps) with high weights force your body to use it's ATP stores for energy use, as well as type IIB muscle fibers (which are designed for short and powerful explosions of energy, which lead to a growth in power and size). If you perform any physically-exhausting movement that requires

Do I have a chance of gaining about 18 lbs of muscle (I understand it would most likely not be pure muscle) after a year of working out and eating right? I'm an ectomorph, currently around 130 lbs and 12% body fat, 5'7'.

If you are a novice to weight training and currently undereating, you might plausibly put on 18lbs without visibly looking fatter, if that's what you mean.Unless this is for some kind of bet, I would instead recommend you concentrate on improving on a continuous basis rather than chasing

Do I have to lift heavy weights to build muscle?

Lifting heavy is of course going to be relative. Heavy for you may not be heavy to someone else and vise versa. In order to build mass and continue to build mass, you have to be lifting heavier than you were previously. This is a concept known as progressive overload.

Do I need to go to the gym to get six packs?

Hello there!This is quite common question rising in all of our minds as our regular work life balance rarely supports to pick the extra time to go to gym and then do the exercises. And when it is the issue of getting six-pack, trust me, it is not

Do lunges help develop bigger leg muscles than squat does?

Hello and thanks for the A2A!Nothing can compare to squats when it comes to building mass on your legs! Squats are called:

Do muscles burn fat around them when exercised?

Target-fat reduction is a myth and easily debunked. However if you want to lose body fat, it depends how long you exercise, when you have depleted most of your glycogen (stored glucose) then your body will begin burning body fat. It all depends on the activation of lipolysis pathway. Cardio on empty stomach is

Do pull-ups work your triceps?

Yes, pull-ups work triceps.Not only triceps, Pull-ups work several muscles in the arm, shoulders and the back. Triceps are essential in doing the pull-ups.The important thing in doing the pull-ups is to grab the bar in the proper way, if not it will lead you to have an injury and also your triceps won't get the benefits.This exercise won't

Do push-ups and pull-ups utilize the same muscle groups? Are they interchangeable?

Do they utilize the same muscle group? About 90% or so, due to the fact that most exercises you have to engage almost all your muscle across your entire body to create stability and prevent energy leaks.Are they interchangeable? No, because pull ups as the name states is a pulling exercise that involves mainly the back muscles, and

Do resistance bands train every muscle in the body?

Benefits of pull up assist bandsWell sometimes you've got to stretch yourself to reach new fitness goals and a stretchy strength band can do.Pull ups or dips up are something you've always want to do but never quite have the strength to

Do situps exercise head muscles?

To some extent the neck and upper shoulders will be exercised. However, if you find that your neck and shoulders are sore after a situps workout, then you've done them wrong. The movement is supposed to stimulate the abdominals only and not the neck and head muscles.Situps

Do you have to feel pain from your muscles after exercise in order to see improvement?

I don't bodybuild. I don't put on muscle easily. Over the past summer I tried this routine out in addition to my regular workouts and increased muscle mass without any soreness:PLP: The 60-Day ChallengeI never went to failure. I just got in a ton of reps over about a month and a half

Do you have to feel sore after a workout in order to gain muscle?

You're gonna be sore if you try to do too much on your first workout. No matter how many times someone is told to take it easy the first workout, they don't. Their problem is the definition of

Do you prefer working out with resistance bands or weights? Why and which muscle group do you use them with?

Thanks for the A2A!Generally, when I use added resistance (vs. bodyweight workouts) I prefer to use resistance bands:When I'm on the go, traveling etc.When I need/want a lighter workout (not in the mood, on your period, recovery day etc.)When I feel some old injuries (knee

Do you weight more when you flex your muscles?

Not you but your muscle for sure. It is simply logic as and you flex your muscle there is a similar thing happening in your body.Your bloods and cells circulation is moving so well and more that your muscle, like in doing cardio session will be more full of circulation and

Does a workout need to be more than 40 minutes in order to build muscle?

Building muscle requires a lot of motivation and discipline. Training muscles in addition not only to the regular visits to the gym, but also by finding the right balance between various aspects. Below are eight tips and requirements to train muscles and effectively

Does a workout with no muscle pain afterwards mean a less successful workout?

Not necessarily. You will experience Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) when you do exercise you are not used to doing, or even when you change your workout significantly. It is caused by a build-up of lactic acid and by micro-damage to your muscle fiber and tendons. Whether or not you experience DOMS depends on several factors,

Does biking help build leg muscles?

As Andrew indicates..... Depends on the definition of

Does bodybuilding weakens the heart?

A2A.NO! If anything, body building or any kind of physical activity for that matter strengthens your heart, improves your cardiovascular fitness, increases your stamina, improves blood circulation, provides better muscle coordination and in short enables your heart to pump more blood and

Does changing up your workout routine periodically really promote muscle confusion and help you build muscle?

Yes and no.First of all, muscle confusion isn't a scientific term. And the way that people typically try to confuse their muscles doesn't make any sense. Muscles repond to progressive overload, not randomness.You need to take a step outside your comfort zone, let your body adapt by expanding your comfort zone, and then take another step outside

Does doing pushups everyday result in larger muscles faster?

If you are very weak, push ups will help get larger muscles. But there's a limit to that and you'll have to increase your weight by a weight vest or have someone sit on you or elevate your feet to continue to grow.You also need rest, muscles grow by resting them. 

Does exercise with improper form still work muscles?

To answer this question I think we have to begin by understanding what proper and improper form really are.There are two main strategies we use when we exercise. One strategy focuses on using the muscles to support and activity more the body. The other is one where we

Does HIIT exercise build muscle?

Depends what you are doing as

Does just flexing build muscle? Is it any less efficient than typical workouts?

What is flexing? The conscious tightening of muscles in a specific area.What flexing does is help build the neurotransmitters from brain to muscle. Bodybuilders flex a lot and practice their poses, not only to make sure they're getting the pose correct and maximizing how much is showing but also building up the pathways so more

Does long-distance running build leg muscle mass? How?

Define "build". Long distance running builds strength, endurance, and running economy. I would for sure define it as "building" the muscle. It does not usually build size - although this will depend on the genetics of people that are doing the running. People who tend to build muscles

Does more muscle mass always mean more muscle strength?

sometimes but not always, it really depends on each individual, what they had learn throughout their fitness journey, and what and how they train for. but if the person has been training properly. but regardless if they're huge or not,

Does muscle cramping build muscle?

I would venture a more likely cause is from a lactic acid build up in your muscles.  I have torn a muscle and it was sore the moment it happened not the next day.  The next day, the area was discolored and still hurt a lot. 

Does planking train my chest muscles?

Nope. It trains your entire core (Pelvic floor, ABS, lower back) and it puts some load on your front deltoids (shoulder) and a little bit of the latissimus dorsi and serratus anterior. It is a heavy endurance exercise which doesn't give your greater strength or size, but makes you able to

Does protein really help you build muscles?

Precisely yes.Muscles are made up of 20 amino acids. Out of which 8 are essential amino acids ( means the body can not prepare on its own) and the other are called non essential amino acids as the body can prepare them on their own.So if you wish

Does push ups, pull ups, and sit ups really help in gaining muscle?

Yes it does.Any repetitive movement of the same body part in the same direction tears its muscle tissues which is regenerated through the intake of protein. Adequate rest and consistency will show better results.For that matter even a simple exercise of pumping water

Does spreading out 100 pushups at 10 every hour negate muscle building?

Not at all. I knew of a man who once said that he himself was recommended to stretch out a regiment within his day and work schedule. Needless to say the man did. And in doing so he stretched out 1000 push ups within a day.His capability was determined by

Does taking NSAIDs for muscle soreness after exercise make recovery take longer?

The previous answers to this question is shit. For two main reasons that first come to mind: 1) there are many studies that suggest NSAIDs are bad for bone, tendon, fascia, ligament and muscle healing. Regular resistance training will

Does the muscle failure of a compound exercise like push ups and pull ups are related to one muscle or a group of muscle?

Firstly, I want to give you an idea about two types of muscle failure. One is induced failure, the other one is unintentional failure.Why would anyone want to induce failure, you might ask. It's not actually taxing the muscles to the point of making them unusable. You might have

Does the pull ups or the chin ups work forearms muscle?

Pull-up variations ranked according to forearm involvement:PULL-UP (Pronated grip)NEUTRAL GRIPCHIN-UP (Supine grip).For bicep involvement, the reverse order is true.Thing is, even though your back provides much of the pulling force, you still have to use your arms to bend your elbows. The bending at the elbow can be achieved by both the

Does working out (exercising) injure you?

There are already plenty of excellent answers. But I keep getting this as A2A. So I will just add my 2 cents here which is basically the same 2 cents everyone else added :)I was on someone's Periscope and their description said "Recovering

Does working out in gym build muscle or fat loss?

Let me make this simpler for you:Right now you have a lot of stored fat in your body you wanna get rid of.Now firstly, what happens when you lift weights? When you workout, lift weights, you burn calories in

Doing a regular workout with weights in your youth (teens to late 30s) is going to cause long term chronic injuries in old age (50s or later). Is it a true statement?

I wouldn't worry about it. I started lifting for sports at age 14. I'm 56 and still workout hard for 45 mins. - hour daily. Variety is key. Too much of one type of exercise at too high of an intensity level can cause injury. When injury occurs (as it probably will at some point) use RICE

During push ups, do muscles contract going down or up?

Both. But to answer the question you probably meant to ask,

For a beginner, is it better to use your own body weight or lift weights?

Bodyweight exercises are extremely convenient and effective. You dont need any equipment or gym subscription, since youll be using your own body as your resistance.Because theyre so simple, its easy to prevent injuries. If youre new to strength training and still need some help with form on your exercises, bodyweight training is much more forgiving

For how many days should muscles hurt after a workout?

It is understandable for a beginner in the gym to experience muscle soreness during the period of adjustment to the exercise routine. But 3–4 days is too long, make sure you are doing things that can assist/speed up your recovery. Here are some tips:Make sure you are getting enough sleep (7–8 hours a

Headstand pushups: what is the relationship between ROM and muscles worked?

Thinking about what it feels like, I would agree with that. When you are doing freestanding headstand pushups (head level with hands) at the center of your body are your triceps, your shoulders are a little farther than that point. When

How and why does exercise cause muscles to develop?

It has all to do with the tearing and repair of muscle fibers. You see, when you exercise with a certain part of your body, it puts tension on the muscle fibers. Lets say you are lifting a dump bell, in this case it will put pressure on your biceps and triceps, and when muscle fibers experience tension, they

How can a skinny guy lose fat belly and gain muscle maybe at the same time?

You can't lose just belly fat. If you go on a journey of weight loss, the first thing that will happen is, your whole body will ‘shrink'. So when you lose weight you lose overall fat, actually.However, you can do that by adding healthy food to your daily habits. Foods that

How to achieve muscle soreness

Your thought process is partially valid. Soreness occurs due to microscopic tears occur in the muscle. The tears accompanied with inflammation results in soreness. Thus soreness is an indication that body underwent stress and is now coping up/adapting which sounds like muscle growth, but the linkage between repeated soreness and muscle growth