Can you suggest some best music that we can listen while studying?

Instead of songs I would suggest you to install the Study Music Memory Booster app by Lutalica Studios. The benefit of using these specially curated sounds to focus over normal songs is that these sounds are made to work around at the back of your head thus giving you full opportunity to focus what is in

Do you have a favorite song to listen to while getting high?

If I'm feeling mellow I like:These Shadows - Wooden ShjipsPretend You Love me - Sonny and the SunsetsLSD and the Search For God - Blue Tile LoungeAnemone - Brian Jonestown MassacreDayvan Cowboy - Boards Of CanadaThe Bees Made Honey in the Lions Skull - Earth (Instrumental)If I'm looking to rock out:Pretty much anything by Kyuss

Do you know any good workout songs?

All athletes, lifters and fitness models aspire to be the best. If they want to, things that must be taken seriously are: Technique, Consistency, Passion, Nutrition, Equipment and one more important ingredient is a GREAT PLAYLIST. So, this week, we've compiled

Is it good to hear songs while studying?

Hello,Many researchers, as well as students, who think listening to music helps memory have called the practice the

What 10 songs should be in everyone's playlist right now?

"Songs" is a pretty generic word. Considering that music is a global phenomenon, it is difficult to pick 10 best songs. Especially, when you realize that there are hundreds of genres (and sub-genres) of music. Songs are sung in scores of languages and are influenced by

What are 10 songs everyone should hear?

This list is going to be the toughest yet I am going to give it a try . Music is one with soul , nature and hence everything can be related to with the sound of music .Coming Back to Life- Pink Floyd . This is a song

What are Bob Dylan's most underrated songs?

When I think of Dylan, it's his sense of humor and ability to rip people apart verbally that I admire the most. He was so prolific he has many underrated songs."Temporarily Like Achilles." Usually when I want to hear something uniquely Bob, it's this song full of romantic frustration. "Is your heart made out of

What are good workout songs and routines?

FOR THE SONGS PART:The upper part contains my fav.s. Also, I put some INNA in the lists because the songs mostly consist of regular beats and they are fast.Sweedish House Mafia - Don't You Worry ChildExample - Changed the Way You Kiss MeWisin,Jennifer

What are some good pump up workout songs?

ON IT... there are so many great ones.  Here are a few that have pushed my workouts to the next level in the last few months. (More on my blog, updated weekly w/ the top 6 songs AudioLoved Home - AudioLoved )AC/DC "Thunderstruck"Kevin Gates

What are some good songs?

My list is likely too long, but since others are categorizing by genre, I'll do the same. (Special thanks to Quora for screwing up the formatting so I can't single space my bulleted lists. MagniFEEK!!)-Blues:Country Blues -Chicago Blues - Fenton Robinson; Somebody Loan Me a DimeDelta Blues - Robert Johnson; Crossroad BluesDetroit Blues - Alberta Adams; Remember

What are some good songs I should start listening to?

Four such songs below from my side.A country song with only two chords : A John Denver CoverA soulful song : A Frank Sinatra Cover SongA five easy chords song : An easy cover of Ringo StarrA story telling song: A Lennon's Easy Cover songThese

What are some good songs that feature bass?

It seems most of the answers here mention songs that include electric bass guitar and tend towards songs with fast or technical playing. I'll add to those lists too, but before that here are a few I would consider "iconic", with some using acoustic bass instruments:Lou Reed, "Walk on the Wild Side"

What are some good underrated English songs?

Here ‘Underrated' = ‘Having less views on their respective official youtube video, than they deserve imo'....Lord Huron - The Night We MetI am not the only traveler,Who has not repaid his debt,I've been searching for a trail to follow again,Take me back to the night

What are some good workout music tracks which are motivating?

Different folks are motivated by different kinds of music.On the Run Hundred workout music database, you can browse through songs several different ways.Here are links to three examples:Browse by GenreBrowse by DecadeBrowse by TempoHope this helps!

What are some of the best and beautiful songs?

It occurred to me how odd this list was after writing it, but bear with me; these are all songs I find beautiful, if for different reasons:Well, there's Hallelujah, by Leonard Cohen. That song is just very smooth and elegant, and

What are some of the most romantic songs?

A lot of my favorites has already been mentioned so I'll refrain from mentioning the names again.Michael Learns To Rock-Take Me To Your HeartI love you by Mads LangerColdplay - A Sky Full Of StarsJohn Legend - All of MeI'm Yours - The Script

What are some of the nice songs to listen to when on a road trip?

"Where words fails, music speaks."Here is a list:1) Worth it by Fifth Harmony2) Falling in Love in a Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg3) Rude by Magic4) Us Against The World by Coldplay5) Can't help falling in love by Elvis Presley6) Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin7) I Need Your Love by Shaggy8) Summer by

What are some perfect provoking songs while working out in the gym?

Many people over the Internet have already shared the best workout music.Here are some -You NEED These Gym Playlists In Your LifeWorkout Music Playlists - Profile PageThe 50 best workout songs25 Best Workout Songs: The Ultimate Gym PlaylistYour Ultimate Gym Playlist: The Best Hip

What are some songs that are worth listening to?

There are so many good songs worth listening ....very difficult to choose a fewA list of Songs-Hari Om, Man Tarpat Hari Darsan ko Aaj - by Md Rafi (1952, Film Baiju Bawara), Lyric -Kaifi Azmi, Music- Nausad Ali.. one of the greatest Bhajans I have

What are the all-time best songs in the English language?

Pink Floyd - Time, Money, Comfortably Numb, sorrow, High Hopes, Us and ThemPorcupine Tree - Arriving somewhere but not here, Lazarus, Piano lessonsLinkin Park - In the end, Numb, Crawling, Leave out all the rest, hands held highLed Zeppelin - Stairway to HeavenOpeth - Closure, Windowpane, DeliveranceAnathema - Dreaming LightPoets of the Fall - More,

What are the best gym motivational songs?

Here are some motivational workout songs:1. Eye of the Tiger – Survivor2. Lose Yourself – Eminem3. Work Hustle, Kill – Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard4. Can't Be Touched – Body Head Bangerz5. Good Feeling – Flo Rida6. Hungry – Rob

What are the best of Imagine Dragons songs?

Wow I can write pages for this answer but here are some :1.Demons: this is by far one of the the best imagine dragons' song based on the inner demons you have and the problem you face while having those.2. Radioactive : This song is considered as their best song for some particular reasons:Certified diamond by RIIA

What are the best songs to listen in the evening time?

Ikk Kudi -Udta PunjabJag Ghoomeya-SultanBolna-Kapoor & SonsMujhko Barsaat Bana Lo – JunooniyatKuch to hai – Do Lafzon Ki KahaniBol Do Na Zara- Azhar440 Volt- SultanSab Tera- BaghiSoch Na Sake- AirliftIjazat – One Night StandItni Si Baat – AzharSanam ReAgar Tum Sath Ho- TamashaTum Hi Ho- Ashiqui 2Main Hoon Deewana TeraYeh kaisi jagahHasiKhamoshiyamBaatein

What are the best songs to listen to while contemplating?

A lot of ambient music is great for contemplation.  Generally, contemplative ambient is long, holographic, spacious, and thoughtful, with either deep drones or sparse instrumentation.  Some good artists are Brian Eno, Steve Roach, and Stars of the Lid, but there are many.It's always best to have long swaths of uninterrupted homogenous

What are the best songs to listen to while high?

Tomorrow Never Knows - The Beatles The American Metaphysical Circus - The United States of America Grace - Country Joe & The Fish Interstellar Overdrive - Pink Floyd Are You Experienced - Jimi Hendrix Experience At The Mountains of Madness - HP Lovecraft Strawberry Fields Forever - The Beatles Dark Star - Grateful Dead Bass Strings - Country

What are the best songs to listen to while writing?

When I'm in the middle of a stream of consciousness, zipping right along on the keyboard, putting my idea down as fast as my fingers allow before my mind wanders; When I have an interior monologue running through my head,

What are the best workout songs?

Working out and music go together like cereal and milk or crackers and cheese. When your favourite song starts playing you just start giving it more and the music just pumps you up.High tempo songs are the best because they actually help you go quicker because you try to

What are your favorite songs to hear while driving to the gym, and inside the gym?

While driving to the gym I listen to old time country or old time rock and roll.While at the gym I just listen to whatever crap they happen to be blaring out and if it's too loud I generally don't go back there>**I've go a Silver Sneakers membership that gives my access to umpteen gyms.I love it.I used to

What are your favorite songs to listen to while smoking weed?

Let's begin by going backwards with Tame Impala (Pun Intended ;))Or you could just find out if you're feeling love (Gold by Chet Faker)And then get groovy by knowing the peanut butter vibes (Redbone by Childish Gambino)This track goes well with Gooey by Glass AnimalsThen we climb up on the scale to The

What are your favorite underrated songs and artists?

Jeremy Zucker (very cute and has a deep and mellow voice and is so so underrated for someone so talented he deserves more fame pls listen to him here's one of his songs)Jeremy Zucker - talk is overrated ft. blackbearBlackbear (another underrated artist and the song below is so

What are your weirdest guilty pleasures?

I would say that I might be 1 of a 1000 perhaps a higher number. So anyway, I've been married for over 15yrs. The sex I had with my husband was not pleasurable to me, and I've never achieved an orgasm. I am pondering on

What classic rock songs energize you while working out?

Eye of the Tiger by Survivor is the obvious one.Back in Black by AC/DC.I'm Gonna Win by Forigner.Iron Man by Black Sabbath.Blue Collar Man by Styx.Godzilla by Blue Oyster CultImmigrant Song by Led Zeppelin.Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down.Holy Diver by Dio.Rock You Like a Hurricane by Scorpions.Should I Stay or Should I Go by The ClashSound

What is a good song to listen to when you are upset?

Usually when i m upset i don't listen to Hollywood songs. I prefer to hear the Bollywood songs ,because in Bollywood songs I can connect with myself .Below are the list of my favorites songs.Songs NameSingers.LyricistMai phir Bhi Tumko ChahungaArijit SinghManoj MuntashirBhula Denge Tumko SanamSonu NigamSameerBaatein Ye Kabhi

What is one song that instantly pumps you up?

Really any song by Pantera pumps me up. Makes me want to break shit and raise hell. On the other hand, Linkin Park songs have a different impact on me. They always change my mood, I've been listening to them since they started and they've always been a go to for any circumstance, weather it's

What is some good music to listen to at the gym?

I find that fast paced, exciting music works the best. I prefer longer songs for cardio and shorter songs or parts of songs that are especially inspiring/motivating for weights. I mostly listen to rock or electronic music when working out. This list is more

What is some good music to listen to while working out in the gym?

I usually listen to songs are fast and intense throughout or have a big instrumental or emotional build up. This keeps by brain going. I don't like slow songs or even songs in major keys because I feel a somewhat dismal or angry tone of music helps me to push harder. However, if it's just

What is the best music for workout?

That's depends on you.What you like during workout, what gives you kick??For me- hip hop and rock .(Eminem and linkin park)I don't want to focus on lyrics, but the beats must be good enough for keeping the blood flow boiling.But I can workout without music or with any genre ,

What is the best music to increase productivity?

I am a fan of They increase productivity, focus, and can help you sleep. I switched from Spotify to and have never been more is an algorithmically generated engine designed to create the BEST background music for studying, sleeping, or

What is the best song you have ever heard?

Well, here's my list. Hope you'll like it.1- Warrior Song - Hard Corps -LyricsThe Eagle born to those who pledged their lives and sacred honorwas smiled upon by God and freed from chains and iron collar.He is held aloft on unity and by History revered, for preserving peace through strength his wings now

What is the most depressing song to listen to?

Joyner Lucas-I'm SorryLYRICSGo ahead and call me a coward and say I'm not strongBecause I'm not like youGo ahead and call me crazy cause I live in a mazeTell me how about you?I think I live in my head, sometimes I think that

What is the most glorious song you've listened to?

Too many are tied for first place and they are often renditions and particular versions of a song.I may not be thinking of a song tied for first today but tomorrow it will come to me All this being said here are some ties for first place:A night in Tunisia W/Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie and a few

What is the most hauntingly beautiful song sung in a lullaby style?

My mother had 3 daughters and chose a single lullaby for each of them. Each night, she would take turns sitting beside each bed, singing each of her children their designated lullaby. She actually wrote her own original lullaby to sing to her second daughter, and she sang

What is the most heartwrenching song?

I'm going to bend the rules of the answer a bit because I'm bad with instructions.Let me talk about the most depressing album I've heard recently, Giles Corey by Giles Corey. Every song on this album is heartwrenching.Giles Corey is the side project of Daniel Barrett

What is the most important song you've ever heard?

Enima by Tool. I was just going through puberty and it taught me to question everything in the world.The way Maynard describes the shitstorm that was/is 20/21st century is so accurate and the whole

What is the most incredibly powerful song you have ever heard?

So its not my favorite song but IT CHANGED MY LIFE. The song is

What is the most interesting song you have ever heard?

It has to be the song Asku Laska from the movie Nanban....Nanban is a tamil movie...For my non-Indian friends-Tamil is a language spoken in India....For my Indian friends- Nanban is the remake of the hindi movie 3 idiots in Tamil....Plot:- The song appears in the movie when Ileana(lead actress) begins

What is the most underrated English song according to you?

The most underrated song according to me is High Hopes by the band name Kodaline from their album In A Perfect World.You can watch it here ↙️Kodaline - High HopesLyricsBroken bottles in the hotel lobbySeems to me like I'm just scared of never feelin' it againI know

What is the saddest song you have ever listened to?

There are several from the epitome of sadness; Elliott Smith (r.i.p.) For me it's not just about lyrics or a bunch of minor melodic arpeggios over a crawling bpm. It is the actual pain in ones voice. I do not believe it can be mimicked. One

What is the single best song from the '80s?

Do you really want to go back there? The eighties were a scary time dominated by stuff like:Richard Sanderson: "Reality" (1980)Trio: "Da Da Da" (1981)Survivor: "Eye of the Tiger" (1982)Culture Club: "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me" (1982)Bonnie

What is the song you listen to when you are in depression?

I went through the other answers, and I'm kinda disappointed that everyone is suggesting mainstream songs (mostly) .Here kid. I have a few songs that I hear when I'm taken over by the dark side.Radiohead - Karma Police, Creep (These songs are very dark but you keep hearing them and drown

What is your favorite song to listen to while exercising?

Knee Deep by Parliment.... It's a long song...Remember the Times by Michael JacksonIn the Closet by Michael JacksonFantastic Voyage by LakesideSweetest Taboo by Sade as a winding down songStay by Chaka Khan... Slow downIt's never the same songs... That's the beauty... Not having a regiment... Walking is my Favorite exercise... Breathe fresh air, talk to God, Clear my

What is your favorite song to listen to while going on a run?

I usually listen this song while running...Bejaan dil ko.. bejaan dil ko..Bejaan dil ko tere ishq ne zinda kiyaPhir tere ishq ne hi is dil ko tabaah kiyaTadap tadap ke is dil se aah nikalti rahiMujhko saza di pyaar ki aisa kya gunaah kiyaTo lut gaye, haan lut gayeTo lut gaye hum

What is your favourite breakup song?

I would always listen to Fleetwood Mac's

What musics do you listen while you are high?

Pink Floyd's 'Wish You were Here' easily wins it for me.The first time I listened to 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond (parts 1–5)' I was high, and it felt like it lasted at least half an hour. Not in a bad way though, it was absolutely incredible. But when I

What's your favourite gym song of 2018?

I have phases of music when I go to the gym. Sometimes I just hit shuffle on my iTunes and just do my thing. Other times I'll pick an older artist I'm a fan of and listen to all of their songs

What song do you currently play on repeat?

I'm a huge fan of hard rock and metal; being a 16 year old on the brink of madness, I suppose that my affinity for it is to be expected.Soundgarden - Pretty NooseThat one right there is the song that motivates me. It's

What song do you play during workout?

Dear Sahil Jitesh:During barbell strength training, any low volume music in the background helps. When I train with Olympic lifts, I prefer total silence and quite. I enjoy the sound of initial thrust and lift from the floor ,and finish with a drop from the top of head. I love the noise of dropping weights. While

What song hits you emotionally?

Most of the songs that I have emotional reactions to (whether it be positive or negative) are also songs that I have memories with.Way Back in the Way Back When by Glen Hansard- We often jump and sing along to this in the dorm, and those cheery memories really make me enjoy it.Automobile by Kaleo -

What songs do you hear often, but dislike?

Dang...There is a lot of songs that are over-played, in my opinion. And usually I have a tendency to dislike songs that are overplayed...Here's my say.Calvin Harris - This Is What You Came For (Official Video) ft. RihannaCAN'T STOP THE FEELING! (From DreamWorks Animation's "Trolls") (Official Video)Ariana

What songs make you feel good?

I have about a hundred of them.

What songs should I listen to during my workout?

I listen to a variety of songs, here are some to get a kick out of. I am not including many EDM songs because according to me they fade away with time and people here have already listed some good ones. Maybe I will list a

What songs would go on your 'Top Ten tracks of all time' playlist?

Hmm this is a tough one for sure, but I'll give it a go.10. Don't Think Twice It's Alright - Bob DylanIt should come as no surprise, seeing as how Bob Dylan is considered by many to be one of the greatest voices of

What was considered the greatest song of all time?

Hey Justin,I think that's such a matter of personal opinion.I like this answer, though!More than 50,000 Observer readers and Channel 4 viewers took part in the poll.The top 10 after 'Imagine' and 'Bohemian Rhapsody' is: 'Hey Jude' by the Beatles, Abba's 'Dancing Queen', 'Every Breath You Take' by the Police, Ben E

What's a song you listen to when you're sad?

Chicago - Hard To Say I'm SorryPeter Cetera - Glory Of LoveRik Emmett - Let Me Be The One + Saved By Love + Calling St. Cecelia + Love Will Conquer AllRichard Marx - This I Promise You + Angelia + Until I Find You Again + Right Here WaitingTommy Page - I'll Never Forget You +

What's the last song you listened to?

The song 山海 Wayfarer by the Taiwan rock band 草東沒有派對 No Party For Cao Dong.It's a killer song, but the reason I keep listening to it is because an acoustic duo called 好樂團 GoodBand have covered it a few times and it is getting picked up by /

Which are some of the most beautiful songs ever written?

Iam currently in love with the song "Firework" by Katy perry.Its amazingly written and very inspiring."Firework"Do you ever feel like a plastic bagDrifting through the wind, wanting to start again?Do you

Which are the best motivational songs that will energise you?

Without a doubt, YNWA - You'll Never Walk Alone. Without a doubt it is a greatest inspirational song of all times. Millions across the globe are inspired by this song. The impact of this song is so huge that every time their team goes down against the opponent, people

Which are the best songs to hear while exercising or at the gym?

I think these can help,• Eye of the tiger - Survivor• Burning heart - Survivor• Don't stop 'til you get enough - Michael Jackson• Don't stop believin' - Journey• I won't back down - Tom petty• It's my life - Bon jovi• I want it all - Queen• We are the champions - Queen• Another one bites the dust

Which are the ten songs you would listen to, daily?

Music is the best way to start a fresh morning and deal with sentimental problems. So, the top 10 songs I would listen to daily are:1:Hall of Fame2: Shape of you3: Mean4: Closer5. Firework6:Shake it off7. Bad Liar8. Ain't your Mamma9. More than

Which bands sound similar to Tool?

Thanks for the A2A.  While it has become a bit of a hobby of mine to try to find bands that are reminiscent of Tool, it is difficult just because they are such a varied, diverse, and unique group to begin with.First I will start with The Deftones.  Their older stuff in particular is vaguely

Which is the best song playlist for the gym?

1. Eye of the Tiger – Survivor2. Lose Yourself – Eminem 3. Work Hustle, Kill – Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard4. Can't Be Touched – Body Head Bangerz 5. Good Feeling – Flo Rida6. Hungry

Which is the best workout music ever?

I would help you with mixture of Spanish and English songs ,I don't have much knowledge about hindi ,after all everyone their own taste but this is what I personally like while working out .Not afraid -eminemFort minor-remember the name.Eminem -rap godBlack and yellow - wiz khalifaDon Omar -

Which song is 10/10 for you?

Well there are many in each genre & language.Let me list them in chronological manner.Childhood lullabies ( I know they r not songs but i'd give them 10/10, because the reason is obvious )Coming to Hindi songsJab bhi koi kangana bole - Shaukin Ruk jana nahi.... tu kabhi har ke Kahin dur jab din dhal jaye... Rahe na

Which songs are good to listen to while programming?

Heres the List-The tired road to hope and peace-Those who ride with giantsI'm god-Clams CasinoUna Mattina-Ludovicio EinaudiSoundscape to Ardor-Bleach OSTDeam Koala-Saturn BoyDancin(Krono Remix)-Aron SmithTime-Hans ZimmerSmall loses-CMAFollowed by Ghost-Clear Blue SkyWait-M83Midnight City(Instrumental)-M83Kira ThemeDreamscape-009 Sound SystemWaking Up-Explosions in the skyP.S.-Don't blame me if you get whiplash while listening to these songs

Are my songs 'listenable'?

I applaud you for making music and putting it out there. Does the process of creating music make you happy, or are you hoping for more from it?Disclaimer: While I enjoy some hip hop, I'm no expert; but I have produced beat-driven music of

Are there any good songs I could listen to?

You my friend are about to become a MOONWALKER. (Michael Jackson fan) Michael Jackson is the greatest entertainer and music artist of all time. He has many songs for you to listen to and there's a reason he is the greatest of all time, he has 39 Guinness

Can you name 10 best songs (English) from your playlist?

Music is life. I, frankly, can never decide upon a favorite set of songs. However, few of those western songs that I listen to almost every day are:1.Dream on - AEROSMITH - He's Steven Tyler for a reason.2. Breakfast in

Can you name 10 best songs from your playlist?

The 10 best songs from my playlist (Other than the more heavier songs). Okay, here it goes; no particular orderMiss Misery by Elliott SmithThis. There's just something about this song whether it is because I can relate to the song or because Elliot's voice coupled

Do listening to songs while studying helpful?

HiMusic that is Soothing and Relaxing can help to beat stress and anxiety.Background music helps in improving focus on a task by providing motivation.In some cases student have found that music helps in memorization.And if I give you my exampleSo yes, I do listen to music while writing the question

Do you have any good song suggestions?

I don't really have specific genre preferences. I just listen to what's good; songs that draw me in by the melody, lyrics, and most especially, the kind of atmosphere and feeling those songs permeate and the image they'd create in my head when I listen to them.Here are some

Does the band Tool have any love songs?

The combination Parabol/Parabola is about as perfect of a love song as you can get with TOOL. It's a moment in time: two people holding each other.ParabolWide eyed and hopefulWide eyed and hopefully wildWe barely remember what came

How to listen to classical music

TL;DR:1. Listen to one piece (Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky), all the way through.2. Read about it online.3. Repeat steps 1. and 2. for the same piece, at least 4 times.4. Learn about musical structure and form, particularly sonata form.5. Learn about music history.Listening to classical music is very different to listening to popular

I love Panic! at the Disco, 5 Seconds of Summer, Halsey, Melanie Martinez, Green day, Blink- 182, All Time Low, The Maine, Catfish and the Bottlemen, the 1975, My Chemical Romance and Hey Violet. What songs/bands should I listen to?

I'm going to answer this one twice.Don't limit yourself to specific bands, start with something you like and then gradually branch out from there. Create a streaming radio station for one band you like and then let it play without skipping. Give it all a chance. You are at a perfect age to drastically broaden

If you could choose a piece of music to listen to while you're ‘dying', what would it be?

I would want to be reminded of everything that makes me happy and has lead me to finally be happy.Nobody Can Save Me, the first lyrics

Is it good or bad to listen to songs while studying?

Music is a type of drug.....just like a medicine if you take your prescription in controlled amounts , it will surely heal you....what if you take too much??Medicine are drugs but Drugs are not medicine..So you probably get the point right??listening to lyrics music during reading task

Name the best song you have ever heard?

For many people this will be a hard question to answer due to the wide range of music they may have listened to. In my case ive listened and loved music from different decades (60s,70s,80s,90s,00s,10s) ,different centuries (classic music), different genres, and different languages (Spanish, english) which makes it really complicated to choose just

To what song are you listening?

This is a rather weird way of asking for suggestions. I could list a hundred songs that I really like, and not one might be good for you. However I could suggest you a few ways of discovering new music.Music Streaming ServicesAlthough paid, trust me, this is

What are best English old songs?

All the classic rock songs are old.These are just some of my personal favourites, I've kept them between the 60s and 70s and one song per artist otherwise it would have been a led zeppelin listStairway to heaven - Led Zeppelin (1971)Space Oddity - David

What are computer programmers' must listen to songs for programming?

There's no one genre. I enjoy classical music, jazz and sometimes opera at times, often something without vocals.I know friends who listen to pop, some to electronic, some to metal and others to rock. It's as varied as any group, although fewer people like pop compared to average while more prefer electronic than normal samples.Persionally, I listen

What are good bass songs for subwoofer?

1. Birthday Song- 2 Chainz ft. Kanye West2. Black and Yellow(G-Mix)- Wiz Khalifa ft. Snoop Dogg, Juicy J & T-Pain3. Cyclone- Baby Bash ft. T-Pain4. Dark Horse- Katy Perry ft. Juicy J5. Drunk In Love- Beyoncè ft. Jay Z6. Hot N**ga- Bobby Shmurda7. Molly- Tyga ft. Wiz Khalifa &

What are good new songs?

The following is a (okay, pretty indie-heavy) list of future classics from the 2000s:Queens of the Stone Age - God is in the Radio, Make it Wit U, Little Sister, Smooth Sailing, Mosquito SongArctic Monkeys - When the Sun Goes Down, From the Ritz to the Rubble, Fake Tales of San

What are great noisy songs?

Anything by WOOL. Great band made up of ex-SCREAM Members (Pete and Franz Stahl) (Incidentally, SCREAM was the first band of note that Dave Grohl was in). Later Franz Stahl joined foo-fighters. Check out WOOL's ‘Budspawn' E.P. for catchy tunes and huge riffs.First CRO-MAGS album. Seminal

What are some bands that are similar to Tool? I already know about its members' other bands.

OP: What are some bands that are similar to Tool? I already know about its members' other bands.I'm not sure if you mean lyrically or sonically similar, but here are my suggestions. (All links go to Spotify for copyright compliance.)Deftones: were around before Tool, so

What are some bass songs for beginners?

I would go with some blues or even old country, anything by Clapton or B.B. King or Stevie Ray Vaughn or what have you.  Stick with something that encourages 3-chord changes (1 4 5 or even 1 7 4) to keep things simple, but songs that encourage you to walk

What are some best of the motivational songs for studies (Hindi or English)?

Let me tell you that this really works. These songs constantly reminds me the reason for toiling that hard. These songs are specifically not for studies but surely boost you in your lows. Some of my favourites are :1. "Yeh hosla" from the movie Dor.

What are some cool and motivational songs to listen during workouts?

Here's my playlist, really helpful when it comes to pump the iron \m/Hatebreed- Destroy EverythingDistrurbed- Ten thousand fistsPantera- Five minutes aloneMetallica- BatterySlipknot- DualityBullet for my valentine- Waking the demonSlayer- Raining BloodIron maiden- Aces highEminem- Lose yourselfMeshuggah- BleedGojira- Clone , the art of dyingRage against the machine- Bulls on paradeLamb of God - Laid to restOne punch man - Opening

What are some good 2017 motivation songs?

Kendrick Lamar - DNAI got, I got, I got, I gotLoyalty, got royalty inside my DNACocaine quarter piece, got war and peace inside my DNAI got power, poison, pain and joy inside my DNAI got hustle though, ambition, flow, inside my DNAI was born like this,

What are some good kpop songs to listen to while running?

I like Super Junior and EXO... hehe... so I like to prop my iPad on the treadmill and watch music videos or live performances that get me going.  It's also OK if they make me laugh a bit... i.e. Sexy Free &

What are some good 'long' songs (over ten minutes)?

| Post-rock / Cinematic Rock |Mono - Ashes in the Snow cinematic rockers at their best. They have some other fantastic songs, too, but I chose this because it's the first on their latest album Hymn to the Immortal Wind and takes my breath

What are some good pieces of music to listen to while coding?

No doubting the fact that Hans Zimmer is the king of creating epic and intense Soundtracks. Hell, he can even make a scene in which the hero is getting up in the morning Intense and insanely epic with his background