Are The Beatles overrated or underrated?

Terribly underrated!Where to start? Cause I'd prefer to discuss the musical aspect lightly, since that has been covered repeatedly and endlessly.The influence of the Beatles is still being felt all across time and land, and many fans should look a little bit beyond their music. Perhaps, they

As a musician, what is your biggest dream?

As a drummer and song writer, I have always wanted to be in a touring rock band. Not just any type of tour, mind you. I want to do something special with my music.There are a lot of children that are in hospitals, and for many, they will never get to see a live concert. In

Did Michael Jackson accept Islam?

This is one of the biggest Hoax that happened in the history of news world and surprisingly nobody even corrects it, that is why even after so many years after his death people keep asking this question.The Media had reported the news of Michael Jackson's conversion to Islam in 2008 November with a clear reference to

Did Michael Jackson really convert to Islam before dying?

No he did not. It doesn't matter what people saw of him or how he was acting, or what he was wearing, Michael never truly converted to Islam. We talked about God many, many times, and took turns reading bible verses to each other. In April of 2009, Michael told me

How to reach Celine Dion

Celine Dion has simply terminated a protracted session at the Studio at the Palms, wherever she's recording her next studio album, set to be discharged next year.But this chat starts with Celine Dion call last week, equal live inevitable and stunning, to announce the

What are some good singing exercises?

#Questiion name: What are some good singing exercises?BEST 12 TIPS TO SING BETTER:#1 Get a Vocal CoachDon't trry to do it alll by yourrself. Get intto a voccal traiining progrram and folllow it. Haviing a voccal coach iis one of the most imporrtant thiings a siinger

What are some songs that are worth listening to?

There are so many good songs worth listening ....very difficult to choose a fewA list of Songs-Hari Om, Man Tarpat Hari Darsan ko Aaj - by Md Rafi (1952, Film Baiju Bawara), Lyric -Kaifi Azmi, Music- Nausad Ali.. one of the greatest Bhajans I have

What are the biggest challenges facing Indie musicians today?

Extreme changes in the way musicians and songwriters are compensated for their work- or not compensated. I have worked for 20+ years as an indie musician. Now music is expected to be free thanks to internet access and streaming sites.

What are your favorite underrated songs and artists?

Jeremy Zucker (very cute and has a deep and mellow voice and is so so underrated for someone so talented he deserves more fame pls listen to him here's one of his songs)Jeremy Zucker - talk is overrated ft. blackbearBlackbear (another underrated artist and the song below is so

What's your biggest frustrations as a musician?

Personally I hate what music has become. Everyone is a guitarist, everyone is a musician.I work hard and try and produce original music, take time to play real instruments.And then comes this kid who is 16, raps a semi-decent quality song to a copied and pasted backing track with lyrics that don't show anything

Which artists are famous for only one song?

This is quite possibly one of my favorite subjects.Artists who have only had one hit chart or artists who are only remembered for one song are often called One Hit Wonders.Examples of One Hit Wonders are:Biz Markie- Just a FriendDeee-Lite- Groove Is in the HeartMarc Cohn- Walking in MemphisEMF- UnbelievableRight Said Fred- I'm Too SexySir Mix-a-Lot- Baby Got BackThe

Who are some examples of 'musicians' musicians'?

Just about all the Pre-Classical composers of the so-called Baroque Age of European Culture who almost everybody hasn't heard of. I've been singing in church and military choirs since about 1978 and have asked many fellow choir members, some of which are or have been professional musicians and have asked just

Who are some musicians that you feel are greatly underrated?

Most musicians toil in relative obscurity. Many of those are among the finest to ever play their respective instruments. That is because little light is brought to shine on sidemen - even the instrumental soloists. That is because it is the music that matters, not the individuals. When

Who are the most underrated musicians of all time?

These artists are not the most underated of all time as I cannot comment on every musician. However in terms of my generation's music, I am baffled as to why these artists aren't on the charts. Oh wait, its because people like repetitive unoriginal music that they can bullshit lyrics to. Sorry to be so condescending with

Who is the best between Celine Dion and Whitney Houston?

At their prime ı think both almost equal .As a vocalist;Power goes to the Whitney and Control goes to the Celine... I myself simply found prime whitney a bit more impressive but ı also had to say this. Did you realize some important fact about these two ? Well all of Whitney's great performances limited between 1985-1994 On the

Who is the most underrated Bollywood male playback singer?

Bollywood's algorithm unfortunately works in weird ways..Where Honey Singh would be the highest paid singer, certainly genuine talents would be subdued!There are too many male and female singers, underrated. And it's all bollywood's loss, not theirs..I feel sad listing the following names among male playback

Who is the most underrated rock guitarist, and why?

Mick Taylor. Who the hell is that, right?Criminally underrated former guitarist of The Rolling Stones and John Mayall's Bluesbreakers. Probably the best musician to ever play for the Stones. His fluid melodic guitar lines contrasted sharply with Keith

Who is your favorite underrated musician?

Damn, that's a good one.If you are a connoisseur of underrated music, it's not enough for someone to be just obscure or unknown. They have to be someone who is well-known enough for people to have an opinion about them, but they also have to be someone who most people regard badly. They

Why does John Paul Jones the Led Zeppelin bassist seem so underrated and/or ignored? I think he is a really fantastic musician & a big part of their success?

Simply put, Jones, Entwhistle, and other more solid rock, silent types in bands hardly ever get the acclamation they deserve when others are more gregarious in their positions. Geddy Lee sings lead. Geddy gets a lot of attention. If Lifeson played and sang, Geddy would only get as much attention as he moved around. BUT, players like Geddy

Why is Celine Dion so criticized?

I suppose it is because Celine Dion is like the female Michael Bolton to those who really dislike her. Both Celine and Bolton are similar in the sense that they both have a powerful voice, a good ear, and a wide vocal range, but often are criticized by music critics and those who dislike her for 'over-emoting' nearly everything

Why is KK so underrated as a singer in Bollywood?

KK is not underrated.He is the best singer ever. He is way ahead of his co singers like Shaan Sonu Nigam and Himesh Reshammiya. These people earned fame through reality shows. They have promoted themselves too much .KK believes in

Did Michael Jackson meditate? Was he a spiritual being? Was he interested in things like psychics, paranormal phenomenons or guidance from the beyond?

Yes,but he didn't like talking about being clairvoyant because of the name calling and ridicule already labeled at him for other issues!! So he kept his special gift for being able to read people and see into their hearts and soul and mind to himself,and it was how he was able to find out what

How to learn to sing better

Hum. It starts the sinuses resonating.Go to church. Even a church with lousy music will give you practice singing in public. Public group singing is fun, no matter what else you get from my answer. Also, it's a good place to hear other talented singers. When I joined a church choir that had a

How to improve my singing? Is it better to sing more songs or do vocal exercises

#Questiion name: How do I improve my singing Is it better to sing more songs or do vocal exercises?BEST 12 TIPS TO SING BETTER:#1 Get a Vocal CoachDon't trry to do it alll by yourrself. Get intto a voccal traiining progrram and folllow it. Haviing a voccal

Should musicians listen to music?

My dad, a non-musician, asked me once,

There are many artists that sing about love affairs and "the one that got away". Does this mean they've probably cheated on others during the course of their marriage? Or are they simply writing songs that emote love in a way people can relate?

I think there are a lot of cheaters in the world (and a lot of people that got cheated on), when I write songs, I'm looking for making my songs catchy, easy to relate to, and filled with interesting lyrics that add to the song.

Was Michael Jackson a castrato?

A castrato is a type of classical male singing voice equivalent to that of a soprano, mezzo-soprano or contralto. The voice is produced by castrtation of the singer before puberty, or it occurs in one who due to endocrinological condition never reaches sexual maturity. Michael Jackson was

Was Michael Jackson a nice man?

If you ever hear anyone talk about Michael Jackson who knew him that is the first quality you hear about. It used to seem impossible to me that someone could be so raved about and I used to wonder if people were kissing

Was Michael Jackson circumcised?

No he wasn't, Check out the Autopsy report it's in there along with his Vitiligo.He was not. This was one of the most critical factors in Jordan  Chandler's incorrect description of Michael Jackson's penis back in  1993. Jordie Chandler provided both an affidavit describing the  genitalia and a drawing. Both indicated that Jordie, Jewish by

Were the accusations against Michael Jackson ever proved?

No, questioner the accusations against Michael Jackson were NEVER proved because they were bogus. On the contrary , they were disproved in a court of law. On 13 June 2005 MJ was UNANIMOUSLY ACQUITTED after a 3 month PUBLIC JURY TRIAL with OVER 100 WITNESSES by a peer of white , conservative and educated jury, even

What are some good singing exercises?

#Questiion name: What are some good singing exercises?BEST 12 TIPS TO SING BETTER:#1 Get a Vocal CoachDon't trry to do it alll by yourrself. Get intto a voccal traiining progrram and folllow it. Haviing a voccal coach iis one of the most imporrtant

What are some singing tips?

You asked for some singing tips, right! I'm not quite a professional singer but i do sing , so i looked up some really helpful singing tips from a veteran vocal coach. I've tried it myself and it really works.Cari's Top 5 Singing Tips1. The

What are some top pop singing exercises?

Perhaps the biggest urban myths in the world today is that singing is a gift: some have it, some don't. Great if you do, hard luck if you don't! But that is completely untrue; almost anyone can learn to sing. In this article I want to share with you a few simple exercises and tips for

What are your top 10 favorite bands?

The Beatles - each album is either really good or classic.Jimi Hendrix - because of his influence on every rock n roll and metal guitar player who came after him.Led Zeppelin - the quintessential rock n roll band. Their musical virtuosity allowed them to play power rock, along with

What bands are similar to The Strokes?

I would say that Interpol are the closest band to the strokes, like a darker counterpart. What defines the strokes is the jagged interplay of the two guitars, often playing in quite high octaves, juxtaposed with a murky baritone singer, and

What exercises have made the greatest difference in your singing?

Many vocal exercises can give you great benefit, the questions that you need to answer before asking this question is:HOW do you currently sing? Do you sing soft and high? Loud and low? All of the above? Is singing comfortable as it is now? Etc.

What is the best modern song you have ever heard?

That's tough. It'd have to be something from Panic! At the Disco or The Kongos. For that first one probably

What is your least favourite song by your favourite musician?

My favourite band is Tones on Tail, and I have to say their worst song is ‘Slender Fungus.' I mean, it's not actually all that bad, it's just different but I *hate* mouth sounds, and some of the lyrics gross me out.... If the song

What music artist do you never get tired of?

Surprisingly, Y & T. A criminally underrated band that has been around since 1974. They have over a dozen albums. Most people who know of them that are not fans, might consider them a typical hair metal band. Except there is the exceptional blues-based playing of Dave Meniketti. He doesn't do anything more than most guitar slingers with

What's your favorite band NAME (not necessarily your favorite band)?

What's my favorite band NAME (not necessarily my favorite band)?Oh, good. I don't have to pick my favorite band. Or my favorite band name. Because I have lots of both. And some of them are favorite bands AND favorite band names. But not necessarily . .

What song are these lyrics taken from, 'The king is gone but he's not forgotten. This is the story of Johnny Rotten'?

Neil Young"My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)"My my, hey heyRock and roll is here to stayIt's better to burn outThan to fade awayMy my, hey hey.Out of the blueand into the blackThey give

What song makes you cry? What is it about this song that affects you that way? Maybe it speaks to something in your life; a time or a person that was important.

I guess I would be the first one to shed the taboo and admit the songs that make me cry :-) or atlease choke up. (EDIT: I just noticed that this song has a lot of answers. It was not showing any answers when i first saw this question)These songs can almost always lead me to choke

What songs do you listen when feeling low?

Here, I would say whenever you are feeling low never listen to sad songs (I swear it will hurt you more). When situations don't work out as the way we wanted to be, we become hopeless and when we listen to a sad song it will make you feel

What was Michael Jackson's religion?

Yes. Michael Jackson was definitely raised as a Christian. His mother was a devout Jehovah Witness and even though they have a strong belief in Christ(whom they call Jehovah)their other beliefs are pretty different than other Christian sects. They don't celebrate any holidays-even Birthdays and Christmas. They believe that they will see each other in the afterlife. They believe

What's the best song you have ever heard?

Its too a personal choice. And accordingly I would like to refer to a song as written by the English song writer Paul Anka.The wordings are so related and true to oneself that there's no effort required to embed the words in one's memory. The lyrics, all thru the song,

Whats the worst song to ever hit #1?

OK, when I was a kid, I kinda liked this song. And I still like the concept, but the lyrics, ugg. I think the concept of a plant living on and feeling the need to care for it in the memory of someone you loved is great. But the execution in this case leaves

What's your favorite band?

Oh man. I do have a favourite band.I do love the Beatles, the White Stripes, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Pink Floyd, Oasis, Nirvana... I could go on and on about this. Many great bands I am thankful for their existence.But I do not love these bands or

Which Cher song is her best song ever, "If I Could Turn Back Time" or "Believe"?

Neither of the songs you mentioned are Cher's best song ever, but of the two, ‘Believe' is the best. That song is what made autotune go to the store for milk and never come back.Another thing about ‘Believe' is that it has that odd quality where people will say they hate it but

Which one is the most beautiful songs you have ever heard?

Expecting To Fly, by Neil Young. Young was still officially in Buffalo Springfield when this was recorded in late 1967. While Young was on tour with the band, a basic track was cut by producer Jack Nitzsche, who was Phil Spector's engineer on all of his

Are popular rock musicians much more talented than amateur musicians?

Well, yes and no. Professional musicians are often very good musicians. But they're often also lucky... the opportunities that lead to one being a pro aren't necessarily offered equally to every musician. Sometimes it's being in the right place at the right time,

As a musician, what is your biggest dream?

As a drummer and song writer, I have always wanted to be in a touring rock band. Not just any type of tour, mind you. I want to do something special with my music.There are a lot of children that are in hospitals,

Can musicians make more money now because of all of the music platforms that now exist or was it better in the past with musicians signed to labels?

Over the last decade the market for high quality production music has grown significantly globally resulting in a significant increase in the composer share of public performance royalties being paid globally to composers of high quality production music signed to a leading global Production Music library such as Audio Network with both the global reach and resources to get

Did Slash quit smoking? Why?

He did. And he told two stories about it.In 2010 he said:"I've been off them for a year. The first time I quit smoking was because me and my wife just had a baby and she claimed the baby smelled like an ashtray. So I thought, 'Well, I'll give it a shot.' So I quit for

For musicians, what was the inspiration to become a musician?

I think my interest in music started when I was 7 years old. There was a popular cartoon that appeared at TV every day for several months, and I was watching it as I was a child. The background soundtrack was entirely classical music. I was born with synesthesia (an

How are musicians doing today?

My answer can be divided into two distinct versions of being a musician:Hobbyist musicianProfessional musicianAs a hobbyist, there is no better time to be a musician. Platforms like soundcloud allow connection and collaboration across the world. Technology allows the hobbyist to have a professional-caliber music production studio in a spare bedroom for a few

How do musicians currently collaborate with other musicians?

Some musicians still get together and practice, rehearse and record in the same ways they did in the 1990s, other musicians who are embracing the cutting edge technology now have options to do it differently. The kicker is all the hardware and software that is available

I am 15 years old. Where do I start if I want to become a singer/musician?

TL;DR: on yr 18th birthday move to a medium sized town and don't lose sight of your goals.I'm going to give you more advice than you asked for:Start saving your $, when you turn 18 move to Athens Georgia or Washington

If you could bring back one musician who would you bring back and why?

I love this question. There are so many people that I want to bring back and it's really hard to choose just one. So with a lot of thinking, I think I want to bring Ronnie James Dio or better known as

If you had the ability to resurrect one dead musician, who would it be?

Jerry Garcia. I really miss him. There was nobody quite like him and even when he wasn't playing the guitar, the world was just a better place with Jerry in it. It really saddens me that a guy who was such a brilliant musician for so many years, ended his career

Is Justin Bieber overrated or underrated? Who are the most overrated and underrated singers and songwriters?

I think there are a couple of different ways to think about this question.I do think that in terms of popular opinion, Bieber is still underrated. Like this article suggests, I think a lot of people are struggling to

Men: Do you find female musicians attractive?

I find lots of things attractive. Doesn't mean I want to do anything physical with them, or even talk with them. For me, it's a specific combination of things that draws me to someone and makes me want to spend time with them. Seeing a

What are some things that musicians understand that non-musicians don't?

Musicians hear music differently than non musicians. I discovered this after I started playing the drums and then bass. Before I used to just listen to music as a single, amorphous, sound. Now I can easily pick out all the different parts of the song (guitars, bass, drums, vocals, keyboard, etc...). I like

What are the biggest challenges facing Indie musicians today?

Extreme changes in the way musicians and songwriters are compensated for their work- or not compensated. I have worked for 20+ years as an indie musician. Now music is expected to be free thanks to internet access and streaming sites. There are more karaoke and trivia games in

What are the biggest challenges for musicians in niche genres in today's music industry?

As far as niche genres are concerned, the significance of the niche may be a top priority for many people. It is always a desired goal to get to the top of the heap. When you know that you have a good take

What are the biggest downsides of the music industry right now?

Revenue. My more optimistic musician friends like to play down the impact the almost complete loss of revenue from physical recordings (in the US market at least) over the course of the last decade has had. But I've seen a severe

What are the biggest pain points for musicians?

Very simple: Paying the bills.99.99% of all musicians making less year over year, because the total number of revenue in a mix of a) live music, b) recorded music and c) publishing isn't growing significantly but the number of

What do musicians think of other musicians?

Your question makes as much sense as

What do you feel about Madonna's performance at Billboard Music awards event that's slammed by a critic -'Madonna should stick to her old lady moves'? Do you think certain age people should dress; behave; look a certain way? Why?

I may be biased since I'm a fan of her music but I really didn't see anything bad about her performance. She was dressed appropriately and there was no gyrating, no lewd movements, especially compared to some of the other dance routines she had done in the past. So I really don't understand the fuss.Older people

What is the hardest part of being a professional musician?

Depends what your goals are and how you want to live.It's unbelievably hard to be the head of a family because most music work requires being gone so much, or at least gone for the hours kids are usually home. I hung out with Bruno Mars's sax player once and he said he's gone 9 months

What musician has inspired you the most?

It's too difficult for me to limit my answer to just one musician. Also, there are a few different categories of musicians who have inspired me to a great degree.Conductors (of symphony orchestras): Michael Tilson Thomas (MTT), Charles Dutoit, Bernard Haitink, Fritz Reiner, Lorin Maazel, Gustavo Dudamel, Yuri Temirkanov just to name

What musicians are related to other musicians?

Bruce Dickinson, lead singer for the band Iron Maiden, is cousins with Rob Dickinson, lead singer for the band Catherine Wheel.Angus and Malcolm (RIP) Young from AC/DC are brothers with George Young, singer of band Flash in the Pan (and also producer of early AC/DC albums).The Bee Gees (Robin, Maurice, Barry) were all brothers.

What Quorans are musicians?

I invented (Euro-)Blip-Blop. It is a crossover between British Wave Blues and hip-hop.This one is called

What singer of any genre or generation has the most distinctive, instantly recognizable voice?

When you refer to how recognizable a voice is, it all comes down to the timbre. What is the timbre of a given sound? It is the unique profile of harmonics that build above the fundamental sound. Every person has an unique profile, but most voices sound alike, right?Regarding genre... well, we must admit

What's musicians' biggest challenge running a band?

After having run a band, have it fall apart through no fault of my own, and then dealing with the aftermath of the realization that I was a participant of an episode of MTV's ‘Behind the Music', (all, which occurred inside of one year), one must be resilient

Which musician had the biggest influence on our culture?

Here are my top five. Please up vote my answer to make me happy.5. Elvis PresleyElvis didn't like being called a hero, nor did he enjoy the "king of rock 'n roll" moniker. Teased as a child in Tupelo, Mississippi, he became a loner, learning to play the guitar

Which musician has had the biggest impact on your life?

I've had a ton of musical influences, mainly drummers, from John Bonham, to Don Brewer, to Buddy Miles, to the biggest of all, Neil Peart. The musicians that have had the biggest influence on me are:PrinceI discovered Prince during my sophomore year of high school.

Which musicians are way overrated?

Pretty much every Pop and Rap artist out there (exceptions are always there). Most of the music they make is shit. It is hit because of the marketing. Otherwise, It's cancer to ears.There are still some artists who are good at what they do but they are under the Radar. You will

Which musicians had the greatest impact on music?

Musicians, Composers, Producers, Artists, that had the greatest impact on music of all time, as I see them, listed with no particular order, might have forgotten about some.Mozart,BeethovenBachVivaldiWagnerSchnitkeMusorgski, Borodin, Rimskyi-Korsakov, Balakirev, Kjuee, Stasov - a

Which musicians have had the biggest stylistic changes throughout their careers?

I vote for Stravinsky. His works are generally classified into 3 periods: the Russian period, the neo-classical period, and the serial period.  Stravinsky was a student of Rimsky-Korsakov (a composer of the Romantic period) in Russia so his early works use a large orchestra with a coloristic approach. His style has sometimes been called "primitivism,"  and the

Who are the five greatest musicians of all-time?

This question is impossible to answer, but it's fun to try, so here I go.Note that I'm interpreting musician as musical ability, basically rating their musical creations and ability to create.Bach. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Bach is in the top five. When considering the baroque masters, Bach almost

Who are the most overrated singers of all time?

If you're asking about overrated singers in mainstream music, it's an impossible question to answer because there are no firm metrics for what makes a great singer... You may be thinking

Who has been the most consistently great music artist/band throughout their entire career?

A great but underestimated band is Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons who had number one hits before, during, and after the Beatles. No other band has done that to my knowledge, though there are many great bands. They also had 57 charting hits. Some of Frankie and the

Who is more popular globally - Eminem or Shah Rukh Khan?

Both of them are just incomparable. They both have different work - one is known for the acting (SRK) and the other for singing(EMINEM).It wouldnt be astonishing as to SRK speaking out that his fav song is that

Who is the best musician?

I can't believe no one has tried to answer this yet... Actually I can. This is a very difficult if not impossible question.... The most talented popular musicians of all time.... ALL TIME... Considering we don't have any documented music from before the medieval period there is a huge

Who is the biggest music artist on Earth right now?

I don't actually think any of these could necessarily fill stadiums. Arena's yes but stadiums? I don't think so. Stadiums are for the elites ​of music such as Queen, ACDC, Iron Maiden. These were just the first three that came to my head. Queen started the stadium model of

Who is the most unique musician of all time?

It was J.S Bach for sure. The first bebop pioneers stole alot from him honestly. Octave Displacements for example and a patterns where you surrond target tones so they becomes a semitone and a half ambushed. Bach invented that shit= Enclosures + ornaments it's embellishments before the main

Who is the world's most famous singer?

To me, the most famous singer in the world may not be the best singer in the world.To me, this question is akin to:if you were an alien landing anywhere on planet earth and walked up to some random person on the street literally

Who is your favorite musical artist as of right now?

I honestly...honestly...can't choose one.I have different favorites and they all remain my favorites through the years and decades. And even then I have a whole slew of bands that rest on the second tier of bands I love. And even then I have individual albums

Who would you consider to be the most influential musician that ever lived?

Probably Franz Liszt, but Ludwig van Beethoven laid the groundwork.Let me explain. Before 1800, musicians were servants. Many, like Bach were in the service of some ruler (CPE Bach ran the house band for Frederick the Great) or the church (JS Bach and many others). Even Mozart, who was

Who's an overrated singer that actually can't sing at all?

Ahhh....childhood memories....Remember this song?Katy Perry - Roar (Official)Yeah, I bet you do.I realize that no one talks about Katy Perry anymore, but back in the day she was the shit. Every girl in my class knew the words to all of her songs. We'd screech the

Why do some musicians collaborate with other artists?

Thanks for the a2a. I started playing guitar when I was 4. That's a long time ago and the most memorable time for me was when a friend hooked myself and a longtime member of the Chicago music scene up one night. We sat around a card table and he played rhythm guitar and I improvised

Did Michael Jackson really convert to Islam before dying?

No he did not. It doesn't matter what people saw of him or how he was acting, or what he was wearing, Michael never truly converted to Islam. We talked about God many, many times, and took turns reading bible verses to each other. In April of 2009, Michael told me in

What are the top three recording studios of all time in terms of having sold the most songs?

I don't have sales stats so this is more rambling about famous studios than sales charts, but top of mind is Abbey Road studios in England. Not only did the Beatles record many of their best songs there, many other groups did also. Major record companies have their own in-house studios (Columbia Records, Capital Records,

What could Justin Bieber do better than singing?

Justin Bieber could do a great job at being a Male Model. Seriously!!! This guy has tried out a lot of looks (hairstyles, clothes, etc.) over the years and, while there have been some misses, most of his fashion choices have been hits (at least in my opinion). Check it out:An Angry Young Man with a Bright Red Lip

What if Justin Bieber died?

Here are the consequences -Day 1 - About 100 million teenagers will lock them in their rooms crying. Around 5K will commit suicide. And 500 Million people would be sad.Day 2 - News report will state 4000 killed in stampede during Justin Bieber's funeral.Week 2 - #RIPJustin will no more be the most trending hashtag.Week

What is Tom Petty's Breakdown about?

Ok, I'm going to try and answer this but please take my answer with a grain of salt since I didn't write the song and I've never met Tom Petty. (although once I stood 20 feet from him without knowing it*)... So "It's alright if you love me, it's

What recording artist has sold the most records after they died?

Probably Mozart. But it depends on how you count. Platinum, for instance is counted by the actual CD. In other words, Prince released a limited edition 4 CD set called Crystal Ball. There were only 250,000 made but it was 4 CDs. They all sold so it went Platinum.

Who as a 'One Hit Wonder' sold the most records?

This is tough because one-hit wonders are typically country-specific and prior to 1991 there was no certification of record sales (only