Based on his performance so far, is Narendra Modi overrated?

Is Narendra Modi our only hope? Nope. Was the Congress party prior independence our only hope to win freedom? Nope. Democratic nations ( leaving out Pakistan) never function that way.The political party he represents is known very well across the country

Is India really changing under PM Modi?

Is India really changing under PM Narendra Modi ?Let's check out !Few days back, I went From Jhansi To Kanpur ( U.P. ) to visit my Maternal Uncle's house who resides there.I was going there with my family after a time period of almost 3 years i.e. it was my

What are some of the most mind-blowing facts about Narendra Modi?

Now this is an incident which took place in the year 2009, 16th January.The week when India celebrated its success of the mission Chandrayan (our first and successful reach on earth's natural satellite, Moon) accomplished by the pride of India - ISRO - and its scientists. I thank you for making our strong presence

What are some unknown facts about BJP?

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), is one of the most seasoned and noticeable big party in India today. It is a noteworthy political party with a conservative political position. This party served a great deal of states. The party performed extremely well

What are the cool unknown facts about Narendra Modi that only a few people know about?

1. Mr. Narendra Modi loves writing poem. He writes in Gujarati language and also has published some books written by him. He also love photography and had held an exhibition showing his collections of photographs clicked by him.2. Modi was always fond of Hindutva philosophy. When he was a teenager, he went to Himalayas

What has the Modi government achieved since coming to power?

The major achievement is for Brand India.The World today is taking India more seriously and feeling India's presence the way it should have felt long ago!But, why and how?!Just ONE WORD answer to it...MODI.Let me mention a few significant Global events - this will also serve as a review of what has happened, rather what

Why do you hate Narendra Modi?

Though I really hate him but I will still try to be unbiased here and give you 5 reasons.CorruptionGovt in last 3–4 years have really taken some very good steps to curb corruption. I have no valid data to support this but Aadhar like, making many procedures

Will Atishi win the East Delhi Loksabha constituency?

Let us look at numbers. In 2014, BJP got 5,72,000 votes, AAP got 3,81,000 and Congress got 2,03,000 votes (rounding upto 1000 votes). So BJP won by about 1,90,000 votes. For AAP to win,(the additional votes AAP gets + votes BJP loses) > (winning margin +additional votes BJP gets + votes AAP

What are some great and interesting things about Narendra Modi?

The present Prime Minister of India is one of the most influential leaders in the democratic history of the country. He was born in the state of Gujarat and had been dedicated to his motherland from early childhood. His story is often

What are the cool unknown facts about Narendra Modi that only a few people know about?

1. Mr. Narendra Modi loves writing poem. He writes in Gujarati language and also has published some books written by him. He also love photography and had held an exhibition showing his collections of photographs clicked by him.2. Modi was always fond of Hindutva philosophy. When he was a teenager, he went to Himalayas alone and stayed

What is the least known fact about Narendra Modi?

Thanks for A2A .Current Japan PM Shinzo Abe follows only 13 people on Twitter: one of them is Narendra Modi .He is an early riser and has been maintaining a steady wake up time of 5-5.30 am even he sleeps late ...He sleeps only for 5-6 hours a day.He survived an crocodile attack during the

What should everyone know about Narendra Modi?

Mr. Uttam Indian has rightly said, Mr Modi is an inspiring person.In my view, his life story is also interesting. Although Mr Modi is not millionaire or billionaire but his life is also a kind of jameen se aasman - from street

Why do Indian National Congress leaders hate Narendra Modi and oppose almost every decision made by the Modi government?

I wish to explain it with a corporate example..Person-X is employed in a Companywhich have a Hire & Fire policy for its employees. The Person X is surviving in his job from quite a long time, with his expertise in making lucrative commitments, but failing rapidly to fulfil

Why shouldn't Narendra Modi become the Prime Minister of India? I know what all arguments are that are given in his favour. Please don't mention them.

After listening to almost all his speeches and following him for years, I have observed quite a few drawbacks, mainly in his ideologies and personality. It is not very easy nor right to confer what he will actually do, but would like to mention some very subjective issues based on factual observations which

Will Narendra Modi win the Varanasi Lok Sabha Constituency by more than 2 lakh votes?

In 2014 Varanasi had 17.67 lakh voters, out of which 10.6 lakhs voted. Modiji got 5.8 lakh votes and the first runner up was Arvind Kejriwal Sir who got 2 lakh votes(approx).Modiji organised a road show in Varanasi on 25th April and around 5–7 lakh people came and

After Narendra Modi, who is the most capable person to become prime minister of India?

As Modification completes, India needs some yogification after it. I would prefer name of UP CM Yogi Adityanath. After seeing his records, I think he is the most capable person.He is the person who has been misinterpreted by media much. Let me allow to share my

Based on his performance so far, is Narendra Modi overrated?

Yes, Narendra Modi is god damn overrated. This coming from a hardcore Modi supporter.But he's not overrated because of any of his personal shortcomings, it's entirely because the media portrayed his as a wizard who would with a

Because of Reliance Jio, BSNL telecom sector has faced so many loses. Why is PM Modi silent on this issue?

Because India is no more in 1970s where just because a firm not owned by government makes more profit than a firm owned by government the first one gets punished for making more profit, so that the second one ends up getting more customers.In modern world, there's a simple mantra- perform or perish. If an organization is not giving

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP): Is Narendra Modi doing a good job as prime minister?

The BJP under the leadership of Narendra Modi won the people's mandate on 16th May 2014 and took oath as 14th Prime Minister {excluding our acting PM Gulzarilal Nanda} of India on 26th May 2014 .It has been more than 3 years of Modi Government and it has inscribed many achievements in its name . The government

Do you think that by the end of 2030 India will become a first world country if it led by leaders like Modi?

It would really depend on the economic policies of USA. The debt is getting bigger there. If they fail to make a repayment or any such restructuring then the there will be a shift in global economy. India will definitely get a boost from that still we would need a visionary Govt to cut losses and

Do you think that Narendra Modi's Gujarat model is overrated?

I think all of you should visit Gujarat before writing this answer,You can't justify growth/development based on numbers as they are relative.Below are some facts:- Not a single state other than Gujarat in India provides 24-hrs un-interrupted   electricity to

I think Narendra Modi is the best Prime Minister ever, Can you change my mind?

You just compare the circumstances of other Prime Ministers. What kind of situations they have faced. How difficult was them to imply their planning. Because in their time people of India were not so educated. They get much difficult to introduce any new ideas.But now days Modi don't have to face that much difficulty. He has got everything ready.

Is Modi the greatest Prime Minister India has ever seen?

Hey! Ofcourse not! He isn't the greatest prime minister India has ever seen! We should never forget that India have had the opportunity to get leadership from some great prime ministers like Lal Bahadur Shastri , Indira Gandhi, Jawahar Lal Nehru, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and even Manmohan

Is Narendra Modi against Muslims?

Some people have highlighted certain articles to show Muslims in Gujarat are worst off. Most of those articles are outdated. I am posting some recent articles on the topic. better off in GujaratWhy this Muslim-majority town in Gujarat voted for Narendra Modi's BJPManushi

Is Narendra Modi fit to be the prime minister of India? Why or why not?

I respect the enthusiasm of many BJP supporters here, But let me point out that this answer is from a very ardent BJP supporter who fought with many on Quora for Modi.My Answer is no Never, He is not fit to be the

Is Narendra Modi one of the best leaders of all time? If yes, why?

Of course he is. If people only want to see the negatives in his governance, then they don't deserve him. Every government or party has some failures and some perceived failures. But the judgement should be on overall performance and not some

Is Varanasi really changed under PM Modi?

I will give a true opinion what i saw from my own eyes in 2018 and 19 in Varanasi and what my parent told me about the Varanasi Condition before Modi.So, Varanasi (Kashi) is the most ancient City in the world and one of the Holly places for Hindus Because of the Kashi Viswanath Mahadev ( Lord Shiva) and

Narendra Modi: Is Narendra Modi incorruptible?

It is now June 2017. This question was asked more than three years ago before the 2014 election of Modi as the PM. A lot has happened since then. The events of past three years indicate that Modi is very much corruptible, and has willfully participated

Narendra Modi's childhood: What was Narendra Modi like when he was young?

Narendra Modi was born on 17 September 1950 to a family of grocers in Vadnagar, Mehsana district, Bombay State (present-day Gujarat). He was the third of six children born to Damodardas Mulchand Modi (c.1915 – 1989) and Hiraben Modi (born c.1920).Modi's family

What has been Modi's performance so far?

The performance of the BJP led Government has so far been far less fulfilling compared to what have been promised 3 years back. We have a PM who spends most of his time trying to forge new foreign relations n deals n in this process ends up not adhering to

What has Narendra Modi done so far in his tenure as the Indian Prime Minister?

There are some over smart people claiming that they are not Andha Bhakta. They asked and appealed people on Facebook, Not to compare BJP with Congress but to Compare BJP performance as per Manifesto.I want to put Manifesto today here and will

What is the Rafale deal controversy? Why are Rahul Gandhi and the Congress targeting Narendra Modi and the BJP?

A single-word answer would be Power but I'll try to explain the controversy in as simple manner as possible. But it will be a long answer with the recent Lok Sabha debate (02/01/19) of Shri Rahul Gandhi.Rafale Deal Controversy is related with the

What is your opinion about Indian Prime Minister?

Narendra Modi became an iconic person for some people because of his speech skills. I admit that he is a good speaker. He have the skill to attract people with his speeches. But many things he had been speaking didn't bacame a reality. The biggest mistake he had done is the demoralizing of 1000,500 currency

What kind of person is the Congress leader Digvijay Singh when he criticized PM Modi even before the PM can complete his address to the nation from Red Fort?

Anti-national , pseudosecular and terrorist sympathizer.Unfortunately, we so many many national leaders of these views and sadly we elect them. So, we have to pay the cost.The Leaders like him can not see India progressing and becoming less corrupt or can have international standing.All the leaders like in opposition are bent up destroying

What would happen if Mahagathbandhan forms the government after 2019 Lok Sabha elections with Mamta Banerjee as the Prime Minister?

Three types of activities will appear instantly.On the Local level.Our entire Street and neighbourhood would be draped in Green. Bulbs draped in Green shades, Green colored miniature Light bulbs : Whatever you can imagine is shining gloriously, but in Green. The colour of TMC, the

Who according to you should become prime minister of India in 2019 except Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi?

I request please go through till bottom. Initial few lines may not attract you that much.According to Me it should be anyone but should possess these capabilities :-MajorityPeople trust and clean background.Good Education and Common SenseKnowledge of current affairsAdministrative ExperienceTask oriented.No Non sense talks.No Caste representativeNo freebiesShould not be Minority appeaserShould Review

Who hates Modi most?

There're two types of Modi critics; both extremes, perhaps.One, like Me. Was angry over BJP's goof up in Karnataka. But actually wish to strengthen Modi; to see him act tough against spoilers. Who wish, unlike ABVajpayee in 2004, no chances should be

Who is the best prime minister of India and why?

These are the four Indian Prime Ministers who come to mind to have done exemplary works for the country. I will analyse them in my succeeding paragraph and then find out who is best of them.Indira Gandhi who ruled for 13 yearsP

Who is Narendra Modi?

PM Modi Insane work ethic describe in 5 points.1The value of hard workModi's biography on the website describes how his experiences in childhood shaped his personality: Modi "grew up in a poor but loving family 'without a spare

Who is the best prime minister of India and why?

These are the four Indian Prime Ministers who come to mind to have done exemplary works for the country. I will analyse them in my succeeding paragraph and then find out who is best of them.Indira Gandhi who ruled for 13 yearsP V Narasimha Rao who ruled for five years.A B Vajpeyi who ruled for

Who was India's 8th Prime Minister?

Chandra Shekhar (1 July 1927 – 8 July 2007) was an Indian politician. He was the 8th Prime Minister of India between 10 November 1990 and 21 June 1991. He was born in Ibrahimpatti, Ballia, United Provinces, British India. Shekhar was mainly a member of

Who was the first Indian prime minister who visited Israel?

Narendra Modi was the first Indian prime minister who visited Israel. The reason why the Prime Ministers before didn't visit Israel even once is that

Who will be better prime minister for India?

Firstly , I WANNA TELL YOU THAT I AM NOT MODI BHAKT......AND ALSO NOT RAHUL GANDHI, now coming to your question....In my opinion modi will be the next P.M.of india.ReasonsManipulative nature of modi.Leadership skillsHindu-vote bankMore active on social media and international mediaActive team members like Amit shah.He also works for poor families , providing them

Who will become the Prime Minister of India in 2014?

To start with, I think CONgress is already out of question among the educated middle class consideration set. Congress is eliminated based on 1) Organisation of sycophant where leadership is based on dynasty of the person, will never have the competent member in the party. Even though

Why does Anurag Kashyap hate Narendra Modi?

It's not hatred. It's a trend. All artists, thinkers,people who are experts in their fields, philosophers, writers,etc. have this feeling that Government(whether it is BJP or Congress) is doing nothing. And they believe that only they are the one who cares for the country. They have

Why is MODI good for India as a PM of india?

Following are some of the achievements of Modi in last 5 years which motivates us to bring back Modi as PM:4 years ago, income tax on taxable income between 2 L and 5 L was 10%,now04 years ago, tax on restaurant bills was 13% to 28%, now 5%.4 years ago,

Why is PM Modi in denial of the job crisis in New India?

First a disclaimer , I am not supporter of any partyIt is a Political blame game and people at large are the scape goatsThe issue s areSuccessive Govts ( esp UPA II and present NDA ) neglected the issueGovt /PSUs may

Why should I hate Narendra Modi?

After two years of its rule, the time has come to now boldly and clearly speak out the truth about Mr. Modi and his government.. I accuse the present BJP government of failure on every front, and of resorting to fraudulent manipulation of facts and figures and ‘jumlas' to cover up its failures, and of stoking the communal fires

Why should I vote or not vote for Narendra Modi in 2019 elections?

Thanks for asking.Basically I am from Andhra Pradesh. A state which strongly opposes BJP for their injustice by not giving it a special status.I STILL SUPPORT BJP STRONGLY.The reasons are:1.STABILITY OF GOVERNMENT:BJP wants to stabilize & expand throughout India.Reason: Here I will tell a small story. In

Will Narendra Modi win the 2019 PM elections? If yes, why?

He will not win 2019 general election but he will definitely win 2021 election.Reason Why, He will lose 2019 general election.Uttar Pradesh has 80 Loksabha. In U.P. Trio of Congress, S.P., Mayawati. BJP Strategy is to divide Dalit & Muslim vote bank. Now, It will hard for Amit shah to divide

Why does Modi have a large following in Karnataka, unlike other South Indian states like Kerala and Tamil Nadu?

Karnataka is among the most diverse of the Indian states. In Tamil Nadu, you can go from Chennai to Trichy, Madurai and Coimbatore and won't experience different cultures. The accents would differ and that is pretty much it. In Karnataka, Mysuru region is very