How was protective custody used in prison by the Nazis?

Usually, Schutzhaft (protective custody) meant that the person concerned was sent to a concentration camp: they had no legal rights and they and their captors were completely outside the law. As far as I know, it wasn't used inside ordinary prisons. It's not the same thing as ‘protective custody' in the US. It

What would have happened to America if the Nazis won?

Nothing. Except that there would be no Cold War.The German war aim was to annex Poland and European Russia.The Cold War was based on the Soviets actively spreading Communism worldwide. Given its fundamental racist and nationalistic nature, German National Socialism was hardly a threat to spread to other countries. They would have had their hands

If the Nazis fought ISIS who would win?

Everyone are thinking that Nazi Germany would easily outmatched the ISIS. Which is quite true, but you haven't count some important advantages that ISIS have.So I would give a look at what ISIS can used for their advantage. First, and most important, they have this thing.

Do Nazis hate UFOs?

Amy covered a lot here.YES, they actually also had a UFO that crashed landed.Thye also set up a submarine base here in NZ( up North) as they also knew about Hollow Earth!If I remeber corretcly, I htink they

If praising Nazism in Germany is banned, how was Er ist wieder da (2015) filmed?

Article 5 of the German Grundgesetz statesKunst und Wissenschaft, Forschung und Lehre sind frei. (Art and science, research and teaching are free)Free in the sense that there are only very few restrictions to it. This allows that movies can show otherwise banned Nazi

What do Americans today think about Wernher von Braun?

I would have to add I am an old American so it might not count as much as someone today, but I had the privilege of working for Dr. Von Braun 1957–67 and like I said in this article, he was the best

What are reviews of 'Mein Kampf' by Adolf Hitler?

U can read it. It is a book to understand the socio political scenario of Europe in general in 1870-1930 and Germany in particular. It will be too dry a book until you know the political borders of European countries after unification

How did Wernher von Braun escape the Nazis?

It's actually a rather convoluted story and one that would make for a great movie. Though Wernher von Braun had been a member of the Nazi party since 1937 and a member of the SS with the rank of Sturmbannführer(major) by 1943, he maintained that his association with the Nazis was purely to

Is it morally acceptable to punch a Neo-Nazi?

I'm sorry that we live in a day and age where we must tip toe around this issue. And to see well respected writers using the Quora platform to act as Nazi there really any surprise that we are doomed to keep repeating the horrors of the past?But

What are things about Nazis that no one tells you?

A lot of people want to lump all Nazis together as

What do Holocaust survivors think about Neo-Nazis?

Well they loathe Zionists who are the Isreali equivalent of Neo-Nazi'sHolocaust survivors condemn Israel for 'Gaza massacre,' call for boycott

Will there ever be a country like Nazi Germany again?

Possibly, yes. How probable and where, is the question. It also does not make a big difference if a new or already existing super-power would develop a Nazi ideology or another ideology aiming at conquest and genocide. The result is always the same: war on a great scale.History teaches us that there was

Was Nazism a rerun of the German Empire of 1871-1918?

No. They had opposite agendas. The modern German state established by Prussia was intended to exclude Austria and leave Prussia dominant. Nazism was a pan-German movement.

What if Britain had surrendered to the Nazis?

The US would take over the british territories in the Caribbean and be allied with Canada and the other large british colonies. She would also have control of Iceland so her navy and bombers would contest the atlantic and her ship building would still have swamped the germans. B29 raids would be possible

If Nazi Germany won WWII, would there be countries that divided?

IRL, the countries of France(Vichy+Occupied France), Czechoslovakia(Annexed Czech Republic[with Sudetenland] Slovakia, Hungarian and Poland regions) Soviet Union(USSR and occupied land) Italy(Fascist and Monarchy halves) Yugoslavia(occupied parts) and Greece(occupied parts).

Did Nazi Germany have plans to conquer the whole world?

Yes- but in stages.Stage 1 was to push Britain off the Continent and subordinate France (check)Stage 2 was to smash the Soviet Union and occupy it to the Urals - with raids to keep the remainder down (not quite, oops)Stage 2b was to eliminate all non-useful Slavs

What happened to Adolf Hitler's brother, Edmund Hitler?

Edmond Hitler, the youngest of the Hitler family, died of measles on 2 February 1900.Four of Adolf's siblings died in infancy or early childhood of illnesses:Gustav Hitler (1885–1887), died of diphtheriaIda Hitler (1886–1888), died of diphtheriaOtto Hitler (1892–1892), died of diphtheriaEdmund Hitler (1894–1900), died of measlesThe only sibling of Adolf Hitler that survived was Paula Hitler also

What was it like to have met Adolf Hitler personally?

It was the summer of 1935, in the resort town of Tegernsee in my native Germany. My parents and I were on a short trip into southern Germany, with no fixed destination. We arrived at Tegernsee, a popular resort, expensive and fashionable, and my parents located a reasonably priced boarding house on the lake. But

What would have happened to South America had the Nazis won WW2?

In that time in history Nazism and fascism had a strong following in S. America . So that said I think that if Nazi Germany had won WWII it would have been a foothold for Nazism in the Americas. We already had the German American Bund in the USA

What if the Nazis had won WWII?

Well the world would be completely different, as time travel would have been invented to allow this to happen. During World War I, Germany was governed by Kaiser Wilhelm II, part of the Hohenzollern Royal Family of Prussia. Germany was not a democracy until WW1 replaced them with the Weimar Republic. The Nazi Party was not established

Would National Socialism have ever existed if Judaism never existed?

National Socialism was a product of the collapse of Germany after the Great War. If there were no Jews, there would never have been the Holocaust, but something like National Socialism would have probably succeeded in Germany. Judaism wasn't in any way responsible for conditions in Germany. Other countries such as Italy and

Nazi Germany invaded Europe, but what did Nazi Germany really want?

Said,Nazi Germany or Hitler wanted the whole world, not just Europe. As simple as it sounds, and it was, the times, naïveté, and the horrors of WW1 made it hard for the allies to assume anything like having a backbone.Only Churchill knew what was going on, and when he expressed his views he was called a warmonger, go figure.

Realistically, what would have happened after a Nazi victory in WW2?

Realistically, Hitler could have held the position of dictator until somewhere between 1945 and 1963 [Hitlers age range: 56 to 76]. From that we can project that the Western Allies and the Soviet Union would have at first been forced to accept Hitler's taking

What would America be like today had Hitler won WWII?

Well I guess we would be speaking German haha. Seriously though, in that unrealistic, far fetched scenario I don't think much would be different today. Hitler didn't have any designs on America . That was never his plan. He would not have the resources or manpower to keep up an occupation of that magnitude. He would have probably

What would have happened if Hitler had been killed after the Nazis came to power?

Here's a little thought for you, if Hitler had died before Sept 39 and the invasion of Poland, when he had taken Austria, Czechoslovakia, the Rhineland, etc. he would probably have went down in history as the greatest German leader who ever lived.

What would have happened to Iceland, if Nazis won WW2?

Iceland would have been a Disneyland for Aryan culture. As part of the Strength Through Joy program, workers in the Reich could enjoy 2 weeks at the resort and meet

Who would have been the most likely person to succeed Hitler if the Nazis had won WWII?

Thanks for the A2A. Though this not an easy question.It depends on when and why Germany won WWII (which, by the way, in my opinion would have been impossible). Shortly before Germany finally had to surrender, Hitler was betrayed both by Himmler and Göring who

Would America be humiliated like Nazis now if it had lost the WW2?

The Nazis got what they had coming, and it was well deserved. In case of them winning, I have doubts that the US (or anybody else) would have enjoyed it much.The whole "evil" shtick is just useless labelling, in a way very apologetic

Would Britain speak German if the Nazis had won WWII?

They would not speak German as to daily life in a Nazi victory. However British children would be taught German as a secondary language in school.With a puppet state led by Brittish I find it hard for Nazis to pressure the people of Brittan to only speak German, like what would they earn from

Would many conflicts (after 1945 to now) never happen if the Nazis won WW2?

Yes; if the Nazis had won, the conflict between the capitalist United States and the communist Soviet Union never would have happened during this time. This means the Korean War and the Vietnam War never would have happened.Depending on the condition of the United States after the war, I would predict

Would Nazi Germany be here today if they had never declared war?

Starve to death.Germany started two WW because of a simple reason: the colonies, in another word, resource and market are all occupied by the earlier developed European countries: UK, French, Netherland, etc.Although Germany has highly developed industry, the import and export were actually controlled by UK and French.The only solution is to break this violently.Note: I'm not trying to