If aliens were to transport Neanderthals to another planet and we were able to contact their descendants, would they be consider human or alien?

Humans consider other humans aliens or subhuman according to melatonin production levels.Neanderthals could be hyper-intelligent superbeings with all the answers to all the mysteries of the universe, and there'd probably still be humans who hunted them for food.If we admitted

Aliens transport Neanderthals to an Earth-like world 200 KYA. If we contacted them, would they be considered humans?

Assuming that they don't starve (they evolved on Earth, but nothing else on that world did, so everything might be poisonous to them, nothing might nourish them, etc.), and assuming that we could exceed the speed of light (we can't, but since this is make-believe, let's make

Were Neanderthals humans?

Neanderthals were the first people that lived in the cold climates of ancient Europe.  Let us look at the climate of that time.  Glaciers covered much of the continent, the weather was generally cold and wet, and the diets of these people were not up to par with

Who would win in a fight, a human or a Neanderthal?

Humans.It has nothing (much) to do with strength, and everything to do with attitude. Neanderthals used ambush tactics and strength; we used planning, smarts and improved mobility. We won out.Sure, you could set up scenarios which favour the Neanderthal, but that isn't a true reflection on the

How long did it take for the Neanderthals to disappear?

The demise of the neanderthals is part of my Gravity Theory of Mass Extinction. Surface gravity can lower IN SPECIFIC LONGITUDINAL REGIONS when a large surface mass moves to high latitude. The transfer of ocean water to the polar regions during the ice ages was the mass that

Why aren't neanderthals considered humans?

It has to be rough being a paleontologist, on what day was the first "true" chicken hatched? Not just a proto chicken but an actual chicken? I consider Neanderthal human for at least two reasons.First, they broke from the main group not that far back and rejoined us before becoming extinct.

What was the most common cause of death for Neanderthal man?

I would say its probably similar to common deaths throughout most of our ages. Infections, illnesses, cancer, wounds, and fighting other groups. Small children died a lot due to illnesses. Infections could make it difficult to survive a wound after fighting. Cancer could take anybody, TB could