Are gyms & fitness facilities willing to negotiate lower monthly fees than those they quote initially?

Yes. Snap Fitness is a 24-hour fitness facility in my area (and in many other areas) and they have different levels of fitness plans: monthly, 6-month, 12-month, etc. These charges are billed automatically so negotiating the amount might be difficult, but there are other fees that I chose to focus

Should I negotiate a salary offer if I'm already happy with the current offer?

First of all, the important number is not whether you are happy with the number, but whether or not its below market rate.  If it turns out to be below the salary for a comparable job, then mention this.  Either they will bump up the offer or try to sweet talk you (and sometimes sweet talk works).

What is the best advice for people who are going through a divorce?

As a couples therapist, divorce is sometimes inevitable, and can be crucial to the couples' therapy. There has never been a client, that following the decision for them to divorce, that sadness hasn't followed me throughout the session. It's just incredibly hard to watch a relationship die. I remind myself

How to negotiate a gym membership price

Find a gym that advertises the lowest price. Around here we have multiple chains that only charge $20 a month and a few that are at $10 a month. At $10 per month they're practically paying you to come!If you don't have options

What is the best negotiation tactic to use when signing up for a gym membership?

Working in the gym for 10 years now but as a PT and not a membership sales person. The act of getting someone to sign up for a membership is just the same for training. I know that my brand of gym gives the salesmen a range of prices

What are the best-kept secrets about negotiation?

I don't know if these are secrets, but they are for sure some of the most ignored facts of negotiations.  Negotiations can not always be win-win, as much as we would all want them to. Win-win is a desireable outcome, but it is not the only one. Moreover, it is frequently