What are the best vegan restaurants in New Jersey?

I have three recommendations which are all (of course) Indian. As a general rule of thumb, South Indian restaurants go from mostly vegan, to almost entirely vegan (it's unfortunately not the same if you exclude mango lassi). There are some general Indian restaurants

Where are some very good Italian restaurants in New Jersey?

If modern Italian cuisine is what you are after I highly recommend you try Lucco Cucina and Bar in Florham Park New Jersey which opened up in May 2018. Nice classy spot that has some excellent house-made pasta and even better New York style pizza.

What are the best vegan restaurants in New Jersey?

I have three recommendations which are all (of course) Indian. As a general rule of thumb, South Indian restaurants go from mostly vegan, to almost entirely vegan (it's unfortunately not the same if you exclude mango lassi). There are some general Indian restaurants

Where are some very good Italian restaurants in New Jersey?

If modern Italian cuisine is what you are after I highly recommend you try Lucco Cucina and Bar in Florham Park New Jersey which opened up in May 2018. Nice classy spot that has some excellent house-made pasta and even better New York style pizza.

Is Gotham City in New York or New Jersey?

In one of the earliest stories, Batman's city is referred to as NYC, and it's still regarded as a fictionalized counterpart of NYC.That said, an issue of the the in-house magazine The Amazing World of DC Comics once flatly said that in was in

What is exaggerated about New Jersey?

Accent. Some think that in Jersey everyone talks with an Italian mob accent, but most residents don't talk like that.Crime. In popular culture like movies and TV Jersey is the place where you dump bodies if you are from NYC.

How to take New Jersey Transit from Trenton to NYC

Here, this should help you find everything you need. New Jersey Transit - Home

Why do some people from New York City always mock New Jersey?

I grew up in New Jersey, I've lived in NYC for almost 4 years.  Most of NJ and NYC are not that similar.  There might be some rough parallels between Hoboken and Jersey City and Brooklyn and Queens in terms of usage of mass transit, diversity, and dense urban living.  But otherwise, I'd say that

Is life hard in New Jersey?

I recently moved to New Jersey from New York. As a New Yorker who enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the city, the chaos and the constant state of movement - I can honestly tell you that it is not hard to live in Jersey.Take it from me, most

What things are made in New Jersey?

It is easier to give you the list of NJ based manufacturing companies and let you browse for yourself Made In New Jersey Companies.I grew up in Passaic NJ and in the area we had companies that manufactured everything from steel cable to bowling balls to light bulbs to television components to cookies to automotive parts

Is NJ worth living considering high taxes, crazy traffic, harsh winter etc.?

I was born in NJ and lived there for 22 years. I've now been living in Los Angeles for 17 years. Both have horrible traffic. But NJ actually has decent public transportation in many areas. Being able to take a train to

Has anyone moved to Pennsylvania from New Jersey?

You can try this 5 movers. They are really good and top quality state to state movers in USA.All Jersey Moving & StorageGreat Movers NYCBooth MoversAllied Moving CompanyYou Move MeHope it help you. Thanks

What is your favorite park in Newark, New Jersey?

Riverbank Park in the Ironbound section is a great park. Branch Brook park is better, but Riverbank has the Passaic River that you can walk alongside. Great biking trails. Also they may have some kayaking.

What are some tips for living in Bayonne, New Jersey?

A close relative of mine lives in Bayonne. Things I have heard about include:The entire city is now in a FEMA flood zone and flood insurance is mandatory by the bank holding the mortgage. Newark bay inundated much of the city with oily, stinking water during superstorm Sandy.Taxes are very high. City jobs are easily obtained if you know

What do you wish you knew before moving to New Jersey?

Everyone takes the car everywhere. I've had neighbors drive to the library three blocks away.It's acceptable to take the train or the bus but only as part of a commute to work. The only people who take public transport on other occasions are the working poor.Helicopter parenting is the norm. At eight, I would leave my

What is it like to live in Hawthorne, New Jersey?

After my wife and I got married we moved to clifton, lived there for a year and then went to Hawthorne. It's a nice and peaceful community, especially if you are trying to raise a family. You can jog at any time without any worries and the rent isn't too expensive.

Why are people in New Jersey so warm and laid back compared to New York?

Had to add this to the "Question That Contains Assumptions" group.User-10082357234759790588 definitely nails it, in all likelihood you have a very small sample size and are making pretty sweeping generalizations.Realize New Jersey is pretty darn big - effectively the suburbs of two large

Is Newark, New Jersey worth visiting? Why or why not?

That depends.First, it depends on where you are visiting from. If you live in or near Newark (say, in New York City) it could well be worth a visit. But if you are visiting the area from far away, then probably not. There's good stuff

Are people really leaving New Jersey?

Absolutely true. The taxes are outrageous, 4th highest state. I'm leaving since I'm retired and having a hard time selling my house. More are moving to Pennsylvania due to cheaper taxes and homeownership costs are lower. I'm heading south when I can.

How is the crime in New Jersey?

Here is a pretty cool interactive map that lets you see an overview of the state and then click to see a desired city in more detail.New Jersey crime rates and statistics

Why do people from New York hate people from New Jersey so much?

Very simply we don't, many NYers leave to live in Jersey or have family there. They vacation at the shore and shop for clothes and cheap gas. Most of it is friendly joking and competition.We share a goverment institution, The Port Authority, allows us to share the burden of running 3 airports, a giant harbor, 2 tunnels and

What is the best ice cream in New Jersey?

I'm surprised no one has mentioned The Bent Spoon in Princeton, NJ:  http://www.thebentspoon.net/BENT...Fresh, local, organic ingredients made into creative flavors of ice cream and sorbet.  Almost all the reviews on Yelp are 5 stars:  http://www.yelp.com/biz/the-bent...

Where are cheap places to stay in New Jersey when visiting New York City?

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Why do New Yorkers consider New Jersey drivers to be jerks?

As a New Yorker currently residing in the Connecticut suburbs, I can safely assure you that I consider all New York area drivers to be jerks. New York, New Jersey, Connecticut - all chock full of terrible jerk drivers who wouldn't know a turn signal if it bit them

What is it like to live in New Jersey and work in New York City?

It actually feels normal. By normal I mean I get up in the morning at 630am, take a quick shower, get dressed for work, catch the NJ transit at 713am to Newark and get the PATH train to World Trade Center at 732am and arrive in

What's New Jersey like?

Small by comparison to many others States but crammed with a little of everything - that is rural and farm parts, suburban areas, beach areas and city areas. It's fairly diverse but stratified but location some of the richest people stealthily live here including the president of this country. On the other end very poor cities

Should I move to Florida from New Jersey?

I recently moved from New York to Florida, and there's some good, some not so good. Know those sweltering, muggy days in August in Jersey? We have those from April till October. It rains most days, but many times it's just a flash, though during the

What road side attraction should I visit while driving through New Jersey?

Duh! The pizza of course! NJ/NYC has the best pizza in the country in my opinion. The lighthouses are nice, Barnegat being my favorite. The nicest beaches in my opinion are on Long Beach Island or Cape May. Skip Atlantic City unless of course you are

What does childcare cost in New Jersey?

My numbers are 10 years old, so factor in inflation.At the time, it cost about $500 a week. We clearly could not afford such an extravagant expense. We ended up putting our daughter in daycare 2 days a week so that she can socialize with other kids. My wife sacrificed her career and

Is Watchung, New Jersey affluent?

Yes Watchung is considered an affluent community. The great thing about it is the property taxes are relatively cheap. A 4,000 sq. ft. house on 1.5 acres runs about $13,000 per year. The cops are great, the schools are great and the people still have a down-to-earth way about them. You will find high-end cars in the Kings

What states border New Jersey?

New Jersey is bordered by New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.Although, Connecticut (in the north) & Maryland (in the south) are very close to the border, but these states don't actually touch with New Jersey.Ah, Jersey (also known to most as the armpit of the US).

How much does an Uber driver make in New Jersey?

I was curious about driving for Uber having been a passenger many times. They were doing a promotion with Enterprise where you effectively rent a car from Enterprise at a special Uber arranged rate and then you use that car to drive for Uber. The cool thing was that if you do 75 trips

Why isn't New Jersey considered a New England state?

Geographically it really doesn't make any sense to consider New Jersey a part of New England. It's solidly in the

Does central New Jersey exist?

Yes, of course. This is basically how it's split.Always Central: Mercer, Hunterdon, Somerset, Middlesex, Monmouth.Sometimes: Ocean and Union, depending who you ask.Burlington and everything south of it is most definitely South Jersey.Newark and everything north of it is most definitely North Jersey.Everything in between can be argued.

What should I know before I move to Bloomfield, New Jersey?

Bloomfield is a predominantly middle-class town. It is bisected by the Garden State Parkway, which is convenient but presents an obstacle to go around as well.Bloomfield has a long fairly thin shape, and character of the town changes quite a bit based on where you live -

How much should I budget to live in New Jersey?

I can't give you an exact figure, of course, as Jersey is very diverse, from very deep poverty to very great wealth. There is a very large Middle Class there.New Jersey is expensive, very much so. The taxes are high, and it also has estate taxes as

What do people from New Jersey think of New York?

Living in NJ , New York is so close by that we can enjoy anything that the City offers but come home to a quiet neighborhood. New York is seen as expensive to live in but still a great place. Many of us work there because that's where the good jobs are. NJ has so

What do New Yorkers think of people from New Jersey?

Do you mean seriously or unseriously?I have many friends from New Jersey.  When I'm joking around with them I complain about how hard it is to get vaccinations when I have to visit them and how nasty the border guards are when they check my visa.  They say

Why are New Jersey drivers so awful?

Why are New Jersey drivers so awful?We aren't: it's everyone else who doesn't understand how to drive in the Garden State.Here's the thing: we are the most paved state in the nation, and have the highest population density. Therefore, driving well means that you aren't interfering with the flow of traffic.We're all in a hurry to get where we're

Why is New Jersey its own state?

Because we are a very densely populated area that deserves it's own representation. In fact, ever since I moved to this area of the state thirty some years ago, people have been talking about having a North Jersey and South Jersey because

What is wrong with New Jersey?

Size and cost of government is the single biggest issue. The state has over 500 municipalities of all kinds - boroughs, townships, cities, etc. - plus 21 counties. Even rather small municipalities offer a full range of services, including police protection.

Why are taxes in New Jersey so high?

First, a high population density. In fact, the highest population density of any state. Much of the state is dominated by two metropolitan areas - NYC and Philadelphia. This means that there is a demand for significant infrastructure, including public transportation.Second, New Jersey on

Is Princeton the NYU of New Jersey?

On what would you base this question? Princeton is Ivy League, NYU is not. They have different strengths. Are you asking as a potential undergraduate? I hope so, because if you are interested in graduate study you would likely know that Princeton, while a University, has limited professional graduate offerings compared to NYU.

Why do you enjoy living in New Jersey?

I love being close to NYC, not terribly far from Philly, and a 5-hour drive from Boston or Washington, DC.I have world-class museums, art, food and stuff-to-do at my fingertips.I love the diversity of my area, the historicity, the four seasons, the pokey weird little roads that

How did New Jersey get its shape?

New Jersey's shape is mostly determined by its natural borders which consist of two bodies of water on its western and eastern boundaries, to wit, the Atlantic Ocean for the eastern boundary and the Delaware River and Bay running down the western boundary where they eventually