Are people really leaving New York City?

Of course people are leaving New York City! Some by dying, others by relocating to other states.And this is very good news, because according to official New York City Government Population Projections, New York City is projected to grow from 8.2 million persons in 2010 to 9+ million in 2040,

How to eat healthy on a budget in NYC

There are lots of salad bars and deli's throughout the city. Some are in grocery stores and you can pick from the buffet to fill your container. You will be billed by weight. Choose the healthiest items you like to eat and

How could New York City be improved?

I'm a car owner, but I still believe we should place priority on pedestrians over vehicles:Increased enforcement of traffic laws, especially speeding and reckless drivingConvert more streets to pedestrian plazas, including all of BroadwayEnforcement against cars who creep on pedestrians in the crosswalkConvert all toll plazas to EZ-Pass only with a mail-based system for

Is Toronto currently more expensive than New York?

Highly unlikely. Although the rental market is really tightening in Toronto proper, one can still rent a nice 2 bedroom apartment for less than 2K / month in a good area. Spend a few hundred more and your options really open up. This is not the case in NYC, where a budget of let's say $1800 or so

NY Divorce: What should I do if my husband is lying in court?

In 33 years in the NYS court system in both civil  ( landlord tenant, divorce, to million dollar cases )  and criminal  misdemeanors ( minor crimes ) to felonies ( robbery to murder) I never saw or heard of  anyone getting tried for perjury for lying in court .  Witnesses should

What are good ways to plan a bicycle tour?

Touring a beautiful travel destination on bicycles is the best way to enjoy your time there. You get an up close and personal view of every location without the pressure of having to board a vehicle that is following a specific

What are the biggest misconceptions people have about New York City?

New York City is just Manhattan- When most people think of NYC they think of Manhattan but each of the 5 boroughs offers a fairly different offering. For example, you can go to the beach in Brooklyn, you can check out the old World's Fair in Queens, Staten Island is

What is it like to live in New York City?

Wow. That is hard to describe. First of all, it is incredibly expensive. My husband and I live in a 650 square foot apartment in Chelsea, which is a neighborhood in Manhattan, and we pay $4,000 a month rent. This rent is typical in much of Manhattan, unless you rent in a four story walkup. There are lower rents

What was your biggest culture shock visiting New York City?

I came to NYC 6 year ago and never left. But I moved here from the south, which is a very different part of the United States-so, believe me, I was shocked 100x over. Here are some of the basics that threw me for a loop.1. You don't ever hang out in Times Square. You see it

Where in New York City do most people who work in tech live?

Here is a map of many of the key companies: is a map of where people live in nyc based on income, education, etc:, the tech people I know typically live in the East Village, Lower East Side, Upper East Side, Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Park Slope, and Fort Green,

Where is the best/cheapest place to buy a tailored suit in NYC?

What is your desired price point?  There are different levels of custom-made suits in terms of construction quality.  You can always buy an off-the-rack suit and get it altered but that could be a bad investment depending on your body type. 

Who is the absolute best divorce lawyer in NYC?

Thanks in part to his representation of famous faces, including Christie Brinkley in her divorce from what'shisname, Robert Wallack, who launched his own firm in 2007, has been profiled up and down in the New York press, including a New York Magazine

Why do people in New York City always run?

They don't. It just seems like a lot of people are running because there are a lot of people in New York. I doubt the ratio of running to non-running people on any given street at any given time is much higher than it is anywhere else in the world. There are a

Why must the cost of living be so high in NYC?

Very simple, supply and demand law.If demand for housing in Manhattan were little, obviously prices would drop, as the landlords don't want to lose money.But, there are too many people who want to live in Manhattan, and rich people at that. It gives

How to save money on gym memberships in NYC

Maybe you can workout something where you only come during off peak hours? Most chains don't have the power to create a personal contract like that but if you look hard you might find a few that will. But remember the goal is to have a gym close enough by

Was it a mistake to completely encircle New York City's Manhattan Island with highways on its banks?

No. I think it was a great idea. It saves a lot of time when you're traveling long distances in Manhattan. I live in the very northern part of the borough and keep a car, and to get downtown via the Henry Hudson Parkway on

What are good ways to plan a bicycle tour?

Europe is different from North America with more cycling infrastructure and you can take signed bike routes all the way if you wish to avoid traffic. Start by checking out the Danube Bike route from Vienna through Germany. You could connect with the Romantic

What is the best street food in NYC?

Just want to add that this site has a comprehensive list of food trucks in the midtown (both east and west) area: Scroll down a bit to find a list of "carts" by type and location. In

What is the cheapest way to live in NYC for a year?

That all depends on your definition of cheap. I'll just give you list of things that can help reduce your expenses:Get an apartment outside Manhattan. Even if it's in New Jersey, living in NJ and working in Manhattan counts as

Which gym in NYC is better for an exercise amateur: Blink, Planet Fitness or Bally's? And why?

I'm from NYC and I've had memberships at all three at one point or another. Here's my take:bally's is practically gone. Every one of their locations that I knew to be open has been taken over by another chain or is closed down

Why don't New Yorkers ride bikes to work?

I'm actually going to disagree with the question; a lot of New Yorkers *do* bike to work. Around rush hour the bike lanes in Manhattan, and particularly on the bridges into and out of Manhattan, are quite full with commuters. Personally I

Are there still many people in New York City speaking traditional New York City accent?

Sure! Mostly older people nowadays, like folks over 50 for the most part it seems. I have friends my age with pretty thick old school NYC/Brooklyn accents whose parent's have it too. But also I have friends with pretty standard American accents whose parents have thick NYC voices.My own parents have Brooklyn and Queens accents that are

Do many people who live in New York City never leave the city?

Yes. And there are people in New York who have never left their tiny little neighborhoods too. I will never forget a few cases in point. I had a school chum who grew up with me in Astoria, Queens, just across the river from Manhattan confess that she could not

Do people live in New York city subway system?

Absolutely, yes, people live in the subway system.A lot of attention has been given to this topic over the past couple of decades. I guess it started with Jennifer Toth's claim that 5,000 folks live underground in her book The Mole

Does New York City have any disadvantages?

AdvantagesCareer opportunities. People all over the world migrate to the city because of this particular reason. No place offers so much promise of career growth than NYC. It has practically doors to every profession who seeks breakthroughs such as finance, PR, modeling, fashion,

How bad would it be if someone infected with Ebola were to walk around Times Square NY contaminating everything along the way? Is there a possibility of containment?

Q: How bad would it be if someone infected with Ebola were to walk around Times Square NY contaminating everything along the way? Is there a possibility of containment?Not too bad really, Ebola is not airborne and is transmitted by direct contact of bodily fluids ie

How could New York City be improved?

I'm a car owner, but I still believe we should place priority on pedestrians over vehicles:Increased enforcement of traffic laws, especially speeding and reckless drivingConvert more streets to pedestrian plazas, including all of BroadwayEnforcement against cars who creep on pedestrians in the crosswalkConvert all toll plazas to EZ-Pass only with a mail-based

How do non-New Yorkers view New York City?

It is expensive. It's dirty. It's congested. Even street food is expensive in comparison to restaurants outside the city. There's no parking. One-star hotels centrally located have the gall to charge four-star prices. New Yorkers are rude, jaded, obnoxious and will not help you when

How do people in New York City do their laundry?

There are numerous places that will efficiently do laundry for people in New York City (drop off/pick up or deliver to your place).I use NextCleaners which is the largest and most advanced eco-friendly dry cleaning and laundry company throughout Manhattan and Northern New Jersey, delivering the highest quality and

How do poor people live in New York City?

This is a snapshot of how I did it for a limited time. I am in my early 20s so that does have some real and social advantages.I lived in New York City for five months on a $300 a week job opportunity. (It was starting off slow but would substantially increased if my employers liked

How do Upstate New Yorkers view New York City?

Usually, Upstate New Yorkers don't think about New York City. They just go about their lives. But when it does come up...All Upstate New Yorkers view New York City as expensive, just like the rest of the world, New York City included.Upstate New York is not very culturally diverse, and the stark contrast with New York City

How does living in Tokyo compare to living in New York City?

Been here 4 months after living in NYC for 4 years....I'd say Tokyo is urban life v2.0. So many of the things that I had problems with in NY are corrected here. I was one of those people with an almost religious affinity for NY

How does New York City compare to other cities you've lived in, better and worse?

In addition to New York City (stints in Manhattan and Queens, as well as Westchester County), I have also lived in Chicago, Boston, and Pittsburgh.In the most general terms, New York has the most energy. You are constantly surrounded by people who are aggressively (I mean this in a good way) pursuing their goals

How does the quality of life compare between London and New York City?

Both are among the greatest cities in the world, financial powerhouses, centers of fashion, entertainment, media and academic excellence. As far as quality of life is concerned, however (and assuming affordability is not a problem), London is ahead of New York.For me, the equation for this is relatively straightforward. As of the late

How exciting is it to live in New York City?

Living anywhere is exactly as exciting as you decide to make it. You can live on a remote farm and have an extremely exciting and entertaining life (see James Herriot), and I know many people who live in NYC whose life is the same day in and day out-and completely

How interesting is Tokyo compared to New York?

How interesting depends on your interests.If you are interested in creative, unique, strong character, complicated history, famous, powerful, influential, world best at something people... NYC is for you.If you are interested by experiencing a widely different, culture, perspective on life, language, social systems, esthetic, entertainment, work ethic, TKY is for you.If you

How many millennials live in New York City?

Using Pew's definition of a millennial in 2014 as being between 18 & 34 years old*, and using stats from New York's Department of Health website at  Table 1: Estimated Population by Age, Sex and Region, New York State - 2010, we get roughly 1,908,608.  Since it

How were New York City subways named?

The NYC subway system is actually an agglomeration of several subway systems, some of which were private companies.The lines were originally named, not labeled or colored. Both the current color-coding and line-labeling were instituted long after the lines were built. The labeling of the system still reflects the previous multiple-system era. The

I have an idea for an iOS app, what's the next step?

First of all you need to understand your budget. doing application with an agency could easily cost $100K+ so this would be a first step.Although sometimes even if you don't have budget I'd recommend to go to agency just to make a strategy and prototype of your app that you can show to investors to get funding. It

Is it hard to live in New York City?

It all depends on your level of adaptability it seems. I actually grew up in a town of 100, yes one hundred, in a state whose largest city is now around 120,000 people. I did not move to Manhattan directly from that small

Is Manhattan considered the real 'New York' or just NYC for tourists?

Certainly Manhattan is the center of tourism in NYC but Manhattan is also home to just over 1.6 million people and the borough swells to over 3 million people during the day with workers who commute in from the other boroughs and the

Is New York a prudish city?

This is truly an impossible question to answer. If you know New York City, then you know that it's defined by its diversity. The only common thread is that New Yorkers are survivors - however, that tenacity to succeed comes in every possible shape, size, color, and background. This includes every possible assortment of social values. On the whole,

Is New York City a terrible place to live?

The arrogance of these answers match the braggadocio of this city. If you haven't noticed that the answers are arrogant and kind of aggressive, then you'll probably be immune to New York's negative sides. I respect that, but it isn't me.There are three main arguments listed in the responses so far (all

Is New York City as cool as people say it is?

There is no city in the world that is as cool as NYC. From a historical viewpoint it was one of the first major population centers in the new world, it is where the richest people in the world have donated cultural icons like Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center and The Frick Museum.Fifty second street was

Is New York City really that densely populated compared to other world cities?

New York City doesn't even make the top 10. The most densely populated city in the world is Manila, with slightly over 43,000 people per square kilometer. The most densely populated area in the US, however, is the New York metropolitan area,

Is New York still a modern city?

Absolutely!! New York City, as of today, is an epicenter of:financefashionnational and international media cuisineartsmusictech (for the east coast)retail diversity other things i havent thought of If a city is to be considered "modern" (though it's not clear what you mean by that), that to me implies

New York City: Is Queens becoming cooler?

Not any moreso than its always been.Queens, the largest of New York City's boroughs, has always been the borough with lots of elbow room for its residents. It is probably the most diverse and suburban of the boroughs. According the 2010 Census, 39.7% of the population

Shopping in New York City: Why do people like bodegas?

1) Mysterious brands of cookies with labels in indecipherable languages, some not using any script known by Western linguists! All for only 25¢ per package (or 1,000 ლარი as it says right there on the label).2) Coffee at any hour any way you like it: day-old, fresh, black, with sugar, with

Want to leave New York City - which city should be next?

First off - few if any cities really compare to NYC for raw urbanism and cultural diversity. Also all 3 cities you mention are significantly smaller then NYC, and boy does this matter. Expect to run into local ex's a

What apps and websites most improve people's experience living in New York City?

UberWay2RideRideLinQFandangoCabSenseReportATaxiNextTrainNYCOpenTableYelpZagatNew York TimesGoogle MapsFourSquareHopStopExit StrategyStarbucksNYC WayTaskRabbitZillowCityBikeKickMapBarberBartMexicueBuildingLinkMinerAppNYC 311AMNH ExplorerCentral Park...and a few still in beta.

What are some examples of how expensive is New York compared to the rest of the United States?

A very tiny apartment can run from $3000.00-$500O.00 easily and that's why so many people have roommates to share the cost. Subway and bus fare is $2.75 Everything else like food, clothing, cafes, restaurants supermarket and furniture is decent because there are so many of these retail stores competing. Night lift is awesome. Clubbing all night, Central Park

What are some hidden facts about New York City?

There's a secret train station below the Waldorf Astoria.There's a whispering gallery at Grand Central Station.Coney Island's beach was named after Brighton.It was the Hollywood of the East.The best 360-degree view of the city is from...Governors Island, the birthplace of New York.It will be home to one of the world's tallest Ferris

What are some interesting facts about New York?

Here are some interesting New York facts:The city of "New Amsterdam" was given to the Duke of York in 1664 as an 18th birthday present from his father. He renamed the city as"New York.New Yorkers drink almost 7 times more coffee than other cities in the USWith 800 languages, New York is the most linguistically diverse city

What are some odd facts about New York City?

New York City is composed of five boroughs (Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, the Bronx), which are also five counties of New York State (New York County, Queens, Kings, Richmond, the Bronx). It's always,

What are some popular local attractions to visit in New York City, USA?

Tourist attractions in USA (America) are those most loved and most visited places to see in the USA. These tourist attractions in USA let visitors learn about American history, experience natural landmarks and let loose at theme parks or shopping malls, etc these tourist attractions in USA should be on your must-visit list.

What are some tricks for living in New York City?

Some tricks I've learned through the years include:1) Buy yourself an unlimited weekly or monthly MTA card, which you will use for your bus and subway trips to and fro here in NYC. Of course, this depends on your budget. But it makes sense

What are the advantages of living in Boston rather than New York City?

I lived in both cities - NYC for 4 and Boston for 7. The scale of Boston is so manageable and the network of people you plug into isn't as vast --  you'll expect to see people you know on the streets of Boston and you'll be shocked in NYC to do so. If you

What are the best things to do in New York City?

March in New York is always a crapshoot and this year, we're as likely to have summery temps as we are to have a (third) blizzard. I'll split the answer between indoor and outdoor activities to give you some options either way. Indoor:The Metropolitan Museum of Art - great, historic collection of work.The Cloisters

What are the biggest misconceptions of people from New York?

New York is mostly rural. One of the biggest misconceptions people that aren't from the area have about New York is that they have a difficult time separating New York City from the rest of the state. While it is the largest city (by population) in the United States, the majority of New York State's

What are the most affordable neighborhoods to live in New York City? Would Belmont in the Bronx be up there? Is it true many who work in NYC actually live in New Jersey?

Yes, a very great many people live in Northern NJ and commute to Manhattan, myself included -- in fact, I've done so my entire career from various towns.New Jersey is by no means cheap, but it is far cheaper when compared

What are the most dangerous neighborhoods in New York City?

Wow! I'm 64 years old and live in the Bronx, lifelong ny'er and city traveller. On a scale of 1–10 it's a 1 for a sober attentive individual. I have travelled in every neighborhood at all times of night, back before Safe Streets Safe City in the 80's and 70's it was

What are the top commercial art galleries in NYC?

New York is one of the most robust art centers in the world, and Chelsea District is the heart of New York's art market. There are roughly over 300 commercial art galleries, auction houses, museums, and art projects in Chelsea. Gagosian, David Zwirner, Pace, and Hauser & Wirth, these four galleries lead the top list and are usually called

What do most people not realise about New York City?

I can give you a few things.It has only been a single consolidated city for about 120 years now. Until then, Manhattan alone was New York City, Brooklyn was another city, and the other three boroughs were essentially suburbs or farmland.While the ethnic diversity of NYC is pretty extreme - it's one of the most

What do Paris, London, New York and Tokyo have in common that other cities lack?

I agree that these are four very important cities, but I would not exclude Frankfurt and both Beijing and Shanghai from any discussion of the major world cities.To be a major world city, a place should have the following:a modern transportation system (even if it dates from the 19th century) including access to high speed trains.a

What do people not like about living in New York City, New York?

The subways constantly break and the subway stations constanrly smell like urine.Nobody knows how to form a line while walking down the sidewalk to allow approaching foot traffic and people walking faster than you to get by.Additionally, everything is so overpriced and you can't count on local grocery stores to have what you need

What exactly happens at Wall Street?

In its most literal sense, Wall Street is a street on the southern tip of Manhattan, New York City. It is one of the oldest streets in the city, having derived its name from the fact that there once was

What facts about New York do foreigners not believe until they come to New York?

My opinion would be how 3rd world it is ,  how little newness or technology you see and how decrepit a lot of it feels. It's a cathedral to functional living from the 1970's and 80's, not a celebration of modernity.The arrival.

What is best way to start new diet or lose fats?

As with most things in life, setting goals is very important when dieting. When you look at things truthfully and objectively you should notice that most of the things you've accomplished in life have been accomplished because you not only had a goal but also had a clearly planned and well thought out process for achieving that

What is it like being an Indian working in Tech and living in New York City?

You're on the subway to work with a bite of every demographic you know. There's the attractive females still touching up their make-up inside. There's the hipster male who's wearing articles of clothing you'd only seen on Fashion TV as a kid. There's the token homeless

What is it like to live in New Jersey and work in New York City?

There are a lot of pros and cons to living outside NYC while working there. I actually wrote an article about this, Should You Live Outside NYC?To sum up a few of my personal opinions of living in an NJ suburb:Pros: A lot more room, both in your

What is it like to live in New York City?

Wow. That is hard to describe. First of all, it is incredibly expensive. My husband and I live in a 650 square foot apartment in Chelsea, which is a neighborhood in Manhattan, and we pay $4,000 a month rent. This rent is typical in much of Manhattan, unless you rent in a four story walkup.

What is New York like outside of New York City?

I live in a village of 500 people in the Mountains of the Adirondacks in Northern New York State. Actually, it isn't even a village anymore, its classified as a hamlet.When I tell people I live in NY they automatically think my cost of living is huge. I own 12 acres of forest land, plus my house sits

What is something most people don't know about New York?

As a tour guide and entertainer in NYC, it's really difficult for me to mention only one, so I won't. Here are some of my favorite things:A bit of history: The One New York Times building (from which the ball drops on New Years Eve),located in TIMES SQUARE, is completely empty and

What is the most beautiful thing about New York City?

Diversity.There isn't a city on the globe where you'll find more cultural diversity. In New York City, every country, language and religion is represented, and represented well.On the streets of New York, you will find every sort of cuisine, from just about every country.Also, you will hear people on their cell phones, speaking every language from across

What is your favorite neighborhood in the New York City boroughs?

Some areas in Queens are so pretty and quiet.In Brooklyn, certain parts of Bed-Stuy and Williamsburg are very nice.I've never been to the Bronx so idk about that.Staten Island, being the

What makes New York City one of the most influential cities in US? Both historically and geographically?

It's on a primo piece of real estate. A natural deep water port opening to the Atlantic to the south. A natural estuary (with its own deep water ports) opening to some of America's most fertile farmland and clay deposits (read: brick making materials) to the north. Trade was inevitable.To that point, it was right in the middle

What makes people fall in love with New York City?

"There are eight million stories in the naked city..."There are so many reasons to love New York City, because there are so many people to share your passions and so many passionate people to open your eyes to new passions. In fact, as a native New Yorker, I can say

What screams 'I am new to New York City?'

If you are a tourist, don't be afraid to take photos and wear

What was the Manhattan project?

Manhattan Project is  a project undertaken by the western allies during world war 2 in order to build a nuclear bomb.Some Snippets about the project: At it's peak more than 1 lakh people worked for the project and

What would you say are the 5 most important defining characteristics about living in Manhattan?

Space, or rather, a lack thereof. I regularly assess the value of my belongings and throw out the stuff not worth the square footage I pay per month.All the takeout in the world, but good luck grocery shopping: there are almost a hundred thousand residents/commuters per major

What's the dating culture in New York City like?

After my experience of living in NYC for six years, three of those as a single 20-something year old, what I can say is that dating in NYC is exhausting, but can also be very, very fun (for the right personality). I lived in NYC before and during

What's the hardest part of living in NYC?

I loved living in NYC, but it was a long standing dream of mine and my wife's to live in Vermont. After almost 20 years of talking about it, we're doing it now, pretty successfully.I worked in a school when I first moved up here. The principal asked me what

Where do people run in New York City?

I'm a running coach and also lead NYC running tours so I've navigated a large portion of the city on foot. The bridges are my favorite place to run as you get amazing views of the city and have no car traffic to worry about. The Manhattan Bridge and Pulaski Bridge are my favorites for

Where do people who live in New York City hang out for fun?

That's a very vague question. There are 8 million plus ppl in this city, and what one considers fun is highly subjective. I'd suggest you add some detail - age group, time of day, specific borough, ect. What my aunt does for fun differs greatly

Where do people who work regular jobs in New York City live?

Peter Flom nails it.This is why any issue concerning New York City comes down to real estate. At every income or social level.Upper Manhattan, Washington Heights, Inwood, Harlem, East Harlem, Spanish Harlem, Long Island City, Astoria, Sunnyside, Woodside, Rego Park, Flushing, Corona, Bay Ridge, Upper West Side, The Bronx, Yonkers, Lower East Side, Alphabet City. Much of

Where do the wealthiest citizens of New York live?

Others have already mentioned the Upper East Side, specifically from Park Avenue on west, up to 96th Street, Central Park South, and Central Park West, also no higher than 96th Street or so. Tribeca, Soho, and the West Village are places for the hipper, less establishment super-rich (successful artists and musicians rather than bankers and hedge

Where in New York City do most people who work in tech live?

Here is a map of many of the key companies: is a map of where people live in nyc based on income, education, etc:, the tech people I know typically live in the East Village, Lower East Side, Upper East Side, Williamsburg, Greenpoint,

Where should I live when working in New York city?

Pragmatically speaking, you should talk to your (future?) coworkers and start by checking out the neighborhoods where they live.  They aren't stupid, and they picked places that solve the complex optimization problem posed by their situations and their jobs.That said, here are some thoughts about New York.Living in New York is

Which city has ruder people: New York City or Paris?

Hands down, Parisians. Imagine you walk into a fast food joint, you ask if they are still open and the person at the cash register just looks at you and says

Which people should I meet in New York City if I'm interested in tech startups?

There are a lot of influential people in the NY tech startup scene. If you're looking to meet some specific Co-Founders and CTOs, I'd check to see if they're participating in any local tech meetups or events that have more of a networking/demo format. Tech

Why are so many people drawn to New York City?

NYC used to be a place where the freaks and weirdos could go to live. A small island off the coast of America. Expats from the mainland escaping the brutality of

Why are there so many people in New York City?

To begin with, a city the size of New York has a vast internal economy, mostly involving services.  This accounts for a substantial share of the city's GDP.  Still, you are right that the city needs to import a great deal, mainly manufactured

Why didn't the USA build a Subway that covers all of New York Metropolitan area including Cities in New Jersey on the Hudson River? Most of the cities in the world build their subways that cross city borders.

The NYC subway was not entirely built by the city and state of New York as one post here claims. Of the three originally independent systems, the BMT, the IRT and the IND, only the IND was built by a government agency. The BMT

Why do people in New York City always run?

They don't. It just seems like a lot of people are running because there are a lot of people in New York. I doubt the ratio of running to non-running people on any given street at any given time is much higher than it is anywhere

Why do people love New York City?

This would probably be a rather more realistic answer rather than the fairytale-like answers you get on here from "New Yorkers", as I feel most "NY'er's" opinions about NY are limited to an extent, as most "NY'ers" or "Manhattaners" never step outside

Why do people walk so fast in New York City?

Walking is how we get to where we're going. People from other places, particularly American suburbs, often have a hard time understanding.The best way I can explain it is, we walk like you drive. So don't walk in a way that you wouldn't drive. You wouldn't stop

Why do some people from New York City always mock New Jersey?

I grew up in New Jersey, I've lived in NYC for almost 4 years.  Most of NJ and NYC are not that similar.  There might be some rough parallels between Hoboken and Jersey City and Brooklyn and Queens in terms of usage of mass transit, diversity, and dense urban living.  But otherwise, I'd say that almost all of NJ

Why is it called "New York, New York" if the city's name is "New York City"?

The cities name is New York City. The famous part of the city is New York County which is referred to as New York, New York. New York (Manhattan) is the place where in 98% of the famous theaters are, it is the focus and what people think of in countries all over The world. When the

Why is "New York City" called "New York"?

New York city is comprised of 5 boroughs -Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and The Bronx.But, to complicate things a bit, that is only the names of the boros. The boros are actually individual counties:Manhattan - New York County, Queens - Queens County, Brooklyn - Kings County, The Bronx - Bronx

Why is New York City so dirty?

This city is indeed unclean! As a former NYer, the boroughs were a little dirty than it is now. Recently relocating back to NY (for business-related reasons) after life in other US states for the past 8yrs, NY looks like it's deteriorating than other US cities I've visited/lived in. I've never lived in a place

Why is New York City so expensive?

New York's always been expensive. As a matter of fact, New York never really attracted the wealthy; they created New York. For that reason, it has become the financial capital of the world.But throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, New York was notoriously downtrodden, becoming