What are some mind-blowing facts about New York?

IT seems New York is the city of Aliens or the City where people are awaiting to Rob, No No No it's a beautiful city you can hang around day n nights you will always be welcomedHowever there are some mind blowing factors

What would happen if a UFO landed in the middle of New York City?

I'd look for the cameras, because a scifi story was being made.(Just think about it - no matter how advanced the aliens are, they'd have the same speed of light that we have, And you can't accelerate a whole ship to that speed - it would probably rake more than

Should New York City get its own U.S. Senator?

Senators represent states, two senators per state; while the number of representatives per state-i.e., members of Congress-are apportioned according to the state's population. New York City, whose populace dwarfs that of all but 12 states, is divided into 27 congressional districts.For years, secession groups have floated the idea of having New York City reestablish itself as a state.

In the MCU, if the Outriders have replaced the Chitauri during the Battle of New York, would they have won?

Sure. If anyone has read my bio you know I'm more partial to Steve Rogers, but in this situation, its a lot harder if not impossible to win if your the avengers. Think about it. If what I'm thinking is right, and as Thanos said after the battle

How many times has the city of New York has been destroyed or shown destroyed in movies?

New York was competely destroyed and taken over by Apes and Chimps in Planet of the Apes 

What would happen if a UFO landed in the middle of New York City?

I'd look for the cameras, because a scifi story was being made.(Just think about it - no matter how advanced the aliens are, they'd have the same speed of light that we have, And you can't accelerate a whole ship to that speed - it would probably rake more than

Would the Avengers have lost New York if they instead fought the Outriders, who are bigger and stronger than the Chitauri and not controlled by a power source?

Nope. The Avengers wouldn't have technically won, but they wouldn't have lost either, and New York would not have fallen.See, against the Outriders, the ground battle is lost for sure - Cap, Hawkeye and Widow die pretty quick if they

Where can one watch the Space Shuttle Enterprise land at JFK on April 23rd 2012?

NASA advises ... Enterprise ... is scheduled to be transported on Monday, April 23 to New York City's John F. Kennedy International Airport where it will be removed and be barged at a later date to the Intrepid Sea, Air &

Why are so many movies and TV shows filmed in New York?

There are practical and aesthetic reasons for this.  AestheticsNew York City is visually compelling. There are iconic locations and vast swaths of interesting, but underutilized locations particularly in the outer boroughs (e.g., Staten Island).  Its population is large and

Is it safe for a woman to travel alone in New York?

Of course! New York is a great place for women solo travellers! The city has so many things to do and see. Your problem isn't really about safety - its more about not having enough time lol!But I would practice your regular safety precautions:act confident - even if you are lost, keep walking

How logistically difficult is it to film a movie scene in New York City?

Rather than sounding repetitive, both Ian and Jason gave great answers and pretty much gave the proper procedures for shooting in New York.Like they both said, do your preparation and stick with the plan once you have the necessary permits and

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, why would anyone want to continue to live in New York?

When you can tell me why people continue to live on the slopes of active volcanoes, On top of major geological faults, and in areas which get hit by multiple hurricanes every year. Then I will be able to tell you the reason people continue to live in New York despite the risks posed in the MCU.As dangerous as

I'm going to Washington DC for one week. Should I go to New York?

Go for it. You can take the early morning Acela train from DC and be in midtown Manhattan in two hours and fortyfive minutes. There is the argument that you should spend the whole week in one city but it depends on your travel pace. When I'm on vacation in big cities I like to get out of

How big does New York City feel compared to Chicago?

I grew up in Chicago and I've lived in NYC for almost 10 years.  It's kind of paradoxical the way that NYC can feel both bigger and smaller.Bigger:Geographically, and population wise it's much larger and you can feel it.  Midtown is like an oversized version of the Chicago Loop, with walls

What is New York like outside of New York City?

Suburbs. I've lived just over the city line (in Valley Stream), further east (in Freeport) and much further east (in Suffolk County). I used to work north of the city. It's all about the same - the farther from the

What is it like to study at the New School in New York?

It's non-traditional and very different! I graduated from the New School College in 1971, after transferring from NYU in my junior year. The New School's courses were small seminars with 15 to 20 students and emphasized a multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving, which, I

What are the best vegan restaurants in New York City?

Oh my. This is one of the most difficult questions I've ever had to answer. There are so many amazing vegan restaurants in NYC. It really just depends on your mood.If you want incredible NY style vegan pizza, go to screamers in Williamsburg, if you want a more classic Italian pizza, go to 00(double zero) in manhattan.Craving

Where would you rather live: New York City or Chicago?

I lived in Chicago for 4 years and currently live in NYC (been here since 97 w/the Chicago hiatus in the middle). I would obviously dismiss the opinions of anyone who actually hasn't lived & worked in both cities.To me, this is an

Where are the best Italian restaurants in New York?

Me and some of my colleagues really like Italian dishes and we normally go to various restaurants to eat. Some Italian restaurants whose cuisines really impressed me and my colleagues when we visited there. After that whenever we think about Italian dishes, we definitely go there or order online from

Where can I eat alone in New York for dinner without feeling awkward?

First of all you should understand that New York City is big enough and strange enough that you should not feel awkward doing most things. Certainly eating alone is not one of the things that should make you feel awkward. I've eaten alone in many places without feeling

What is the best area to live in NYC?

That's a VERY vague question.  I think it's impossible to give a useful answer without just turning around and asking you a whole list of questions instead:1)  Why do you want to live in NYC in the first place?  Do you have to for some reason?2)  Are you sure you want

Is Washington D.C. bigger than New York?

Washington, DC, is a fraction of the size of New York City - the latter being the largest city in the United States.The population of Washington DC ‘proper' is only around 950,000 (ranked 21st in the United States) whereas New

Where is the best Tibetan restaurant in New York City?

Tibetan cuisine includes the culinary traditions and practices of Tibet and its peoples, many of whom reside in India and Nepal. The cuisine reflects the Tibetan landscape of mountains and plateaus and includes influences from neighbours (including India and Nepal). It is known

Would you say that Joe's Shanghai offers an excellent dining experience?

"Exellent dining experience" is a bit amorphous.I have been to two branches of this restaurant: Chinatown and midtown. The midtown one is a fairly "nice" restaurant. The Chinatown one is a typical Chinatown restaurant in terms of decor, service and so on: Sit down, order, eat and

What would happen if New York City was in New Jersey rather than New York State?

Several things I can think of immediately;NJ would be much less likely to elect a Republican governor again, certainly not like past Republican governors of NJ.NY State would probably collapse financially from the huge tax base loss.NY would become a far more important stop in the Presidential elections, with

What's the cheapest way from Chicago to New York City?

I have travelled between Chicago and New York a few times as a student. In my experience the cheapest mode of transportation between them is catching a flight. There are many domestic airlines between ORD and LGA. The best rates I have got are $47 via Spirit

What is the best restaurant you have ever been to in Manhattan and why?

The most impressive restaurant, for me, was the Modern, which is located inside the Museum of Modern Art and overlooks a MOMA sculpture garden. To me, this was high-end dining at its best (as far as NYC is concerned) -- innovative, delicious, impeccably executed, and in a magnificent setting. I should note that the chef

What are the best vegan places in New York?

There are so many options, but in no order and with no authority on

What's the best deli in New York?

There certainly aren't as many as there used to be. Favorites include:Katz's Deli on Houston if you are in the east village / lower east side - no frills just delicious corned beef and pastramiRuss & Daughters on the lower east side if you are

What are the safest 24/7 restaurants in NYC?

L'express is a great french spot that is open 24/7 in the Flatiron/Gramercy area of Manhattan. They have great breakfast food and is the perfect stop after a night of drinking. They may have WiFi but not sure. L'express - Home - New York

Which city is more well known: Chicago or New York?

I grew in Chicago and live in New York Now.Hands down New York is better known. When you go outside the US, you see refernces to New York everywhere. It carries a certain status that is unlike any other city in the world.

What is the best Momofuku restaurant in New York?

I think you can pretty easily claim that any of Ko, Ssäm Bar, or Noodle Bar is the best of the New York Momofuku restaurants.Ko is by far the fanciest, offering an insane ~18 course menu for around $200. Ssäm Bar is less fancy but still pretty high end with more sophisticated ingredients like uni on the menu sometimes.

How many restaurants are there in New York City?

New York City has enough restaurants to keep you well fed 24/7 for the entire year. Per a previous link in an answer provided last year, the latest NYC Health Department data lists 26,642 eateries as of 8/23/2018:The Bronx - 2,396Brooklyn

Where is the best Japanese restaurant in New York City?

The best Japanese restaurant in NEW York city which is my favorite and which serve traditional Japanese food.Here some Few Japanese restaurant :1) Ikinari Steak 5th Ave :its serve different kind of traditional Japanese food.2) Naruto Ramen :Its well known for its Quality and

How does the quality of life compare between London and New York City?

Both are among the greatest cities in the world, financial powerhouses, centers of fashion, entertainment, media and academic excellence. As far as quality of life is concerned, however (and assuming affordability is not a problem), London is ahead of New York.For me, the equation for this is relatively straightforward. As of the late 2010s,

What food best represents New York City?

For me there are TWO iconic foods of NYC, Pizza and Bagels. The current

What is the best street food in NYC?

Just want to add that this site has a comprehensive list of food trucks in the midtown (both east and west) area:http://midtownlunch.com/lunch-by... Scroll down a bit to find a list of "carts" by type and location. In recent years, they've

What screams "I'm from New York"?

My accent is always a dead giveaway. Even if I use my

What is the best burger in NY?

From the White Castle .72 cent sliders to Old Homesteads's $42 dollar Kobe burger NYC has it ALL.The most expensive is probably Serendipity 3's truffle infused wagyu beef offering with 18 month old cave aged cheddar and Kaluga caviar, speared with a solid gold, diamond encrusted toothpick...at $295.00 its a steal...YES you read it right

What are some good restaurant recommendations for a 60th birthday dinner in NYC?

wow,  that's a tough question.  Things to consider are:  In which part of NYC do you want to have it?  What kind of food does the person like?  How many people?  How much are you willing to spend?  Do you want

What are the London equivalents of New York City neighborhoods?

These are best guesses. Correct me if I'm wrong.Kensington, Marylebone, Sloane Square - Upper East Side, money, rich peopleChelsea - Upper East Side, young fratty people living comfortablyAngel - Upper West Side, young yuppies, livableShoreditch, Hoxton - LES, dense, coolness is passing. Always a disaster of drunk people.Hackney, Dalston - Williamsburg,

What's the best pizza in NYC?

There are roughly two thousand pizzerias in New York City. So many, in fact, that no one is sure exactly how many there are. Trying to identify

Is there a family friendly restaurant in NYC that you would recommend for a holiday dinner?

Tony's DiNapoli (http://www.tonysnyc.com/) is a good moderately priced Italian restaurant that does well with groups.  Portions are family style, so you can get a nice variety of dishes.  They have locations in Times Square and the Upper East side.Zagat rates it a 23 for food and