How does the culture of New Zealand differ from Australia?

Unusually, I've hesitated to answer, perhaps because, compared to other cultural comparisons, Kiwis and Australians, on the surface, have a lot in common, and maybe some Kiwis/Australians are more Kiwi/Australians than others.However, as a little Kiwi born during WWII, in a part of NZ where racial

What are some elements of British culture which New Zealand and Australia have discarded, yet Canada retains?

Most of these seem to be to do with references to the monarchy, but there are differences in the political systems as well. Like the Queen, but unlike her counterparts in Australia and New Zealand, the Governor-General of Canada still rides in a horse-drawn carriage on ceremonial occasions.

What is the most misunderstood thing about New Zealand and its people?

There's probably quite a few things. But what immediately springs to mind as a NZer is that people see us all as cruisy, easy-going,