Why do North Indian Hindus have weddings at night, whereas South Indian Hindus have them in day time?

This is a simple one to answer. The reason why "North Indians" perform weddings at night and "South Indians" perform weddings during the day is not geographical. "South Indians" are descendents of the Dravidian race, whereas "North Indians" are descendents of

What are some common misconceptions of North Indians about South India and its people?

I am from Jaipur currently living in Hyderabad among Telugus and I used to live in Bangalore a couple of years ago. Now you can consider me a complete resident of Hyderabad as I am slowly picking up Telegu also.Hard Core Non-Vegetarians:- South Indians

What are the biggest misconceptions that non-Northeast Indians generally have about Northeast India?

Lets first talk about NorthEast India. Most people I have met don't even know the names of all the states in NE. There are eight states -1) Arunachal Pradesh2) Assam3) Manipur4) Meghalaya5) Mizoram6) Nagaland7) Tripura8) SikkimThere is a misconception among NE residents as

What are the chances of a north Indian guy to marry a South Indian girl?

I guess this question is mere a joke.But still for the sake of people writing probability as NIL; I'm a Delhi Punjabi married to a core Kannadiga from 10 years 1 month and 3 days as on today. And during this tenure; we both have grown mature together.Initial 2 years took both of us to adapt towards each

What is the easiest South Indian language to learn for a North Indian (Bengali to be more precise)?

Nothing is difficult,as long as you spend time with other language people,you will learn that language automatically if you are interested.for learning anything in this world all you need is interest about that thing.Anyway malayalam seems little difficult, Tamil,Telugu can be learnt easily.And I think Tamil is more famous among all south Indian languages.