How long would Ireland last in an invasion?

If the Isle Of Man decided to invade we would by ok.Ireland is in no way configured to resist and invasion but there is no doubt that the UK would consider such an invasion as equivalent to declaring war on

What are the consequences of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland voting "leave" in the referendum on their EU membership?

To understand where something is going, you need to understand where it has been. So let us start from the top;What is the EU?Before the EU there was the ECSC (European Coal and Steel Community) and EEC (European Economic Community).The ECSC came first and was begun by France and some of its neighbours in an

What are the consequences of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland voting "leave" in the referendum on their EU membership?

To understand where something is going, you need to understand where it has been. So let us start from the top;What is the EU?Before the EU there was the ECSC (European Coal and Steel Community) and EEC (European Economic Community).The ECSC came first and was begun by France and some of its neighbours in an

Is there any rivalry between Irish and Northern Irish people? If so, how is it?

Well we get quite a few Irish Quorans who quote the following at Northerners of whatever hue- it's not even a sectarian argument:Ireland is

What is the relationship like between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland?

Currently thanks to the GFA (Good Friday Agreement), stable, but it is a fragile peace and needs to be watched, at the moment there is an agreement to power share being made by the two parties in Northern Ireland, SF (Sinn

What do Irish people think of Northern Ireland?

Put a wall around it and let stew in there own poison.As a southern Irishman i cannot stand the place.

Is Ireland nicer to live in than America?

It depends on what you class as

If Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom, why do people keep referring to the UK as Britain and does this offend the Northern Irish?

Sloppiness, but it doesn't especially offend the Northern Irish. Unionists refer to themselves as British, since there really no other adjective for someone from the United Kingdom. At least in theory, Nationalists don't want to be part of the United Kingdom and don't care what it calls itself.

Where is Belfast in Ireland?

In terms of the island of Ireland, Belfast is on the northeast coast, where the River Lagan enters Belfast Lough. It's the largest city in the province of Ulster, which occupies the north-most quarter of the island, and it sits on the

Why would England be culturally poorer if Wales, Northern Ireland and or Scotland left the Union?

It would not matter one jot.Wales, Scotland and Ireland would not suddenly cease to exist. Does France have no cultural influence on the UK because they are not the same country?Does the USA have no impact on the UK's music scene, TV or youth fashion because it is all the way across an ocean?

What percentage of British people want Northern Ireland to remain part of the UK?

Most British people have no f*ing clue. A larger number than anyone should be comfortable with don't know that Northern Ireland is part of the UK, and rather more don't give an rat's arse, as their completely irresponsible vote to leave the EU might suggest.Their opinion is also completely irrelevant. A substantial majority of people in

How would the British respond if Northern Ireland return back to the Irish Republic?

Leaving aside the semantic problem that Northern Ireland was never part of the Republic (whatever the latter's constitution may claim) - and assuming it was done with the will of the people on both sides of the border - I'd imagine somewhere between a fond farewell and good riddance, shading towards the latter.Whetever goodwill Great Britain

What do Northern Irish think of Indians?

A2A: Firstly I'm not from Northern Ireland, but rather the north of the Republic of Ireland, but the border's only about 10 miles / 15 km from where I grew up. Having that said my personal experience with Indians is from Dublin, and England.I've worked with some

What would have happened to Northern Ireland if Nazi Germany had successfully invaded the UK and won WWII?

This is probably best answered by considering what actually occurred;(After the fall of France) - Churchill offered Northern Ireland to Dublin in exchange for joining in with belligerence against Germany with Britain - but Dublin turned him down (stayed neutral) for 3 main reasons;After the quick fall of France (after the quick fall of others like Poland etc), the

Following Brexit, could Northern Ireland realistically join the Republic of Ireland in the near future?

Let me preface this by saying I was an Air Force officer in Germany when the Berlin Wall came down and Germany was unified. Not many people saw THAT coming-even those of us living there.I finished the Camino de Santiago in May

Will there be a border between Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland following the Brexit deal?

I should hope not. The good Friday agreement requires no border if the UK end up with a border then international treaties mean nothing. It would mean trade agreements trump treaty which would be a sad state of affairs for everyone

Is Ireland a magical place?

Not especially. Sorry. There's more romantic bullshit peddled about Ireland than the next fifty small countries put together, as far as I can figure.If you want romantic shite, stay at home and watch The Quiet Man or Michael Collins, listen to Celtic Woman or Enya, or head to your

Why do some people in Northern Ireland want NI to become part of the Republic of Ireland?

Here are five reasons why people in Northern Ireland may be in fvaour of a United Ireland.

How is it to live in Wexford Ireland?

In Town you've plenty of shops, cafes and facilities, the harbour front has had a lot of work done and is a pleasure to walk along. The train station is in walking distance and will take you straight to Dublin, there is free wifi in the Station too. The schools are

Would Northern Ireland be better if it was a part of Ireland, instead of the UK?

Hey, the answer would be no. Northern Ireland is what the people of Northern Ireland make it. The vast majority of people in Northern Ireland want to remain as they are apart of the United Kindom. It's what they've always known and wanted. Support for joining a Republic is something alien to most in Northern Ireland. (The

Why are the British still holding on to Northern Ireland?

As others have mentioned, we have held on to Northern Ireland because of democracy. Most people in Northern Ireland (Ulster) want to remain part of the UK, this has been shown consistently over the last 20 years since devolution occurred and the Northern Irish Assembly was created. Sinn

Is it easy to live in Ireland?

Upside - no wars, people are friendly, employment market it good, wages are high and taxes are low.Bureaucracy is quite low. Generally, if you go to some government office, and are missing some pointless form, they wont be annoying about it. Like if it says you

If Northern Ireland and the UK were willing, would Ireland want to absorb Northern Ireland?

What is Ireland ? The republic used to claim jurisdiction over the North but a Union would be a political disaster ,The fine balance of power between fianna fial and fine gael would have to accomodate sinn fein and the DUP but how ? neither party in the south loves Sinn fein and an alliance

In case the United Kingdom disintegrates which country is Northern Ireland more likely to join? The Republic of Ireland or Scotland?

There's no real apatite for Northern Ireland to join an independent Scotland. The Protestant community feel an allience with the United Kingdom while the Catholic community share aspirations to join the Republic of Ireland. Be in no

What are reasons to move to Ireland?

I once managed a team of IT professionals in Ireland, and noted that the "Irish content" was below 20% (there were Germans, Poles, Italian, Spanish, Russian...)   So I inquired, and looked into it when I visited them... this is what I found:- Ireland is cheap by

Would England be better off if it 'dumped' Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland?

In the past countries grew their boundaries to gain resources. If there are no resources to gain from within a region, and no need to populate a large military force then perhaps the only reason why an England would want

What if Northern Ireland became a country?

It would struggle economically without subventions from London, Dublin and Brussels, and would be beset by the same divided loyalties as before, much like Cyprus, which became an independent state despite the Greek population wanting enosis or union with Greece, and the Turkish one taksim or partition.A more optimistic

What would happen if Argentina invaded the Falklands again, Spain invaded Gibraltar and the Republic of Ireland invaded Northern Ireland, all at the same time? How would the UK respond?

The only conflict the UK could realistically win would be against the Irish Republic. Whether Britain would have the will to fight, I don't know. But it hardly matters, since the Ulster Protestants do have the will to fight, and they would eventually see off the Irish in a guerrilla war that would last as long

What's the public transport like in Northern Ireland compared to the Republic of Ireland?

Northern Ireland's train services tend to be less expensive. Comparing Belfast to Dublin, one must consider Belfast's convenient rail connection to the municipal airport and efficient downtown bus service. Dublin has better connections to the ferry terminal, but nowadays most people fly around

What is the minimum salary to live comfortably in Ireland?

The best way to make it worth is whether your lifestyle can match the same way as your own lifestyle in your home city.Being said that, whatever the salary, half of it should be able to cover the rental.What most likely is accommodation rental will eat large pie

Does the rest of the UK want Northern Ireland to stay in the union?

I've lived half my life in Northern Ireland and half in England - I've had many conversations about the issue with English friends and colleagues.As I see it, we have to approach this question from three different broad perspectives:The British Government.The people of Britain (ie

Do Irish people from the Northern Ireland have a different national identity than Irish people from the Republic of Ireland?

Some do and some don't.There's a big group in Northern Ireland (and a few in the Republic of Ireland) called ‘loyalists' who see their national identity as part of the United Kingdom. See Ulster loyalism for more details.The other big group (most of the people in the

How would life change in Great Britain if Northern Ireland became part of the Republic of Ireland?

It wouldn't.  Englishmen, Welshmen and Scots live through entire days without ever thinking about Northern-Ireland. In fact lots of them. In succession. The only people standing in the way of Northern-Ireland joining the Republic are the Ulster unionists, the Protestants and quite frankly Whitehall would rather see the

Why is it Northern Ireland and not North Ireland?

North Ireland would be confusing......The most northerly part of Ireland is in the Republic!!...County Donegal ............that county had too many nationalist voters and so was excluded fron the new Northern Ireland!!.....Some in the South think Donegal is part of NI as the accent is very northern.

Which part of Ireland stays in the EU, Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland?

The Republic of Ireland would stay in the EU as it's an independent country.Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom (aka Great Britain). The United Kingdom population voted to leave the EU by referendum.It was a controversial vote to leave as the figures were 51.9% to leave whereas it was 48.1% to remain in the

Why has Ireland never had a crown?

I'll assume by crown, you mean a King. Well, Ireland has had many kings. Monarchy of Ireland - Wikipedia. It is true that there has been little continuous rule over the whole island (in the vein of a High

Would the people of Northern Ireland prefer to become part of the Republic of Ireland rather than leave the EU?

No. Almost all Ulster unionists and a significant number of nationalists would prefer to remain in the UK regardless of Brexit.

How did people manage to live in Ireland and Northern Ireland when the IRA existed?

Northern Ireland suffered a terrorism problem during the Troubles. It claimed over 3000 lives in a period sourcing 3 decades. It was never a war zone. In almost every year of the Troubles, one would have been at greater risk of death in a car accident than through terrorism.

Can British people sign on benefits in Northern Ireland?

I can't understand why you can possibly think that they would not. Surely by now everyone must know that Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom and the majority of people who live in Northern Ireland, are British, with the same benefits as the British in England. We get free

How is Northern Ireland part of the UK, but not Southern Ireland?

How is Northern Ireland part of the UK, but not Southern Ireland?The whole island of Ireland was part of the UK at one point, but most of it left to form an independent country early in the 20th century (the Republic of

Do the Irish genuinely not like the Brits?

I'm English and pretty much the only times I have experienced any anti-English sentiment was from Irish people.My local pub in London was an Irish pub (ie Irish owned and with a lot of Irish regulars, not an Irish "theme pub" like most all over the world are). My then girlfriend worked there so I was