What are the best interview tips for brand new nurses with no nursing job experience?

It's a shame to have to say this, but I've seen so many new nurses who have bad attitudes, who don't care, and think they know more than anybody else. They behave as they are entitled. I even know one who said if they didn't know what to do, they'd fake it.Don't fake

What are the biggest misconceptions about nurses?

From the top off my head:1. Nurses are personal servants. Now I have never denied help where it's needed. Have taken extra time aftr duty hours or had been inconvenienced time-wise to comply to any requests. But I have had mothers

What is the adaptation course for nurses to go abroad?

The Nursing Adaptation course is to enable the asian graduated nurses to become a registered nurses in European countries. The main aim of the program is to train the nurses with local language , communication with the patients, procedures followed in Europe etc . It also provide practical knowledge in hospitals

ER Doctors and nurses: at what point after a patient arrives do you start to wonder more about how they got there? Do you get time to think about that kind of stuff?

Like physically how they got there? Or existentially how they got there?If you mean physically, it's part of the registration process that they indicate how the patient arrived and if someone else is with them. At some point, particularly with patients who came by EMS, there's a discussion

How do nurses stay healthy?

In my job I walk about 3 to 5 miles per day, and do Orange Theory Fitness on my days off (interval training). It's not easy to work out after 12+ hr shifts so I generally don't these days. Also, I tend to drink a lot

How much do nurses get paid in different countries?

Before I answer, a disclaimer is necessary: don't get into nursing for the money. That said, the answer to your question depends considerably on your degree, years of experience, practice setting, and where you live. An LPN makes less (and

How often do doctors get sick?

I would assume they get sick more often than the average person as they're constantly in contact with sick people, especially in the ER.However, doctors seem to very rarely get sick and even more rarely take time off for being sick. My best guess would be that because they practice such good hygiene by washing their hands before

My friend is an OR nurse in the ER, she said a lot of the doctors and nurses have extramarital affairs with each other. Is this typical of most hospitals?

I am not that much of a gossip and I have never come across such a case or discussed it with a colleague and never had an affair myself, giving that my lovely wife can be reading my Quora, no I did not have any affairs, here is my hand.But

Why don't doctors and nurses get sick more often?

We wash our hands and are more wary of infectious agents. After I examine a patient with the flu or gastroenteritis, I make sure to dowse my hands and stethoscope in ethanol.We are also vaccinated against almost every communicable diseases and are also tested to ensure our immunity or antibody titres are up to scratch. We get the

Would you feel safe with a nurse who got her CPR certification on line and did not practice or perform CPR as part of the certification?

Yes.She already knows CPR. She may have already performed it on an occasion. She undoubtedly began learning this skill in college. Her use of CPR in an occupational setting would be supported and monitored by other people who also know CPR. It would also be of short duration since we know that CPR is far less effective

As a seasoned nurse, what are the biggest misconceptions you see new nurses have about medicine?

I think a new grad may think patients and family will feel gratitude for their work. It's happened. But not as often as you would think. Fortunately that's not where the reward in good nursing care lies. It lies in the personal gratification of a job well done- a patient to the cath lab

From the experience of nurses, are people afraid to die?

It depends on the circumstances. Often those who have an injury that LOOKS horrible, but is quite

How do nurses choose where to work?

Depends on what the individual nurse is looking for. Most nurses get some idea of the kind of work they'd like to do when they go through clinical rotations in school. In my experience, students will often enter nursing school thinking they want to do one particular type of nursing (labor and delivery and pediatrics are

Question for all nurses, especially nurses who have worked or still work at nursing homes or old folks' hospitals: working with patients who typically are expected to pass away, any spiritual or ghostly stories to share?

I've written quite a lot about this in the past couple of years. I know that they say if your patient is seeing and hearing something, it is supposed to be lack of oxygen and hallucinations. However, I've pretty much had it proven

What are some darkest secrets of doctors?

Sometimes they may drink too much alcohol or have sex with more than one nurse at a time.In an extremely small percentage of medical cases, a physician's inaction may contribute slightly to the death of a patient, but too quick action on their part could gain the same result. Medicine is an art and not a science. Every

What are the biggest frustrations about being a nurse?

Two things:As a nurse, one of my fundamental duties is to educate. Even as a bedside nurse, I take the medical jargon thrown at my patients and translate it into English at a level they can understand and appreciate. I instruct them on how to provide a shot to themselves or

What are the biggest misconceptions about nurses?

There are many misconceptions about nurses, some of them related to the role, some of them related to the individual.The most common in my experience are:1. That they are all female.2. If they aren't female (ie

What do nurses do?

I could tell you about what other nurses 'do', about how their day is structured, the routine that is an inherent part of any occupation but you could google that.Instead, I'll tell you about what I 'do'. I'm not particularly unique, certainly not 'special', you could line me up with

What do nurses think of volunteer nurses?

Sometimes nurses think that a volunteer nurse is threatening their job. However I think a volunteer nurse is a blessing as you know many nurses are so busy in one day that your head can literally spin . I think if you would like to volunteer the best place

What is it like working as a nurse in Australia?

Nurses in Australia really have a high standard of living are known as one of the most respected professions in the country.Work in Australia in 3-6 monthsUnlike the USA, approval is quick and uncomplicated. You just need to do the IRON(Initial Registration for Overseas Nurses) program over there along with the OET. Once you have passed

What is the work of nurses?

Where do I begin?I've only worked two types of job as a nurse. I worked in a government hospital for 6 years, and as a home health nurse for 3 years.For a hospital nurse, the work varies from area to area.

What options do I have to get prescription drugs for another person? My grandfather needs a medication that is not sold at his country, but in the US. I need a prescription to buy it.

I'm not a doctor, but is well know on health area that prescription are personal, so no one can get a prescription for another person due any reason. Why? Because by receiving a prescription, a diagnostic must be suggest and confirm by the doctor.In your specific situation the doctor of your grandpa can sent a prescription to a

Why are nurses among the most respected as far as professionals, but are never close to compensated for the work they do each day?

Extremely good question! I have heard various rationale stated for why nursing is under compensated. The most common is that since the majority of nurses are female and females are historically paid less than males. Several studies have said that if the profession had started with most males, the average wage would be

Can I go abroad after doing a GNM nursing course?

I would suggest that you try to answer following questions:What are your future goals?Why did you choose Nursing course? And how it helps you in meeting those future goals?Which country do you want to go to?Do you want to study abroad or work in a foreign country?If planning to study

Should the Guiness Book of World Records revise their definition of a nurse's attire in regard to this potential new world record for fastest marathon ran while dressed as a nurse? See link.

In my opinion, no. It's not a social progress thing, it's about taking the responsibility to read the rules and guidelines for a record you're trying to break.Guinness is inundated with all kinds of frivolous record claims so they carefully define the parameters of each