I am going to eat a 500mL Haaegen-Dasz ice-cream. Can I reduce my changes of getting diabete by performing an intense intellectual or physical activity immediately after to consume the eaten calories?

Doing something silly like this once is not going to give you Diabetes. Eat 500ml ice-cream every day for 6 months and then you might have an issue with Diabetes.Diabetes is caused by the messing up your body's ability to process/regular sugar levels and you can do that by binge feeding sugar to your body (such as

I consumed Six Star whey protein powder 4 times a week for two months, now I have learned it is contaminated with things like heavy metal, what can I do to prevent any problems besides to stop using it?

You consumed a concentrated product and thought that it wouldn't concentrate everything in the original substance, common mistake. But to break it down you just consumed the concentrated product that you and everyone else would consume without problems. If there were a real

I go to gym often and I require a high-protein diet but I also experience bloating issues so my appetite is pretty poor. What are some practical solutions and suggestions for me?

I suggest you take the time to figure out what is causing the bloating. Large or painful amounts of gas is not normal, and it may be a signal that your body is intolerant of something you have been eating. Many protein bars and supplements are filled with ingredients

I jog 3.6 kilometres in 25 minutes. How many calories am I burning?

It depends on a lot of factors like how fast are you running and what kind of track are your running on. To track an approximate number I use the fitness applications while i workout. There are these fitness applications that link with your android wear or your apple watch

I want to go on a keto diet but I hate fats and love fruits, what should I do?

If that's the case, for what reason do you want to go on the keto diet?You will likely get benefits from even a modified version of the diet. Fruits are healthy for you, especially the lower glycemic fruits (and you can just google low glycemic fruits to see which ones). I find that people

If I over eat healthy foods does it make me healthier, or does the extra intake go to waste?

I was at my heaviest 225 pounds. At the time I was very frustrated I felt like I was eating very healthy food and I didn't understand why I was not losing weight. Then when I finally went on a calorie restricted diet I realized how little food we really need, when I

I'm currently searching for a natural protein shake with no powders added, since I'm 17 and going to the gym. Can someone please give me a recipe?

I can give you a healthy recipe which I use a lot. Buy yourself a blender to prepare easy and calorie-rich foods. Then put 70 to 100 grams of oatmeal, two glass of milk, one banana and one or two raw

I'm on a low carb diet and lost 10 pounds in 1.5 months. My protein and fats are the same. My abs are coming out. I've been training just as hard before my diet but my muscles are no longer sore after workouts. What's wrong?

I agree with Mindy. There's a good chance that your routine needs to be changed in order to continue stimulating muscle fiber growth. I'd recommend doing something completely different than what you normally do to restart the process. Good changes could be drop sets, tri-sets, giant sets, pyramid sets, extremely low

Why do I feel hungry on days when I don't work out, rather than on days when I do?

It is mainly because while working you have the proper digestion ! Hence your blood absorbs the required nutrients ! Moreover you are engaged in an work! Hence you are not that aware of your hunger !But rather than in a dull day ! When you don't go to work! U feel hungry because

I am planning on bulking up, how many calories over maintenance should I eat? What would be the ideal ratio of carbohydrates, protein, and fat? Lastly, which supplements should be included in my meal plan?

You can't use a general you need 2500 calories to bulk.How many calories a day to you average now? How fast is your metabolism? How big are you? How much muscle do you carry? How old are you? How active are you? This is all relevant to how many calories you should consume.Find a bmr calculator online, answer all

I eat 2600+ calories a day yet can't put on weight, at all. Is there something wrong?

There could be 2 things1) You are not counting calories properly and you might be eating a lot less than 2600 calories.2) You have a really high metabolism which mean you need to eat more than the average person which is a lot more common than you think. So

If I am on 1200 calories diet 6 days per week and I eat on my cheat day 5000 calories am I going to lose weight?

A diet of 1200 calories per day would work well if you are a woman, around 25 years old, and 150 lbs, and get no exercise. If you are male, or any heavier than that, then that is a terrible calorie level to diet.There are 2 systems of dieting that work, either keeping

If I burned 1000 calories in one day, does that mean I can eat 3000 calories food without side effects in that particular day?

I think you mean to ask if you need to replace all the calories you burn in order to maintain your weight. The answer to that is yes.You seem to be assuming your normal burn is 2,000/day, and that you were very active, burning an extra 1,000. That would indeed require about 3,000

If I don't work out, should I still drink protein mix?

It's true that protein mix was originally made for athletes. Athletes use it right after strenuous workouts to deliver nutrients to muscles in a highly processed, easily digestible, and readily absorbable form. It's easier to shake up a protein mix within 30 minutes of weight session (easier than cooking

If I eat once a day and during that one time, eat only around 200 calories. How much weight could I lose?

Are you really serious?  Have you practiced Intermittent Fasting or any other fasting techniques before and stayed at 200 Calories a day?  Eating 200 Calories a day or not eating anything are both the same.  Was it a typo for 2000 Calories?  This is completely a wrong

If I have no choice but to eat fast food, how do I eat healthier?

Fast food is evil. The goal of the entire industry is to sell the lowest quality food possible in massive quantities. That's their model in a nutshell. I hate fast food and everything it stands for.That being said, fast food is inarguably convenient and inevitably part of some lifestyles. I can't recommend it, but if you have to

If I just went on a diet of 1,200 calories yesterday and today I ate that plus small soft serve, will I gain all the weight back/will I get fat?

Unless you are a very petite woman, you aren't eating nearly enough food at 1,200 calories per day. If you're that worried about the impact of a small serving of ice cream then I seriously suggest that you see a doctor before you continue trying

I'm sick from eating unhealthy food. I usually eat healthy. Is it just the food or something else?

It's the "food."I get this (and a case of the runs if it's a chain burger joint) every single time I have a fast "food" meal. It's a direct result of all the non-food crap they put in their "food" in an attempt

I'm trying to gain muscle what are some healthy foods to eat?

People may lift heavy weights, go to gym all seven days a week, sleep  for 8-10 hours a day and still not see results just because they are not  eating right. As someone said

Why am I so much more overweight than my friends?

Do they share your DNA, genetic composition and or body composition? No? Well that's why its different. Some people have high metabolisms, which cause them to constantly be burning energy that people with low metaboliams would end up storing as fat. Some people can eat all the pasta and potato's in the world and

Would I lose weight in 2 days if I eat 500 calories everyday?

You can live on zero calories a day if you have enough fat to burn, but let's be a bit more realistic in our goals, hm?You obviously want to lose weight desperately to go to 500 calories a day. I'm guessing that means you've tried other, less severe alternatives already

I am 19 years old and go to the gym daily. I have a 13.5 inch bicep and 57kg weight. Can I take whey protein for some increment?

If you are planning to gain weight with good results I suggest you take creatine supplements for a month and a half and then change over to whey protein. Creatine basically helps you increase your fluid retention capability by the muscle fibres. After your whey protein supplements give

I am a 20 year old. I am very skinny and my weight is 63. Out of a mass gainer and whey protein, which is the best for me?

It would have helped if you could have mentioned your weight and height too. Anyway, you canalways find that out here: Ideal Weight Calculator To answer your question, you must first understand the difference between a Mass Gainer and a Whey Protein. While Whey Protein is almost 80% pure protein, Mass Gainer has varying quantities

I feel hungry and filled at the same time. Is that weird?

A problem that many people face is the feeling hungry and filled at the same time , especially those who follow unhealthy diets in order to lose weight quickly as the reduction of calories consumed too much and exaggerated have a major role and some other factors play Also a role in the

I go to gym often and I require a high-protein diet but I also experience bloating issues so my appetite is pretty poor. What are some practical solutions and suggestions for me?

I go to gym often and I require a high-protein diet but I also experience bloating issues so my appetite is pretty poor. What are some practical solutions and suggestions for me?If your high protein diet has resulted in elimination or reduction of carbohydrates, and especially fiber, you could be experiencing a form of constipation.

I have a protein shake for breakfast and then after my workout. Is this okay?

Protein shake is derived from milk or if you are drinking vegan protein shake then it is derived from rice, soy, pea,etc. Bascially protein shake is made from real foods. Simply asking yourself if you are having eggs for breakfast then you have eggs again after workout is it okay? It sounds like you may not

I have been eating way more food (mostly protein) lately, but my fat seems to be going down and my abs are more visible? Why?

If you are an elite athlete (as indicated in the comments section of the original question) 2500 calories is not necessarily a lot, depending upon the amount of muscle mass you carry and your overall weight.  Muscle takes a lot of protein

I jog 3.6 kilometres in 25 minutes. How many calories am I burning?

I checked my running history on the running app i use. I burned 265 kcal while running 3.65km in 20 mins 33 sec. So you might be burning little less than that.Calories burned depends on how fast you are running and how much weight/fat you have.You may use

I typically only eat a protein bar for breakfast, is that healthy or should I add anything else to get all the nutrients I need?

Studies have consistently shown that vitamin supplements don't work: your protein bar probably gives you the protein you need, but I wouldn't pay much attention to the other nutrition it claims, unless it's coming from dried fruit/nuts.I find that if

If I can not consume protein enough, should I take EAAs supplement instead?

Why do that if you can take a full spectrum of amino acids taking whey protein?Whey protein powder is often the same price, if not cheaper than EAA supplements. Don't get me wrong, EAA supplements are a lot more with your investment than BCAA supplements, so

If I don't eat for 2-3 days in a month then what will happen?

Hey there,I assume that you mean to fast every month for 2–3 days.Well to answer that I would like to inform you that lot of research has gone into studying the effects of intermittent fasting and it proves that it is helpful to keep your

If I eat 2500 or 3000 calories and burn 1900 or 2000 in a day. Is that good or bad? The body needs 2000 calories to function. Well then that's a big problem. In that case I would have to eat 4,000 calories and then I could burn 2,000 calories?

Of you eat more calories than you burn, you'll gain weight. Otherwise, you'll lose.You must take into account ALL the calories burnt throughout the day. Those you're body usually burns for keeping you alive and all your vital processes and organs working as well as those

If I eat too much protein (Whey) will my muscles catabolise?

No it will not cause muscle catabolism. But high doses can cause some side effects such as increased bowel movements, nausea, thirst, bloating, cramps, reduced appetite, tiredness (fatigue), and headache. I have been using MFF Whey Protein powder for quite some time and I

If I have a protein shake before working out for strength, what is a natural recovery drink I can make?

A natural recovery drink could be a blend of yoghurt, bananas, milk, etc. This contains carbs, fat, protein. Either way you have to track all macros for effectiveness. Personally I take 2 scoops of Myfitfuel's whey protein post-workout for initiating muscle recovery immediately and it works extremely well and the taste is excellent.

If I lift progressively and eat maintenance calories, what will happen?

It just might work. There are a lot of variables to consider, though. (in retrospect: sorry for the long answer, but you asked for it! ;)You don't say what your goals are, what your programming is, or if you've trained for strength or hypertrophy before, so I'm going to make some

If I were to eat the same three meals a day with the exception of Saturday, or Sunday, what would those three meals be?

Those three meals had better be something you LOVE, because you're going to get very sick of them very fast.  Personally, I'd say something vague... If you say "for breakfast, I'll have eggs," you can get away with a lot, because eggs are quite possibly the most versatile food in the world.  For lunch, I'd

I'm 17, 5'9', 145 lbs, and run 30 minutes a day. How many calories should I be eating in a day?

The best strategy here is to eat intuitively. This means eating when hungry, and stopping when full. It means not eating out of boredom or for comfort. When you listen to your body's natural signals like this, your weight takes care of itself.

I'm a 95 kg male trying to lose 30 kg. If I take whey protein and milk at night and eat 4 tbs of coconut oil & 3 tbs of butter twice daily, is it OK?

Sure that's fine, but what else are you eating?Losing weight can become a bit confusing: Do this, but don't do this - not too much and not too little.This complicated advice is key! It's all about calories, exercise, variety, fibre, protein,

I'm currently searching for a natural protein shake with no powders added, since I'm 17 and going to the gym. Can someone please give me a recipe?

I can give you a healthy recipe which I use a lot. Buy yourself a blender to prepare easy and calorie-rich foods. Then put 70 to 100 grams of oatmeal, two glass of milk, one banana and one or two raw eggs (if you want) in it and blend for one minute. Boom! You have a

I've been working out in the gym for the last three months but I'm not successful in gaining weight. Should I go for a mass gainer? Is it safe?

Do a bit of research first about mass gainers like, what type you want to buy etc. Better yet, go for protein supplements rather than carbs. It's good to hear that you've been working out for three months. You must've surely felt the changes in shape and strength. There's one question however. Are you eating the right foods

What is a good workout plan week for vegetarian starters?

Inevitably this is a case of cognitive dissonance. You want to accomplish things, without really wanting to commit to the things that most likely have to be done to achieve them.

Why am I still hungry after eating a big meal?

Maybe You Drank a lot of Carbonated Drinks (such as cocacola, pepsi...): they have the ability to fool the brain, make you want to eat more even if you are full. In these drinks contains high levels of fructose - it interferes with your body's ability to use leptin -

Am I able to lose weight at a fast rate if I eat less than 1,200 calories per day?

Yes. And you can keep it off. I did for 5 years so far. It takes a caloric deficit of 3500 calories to lose 1 lb. Weigh yourself every day at the same time. Enter in an excel file your calories

I am bulking on 4000 calories. Is this amount of intake better in a shake form or as meals?

That's a lot of calories. It's probably easier to drink calories (whole milk is a great way to get calories in quickly), but it really doesn't matter whether you drink them or eat them if it adds up to the same calorie amount. If you are muscle building, don't think you have to

If I eat one day 3,030 calories well that make me gain weight if all my other days are 1,500 or 1,800 calories?

You want to gain some weight?There's one good tip for you:Count your weekly calorie intake.Right now you should eat about 11.200 calories per week.Increase your intake and weigh yourself every sunday.Try the 3000 calories once per week and check if it helps.If not, increase your weekly goal until