Are people born with OCD? Or how does OCD develop?

This is about family, so I'm writing anonymously.If you just want the short answer, then yes. I believe, whether it is throughout genetics or epigenetics, that OCD can be inherited, and therefore, you can be born with it.If you want to know why I relieve the this, read on (the part about my father is

Can antidepressants really cure depression and ocd?

NO--Taking allopathic medicine for any psychiatric disorder is waste of time money and energy. to watch the truth see the following documentary "MARKETING MADNESS" made in USA The Marketing of Madness: The Truth About Psychotropic DrugsMy story might help you. My life was living hell due

Can Ativan be used to treat OCD?

Ativan is an antianxiety drug, similar to Xanax or Klonopin. Ativan is chiefly used for the treatment of anxiety, not OCD. However, because anxiety usually accompanies OCD, Ativan can be used to lessen the anxiety associated with OCD. I would say, given the choice of Ativan or Xanax, Ativan is the

Can cannibis cure OCD?

There is no cure for OCD. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is the most important part of treatment. Sometimes medication is also used but only a few seem to be useful and there are small groups of us where they not only do not work they make us more unstable.There are no studies that I am aware

Can ECT help with the treatment of OCD?

Thanks for A2A @suriya suriECT or electroconvulsive therapy are not conventionally used for treating OCD, however they can be used.Usually patients of OCD are primarily treated by behavioral therapy and cognitive therapy and some pharmaceutical help. In whatever cases I have read about OCD, some amount of obsessiveness stays Even after long courses(as long as 12

Can I cure my OCD without going to a therapist?

Many people with OCD find Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) really helps them manage their symptoms. Medications can also be very helpful. As I understand it, OCD can go into remission, though may never be completely ‘cured'.In my clinical experience, few people are

Can OCD be cured through self-control?

The answer is a ‘Yes' and a ‘No'.It is a no because OCD thoughts are intrusive, irrational and unpleasant. Even if the sufferer wants to avoid, he cannot. He feels a very strong urge to perform some actions which give him temporary relief to get rid of that anxiety. The person may be rational, have self

Can OCD be inculcated?

No, not really. OCD symptoms sometimes appears in parkinson, huntingtons, and it may appear as a result of the neurodegeneration in the basal ganglia caused by excessive methamphetamine use, so you could try getting one of those diseases if you want. But really, you misunderstand OCD, it is NOT SOMETHING

Can OCD be treated by brain surgery?

Freud said that all disorders of the brain would eventually come down to chemical imbalance (I don't think he understood the electrical issues).Unfortunately, or fortunately - depending on your point of view, surgeons have experimented in alternatives (to chemical or electrical re-balancing), by

Can OCD be treated with medication?

OGenerally the recommended treatment is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and sometimes medication.As a layman who has undergone tons of treatment, talked to many about their experiences and read lots of research papers I can offer a few non professionals guesses why it is only sometimes medication.With us there is a physical difference with how the

Can people suspect that I have OCD?

Hello,Thanks for the A2A.  It really depends on the severity of OCD, and let me make sure we're talking about Obsessive Compulsive disorder versus Obsessive compulsive personality disorder.  OCD:Obsessions/Compulsions or both: 1) Obsession, recurrent and persistent thoughts, urges or images that cause anxiety or distress; and

Can we prevent OCD?

We can certainly create conditions which are conducive to thriving rather than becoming walking wounded. OCD, in my opinion, like many other so-called mental illnesses are merely a symptom indicating the presence of a deep psychic or emotional wound. A wholesome environment with stability, healthy boundaries, open

Can you treat OCD with no medication?

Hi Ashma,Thank you for an A2A ..There can be two ways to cure OCD without medication:CBT as it is known commenly, is an Exposure and Response Prevention method.By alternative medication such as Homeopathy, which cures OCD completely in a holistic way with NO side effects.OCD can dramatically straightjacket

Could depression and ocd be cured permanently?

YesDepression and OCD(obsessive compulsive compulsive disorder) are temporary psychiatric conditions. Depression depending in its gravity can be treated with a variety of drugs like tricyclc antidepressants, serotonin reuptake inhibitors etc, along with counselling therapies.OCD can be permanently treated with drugs like fuoxamine clomipramine. These drugs

Do benzodiazepines (Xanax) work for severe OCD?

First of all, let me express my sympathy. I've been where you are (high school student with severe OCD) and I know how tough it is just to live with it from day to day. Kudos to you for making it this far.How long have

Does Effexor treat OCD?

Effexor (and Effexor XR) is sometimes prescribed off-label to treat OCD, but it is not an FDA approved and backed usage of Effexor/Effexor XR.Effexor is thrown at pretty much any diagnosis on the anxiety or depression spectrum, just like most psychiatric psychotropics.  Your personal results may vary greatly from those of other patients and non-patients.

Does OCD develop, or are you born with it?

Thank you for asking this question. I've had OCD all of my life. And what's funny is my parents and grandparents didn't have it. I was the only girl in my family I had 4 brothers. One passed away 3 years ago, out of us 5,

How can a person overcome his/her OCD, when it really starts getting serious?

By realizing that it is an Illness no matter how severely it affects, be confident though it feels like it would carry on forever, believe and trust me that OCD will not be THIS severe every day. Even though it is, believe me that you will get used to it,

How to beat OCD without drugs

Firstly, do ascertain if it is OCD. Have you gotten it diagnosed? Have you taken the YBOCS test? If you have mild to moderate OCD, there's a chance you may be able to beat it yourself. If it is severe, you may need to be in medication.Secondly, if it is mild to moderate, you can

How to cure my OCD fear of the number 13

OCD is one of the most painful disorders because one feels so powerless and so dominated by the obsession which is always unwelcome.You can't treat the obsession on its own as it is not the problem. If you were able to get rid

How to cure my severe OCD

I suffered from severe OCD. Now after years of inner work, I can say that I still have OCD but this has no longer a big impact in my life.In my opinion, the first step is acceptance. When you accept your thoughts and understand that

How to cure OCD at home

Roots of o.c.d(obsessive Compulsive Disorder)We all possess some type of compulsive habits, Habits which may or may not have a logical premise.But how does these habits become obsessive?The value system of an "ideal individual" created by the culture or society demands everyone to

How to cure OCD with self-help

You can't "cure" it in the way as to remove the disease completely. It's caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain, and you need medicine to cure that. You can use therapy and other techniques to help understand your tendencies and maybe work around them, but that isn't substitute for therapy. Please go to

How to treat OCD without a therapist

Your parents sound pretty irresponsible to me and that is unfortunate.I believe one can only self treat OCD poorly.There are a lot of skills that one will just need help from that only a mental health professional who specializes in anxiety and OCD can provide.Sure you can read books, get online support, trial and error. You can make progress

How did people who cured their OCD accomplish that?

There is only one evidence based way to treating OCD, and it is through CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy). Please ignore any other answers.Anyone who has done it by themselves, and yes, there are a few, will have used similar methods.Buy yourself a CBT book on

How to cure my OCD without seeing a doctor

I understand that you don't want to go to a doctor. I am sure you have some reasons for that. I will try to help you as much as I can with some general suggestions. OCD manifests in several ways and no two

How to get over my obsession with numbers

It's basically about addressing the specifics of that fear to dispel whatever it is you believe will happen as a result of being exposed to odd numbers. This may take some contemplation on your part as people often don't know why they develop the fears/phobias they have. Sometimes it is directly related to an intense of

How to get rid of religious OCD

For myself my ocd got so bad it effected every aspect of my life so I had to go on medication. Paxil(Paroxetine) worked ok for me, BUT honestly it took a number of years and I had to work up

How to heal OCD using the law of attraction

Law of attraction is a simple concept, it's believed to be a universal law that

How to overcome my OCD and live normally

First and foremost please consult a psychiatrist immediately. The medication and counselling done by him will go a long way in helping you deal with this problem.Secondly educate yourself by reading various articles written on this. They help in the

How to overcome OCD Magical Thinking

This can stem from feelings of having no actual control of certain things in the world. This habit developed in me when my mother was dying of cancer. It was thoroughly terminal and she had no chance of surviving it.My thoughts went the way of magical thinking, e.g. If I get to a door before it closes she'll be

How to overcome OCD

With 100% complete respect to everyone who answers questions like this, I have to be blunt. And I do not mean to come off as insensitive. But the following are truths that I wish someone would have laid out for me years ago when my life was debilitated by OCD and anxiety. So just know,

How to overcome religious OCD and emotion over those thoughts

Overcoming a religious OCD(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) can be a very daunting task. In this particular case, it is an action or a set of actions we obsess over and can't stop doing because it is somehow related to the religious faith that we

How to overcome religious OCD


How to stop my OCD

OCD is not amenable to typical anxiety treatments although it is considered in the anxiety disorder family. OCD therapy involves a behavioral therapy called exposure-response therapy, which takes practice and guidance; it also is difficult and takes a lot of

How to treat my OCD myself

I suffered from OCD for four years of my life. But, now it's quite hard to believe that as I don't have it anymore in my life. I can remember my OCD symtomps as ealry as when I was 13 or 14 years

How do therapists evaluate whether or not someone has OCD?

(update) Yale-Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale this will help you know if you need to see a psychiatrist. Also dont listen that chingo person they have no knowledge on ocdSorry so long.well im no therapist but i have been to alot and have been extensively

How to treat OCD without medication or therapy

You can try the following, I recommend seeing a doctor though.Facts about obsessive thoughts and compulsive acts1)Thoughts have no power unless you act on it.2)Thoughts will keep coming back as long as you resist them.3)Compulsive behavior may reduce the obsessive thoughts initially, but will reinforce themselves.What you can tryDont resist thoughts, let them come.

How does a therapist help with overcoming OCD?

OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder is a defense mechanism against anxiety/depression. Many therapists try to behaviorally or cognitively, or even medication-wise

How does it feel to fight OCD urges?

Its really hard to fight when you really had realised that you have an OCD for the first time. You dont even know whats going on in your life. You seemed puzzled and you dont have any idea what you are going through. Its really hard to accept thatWhen i first realised i have

How does OCD work?

it took me a long long time to figure out and understand how this phenominal disease works and where the thoughts come from and what makes them compulsifthere are too many ocds cases i will explain in generalin ocd the patient has unwanted thoughts and they can't get rid of them and

How does taking SSRI's treat OCD?

First off, while antidepressants including SSRI's have their limitations, the strongest evidence for their ability to markedly improve people's quality of life is in OCD. While a lot of psychiatry deals with

How hard is it to treat OCD?

OCD is a distressing feeling of danger which can't be reasoned out and often worsens, with time.The first step for the therapist is to earn the patient's trust. This takes a knowledge of the disorder and a knowledge of people, sometimes, the two are not systematically associated and it may happen

How severe is your OCD?

At the moment, not too severe.About a year ago - extreme.I was consulted by a psychologist in a special OCD clinic last July. In order to officially start treatment there, they had to see if I had OCD, and more importantly, how severe it was.

I have cured from OCD and got OCD again many times. Why its not permanent?

Thanks for the A2AIt's not permanent because you weren't "cured." My OCD changes, but it doesn't go away. Something that I did compulsively six months ago may have stopped, but they I start something new.So, it isn't "cured," it's just changed. Most

I suffer from magical thinking OCD and intrusive thoughts bother me very much, I feel like I have to do compulsions and I am scared of those thoughts. What should I do to calm myself?

If you are not in OCD treatment already you may want to consider it. There is no avoiding this stuff. Any attempts to ritualize will offer only temporary relief but in turn make the condition stronger. This disorder learns from your actions. If you show it

Is it common for people with OCD to draw correlations where there aren't any?

The thing is, is that many people feel that people with OCD, draw correlations to their thoughts that make absolutely no sense, but in their OCD head, the correlations do make sense. I will show you how, and it may be interesting for you to look at it from this perspective.It is very common for people with OCD,

Is it OCD if someone showers twice a day everyday?

Twice a day is unusual but not excessive. However a therapist trained in OCD issues would make a better diagnosis. It is conceivable that the person may have just a mild fixation with cleanliness which could be part of an obsessive personality not essentially related to OCD.If the person is

Is it possible to outgrow OCD?

You can't exactly outgrow OCD but you can manage it.There's this thing called Mindfulness where you acknowledge your thoughts as just thoughts not something that controls you but rather you control it. When I had really bad panic attacks and

Is meditation good for OCD?

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder that can strike at any age, but often begins in early adult life. It afflicts 2 to 3 percent of the population, in all economic brackets and all races and religions, during any given year. It can overwhelm their lives, making them

Is there a very good treatment or cure for OCD?

There are many good treatments for OCD.Medications such as SSRIs, tricyclic antidepressants, anti anxiety medications, and even some antipsychotic medicines help to alleviate symptoms.Cognitive behavioral therapy, emotional response and prevention therapy are also extremely vital parts of treating OCD.Lifestyle changes such as exercise and dietary therapy can also

Is there an effective way besides therapy and medicine to cure OCD?

The best way to rid OCD in my opinion is believe it or not.. hypnosis. OCD is basically the brain using irrational actions to temporary ease your anxiety of the current situation.Most compulsive disorders start off somewhat rational, maybe you just wanted to find a way to deal with being in a

Is there any exercise to cure OCD?

Hi there,Exercise to cure is

Is there natural treatment for OCD?

There are eight elements that different people use in different degrees to help combat OCD. Only two of them are NOT natural.Therapy - Exposure and Response prevention therapy, which is the gold standard for the treatment of OCD. It involves understanding the irrationality

My grand son has a serious case of OCD. How do I initiate treatment to reduce the OCD?

It depends on his age and your relationship to him and his parents.Unless you are his legal guardians or caretakers, I believe it would be he or his parents who would seek help.Depending on the severity (as diagnosed by a

OCD with numbers. What can I do?

I understand your situation very well. I've personally experienced this 'fog in the mind' and illogical need to 'count', and I am not ashamed to share this. Every thing happens for a reason. You might not know what this is now, but I promise you will find the

What are some common symptoms of OCD?

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is a condition that involves obsessive and/or compulsive behavior regarding various activities and items. OCD usually begins to occur while someone is a young adult and the severity of the disorder changes throughout your life. Many people are slightly obsessive or compulsive in certain areas, but you may have OCD if these behaviors begin

What are the best medications for OCD?

I have been working on a clinical trial for people who have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and are on medications for their OCD for the past two years. This study is looking at whether people can come off medication after becoming better from Exposure and

What are the common ways to be healed of OCD?

Here are the most common forms of therapy for OCD:Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): While CBT treats many psychological conditions, OCD stands out as especially responsive. As the name suggests, this involves thinking about your behaviors (in this case your compulsions). This can come in many forms but to

What are the treatments for OCD?

Because this is America, the medical model is primarily defaulted to and favored. Medication is the treatment of choice because of the ease of use, minimal involvement, take a pill and be done, bag of chemicals view. The scientific method has proven they work and are backed by big pharmaceutical companies. The belief of getting the persons

What causes OCD and how do I treat it properly without medication?

This is something that I worry about everyday as someone who suffers from OCD. I can say that no one knows exactly what causes it. If people knew I'm sure OCD would be easier to manage. As for how to treat it, there is no way for me to tell you for sure how to

What causes OCD?

This is an alternative view of what causes obsessive compulsive disorder that differs from the current world view which is based on the medical model of illness. A model that proposes something is physically wrong (or has gone wrong) in the brain and has to be fixed, often by medication.Before we consider

What do I do now that I have figured out the cure for OCD?

Share it with the world, it would really really make it easier for me to stop reliving and constantly obsessing about things I've said these days that have probably cost me the start of a would be relationship. Sorry, venting. Been diagnosed for over a decade and a half.If you had such a cure, you should share it with

What do people with OCD hate about their OCD thoughts?

What do people with OCD hate about their OCD thoughts?Is there any thought in particular, you'd really want to eliminate?_____________________________________________I hate that my obsessions control me more than I control them. I hate that I can't shut them off when I have to

What does it feel like to have OCD?

My OCD started at a young age and turned into an extreme case before being diagnosed around 18. I continued on medication for almost 2 years and left the medication to treat it with self-help. I have improved a lot since.The

What is it like to recover from severe OCD?

I don't know about full recovery. Actually even if you don't have obsessive compulsive thoughts there still is a fear of falling into that process again. That fear kills you more than anything else. Its like a monster sitting on your shoulder. And because OCD actually alters your way of living.

What is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)?

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)OCD is a condition where people do the same thing again and again without real reason to do so. Hand washing too frequently even when they are not dirty, checking on locks in absence of dangers, repeatedly worrying about something

What is religious OCD?

Religious OCD involves blasphemous thoughts about God, such as cursing God, spitting at God, throwing trash, footwear, etc at Him, having sex with God, etc. These thoughts torment a believer and scare him as he fears the punishment that might come to

What is the best cure for OCD? Which medicine are best in OCD?

OCD Treatment Options:1) Just don't run after OCD thoughts, if it compel you to think or do something just don't coz you know it's OCD thought; DO NOT reply them in YES or NO ie thought, no action, then thought fade slowly and you don't feel much of thoughts. Effective psychotherapy for OCD

What is the cure for OCD and anxiety?

OCD and anxiety are not only neurological but are also psychologically developed. So long as they exist in the back of your head, they can be triggered and cannot be

What is the relationship between OCD and the Law of Attraction? Will a person with OCD attract something in their thoughts?

No, a person with OCD will not attract something in their thoughts.One not uncommon thought someone with OCD might have is that he/she will kill their spouse. Let's be clear here: He/she does not want to kill their spouse.My friend (she has been diagnosed with OCD) has this problem.. When her husband walks into

What is the treatment for Scrupulosity OCD?

Scrupulosity OCD means religious OCD. It encompasses fears such as a) Living a sinful life or doing acts for which God may punish self or family. 2) Doing acts that is not line in with the morality or ethics of the person.

What treatment can be done for OCD affected people?

It is not a disorder. Your best bet is, as soon as you can, take him or her to your nearest Church of Scientology.What you want to do when you guys get to the Church are a Stress Test, and a

Why do people get OCD?

OCD stands for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and it is a mental illness which many believe may be genetic and has to do with how a person's brain is hardwired.  There are several drugs on the market which are quite effective at treating the disorder which frequently manifests itself in activities such as compulsive hand washing, checking

Why doesn't Lord Krishna help me overcome OCD?

A diabetic patient cries before a doctor to get a sweet for eating. The doctor has infinite number of sweets and he does not worry at all for giving a sweet to the patient. You are crying before God, who is the divine father (creator of all the souls) to give

Why is a religious OCD so difficult to deal with?

Religious OCD, scrupulosity, was for me, the most debilitating form of OCD. Between all the do's and don'ts of the bible along with the finite idea of spending an eternity in hell, it was a heavy yoke to bare.I fought

Is it possible to have transgender OCD?

I think this comes from a misunderstanding of HOCD. HOCD is (evidently) a thing, but the literature is really thin on the ground and it wanders through a history of attempts to justify conversion therapy and some outright bigoted

Am I crazy or borderline OCD if I care about my house guests not washing their hands after using the toilet and touching all over the house with those hands? It irks me a lot . What should I do?

I don't think it sounds OCD. I wouldn't like that either. I used to have a roommate that never washed his hands and at one point it occurred to me that that's kind of gross given that we shared a space together. I don't know what you can do in these situations other then making sure you

Are ADD and OCD two sides of the same coin?

Although the exact causes of ADD are unknown, most of the genetic correlates point to dopamine transporters.OCD on the other hand is linked to abnormalities with serotonin. The leading cause for OCD is overactivation of the Orbitofrontal Cortex, which messes up the whole decision process. Instead of being able to normally decide what actions to take,

Are all people with OCD super organized?

Absolutely NOT.OCD takes many forms, and can fill up the entire day of someone who has a bad case of it. Performing rituals over and over again, or spending your day handwashing, hardly leads to organized lifestyles.I've often heard people say when they see a very neat desk

Are OCD and anxiety related?

OCD is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, which is one of the several anxiety disorders listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). People with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder have varied fixations with checking, counting, hoarding, contamination or sexuality. Obsessions are repetitive intrusive thoughts while compulsions are ritualistic actions. People may be preoccupied with neatness or

Are OCD intrusive thoughts real?

They are the opposite of who you really are. What is happening is the fear center of your brain the amygdala is malfunctioning or misfiring sending you an anxiety spike by mistakenly warning you that you are in danger of

Are people suffering from OCD really different from non- OCD people?

No they're not.How many (normal) people:-1. Say ‘touch wood' so as not to tempt fate?2. Repeatedly check switches / plugs / appliances are off / doors and windows are locked?3. Have little personal rituals they perform for comfort? (Particularly sports stars /

Are people with OCD less anxious than those with other anxiety disorders?

No, OCD is an extremely serious and pervasive disorder. It is very distressing for the person living with it. It also compromises the person's ability to function socially or occupationally. there are a lot of misconceptions about OCD. People who are really neat and tidy are said to have OCD, but they usually don't.

Are SSRI's safe in the long run for treatment for OCD?

No, they are not safe in the long run.They are not safe in the short run, either. Use is not predicated on safety, but rather whether the benefits experienced outweigh the side effects and the risks of continued use. For most patients, this

Are the OCD thoughts real? Or are they just illusions?

Everything you are is real, therefore your thoughts too, are real. I am diagnosed with OCD, and my thoughts are very much real. As real as

Are there any medications that help with combatting severe OCD?

My friends who have OCD have found a lot of help from therapy. OCD in the end is an anxiety disorder and it responds well to therapy. Like depression, combining both therapy and medications have the best outcomes.The standard treatment for OCD is selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, which are a class of antidepressants useful for

Are there mental illnesses similar to OCD, or that get misdiagnosed as OCD?

Mental illnesses overlap in behaviors, symptoms, and feelings; they have no hard-edged confines except for a few where very distinct brain differences can be proven. Brain science has not advanced far enough yet to pinpoint using blood tests or objective criteria, so it

Being OCD, what are some of your habits?

Well I feel this is one horrible terrible disease.1)praying continuously for minutes before food.I can't stand any disturbance in between, and if something occur I even abstain from having food, even if I feel dying with hunger.2)I want other to say word

Can a person have both OCD and depression?

Yes Sometimes people with OCD also have other mental disorders, such as anxiety, depression, and body dysmorphic disorder, a disorder in which someone mistakenly believes that a part of their body is abnormal.OCD and anxiety have similar manifestations, so it presents a challenge for physicians when attempting to diagnose a patient that

Can Ativan be used to treat OCD?

Benzodiazepines like Ativan reduce the anxiety from your obsessive thoughts which in turn will not compel you to feel the extreme need to ritualize in order to alleviate your pain. Unfortunately it's far from a cure and could end in disaster. Benzodiazepines are addictive and although they will initially relieve the symptoms if used daily they will

Can cannibis cure OCD?

There is no cure for OCD. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is the most important part of treatment. Sometimes medication is also used but only a few seem to be useful and there are small groups of us where they not only do not work they make us more unstable.There are

Can depression and OCD coexist?

It most certainly can. I have been diagnosed with OCD but I also have severe depression, I can understand why you have trouble seeing them as two coexisting things due to the conflicting nature of them both. Obsessive compulsive disorder is an anxiety problem which in itself excluding other variables can and

Can depression and ocd go on their own?

How do obsessions occur? Why do they become compulsive?Each action in our body on completion receives an acknowledgment from the performing organ through the neural network. Millions of such transactions occur. Each of our thoughts get converted into actions. If the acknowledgment is not received by the brain, it initiates the

Can ECT help with the treatment of OCD?

Thanks for A2A @suriya suriECT or electroconvulsive therapy are not conventionally used for treating OCD, however they can be used.Usually patients of OCD are primarily treated by behavioral therapy and cognitive therapy and some pharmaceutical help. In whatever cases I

Can homoeopathy treat mental disorders like obsessive compulsive disorder(OCD)?

As you might be knowing OCD is a disorder where unwanted intrusive thoughts are entering your mind. Treatment resistance in OCD is often due to wrong selection of antidepressant or insufficient dosage. So may be there is still a chance for medications. When you are super busy you

Can I change my deal with God? I'm an OCD sufferer with religious OCD.

Yes you CAN change your deal with God. However, God doesn't work that way nor expects anything more than your loyalty to Him and faith in Him. Deals with him are a bad idea since as you see, it makes a person

Can I use clonazepam for OCD?

If you are asking because you want to know if it is a waste of time to talk to your doctor about it or not than I offer the following:I have personally used clonazepam as a band aid to help me when I was escalated and needed help breaking negative cycles.  It was particularly helpful when my anxiety