Do dating apps and sites really work?

It depends highly on the demography and geological location of the concerned people. So, I took an initiative and looked up the log for the OP, and concluded that you were Indian. I sincerely apologize if my assumption is wrong.So, basically,

Are dating websites useless for men?

Eivind Kjørstad has a good answer already, and I'll build on it by saying that I met my wife on eharmony almost 6 years ago, and one of the major advantages of that particular website is that it does a lot to even the playing field between men and

How successful is online dating from experience?

How successful is online dating from experience?*major breathing issues right now*I almost didn't write this answer. Sometimes it's very difficult to open up. But since I've already written about it, here we go. I also thought this would be a good learning experience for some of you. I obviously can't put major details because

What are the best things to write on your online dating profile?

The question is kind of gender related, as both men and women work differently. Whereas for women the photos are most important, for men they're important in a totally different manner.But as you ask about writing, for photos I'll leave it down to: your pictures should tell the same story

What is the best way to get Tinder matches to turn into Tinder dates?

From a guy's standpoint...GUYS: Have an actual conversation with the girl. Every woman I've met via online dating says they literally count the number of messages before sex is brought up or implied. Surprise them by actually talking to them about normal topics. Ask them about

Why don't women send first messages in online dating?

In the offline world, a guy demonstrates romantic interest typically by approaching and starting conversation. It is up to the woman to then accept or decline. When a woman decides to demonstrate romantic interest, she is most likely to do it by flashing her eyes from the other side of the floor.Sending a first message in online dating is

Is it worth paying for a dating website?

There are two variations on "paying for a dating website." If you're paying on a normally free site, you're paying for additional features. If you're paying for a pay-to-use website, you're paying to be part of a community.In the former case, I don't

What is the best free online dating site?

There are plenty of top dating sites among which you can easily find a reliable one, but it is not feasible to sign up and try each of them to find the best one. For your convenience, I am made top 4 list of the dating sites of my choice.Parship.comParship is the perfect site for people

Why are people comfortable with online dating?

I was an adopter of the stereotype before I really gave it a go, and one of the answers here really hit the nail on the head by saying that it was never true - just assumed to be out of fear and unfamiliarity.  My real hesitance with online dating was the sober effort that had to be