Do regular people use desktop Linux?

I am a regular person. I use Linux for several reasons, and none of them have anything to do with Windows. I am a teacher and my school-district supplied desktop computer runs Windows 10, and it is the best Microsoft OS in years. But on my

How to maximize a window without a mouse

From Windows Help:Win+D - Display the desktop.Win+M - Minimize all windows.Win+Shift+M - Restore minimized windows to the desktop.Win+↑ - Maximize the window.Win+← - Maximize the window to the left side of the screen.Win+→ - Maximize the window to the right side of the screen.Win+↓ -

What are the advantages of programming in Linux?

1. Cost :  It is an open source , hence it is free. Unless you are running a server in an Enterprise level for that you need Red Hat linux license but apart from that it is free. You can dowload the OS from its official site.2.Stability. Most of the Enterprise use linux

What frustrates you about Linux?

No robust gaming support from DevelopersI would much rather use Linux at times over Windows, no buggy installers, easy to compile and code on, and has many kernel advantages over WinNT.However, the reason that Windows has had a strong hold on the market is the amount of software written for Windows and

What is the best Linux distro for a new Linux user?

Lightweight distributions with a high degree of beginner-friendliness include:antiX - a Debian-based distribution designed especially to be suitable for old computers. By Debian-based (or a synonym would be a

What is the best system requirement to run Oracle?

There is no such thing. A system requirement is based on, well, the requirements of the application that runs on it. The exact requirements will depend on the application that makes use of the Oracle database. Anything more, it *may* be better; but the minimum depends on the exact requirements of the application.Let me be

What OS should I install for learning hacking?

If you really want to hack systems, you want to install them all at some point. What I'd suggest is that you pick a good hypervisor and install your targets inside the VM. If you want to hack hypervisors, I'd suggest you get a well-resourced system and run the target hypervisor inside a guest (nested hypervisors). Make sure

What percentage of people use Linux?

As a free open source Operating System? Anyone could If you want to run two operating systems on one computer you really should learn about partitioning. If you want to completely replace mac or win it takes only one click.I use it on one of my

Why do people use Linux on their PCs?

Mostly because it's the technology underlying many of the services and devices they use. Alternatively we can say:

Why do some people hate Linux (linux based OS)?

Well I don't exactly know anyone who hates Linux. They are just reluctant to try it out.One reason for this is that they are made to believe in the myth that Ubuntu = Linux. They try Ubuntu, don't like it, throw it away. End of story.The key point here is

After installing a Linux OS first, is it possible to install Windows OS as a second OS? Why?

Yes! It is possible. But this process leads to a mess. Linux has a boot manager i.e GRUB Bootlader in case of Ubuntu. This Bootloader can't find the recently installed Windows Operating System because GRUB doesn't have any boot entries during the installation of Ubuntu. Because of

Are people still using Gentoo Linux?

Gentoo was always a wild horse among the Linux distros. I never bought into the

Could you trick a smartphone into thinking it is a PC, install regular Windows and use it as a normal computer? How would you go about it?

The ASUS Zenfone 2 can run Windows 10.The first problem you will have for most smart phones is the processor is from the wrong family. The ASUS Zenfone 2 gets round this by being a bit of an odd phone as it is

Do regular people use desktop Linux?

I am a regular person. I use Linux for several reasons, and none of them have anything to do with Windows. I am a teacher and my school-district supplied desktop computer runs Windows 10, and it is the best Microsoft OS

Do you know anyone who uses Linux?

The Linux desktop is mainly used by developers and system administrators, scientists, and employees of organizations that use Linux as their primary network and workstation environments, and by hobbyists, and a few people who have been introduced to Linux by a friend. But, Android is technically a variant distribution of Linux, so anyone with an Android phone

Does anyone actually use and enjoy Windows 8?

I love the Lumia 920 phone and wish that Verizon's Windows phones would stop being cheap plastic garbage (even the 926 is rumored to be cheap plastic instead of aluminum like the AT&T models). I think Windows 8 Phone is a refreshing change from the sea of icons. If I stare at icons for much

Does anyone actually use desktop Linux?

Yes, my wife does.She used to use Windows 7 on an old-ish laptop. When the upgrade to Windows 10 came, the laptop for some reason was not really able to handle it, opening the start menu took in the order of 10 seconds, so she reverted back to Windows 7. However, the laptop was

How to install a new OS on a empty laptop

A2A: Use another computer to download an installer. For Windows, use Microsoft's Media Creation Tool. Here's some advice on how to do it. You can purchase the license for Windows after you have installed it. (You need that in order to

How to upgrade my Lumia 730 to Windows 10

EDIT: I have utterly rewritten my answer. My original answer posited that the Lumia 730 was a laptop or tablet, when in fact, it's a phone.According to this site (Nokia Lumia 730 Dual SIM) the Lumia 730 is based on Windows 8.1 and is upgradeable to Windows 10.How to do it? Ironically, Quora to (my)

How do home Linux users benefit from enterprise Linux distributions like Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

I have started this answer three times now. I am trying to think of a way that home users might benefit from an

How to learn to use Linux? Where do I begin? Are all the Linus distros the same? If not, which should I use

I cannot state enough how bad advice it is for someone who seriously wants to learn Linux to install a distribution with a GUI/Desktop Environment installed by default !It might be rewarding at first. But then they start plugging in USB devices and connect their webcam. They start wondering why all search results and forum posts on ubuntuforums

How hackers hack operating systems and what some good books I must study to hack OS?

You need to learn the basics of hacking and writing code first.  Then what you need is a book on writing operating systems (if you want generalities) or a book that digs into the system calls and interfaces of an

How is the Linux so stable compared to other operating systems?

Hello,Here are a few reasons why Linux is a lot more secure and stable than any other proprietary operating systems:Community: Different software developers have different levels of knowledge and no developer will have the knowledge of everything. (At least, in my opinion, correct me if I am wrong).

How many Linux users use antivirus software?

UPDATE: just a quick note, this was an answer to a slightly different question. The current question (late 2018) reads:

If people stopped using Linux on their desktop, will this then be the end of Linux on the desktop?

People use Linux on their desktop or laptop (their workstation), for its the the best option they have to meet their needs. So, for them to stop using it, something else needs to first come along and meet their needs as

Is it better to program in Linux?

Linux has a plethora of programs for testing and validating code, for ensuring the code was compiled correctly, for profiling and analysing memory behaviour, network performance, parallel programming performance, disk I/O performance, etc. It has profilers that can tell you what the kernel is doing when you run an instruction, how well

Is it possible to develop apps for iOS using a Windows or Linux PC?

It's certainly possible to develop on a Windows machine, in fact my first application was exclusively developed on the old Dell Precision I had at the time :)There are three routes;1. Install OSx86 (aka iATKOS / Kalyway) on

Is Linux a viable everyday operating system?

I'd say that this question is too broad, and much depends on what your

Is Linux dead? Why?

There is an incredible amount of Linux evangelism in this thread, which compelled me to post to correct a lot of the... misconceptions that are being perpetrated.First, to directly answer the question, no, Linux is not dead and nowhere close.Second, to clarify, I'm going to use the term *nix to

Is Linux good for programming and coding?

Linux is the best environment for programming that we have at the moment. Most development companies shift their base of operation to Linux nowadays.I got now 500 languages installed on my system, and the system will support me when I am working with all of them. It

Is Linux more secure than Windows?

Andrew Daviel, Arpit Gupta, Doug Kuhn and Kim Goldberg all give good answers. Something they've all missed, though, is a key philosophical difference between Linux (actually, UNIX in general) and Windows. A key UNIX philosophy is "do one thing and do it well". This naturally results in smaller, simpler

Is Oracle a virtual machine that can be installed on Windows 10? Can I install Ubuntu onto it and run it inside Oracle on my Windows 10 OS?

Oracle is a software company which implements a great many things, one of which is VirtualBox, which can implement a virtual machine on Windows 10. Another free program which can do this is VMware Workstation Player. I prefer the latter because I don't like Oracle

Is the Windows 10 update very useful to a Lumia 730?

Windows 10 coming soon to Lumia smartphonesWindows 10 Mobile on track for most Lumia phones - CNETAre you even serious? What's the point of even discussing it? It is a better version of Windows operating system and it has its improvements, that's why it

Is there a way to bridge 2 computers, 2 laptops or a laptop and a computer to where they use their hardware to operate one operating system together?

A2A. Yes. As others have said this is clustering. Other distrubuted computing models exist as well. SETI uses a method that installs a client on computers and when notified that the sysyem is not being used allows the SETI program to send instructions for signal analysis. Some file sharing networks were a fir of

What are all the advantages of using Linux rather than Microsoft Windows?

Because.Different people have different reasons. Here are some of mine, in no particular order.It's free. I don't have to pay through the nose for the privilege of using it, or commit a crime.It's Free. Its development isn't bound to some company's

What are some time-saving tips that every Linux user should know?

[An expanded version of this answer is now on Github.]Here is a selection of command-line tips that I've found useful when working on Linux. The emphasis is on somewhat less-known techniques that are generally important or useful

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using linux on a desktop computer?

Advantages:Free - big deal in developing world, also with large install base (multiple computers)Open source - The code of the OS has been reviewed by lots and lots of people, ensuring that there are no obvious back doors or other code you would not want your computer running.More free stuff - Beyond the OS itself, Linux repositories contain

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Linux?

There are major advantages in using GNU/Linux, as well as some disadvantages.Please note that the true name of the OS is

What are the advantages of Linux software?

Two principle advantages.Its

What are the advantages of the different versions of Linux?

There is only one version of Linux.There are multitude of distributions, but the vast majority fall into two camps. Debian based and RedHat based, and two sub groups, strictly open source and accepting of closed source software (drivers in particular).There are rolling

What are the advantages of using Linux for a programmer?

Better performance. Full POSIX compliance (Windows' is partial). Built-in Python2/3 (on many distros). Other tools are also built-in. Installation is very easy and automatizable (including the download itself). Packages and dependencies. Less on-disk footprint: more room for the projects themselves on small disks. And many less-important subtleties. (Oh, and next-to-no kernel panic, compare that with

What are the advantages to Linux?

Compared to what?Linux is a very effective version of Unix, and is extremely widespread. Unix is better because of the Unix philosophy; I'll say no more about that.Being free is important, but mainly in its secondary effects. It's free so

What are the benefits and drawbacks of switching to Linux? I'm well trained in Windows and my office also uses Windows OS. Should I switch my personal laptop to Linux?

First of all, since you're saying you're open to trying new OSes, maybe it's a good time to evaluate *all* your options. Sure, Linux distributions are the first alternative (and most of the time the only ones) that people are finding about. But while all

What are the benefits of programming on Linux?

If you are programming in C/C++, you will find that it is easier to get up and running with Linux than with Windows, primarily because headers and libraries are all stored in standard places that are by default known to the GNU

What are the biggest myths about Linux?

That its hard to use.Linux (for most purposes) is easy, but different that what people learned from their first computing experience. That can actually be resolved by using a window manager (the thing that draws your screen) which most suits your expectations.That it is hard to keep

What are the coolest things you can do on linux?

There are a myriad of cool things you can do on the linux command line.You can figure out the current working directory of every process.  Therefore, you can know, when you change into a particular directory, if there are any other programs running/working in there.  How many programs are running

What are the differences between Yocto Linux OS and the other Linux OS, such as CentOS, Ubuntu, etc?

The primary difference is that the packages on Ubuntu, CentOS are intended to be compiled on the same processor architecture that is going to execute them, while Yocto is intended from the very beginning to be cross-compiled (one typically compile packages for Yocto on desktop computers, while the resulting system is running on ARM, MIPS processors

What are the difficulties for the average user trying to use Linux?

If that average user is a former Windows user, the biggest challenge is adopting the mindset that Linux is NOT Windows. After that, it might be that they have adopted some collection of applications and the attendant data that do not have Linux versions,

What are the new features of Microsoft Windows 10?

Why Windows10 is a Big Charm of 2015? MICROSOFT this morning drew back the curtain on the operating systems  by kicking off Windows 10 with a mob of business-friendly features and  also with some surprises.Microsoft is breaking down the Windows Phone and Windows RT borders 

What are the pros and cons of Linux Mint vs Ubuntu?

Mint is actually a derivative of Ubuntu.  So when Richard Watson says their similar, he's not kidding.Ubuntu has a more frequent version release than Mint does.  A new version comes out every 6 months, with long term support versions every 2 years or so.  Mint's releases seem to be every year.  In

What are the some features of linux?

Well, let the games begin....I will probably update this over the next 24-48 hours from this time of writing...I have made my opinions very clear previously, but never the straight-up list of features. So, here's a Top 10 list of features that (in and of)

What are the Windows 10 system requirements?

Microsoft lists the Windows 10 minimum hardware requirements as:Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster processor or SoC.RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) for 32-bit or 2 GB for 64-bit.Hard disk space: 16 GB for 32-bit OS 20 GB for 64-bit OS.Graphics card: DirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver.Display: 800x600But I reccomendprocessor: 2.5 GHz Dual Core (Faster is better)RAM

What do you dislike most about Linux?

I've written about this before, and I say this as someone who uses GNU/Linux and will launch a startup using GNU/Linux.I don't like how GNU/Linux played a role in demonetising systems development.When GNU/Linux first appeared, there were a few people that used it as a point of principle, but most people were like me,

What frustrates you about Linux?

No robust gaming support from DevelopersI would much rather use Linux at times over Windows, no buggy installers, easy to compile and code on, and has many kernel advantages over WinNT.However, the reason that Windows has had a strong hold on the market is the amount of software written for Windows

What is Oracle? What is the system requirement for Oracle installation in Windows?

The official copy about Oracle Database software is....Oracle Database is a multi-model database management system produced and marketed by Oracle Corporation. It is the world's most popular database for running online transaction processing, data warehousing and mixed database workloads.As far as requirements, you would need to go through the Oracle Database Preinstalaltion Requirements:Oracle Database Preinstallation Requirements

What is the best Linux desktop environment for the average user?

Many here have suggested different desktop environments and distributions. However, for the average user I think the most used and most supported Linux desktop is the best. That means Ubuntu with its default desktop.There might be some Linux desktop that looks more like Windows or looks more like a mac,

What is the best OS to learn about hacking?

I'm quite surprised by other answers. From my personal experience Kali is not the best OS for learning hacking. Kali has almost all of hacking tools and that's why it's the best OS for hacking but not for learning hacking.For learning hacking you'll need any stable OS (Any stable linux distro

What is the easiest Linux OS to use instead of Windows for a home computer?

It really depends on taste, hardware and one's willingness to adapt to doing things a bit differently, such as not installing software from any old website.If you liked XP, try Ubuntu Mate. If you like 7, try Mint Cinnamon. If you want to get away from 10. either will do. These are distros that are

What OS should I install for learning hacking?

If you really want to hack systems, you want to install them all at some point. What I'd suggest is that you pick a good hypervisor and install your targets inside the VM. If you want to hack hypervisors, I'd suggest you get a well-resourced system and run the target hypervisor inside a guest

What percentage of people use Linux?

As a free open source Operating System? Anyone could If you want to run two operating systems on one computer you really should learn about partitioning. If you want to completely replace mac or win it takes only one click.I use it on one of

What should Linux helps me for programming?

Well there are many things that linux can help you learn. A brief list would be:-How c and c++ compilation work, make files, object files etc. Most of the time IDE's hide this from the user.-How shell and kernel work. If

What's the most user-friendly Linux operating system? Specifically, I'm looking for something for potential Windows converts that will feel familiar and intuitive to them, and not require use of the command line.

Ubuntu is the more well-known of the two distros, but Linux Mint is also one of the most popular out there. Both provide users with a great introduction to Linux.Ubuntu Linux has long reigned the king of user-friendly

Where can you download the Linux operating system?

A few fine answers already, my two cents is that the term

Which are the top 5 reasons that you should use Fedora Linux?

Thanks for the A2A.There are basically only one or two reasons and that's it.Fedora is often mistakenly assumed to be an average desktop distribution.Fedora is UPSTREAM of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Meaning, Fedora is the development platform for a niche server operating system, to keep the same clean.Reading descriptions carefully, you

Which computers are using Linux?

100% of the top 500 supercomputers36% of the top 10 million webservers97% of the top 1 million webserversNearly 100% of all Android devices[1] (as Tim points out, Android is a layer atop an OS, nearly always Linux)1.8% of desktops/laptops15% of desktops/laptops that aren't running a Microsoft OSRoku STBsData Source[1] "Android" not on top of

Which Linux distributions work the best for older PCs?

The best desktop distro for 10 year old hardware is:Linux MintThe best server / programming distro for 10 year old hardware is:Centos 7The best live distros for 10 year old hardware is:Slax (based on Slackware)Proteus (based on Slackware)PuppyLinux - Slacko (based on Slackware)TalisKaliIf you have older hardware than 10 year, please don't use that linux

Which OS can not be hacked?

All hack ways technically based on von Neumann architecture, which means data and program codes are not seperated strictly. The most used sabotage method, buffer overflow, and viruses, are perfect examples.In a von Neumann architecture computer, I pick some data inside it, and ask if it can be run as code?

Which OS is better for hacking?

Best Os For Hackers Is Kali LinuxSome Information About ItAnd As You Know Every Thing Has 2 Side One Is good And 2 Is Bad It's Upon How You Use ItSo here we goKali Linux is a Debian-based Linux distribution aimed at advanced Penetration Testing and Security Auditing. Kali contains several hundred tools which are geared

Why are Linux operating systems usually more stable than Windows?

This has to do with the original philosophical design principles of the UNIX OS which were adopted by Linux - namely Kernel based design.It is a truism that all code is prone to bugs. At the current state of software engineering there is no way around that fact. That is a whole long topic of conversation unto

Why aren't people abandoning Windows for Linux?

Stop focusing on the operating system so much. People do not turn their machines on to tinker with their OS (except a few, that usually ask this type of questions all over Quora). People turn their computers to do stuff and to

Why do developers like Linux so much?

Originally answered:Kanishk Sinha's answer to Why do people love the Linux operating system?The ice-cream analogyImagine that you go out for an ice-cream. You are a great lover of ice-cream. There are only 3 ice-cream parlours in your city that

Why do Google engineers use Linux on their desktops when it is so buggy on desktops and laptops?

Because software engineers do a lot more than installing binaries.Windows can be the best operating system out there if all you want to do is to install packaged binaries and get stuff done with them. It has the widest variety of software in most categories, works on the widest variety of recent consumer PC hardware, and it

Why do most people use Linux for hacking?

1. Linux is open Source and any one can use it for any type of work, not only for hacking.3. Most of the linux Distros are free of cost. One of the most common linux distro is UBUNTU,

Why do nearly all supercomputers run Linux? GNU/Linux is just one of many operating systems.

See also: Why is Linux the preferred OS for Supercomputers?First, understand that a modern supercomputer is really a bunch of computers all connected with a high-speed connection (sometimes something unusual, but sometimes a supercomputer is literally just a bunch

Why do people keep saying Linux is stable?

Because what you're calling Linux and what they're calling Linux are not all that related. Linux can be many things. There is not one ‘Linux operating system.' Indeed, there are many. Android and ChromeOS are Linux, your Scientific Atlanta set-top box is running Linux, your router probably runs Linux (or vxWorks,

Why do people use Linux on their PCs?

Mostly because it's the technology underlying many of the services and devices they use. Alternatively we can say:

Why do programmers advise new programmers to ignore using Microsoft Windows?

I'm going to go ahead and agree with whoever told you that. I actually detest working with MS Windows so much that it gives me a headache just remembering the headaches it has offered me in the past :) I've also successfully avoided it for the past 15 years now and have no

Why do some Linux users hate systemd?

The concept of systemd is not bad in itself (better parallelization during the startup, better dependency management, more advanced logging, better management of dynamic events while bridging some gaps that have existed between the command-line environment and the GUIs in this sense, etc.)However, the old way of doing things – being mostly script-based – allows customizing everything.I

Why do some Linux users hate Ubuntu?

I think it's about Ubuntu becoming very popular and then some people wanting to show, that it's too easy for them.I've seen a lot of claims that it is bloated. It's not bloated, it just has plenty of packages. Those packages come from Debian, which plenty of

Why do some people hate Linux (linux based OS)?

First of all, I doubt many people are even aware of Linux as an operating system.  They just use whatever operating system came on their computer when they bought it...and very, very few manufacturers preinstall Linux.  (They may not even ever

Why do some people use Linux instead of Windows on their home computers? Is it just because they don't want to pay for Windows?

Why do some people use Linux instead of Windows on their home computers? Is it just because they don't want to pay for Windows?The only time a person would have to pay for Windows directly is if they built their desktop computer themselves. In all other cases, you pay for Windows

Why do Windows users hate Linux?

I have taught Linux courses at the college level. Normally the students in these classes where not in a degree program that would require they use Linux outside of these classes. They where all technical students but outside of these two classes they mostly used Windows. It was sort of like the two semesters

Why don't companies use Linux as their OS?

Companies do use Linux as their OS. The main reasons are,People are not enough experienced with Linux.Linux though provides support but it is not that much as Windows.Mainly, Linux doesn't advertise as Windows and it won't.People are unaware of Linux.People have a

Why don't people like Linux?

There are many reasons - and groups have tried to work on and eliminate as many of these reasons as possible. Reasons include too many distributions, differences with Windows, lack of support for hardware, "lack" of perceived support, lack of commercial support, licensing issues, and lack of software - or too

Why don't people use the Desktop much in Linux & macOS to keep their files as they use in Windows?

There are several reasons for this including design choices, how people use linux and which people you have actually seen using Linux, but the most essential one is also the most simple one:In Windows, if you want a really quick installation of

Why don't you use Linux?

Linux, the kernel, is a wonderful thing. It's one of the marvels the human race has produced. It's a joint work of large corporations such as IBM and countless work hours of truly great programmers who donate an amazing work to the human race for free.

Why is Linux the best operating system?

Quite simple, it isn't the best operating system. Heck, contrary to what you think it's full of flaws.The VST support is pretty much non existent. No support for voice modulation VSTs, no support for instrument effect VST. Linux is the most

Why is the Linux operating system better than any other operating system?

Unfortunately, most people tend to like or not like something based on familiarity or expectations and not functionality or understanding. For example, I think those who hate Mac/Apple, are Windows users and the other way around. Things aren't where they expect or work the same way and quickly say

Why is the Linux operating system used only by some people?

In short - Because people want an easy life.Actually, Most of the people don't know about it and who knows, they only knows one think about it that is, it's not easy and used by less number of people so they can't find help, which is not true.People can't find it user-friendly then

Why should I upgrade my Lumia 730 to Windows 10?

I have upgraded my Lumia 640 due to various improvements in functionality.New keyboard functions. Language changer in the space bar. Also the ability to use a

Why should I use the Ubuntu operating system over other Linux operating system?

At its coreI will answer with the assumption that you're talking about the Ubuntu core system, and not the desktop distro.The reason for this choice is that the system is the same for Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu etc. But Desktop Environment and pre-installed applications vary.Stability and package

Why would anyone learn Linux system programming?

I can tell you. I sometimes write my own utilities. Usually I don't use C though. I have written a utility (in C) for a guy to adjust the brightness of his monitor. He had an unusual monitor that would not retain its settings after a power cycle, and my little program polled the

With the new paid license mode for Java SE that Oracle has implemented since JDK 11, do you plan to switch to the OpenJDK distribution?

From my point of view, in the internal projects we are going to be using openJDK for sure.Now there are several situations where that could be not an option, for example if we are using Weblogic or Websphere I understand those will present some

Would ISPs block people that use Linux from installing online things?

Blocked completely? Unlikely. I envision some sort of equivalent to LTE/4G/3G that the cell companies use. Certain license paying providers can stream to the faster protocol if they pay the price, others are limited to a

Would linux based OS be a good first OS?

My granddaughters are 9 and 10 and I put Lubuntu on an old (XP) laptop for them and spent ten minutes showing them how to navigate it. They had no problems. I think it depends if you were a Windows user and expect Linux to be exactly the same and are

Can Ubuntu be affected by viruses or not?

Yes Ubuntu can be affected by viruses.But hackers do not see Linux as their perspective market hence they do not create viruses for Linux machines. With windows covering a larger share in Desktop computers, viruses are designed for windows machines. Viruses does not just get created by their own, they are designed by super smart people with some motive

Can viruses attack Linux?

Anurag Tripathy has answered succinctly and very correctly.I would like to add a little to it.There are viruses that can attack Linux systems, but Linux systems have certain advantages when it comes to dealing with viruses and