What is the best Linux distro for a new Linux user?

A few years ago I would have said Ubuntu, even if I don't use it personally. But not now. Ubuntu seems to go all wrong nowadays.I won't get into tedious technical and/or political details right now, but to make a long story short, Ubuntu now seems to pretty much

Do you ever use cracked Microsoft Windows systems? If yes, do you fear that you will be sued some day in the future?

A few years ago, I bought, from Microsoft, a copy of Office 2010 (it was on special offer so I got it cheap). It was the download version, I stupidly didn't bother to pay the (small) extra for the discs. More stupidly , I lost the email with the licence key in.When I came to install it, I found

Is Microsoft Windows becoming unusable?

I could not disagree more. Windows keeps getting BETTER. In fact, all technology is constantly improving. You give skimpy details on your laptop, but you do realize this is 2016, right? 2012 was 4 long years ago. Time does not stand still! Those specs were not impressive in

Can Windows 8 be installed on a Linux-based OS?

Yes, very easily.Install VirtualBox on your Linux PC, and then install Windows 8 on a virtual machine inside VirtualBox. You should be able to get it from any Linux software repository, and it works very well as long as you have

What is Microsoft Windows 10?

Microsoft Windows10 is powerfull operating system comparison than window 8.1to window 10 has more features like as looks and when open his system y get a special features for open the background lock sytem anf more than more features are provided for our...one more thing is we can ask every questions in like as what do you want

Which OS is better, Windows, Marcos, or Linux?

Linux is an open source distribution and so many flavors there under this like Centos, Ubuntu, Fedora etc.....But the here main concept, you have to choose from desktop or Servers edition which is essential for your work .......Absolutely Linux Servers are highly secured and need so much patience to resolve

What are some Windows 10 tips, tricks, and hacks?

We're not sure how many of these are technically lesser known anymore, but we wanted to send you a few suggestions anyway. These are the things people seem to be happy to hear from our team at least! How to Speed Up Your Computer (Maybe) By Turning

Why is Microsoft Windows so often unstable?

Windows is NOT typically unstable (in quite some time) UNLESS it is loaded with buggy drivers or services (usually not by Microsoft.)Not that Microsoft is not necessarily any better at producing software but because they are more likely to test their own OS more fully,

Whether Microsoft's windows and Apple's macintosh was stolen from xerox alto (in 1980's)?

This is 1979 when Steve Jobs was 24 years old. Xerox was famous for its PARC. So, Steve Jobs made a deal that he would allow Xerox to buy 100,000 shares of Apple if they show them the Xerox Alto. Apple's IPO was one year away and no one could say

Could you install Linux into a cell phone?

You can install Linux on an Android phone through https://play.google.com/store/ap... however it is very slow and not particularly usable. You can install Ubuntu Touch and dualboot it with Android, just search "dualboot ubuntu touch android <your phone here>"Good luck.

What would happen to Apple and Microsoft if Microsoft got the source code of OS X?

Nothing. Microsoft intentionally keeps Windows different from the alternatives (which are UNIX-likes) in order to keep Windows software exclusive to Windows. Microsoft wouldn't benefit any way from knowing the inner workings of their competitor because they don't care.

Does anyone really like Microsoft Windows 10?

I like it. It works really well for me. The problem that I find with most people is that they expect that the windows that comes preinstalled on their systems should work. No, the systems have all kinds of junk included on it. Some of these companies pay hundreds of dollars for having their software preinstalled on a

Can we run Raspberry Pi without an OS?

The Moebius project focusses on providing a 'bare bones' solution for the Raspberry Pi. It's based-on Raspbian packages and only includes the bare minimal OS features and a package manager that makes it easy to extend the basic system when required. Such a

What would happen if Apple, Google, and Microsoft merged?

It would be Skynet! The beginning of the end. Kthulu, and Sauron, and Voldemort, all merged into one. The Borg. Sell all your electronics and move to the forest. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated

What are misconceptions about Microsoft Windows?

I think the most common misconception is that it's good. Modern Windows versions aren't bad neither, they are mediocre.They used to be really bad when they were still clinging on to the 9x/Me family of Windows versions, which were basically DOS.Nowadays privacy seems to become a bigger issue than the stability and security design flaws of the past.

Would it be in Apple's business interests to converge MacOS and iOS?

While Microsoft has controversially been trying to blur the line between computer and tablet, and are now even selling a tablet with full blown Windows in the form of the Surface, Tim Cook has gone on record saying he doesn't believe it's in Apple's or their users' interest to make a tablet with a desktop OS,

Why do some people prefer Linux over Windows?

I started using Linux in 2012 out of necessity as there was scientific software that I couldn't run on Windows. At that time, not knowing much about Linux, I took my desktop which lived at work and installed Fedora 17. Prior to

Why do Microsoft Windows so often fail?

What failures?Microsoft is incredibly profitable and successful, they only 'fail' in the minds of Internet commentators.Windows 8.1 was a perfectly good OS, but a lot of companies didn't feel the need to move to it because Windows 7 was working just fine for them, and they didn't fancy the retraining costs.

Which OS is better, Windows, macOS, or Linux?

It depends on you.Try both first and then know what you want.NOTE: Linux is basically a kernel, so I am assuming you are asking about Linux distribution OS.I chose Windows 10 especially for gaming, or for MS Office work, when I need to write codes, play with Virtual Machines, play with new, beta software, when I require more

Which OS do KIIT provided laptops have, windows or linux?

Speaking for the batch of 2015–16, we were provided UBUNTU 14.04 single boot. Almost everyone was discontent. The biggest drawback is that you can't play games on your laptop as almost none of the games are compatible with LINUX OS. But if you want a laptop with an OS strictly for educational purposes, it should be fine.

What's the idea behind Microsoft Windows, and what does it say about the company?

You can find the answer in this quote below.Microsoft introduced an operating environment named Windows on November 20, 1985, as a graphical operating system shell for MS-DOS in response to the growing interest in graphical user interfaces (GUIs).Microsoft Windows came to dominate the world's personal compter (PC)

What would happen to Apple if Google bought Microsoft and how would Google change Windows and other Microsoft products?

If Google acquires Microsoft would literally kill the competition and search,desktop and mobile world will be controlled by this monopoly.All the prices of their will shoot up!Check how debeers controls the diamond prices to the monopoly!So for obvious reasons it's bad.

Why is Linux not as affected by viruses/malware as is Windows?

Linux has its share of malware, especially worms, however due to the user permissions in Linux, a normal desktop user will usually not install a virus and have the complete system compromised. Some practices in Linux are outright dangerous so that malware may get its way into the system or

What is the name of next microsoft operating system?

Windows 10 is the last "Windows" OS. All new features will be released as updates to Windows 10. So technically there is not going to be any next Microsoft OS.The next set of feature release is named "Redstone"There was another OS that was being developed using managed code. Not sure about the status though

What is Microsoft Windows?

Windows is an Operating System (OS) and has alot of functions.First of all, it starts your computer and is all you see on your screen. It allows you to interact with your computer and all the other programs you use.Without an OS in your computer it wouldn't start

Why did Apple make it so difficult to install Linux on the 2018 Macbook Pro?

For better security. You can install Linux under VirtualBox, where it will happily run in a window, giving you access to both it and MacOS at the same time. Even better, you can install several Linux distros that way and run them all at once.https://www.virtualbox.org/

Why do most of the developers in Silicon Valley prefer macOS over Linux or Windows?

Apple hardware has kind of been the best of all worlds. You can run OS X, you can run Windows and you can run Linux. Since Apple won't allow OS X to run on any non-Mac PCs (it's a legal rather than a technical barrier),

Which OS is better in Windows OS series, OS 8.1 or OS 10?

Windows 8.1 was a mess. I used it for a week as I love to try anything new. Actually, It was made keeping in mind the touch screen. You have to hover to corners to get the sub menus and while opening apps, it

Does 'Windows Hello' send data to Microsoft?

I don't really know about this specific application, in that I don't use Windows 10.Something I read online suggests Windows Hello shouldn't do it.However, I don't personally trust Windows 10 overall, which I consider a huge privacy threat, even though surely not the only one out there.

Should every CSE student know Linux?

well no ! you really need not to have a vast knowledge about Linux but as you are a student of computer science, a little knowledge about commands will not bother you. and in my opinion explore every subject you have studied in computer science.it will only be beneficial for you.

Could Microsoft buy Canonical?

Why on earth should they?If they buy Canonical to eliminate Ubuntu from the market, there are dozens other Linux distributions that could get its place in a short while.If they buy Canonical to show everybody how committed they are to OpenSource, then it is

What happens if Microsoft and Google together build an operating system?

Microsoft: WindowsGoogle: AndroidMicrosoft + Google : Windows + AndroidIf that happened in a good and proper way then we will get the best OS. As it will support all windows and android applications and features.But as we know they are working in very different ways and combining both of them

Which OS is better, Windows or DOS?

In DOS os you cannot do anything. The actual os in todys world would be considered windows 10. DOS is a command line os.When you buy a laptop or a pc you would get a DOS one for 4–5 thousand less than when you buy it with windows installed because manufacturers take the cost of installing windows

Can we run Raspberry Pi without an OS?

The Moebius project focusses on providing a 'bare bones' solution for the Raspberry Pi. It's based-on Raspbian packages and only includes the bare minimal OS features and a package manager that makes it easy to extend the basic system when required. Such a

What will the next Microsoft operating system be called?

Microsoft already released the next one... Linux.Though this particular release is aimed at IoT use.Microsoft built its own custom Linux kernel for its new IoT service

When will they stop updates for Windows 7?

Microsoft keeps an up to date Product Lifecycle database for all of its products athttps://support.microsoft.com/en....As of January 2018,

Is there any chance for Microsoft to catch me if I am using a pirated version of Windows 10? I create and use a Microsoft account on it.

The only thing I'm sure of is that your OS isn't going to last long, especially if your technical proficiency is that of one who would ask such a question. With the XP operating system, if you used an unregistered copy it would

What is the most useless software of Windows from Microsoft?

Internet Explorer. It is, without a doubt, the worst web browser. It's consistently behind on new technologyIt has the worst security as far as protecting against viruses and malware. It's not customizable It's pretty slowIt has a terrible interfaceQuoting an article which I can't find now:"Internet explorer is the most popular browser for

What operating system is better? Ubuntu Windows or MacOS?

It's like asking which one is better.. A potato or a cat or a spaceship... The three operating systems are the most used desktop OS in the market, but it's not fair to compare the three...Windows is preferred by most of the desktop users, as it is a gamer friendly, user friendly, creator friendly and

What's Windows 8's best browsers?

Well as you can see from the variety of answers here there are many people who will defend or attack many of the various browsers available on Windows 8. I am not going to do that.To a large degree it doesn't matter. All of the widely available browsers for Windows 8 (explicitly Internet Explorer, Chrome,

Is Windows 8 a better OS?

It depends on what ur using the machine for :1.Mac OS is designed to run ur programs smoothly without any instance of lag where the emphasis is on security and speed and is a very basic UI to use2.Windows (8/8.1/10) are designed

Why there is no "refresh" in Tesla?

There is. Hold both scrolling buttons down together for about three seconds, then release. Essential driving functions (lights, steering, braking, small screen showing speed, turn signals, etc.) remain unaffected while big screen goes blank for about a minute or two; everything on

Should Microsoft or Apple make their own Linux distributions?

AppleNo, absolutely not.All downside, no upside. Just one more OS to support, for no good reason. If they wanted an Open Source OS, they could just release the rest of OS X, Darwin and the Mach Kernel are already Open Source.It would be a very confusing offering, do OSX apps run on it? Does it have Cocoa?Nah, this

What prevents Linux from beating Windows and OS X?

Linux prevents Linux from beating Windows and OS X! May sound weird, but true. I'd request communities not to bring forth the conspiracy and marketing theories as the reason for its low adoption. There's more to it. Marketing definitely helps, but before you market a product, you need to integrate every bit tightly, put it as a

Is everything at Microsoft Windows based?

No not everything is at Microsoft is Windows based, Microsoft uses Debian in their SDN operating system for switches it is called Sonic.Azure/SONiCMicrosoft has also recently in the latest development builds of Windows 10 started supporting Ubuntu as a software development environment. There is a Linux subsystem in Windows that dynamically translates the Linux kernel

What is Microsoft Windows shell?

Also intersting information about Windows Shell Experience Host - ‘shellexperiencehost.exe'. It is discovered in Task Manager. The process is constantly using Operating system resources, especially CPU resources. Even though there is a genuine and legitimate Windows Shell Experience Host, some users can be infected with a