How to get perfectly fit body within a week

You don't. No one does. The body that you

What are some daily exercises to improve positive thinking?

One thing I do everyday is to think of 3 things I am thankful for everyday.  This is something that makes a big difference.  Anthony Robins also has a meditation where he focuses on the things he is thankful for for about

What should I do to think positive?

Trying to think positive and understanding how powerful it is in every walk of life, is something not everyone knows. Here are some practical ways to develop positive thinking:Start your day with positive thoughts :Instead of letting negative thinking dominate you, start your day with positive affirmations. Talk to yourself in the

How to gather strength, be positive and not give up in any bad situation

You cannot assume life without failures, ups and downs or slick without any hurdles. But yes keeping yourself calm and compose is in your hand. You can control your emotions and not let them overpower you. See, I am not saying that you will

How to get perfectly fit body within a week

You don't. No one does. The body that you

How to think positive about myself

Become a well-balanced, emotionally stable functioning Narcissist and wear a super-hero costume with

How Do You Stay Positive When Going Through Hard Times?

These are some lines from my one of best books that I read, help me to regain my strength in my tough times and enable me to stay positive towards life challenges. I want to share those lines here.

I feel that I am getting older, and accomplishing less. This becomes my anxiety as I am growing older. How do I make myself more positive?

You need to consider whether you're right in feeling your achievements aren't enough. We aren't all put on this earth to become rock stars, award-winning investigative journalists and dedicated surgeons.But perhaps you've reached a point in your life where you want to

Is positive thinking helpful?

Oh yes! Positive thinking not just gives you a fresh perspective to live in life, but helps you embrace every challenge sportingly. Here are 4 ways you could try to change your attitude and thinking positively:1)Don't settle and embrace every failure that comes your wayI'd like to quote Steve Jobs here:

What are the examples of positive thinking?

Many people don't understand the concept of positive thinking. Positive thinking is not about thinking that everything is fine and nothing bad is going to happen. If you are thinking like that, you are making a fool out of yourself.Positive thinking is a way of rational thinking where you stay non judgemental. It is where you

What does thinking positive mean and how can I think positively?

I will give you an example. Many years ago, on an engineering project of mine, a deadline was set in collaboration with an electricity authority. From the time that was set every communication I had with the authority I referred to (when) the project was completed at the agreed date. Not (if) it was completed at

What is your thought of positive thinking?

Really? That's a question? What is anyone's thought on a way of thinking that in your perspective is deemed positive? What is this positive thing you speak of? What are you looking for here?Maybe you are hoping for someone to tell you that positive thinking

Does being positive actually improve your life?

Yes, in ways you can't even imagine. Here's a quick, practical synopsis of the merits of positive psychology.Merit #1The first way is going to seem semantic, but it's actually a rather important philosophical point. If you think about why you want anything in life, it usually comes back to the way it makes

Does meditation help us to think positively?

This is a little like saying, does practicing piano everyday help me to play happy music?The answer is: practicing piano everyday will make you a better piano player, however, what type of music you play will be up to you.Your question is one

How to maintain positivity when almost nothing has been working out lately

Hello ,I think you we all have that time in our lives where things don't go our way at all. For some the time changes quickly and for some it lasts longer .But then I also believe some of us try hard and work our way through these tough times and then there some(like me) who

How to feel good about myself

Some days are better than others. On those days that go less well, we usually end up being hard on ourselves. Here are some tools to avoid doing so.1. Keep going. Don't let life's changes throw you off track, but remember that

What are the easy ways to build a positive self image?

There are several ways. Start them early in life. Practice them diligently every day, because the way you see yourself can positively or negatively influence every aspect of your life, and YOU DESERVE THE BEST, so go for it!1. Love your life. Your life is the only one you'll have. Life is so

Who has had the biggest positive impact on your life, and why?

As I stated in a recent Answer: Mary Poppins. Not Julie Andrews, but the original one in the book from the ‘30's that my 4th grade teacher used to read to us. She was such an enigmatic character. She could be strict, but had a soft center that her young charges

Can marrying young be a positive thing?


Is it hard for humans to be monogamous, or is it more of a matter of patience and positive thinking?

It all depends on the individual and if they respect trust in a relationship... Attractive people tend to be flirted with more often and therefore will need to keep the horse in the barn until its clear to resume normal activities . Patience and positive

What are some tips for staying positive while growing older?

My grandmother lived to be almost 90.No one in the family (except my mother) really knew her true age. Whenever anyone asked she'd say: I'm 21 plus. Every birthday she had (for as long as I can remember) her cake

What is the difference between false optimism and rational optimism?

Rephrased it is the difference between wrong optimism and right optimism. Either your optimism is inaccurate or unfounded and therefore does not come true or your optimism is rather accurate and does come true in the future. Optimism can be largely impulsive or it can be thought about to some

Which single 30 days challenge made the most positive impact in your life?

I'd been meaning to invest in the stock market for years-but I always had an excuse: