How to learn Oracle

Oracle Database Administrator (DBA)Step 1 : Pick Your Starting Operating System WiselyStep 2 : Consider Oracle Certification (OCP)Step 3 : Familiarize Yourself With VirtualizationStep 4 : Broaden Your Operating System KnowledgeStep 5 : Oracle on LinuxStep 6 : Automatic Storage Manager (ASM)Step 7 : Real Application Clusters (RAC)ConclusionStep 1 : Pick Your Starting Operating System WiselyWhen

How does oracle database work?

The answer is: Nobody can explain in so few words as Quora permits. Oracle (or any other database for that matter) has many architectural components such as SGA, PGA, Logging, Redo logs, Networking, PL/SQL compiler, etc. The first thing one needs to understand is the difference between Oracle Database and Instance. Oracle

I'm looking forward to start an Oracle course, but I'm starting fresh and I have never done Oracle before. So can I directly go for Oracle 12c database or do I have to do some other course before?

If you ask me I would first start with grid technology. By Grid technology I mean 10g or 11g. I just want to say that start with basics of Oracle and then go for the latest technology.If you do so

What is capacity planning in an Oracle database?

Capacity planning is the set of steps you need to take, and the things you need to consider when planning the deployment of any application.The goal is to understand what you will need in terms of hardware (server and storage), network (bandwidth, latency), software (licenses) and admin resource (people) in order to run the app

What is the best system requirement to run Oracle?

There is no such thing. A system requirement is based on, well, the requirements of the application that runs on it. The exact requirements will depend on the application that makes use of the Oracle database. Anything more, it *may* be better; but the minimum depends on the exact requirements of the application.Let me be

What is the difference between Oracle Apex, Oracle APP and Oracle Forms & Reports?

Hi MohamedApex (Application Express) is a mature web development tool based around the ability of Oracle PL/SQL to output HTML commands. You use a web browser to access Apex, build and run applications. Simple web applications can be built without much knowledge of SQL or PL/SQL but at the same time if you do have

Are Oracle Database certifications worth it?

Are Oracle Database certifications, worth it?All certifications have some values attached to them They are a measuring gauge specially for employers to judge the worth of the candidate. Similarly a certification is proof that an individual has gained knowledge in a particular field.

Are the Oracle Certified Java EE certifications worth having?

The Java EE certifications are organized based on component experts and advanced master level.Java EE professional level certificationOracle Certified Professional, Java EE 7 Application Developer | Read this article : Ganesh P's answer to Which is the best way to pass

As an Oracle apps DBA, is AWS a good choice for me?

AWS has a reported 50% market share of the Public Cloud IaaS market. AWS claim there are more Oracle databases running on AWS than on Oracle Cloud and more Microsoft SQL Server Databases running on AWS than on Microsoft Azure Cloud.Also, Oracle database is under attack from

Being an Oracle DBA having 12 years of experience and jobless, what will be a good path? Go for big data or go for managerial positions or wait for Oracle DBA opening?

I would not go into the why's of decrease in demand of Oracle DBA., but would start with your strengths. You have worked with data. For a long period of time. I assume that you have extensive knowledge on how data is represented, generated,

Can I learn Oracle at home?

1. Download Oracle Virtual Box 2. Download Pre-Built Oracle VMs from OTN3. Import the file downloaded from Step 2 into virtual box.4. Start the virtual machine5. You will have access to Oracle DB6. Play with itI would like to learn more about your problems/challenges and see

Can I restore an Oracle RMAN file using Oracle 12?

Good question. Let me answer in a concise and informative way. Two basic operations involved while building your database from scratch are :a. Database Restoreb. Database RecoveryRestoration is a process in which database files (spfile, controlfiles & datafiles) are brought back to it's original location using a backup. While during recovery you recover your database committed

Do I learn Oracle 11g or 12c?

As you have just started to learn about oracle technologies and you are new to all the concepts, I would recommend you to start from the scratch.Start with 11g companies don't upgrade way to fast.A technology stays for a longer duration. Therefore, you must start with

Do Oracle APEX developers work remotely?

To answer this question, lets first classify the typical Oracle Apex developer. Like many positions, you can ask 10 of them and get 11 answers.One thing to note first is that Apex will most likely be deployed at a company with an already strong Oracle install base. With Oracle's Cloud gaining traction at smaller companies, and Oracle Cloud

Does Google use Oracle?

No, Google doesn't use  Oracle. Google uses Bigtable which is not really a relational database because it does not support joins nor does it support rich SQL-like queries. Each table is a multidimensional sparse map. Tables consist of rows and columns, and each cell has a time stamp."Bigtable" is a distributed storage system (built by Google,) for

Does working at Oracle Financial Services equal working at Oracle?

I am wondering why you would worry about that.It can either be money, or experience or learning or a combination of two or more of them, for which you join a company.In any case, any firm you join should be judged on how

For Oracle 11g should I work on SQL plus or SQL developer?

Yes.Or...both.We've actually made a new version of SQL*Plus called SQLcl that takes some of the pain out of the command-line, and borrowed features from SQL Developer. Things like SQL recall, statement completion, an actual editor so you can arrow around the command as you type

How to download Oracle SQL Plus for PC Windows 7

If all you need is Sql*Plus you can download the Instant Client which includes this Free tools and libraries for connecting to Oracle DatabaseAlso if ou need a more feature rich CLI look at Sqlcl Oracle SQLclWhich is Sql*Plus on steroids and has a lot more great features .Also for an IDE look at Sqldeveloper

How to explain the Oracle database architecture

Well well, maybe I should begin with the initial definition by my lecturer...An Oracle database server consists of an Oracle database and an Oracle instance. Every time a database is started, a system global area (SGA) is allocated and Oracle background processes are started. The combination of the background processes and memory buffers is called an

How to get free Oracle courses

Oraprofiles - Profiles For Profession:-The Oraprofiles - Profiles For Professional mission is simple: connect the world's Oracle Professionals to make them more productive and business oriented. When you joinOraProfiles, you get access to people, jobs, news, updates, and insights that help you to find more business as an Oracle Consultant.Oraprofiles

How to get materials of oracle financials functional consultant

Functional skills get developed while working in the area. More hands on you do, more your learn and understand. Talking about the functional BFSI experts, they are the ones who have actually worked in the BFSI industry and have developed the skills while working in this industry e.g A banker knows the fundamentals and concepts

How to learn Oracle EBS applications

Its a vast suite of application, requires both Technical and Functional KnowledgeTechnical skills needed (Language and OS): SQL, PLSQL , Java(Basic), XML, Unix (Basic)Functional Skills: You may want to become Financial Consultant then start reading about General Ledger, then Account Payable, Receivables. Others are SCM and lot of other

How to learn Oracle financials with real time experience

Best institute is one who can provide you real time practical based one-to-one training not only theory.Karnthi Solution is 100% practical based training institute run by oracle certified professionals. Instead of learning oracle on dummy project learn how professionals work in real time and what kind of problem they get while working on

How to learn Oracle Financials

Well there is no right answer.... but one thing is for sure that you should be proficient with Financial Accounting or OC4J if you are looking at Oracle Financial developer role.Either way / best way to learn in my view is actually get into an Organization which uses Oracle

How to start a career in Oracle database

Starting with MySQL or Oracle is the initial step that most will suggest when you have your eyes set on becoming a database administrator. If you have any constraints that make attending regular classes difficult, you can learn SQL online. There are online courses for Oracle, too, that you can take at your

How to start learning Oracle database

So you have opted to learn Oracle Database. Cool. First of all let me welcome you to the fantasy world of Oracle Database. There is so much to learn. I have been doing this since last 10 years, and still going on and

How to install Oracle Java JDK 7

I recommend you to use sdkman. Here's how simple it is: sdk list java ================================================================================ Available Java Versions ================================================================================ 13.ea.15-open 8.0.202-amzn 1.0.0-rc-8-grl

How to learn and start using Oracle Database

Your question has other questions in it...You asked specifically, how to see the available database schema etc.You can query it just like you would query MySQL from the command-line. Or, just like you have the MySQL Workbench for MySQL, you can use SQL Developer as a GUI.Back to

How to use Oracle cards

I love Oracle cards and prefer using them to Tarot because, they usually don't follow tradition, leaving the reading up to your interpretation. Think of them like a child's picture book. Look at the cards and think about what comes to mind. For example, if there's a person in the card, do they

How to prepare for an Oracle Database SQL exam

Hello....!!Yes you can get best dumps of Oracle 1Z0-061 exam easily. You can get best and latest 1Z0-061 dumps from Troytec. Troytec provides you latest and updated 1Z0-061 questions from where you can easily score good grades in Oracle 1Z0-061 because 1Z0-061 exam questions are sorted out

How to start a relational database company like Oracle

First we should clarify that while Oracle as a business was based almost entirely on their relational database products until the mid-90's and still generates siginificant revenue from it, Oracle is now far more than a "Relational Database Company".  The rest of my answer addresses only the RDBMS question.I think your first

How does Oracle database licensing work?

Oracle database licensing is driven by several factors simultaneously:the product you're buyingthe O/S you're running it onThe environment you're running (prod versus non-prod basically)First: go to this link: . This is Oracle's global pricing list. Every product you could think of buying is listed here. Assuming you're running the basic Enterprise Edition product, its $47,500 per

How does oracle database work?

The answer is: Nobody can explain in so few words as Quora permits. Oracle (or any other database for that matter) has many architectural components such as SGA, PGA, Logging, Redo logs, Networking, PL/SQL compiler, etc. The first thing one needs to understand is the difference between Oracle Database and Instance. Oracle database is a collection of physical

How does Oracle make money from Java?

Excluding their middleware and package applications which are built with Java, Oracle has Java commercial products that are licensable - they include Java SE Advanced, Java SE Advanced Desktop, Java SE Suite. There are also a few SKUs in the group called Java SE Embedded which includes

How is Oracle to learn?

Ease or difficulty to learn anything including Oracle depends on your aptitude, capability and inclination.What I can though say is that many training and certifications are available from Oracle University - Oracle Product Training | Training | Oracle UniversityFor example:MySQL |

How long does it take to learn oracle?

It depends on what you want to learn. Oracle has a lot of products. In my old company, learning Oracle meant the Oracle ERP; I'm assuming you mean the Oracle Database;If you already know basic SQL, for example, MySQL or SQL Server, then you will pick up the basics of PL/SQL pretty quickly.If you already do programming, it's

I am a JAVA background guy having 5.5 years of experience. I got a chance to work on Oracle APEX. Is that worthy for my career?

APEX uses mostly PL/SQL in the backend and for the front end HTML ,CSS and javascript .There will be very less coding involved . It is a UI based tool that works on top of a database . So basically nowhere you can use your JAVA skillset . If you are a core JAVA

I have started studying Oracle Database 12c. Are there good opportunities and a good future for an Oracle Database administrator?

The Future of Oracle DBA, this has been a very common question these days.There was a time when the DBAs were being highly paid ( even close to the VP of the Organization ) and there was scarcity of the DBAs in the market.The Companies were adopting the RDMBS ( specially Oracle ) and the market was

Is Google implictly going to drop Java and use Kotlin for Android due to licensing issues with Oracle?

Google is not going to drop Java for Android. Google is probably going to drop Android. Before you comment saying that this is nonsense, do some research and know that I'm not saying this will happen anytime soon (not even in the next 5 years). Google announced a new operating system that they have been working on: Fuchsia.

Is it easy to learn Oracle?

It is not easy, but totally worth your while. People with Oracle skills typically work in large organizations, who can afford and need the serious enterprise software Oracle offers. There will typically be a career path leading to jobs in the $100K range with benefits - just don't expect stock

Is it worth learning Oracle Database?

Oracle database administrator who is one of the extremely in-demand jobs in the IT industry. The IT industry is one of the most quickly expanding industries with an astonishing list of employment opportunities. Oracle Database certification not only gives a brilliant future but also has continued benefits that will improve your career at every step of

Is Java dying at the hands of Oracle? What future is there for Java?

There is Java the language, Java the JDK (collectively the platform),  Java the JVM (on which all languages live, Java, Scala ...). JVM is not  going away anywhere for sure. Every language which is built on JVM only increases its dominance. Nashorn widens the appeal of

Is Oracle going to charge for Java from 2019?

For OracleJDK 11, they will require a paid license for developers who distribute Java bytecodes (there is no more JRE, except at bind time... apps will go out as modules, including those that have been in the JRE).For OpenJDK 11... which will run on Linux, macOS and Windows...

Is the Oracle database worth it?

It depends on what "worth it" means to you...It greatly depends on what you're doing and what your in-house skillset happens to be.  Many companies quite successfully use open-source databases such as PostgreSQL or MySQL to run large-scale datacenters without problems, and do so for mission-critical applications. In our case, Oracle licenses (>$2M/year) would

Is there any relationship between Salesforce apex and Oracle apex?

As others have said, no relationship. And just to make it clear:APEX (all uppercase) is an unofficial acryonym for Oracle Application Express. (Initcap) is the name of a proprietary Salesforce programming language. What is Apex? | Apex Developer Guide | Salesforce Developers!

Toad or Brio or any other similar clients are quite inefficient to query Oracle databases. How do you increase speed and handle bigger outputs?

The simplest answer is to, wait for it...ask for less data.When you're in your desktop tool, and you ask a question - the answer is never, 3,256,888 rows. Your brain can't handle that.But wait you say, i'm going to export that to Excel (and pay that cost to get the data out, again!), and i'm going to

What are some advisable books for Oracle Forms and Reports?

For rudimentary and intermediatary knowledge:Oracle Developer Suite 10g - Author : Ivan BayrossCommercial Application Development using Oracle Developer 200 and Forms 6- Author : Ivan BayrossThese books will provide in depth knowledge of Oracle Forms & Reports:Oracle Developer Forms Techniques - Author: Bulusu

What are the advantages of Oracle databases?

Well it always depends on the needs I guess.Oracle might still be the leader in relational databases being able to handle a lot of data in a well organized way.It will cost a lot of money to build a descent system and

What are the best books for Oracle beginners?

Thanks for A2A. Assuming you wish to learn Oracle; and master it; it is recommended that you start with the following books and then develop skills enough to move to the next higher stage of learning.Try and learn from Oracle Press Guides which are written by Oracle Subject Matter Experts; often

What are the best resources for learning Oracle Database?

In addition to Jeff's excellent suggestion to check out LiveSQL, you might also consider:Ask Tom: the famously popular site run by Tom Kyte for years, now (with Tom taking a personal leave) with answers by provided by Connor McDonald and Chris Saxon. PL/SQL

What are the best ways to learn Oracle SQL Database?

To start with, just take up some SQL tutorial. All SQL databases are 90% same in terms of using it via SQL queries. The only difference is the additional features and different security approaches.Here are few tutorial series for a start:

What are the companies that use the Oracle database?

There are thousands of companies using Oracle. Most of these are located in the United States and in the Computer Software industry. Moreover, Oracle is most often used by companies with 50-200 employees and over 1000M dollars in revenue.Companies include:Fiserv, Inc.MultiPlan, Inc.Shiksha Infotech Pvt. Ltd.SHINE AND SMILE LIMITEDPentagon ServiceIn the arena of Database Management

What are the differences between Oracle and SQL Server?

You might find real user reviews for Oracle Database, SQL Server and all the other major relational databases on IT Central Station to be helpful: Best Relational Databases And What Is Relational DatabasesUsers interested in these solutions also read reviews for Oracle Multitenant. This

What are the disadvantages of Oracle databases?

I'd probably say that typical CIOs would tell you that Oracle has 2 main "general" disadvantages versus its competitors:1. Cost.  The Oracle product can cost 9-10x as much as a comparable MS Sql server database solution for a mid-range solution.  And of course you can install MySQL for free, or utilize any one of

What are the Oracle apps financials?

FOCUS IT LABS Provide ORACLE APPS FINANCIALS Online Training. We are providing excellent ORACLE APPS FINANCIALS Online Training by real-time IT industry experts. Our ORACLE APPS FINANCIALS Online Training is regarded as the best Training by students who attended ORACLE APPS FINANCIALS

What are the requirements of Oracle Fusion Financials?

Oracle Fusion Financials Online Training By Industry Experts| Rainbow Training InstituteOracle Fusion Financials OnlineAbout Oracle Fusion FinancialsRainbow getting ready foundation is advancing best Oracle Fusion Financials Online Training with blend advance structures by ceaseless industry pros have more than 10 years of electronic teaching foundation. we in like manner give independently directed accounts

What course is best for me Oracle DBA or Oracle Apps DBA ?

A2A...I do not know you so I cannot provide a best course of actions for you.That said, An Oracle Apps DBA must have the same database administration skills as a normal Oracle DBA, but also requires additional knowledge about one or more Oracle applications. From a personal standpoint, while I have DBA

What does Oracle do?

This is a great question–one that almost anyone who encounters Oracle may ask at some point. Oracle has grown far beyond the database management system they are known for with numerous acquisitions in recent years. I'd like to hone in on something in particular Oracle

What exactly is Oracle database all about?

In my mind - it's about consistent, fast, easy access to your data. You want screaming performance with no sacrificing of consistency, you got it.You want it in the Cloud? Check.You want it on-premises? Check.You want it on Linux? Windows? AIX? Yes, yes, and yes.You want it

What exactly is oracle database objects?

A database object in a relational database is a data structure used to either store or reference data. The most common object that people interact with is the table. Other objects are indexes, stored procedures, sequences, views and many more.Most

What is Oracle APEX?

Oracle APEX is building web based applications using SQL and PL/SQL. you will learn Building web applications, Enhance pages created by Application Express wizards, Understanding the security implications of page design.Oracle Application Express (Oracle APEX), is the low code web application development tool for the Oracle database. Application Express

What is Oracle Cloud Financial?

Oracle Financials Cloud Service is a complete financial management solution that includes the following products: Assets. Advanced Collections. Cash Management.Oracle Financials Cloud Service is a complete financial management solution that includes the following products:AssetsAdvanced CollectionsCash ManagementExpensesFinancial Reporting CenterGeneral LedgerPayablesPaymentsReceivablesSubledger AccountingTax

What is oracle sql?

SQL is a database language used with Oracle Database.SQL is just a ANSI standard language, and is used as a base with most Database systems, like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, IBM DB2 have used this as a  base and extended/enhanced in their database systems.I've written a blog on the

What is Oracle? What is the system requirement for Oracle installation in Windows?

The official copy about Oracle Database software is....Oracle Database is a multi-model database management system produced and marketed by Oracle Corporation. It is the world's most popular database for running online transaction processing, data warehousing and mixed database workloads.As far as requirements, you would need to go through the Oracle Database Preinstalaltion Requirements:Oracle Database Preinstallation Requirements

What is the best Oracle certification?

Oracle DB rivals Microsoft's SQL Server in the enterprise database market. There are other database offerings, but most of these command a tiny market share compared to Oracle DB and SQL Server. Fortunately, the structures of Oracle DB and SQL Server are quite

What is the best practice to start migrating Oracle Forms to Oracle ADF?

The best way to migrate is to do it agile not with a big bang approach.However, before you start migrating you should know why you are migrating. What are the reasons?Frankly, there is no point to directly migrate meaning you should redesign based

What is the best way to learn Oracle Financials for someone planning to work as Oracle Financials Functional Consultant?

One way to do it is apply for a position at Oracle as a Support Engineer on that specific area you are talking about, in this case, having a functional responsability in one of the enumerated modules AP, AR, GL, etc in E-Business Suite. Usually, you should have access to all the technical

What is the better career choice, big data or AWS? I'm currently working as an Oracle DBA.

Thanks for P2P request. Okay let me put some light basic areas than you can better understand and choose for your career enhancement.You asked for choosing between BigData and AWS. As name Big Data itslef self explanatory, this technology/framework is all about dealing with huge amount of data and it can be

What is the code to connect the Oracle database 11g using windows command prompt?

I'm sharing few scenarios to connect to the Database.1.If your database is running on the windows machine and you are trying to connect to the database using cmd then(A) check if your ORACLE_SID is set properly to the database you want to connect(B)check ORACLE_HOME if pointing to the correct home(C) if above two parameters are al

What is the cost of Oracle database server?

Full global price list PDF: starting point: $47,500 retail for one Oracle Enterprise Edition license, which generally covers 2 core of processing in most modern bare metal environments. Nobody pays retail price though; the GSA discount is

What is the difference between an 11g and 12c oracle database?

As a oracle developer, i found few differences between 11g and 12c.No much need of analytical functions as 12C introduced few keywords to achieve the same.For Ex, want to display top five emp salaries... use the below querySELECT ENAME, SALFROM EMPORDER BY SAL DESCFETCH FIRST FIVE ROWS ONLY;If you want

What is the difference between Oracle Apps Technical and Oracle Financials?

Oracle Financials is the earlier name of Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS). Oracle EBS is one among the two widely used Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software in the industry. The other one is SAP.Oracle EBS contains various modules such as Procurement, Inventory, General Ledger, Accounts Receivables, Account Payables, Cash Management, Fixed Assets, HR, Payroll etc., However, the modules that are

What is the difference between Oracle Financials and PeopleSoft Financials?

The differences between Oracle Financials and PeopleSoft Financials:Oracle Financials: Oracle Corporation groups these applications into "suites", which it defines as sets of common, integrated applications designed to execute specific business processes.Oracle Financials refers to the closely related financial modules such as: OracleAssets. Oracle General Ledger.PeopleSoft Financials: Delivers Greater Visibility into

What is 'where 1=1, 1=2' in Oracle SQL?

Besides the other uses here, these are also very useful for SQL injection (a security vulnerability). If somebody checks whether your login is corect with 'SELECT * FROM users WHERE username = ' + username + ' AND password = ' + pass_hash,

What should I learn in Oracle?

First and foremost thing to learn is Oracle is the name of the Organization, which has multiple products and services in basket to sell.Now before I go further you need to ask what you aspire to become. You can be a DBA, Coder, Admin, Technical and/or functional consultant in one or more products of Oracle.The most famous

What's so bad about Oracle? Whenever engineers I know say 'Oracle,' it seems to mean 'the worst place to work and you should never do that.' Why is that?

I can only speak for Oracle engineering. I was a developer in the fusion middleware area working first on the on-premise tools and then on the Oracle cloud.My experience at Oracle was absolutely horrible. I suspect that a lot of that is because I am female, honest and an extremely competent developer.These qualities are not appreciated in Oracle

What's the difference between Oracle and MySQL?

To answer this question I feel it is important to start by talking about the two main groups of thoughts on where to manage code when dealing with data.Group #1 wants to manage code related to data as close to the data as possible.Group #2 want to manage code in

What's the future of Oracle Forms and Reports?

Hi Manal,Sorry for late reply.The future of Oracle Forms is quite interesting and its indeed most discussed topic.There is common mis(?)conception that Oracle does not plan to extend this product portfolio specially in comparison to ADF and APEX.But with 12c

Where can I download Oracle SQL Plus 8.0 for free?

You can download the latest version of Oracle database software from the Oracle link.Oracle Database 12c Release 1 ( for Microsoft Windows (x64)Note: you need to sign up with your email id into Oracle technology network(OTN) before downloading any software.sqlplus is a command line utility

Where should I start in Oracle Database Certificates?

Oracle Certification | Certification | OracleActual experience and training are going to weigh more heavily in the day to day functions of any technical job.It appears the certification announcement is being made by every potential job seeker. People

Which is the best, Oracle DBA or AWS?

I want to give you a bit of a brief overview:Let's cover the bad first.At first glance, we can see that Oracle has a bit of ground to make up compared to Amazon. It is often a bit difficult to navigate around the Cloud website to find what you want. Having an easy FAQ might

Which OCP (Oracle Certification Program) exam (level) should I take with 1 year experience in Java?

You have taken very good decision to take a java certification exam. This helps clear basics of java programmig concepts, which is good for long run. Java certification is now two step processOracle Certified Associate SE7 programmerJava SE7 Programmer ll.First one is all basics of java which you should be comfortable to

Which one is best, Oracle DBA, Oracle Fusion Hcm functional consultant or SAP Finance functional consult for an Oracle developer with 10 years of experience?

10 years experience in Oracle development - that is a large number. At this point, it would not be a wise choice to change the domain, unless you already have a good understanding of the domain you want to go to and a determined purpose for it.Now, it is upon your interest. DBA means technical,

Which one is better, Oracle DBA or SQL DBA?

Since Oracle has more configurations to do during setup/installation, this task it usually left to the Oracle DBA. SQL server is much easier to install for a windows server admin due to the similarities (Microsoft). This easy SQL installation process is also one of the greatest problems. The windows server admin pops

Which Oracle database certification is good?

Oracle Database 12c, Oracle Database 11g, , Oracle SQL Tuning for Developers is the best Oracle database certification.Below are mention few more Course list:-Oracle Database: Introduction to SQLOracle Database 11g: Administration WorkshopOracle Database 12c: RAC AdministrationOracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop IIOracle Database

Why do people buy Oracle databases?

I'm not a regular Oracle DBA but I am told by friends who are experienced with Oracle that it is far more capable than the open-source alternatives. Open-source databases struggle with terabyte-sized databases or query traffic over 10k queries per second. There are gaps in the features supported by open-source databases.All these limitations are puzzling to Oracle DBAs, who

Why does Google use Oracle database?

I don't know the exact reason but here's a reasonable guess.The era of Google started around early 2000s. Oracle had already become a giant in the database technology almost decades before that. Oracle is so old that it has seen the

Why should one opt for the Oracle Database Certification?

No! you shouldn't opt for oracle certification if you wish to work at core tech companies(product companies) as they filter candidates based on the coding tests. As product companies produce less jobs than service based companies, so they scrutinize candidates using live programming tests to get best programmers where you need to be a hard core

Will Oracle DBA have a scope in the future?

I have worked with Oracle databases for around 2.5 years now and during that time I have been very fortunate in that there has always been work for DBAs and it has been one of the higher paying disciplines within IT.I am not prophesying the end of the Oracle database engine but I

Will Oracle ever run at a loss?

Will any company run at a loss? Never say never especially when you're in technology. WRT Oracle, here's something to think about. In the mid 90s, as techies in Silicon Valley were getting excited about the internet, they began predicting that Oracle's best days were behind them.

With the new paid license mode for Java SE that Oracle has implemented since JDK 11, do you plan to switch to the OpenJDK distribution?

From my point of view, in the internal projects we are going to be using openJDK for sure.Now there are several situations where that could be not an option, for example if we are using Weblogic or Websphere I understand those will present some