Should there be a federal law allowing minors to request vaccination given that Oregon, South Carolina and Pennsylvania allow minors to ask for vaccinations without parental approval?

In Canada, health care falls under provincial government authority, so there is no federal law, but minors universally can ask for vaccinations without their parent's consent.Most provinces have laws such as the B.C. Infants Act, which says:

Is it legal to ride a bicycle on a highway in Washington, Oregon, and California?

In addition to the resources suggested by Mark, you may find the maps from Adventure Cycling useful.  They have a complete Pacific Coast route from Vancouver, BC to Imperial City, CA (just north of the border): Pacific Coast | Adventure Cycling Route Network | Adventure Cycling AssociationI have ridden  Highway 101 from

How does a divorced parent, in financial distress, leave the state of Oregon legally, for a job, without filing as a petitioner and paying court fees?

In Nevada a custodial parent must petition the court for permission to relocate if the non-custodial parent refuses to consent in writing. If you cannot afford an attorney, represent yourself. If you cannot afford to pay filing fees, file an application to proceed in forma pauperis (also known as a fee waiver.)