Are there any predatory type organisms that attack virus or bacteria?

Eat bacteria? Yes, although whether it's predatory is debatable. Plenty of bacteria and protozoa feed on bacteria. The amoeba is a common example you can observe under a microscope.

Could viruses be the creators and basic modifiers of life being a type of bridge between abiotic elements and living organisms?

VIRUS is only with RNA or DNA genetic material and a protein coat.A single cell organism like amoeba has various organelles.Normally when a virus infects a cell, it firstly knocks out the DNA of cells and its DNA or RNA takes over the operation of the cell.The

Does E.coli rely on other organisms to live?

The vast majority of Escherichia coli are harmless commensals. A few strains have shown pathogenic or toxigenic characteristics, and these are known as Verotoxigenic (VTEC) strains. The most well-known is the enterohemorrhagic E. coli O157H7, which among other things, is resistant to pH down to 2.7, meaning that it

If you could have a wild animal protect you, what would it be?

Have you watched the movie How to Train Your Dragon (2010) or read the book Eragon .How about a dragon? How cool it would be to be with an animal, that can breathe fire, carry you on its back and fly, cuddle you under its huge wings

What are some characteristics of facultative anaerobic organisms?

Some peculiar characteristics:The ability to grow aerobically or anaerobically using oxygen (respiration) and organic compounds (fermentation) as final acceptors of electrons produced in catabolismThe preferential use of oxygen, if available, due to the greater energy yield of respiration (36 mol ATP/mol of hexose obtained from respiration

What are some organisms that perform anaerobic respiration?

In a human body, which organ performs anaerobic respiration?None. And anaerobic respiration does not occur in any human cells.A common mistake is to refer to fermentation (or glycolysis) as anaerobic respiration because it is an anaerobic alternative to aerobic respiration. Fermentation is not anaerobic respiration, and anaerobic respiration is not fermentation: they are

What organisms other than plants possess a cell wall?

In short, a ton of organisms besides plants have cell walls. Cell walls are very ancient cellular structures, coming from a time when all life inhabited water and there was a crucial need for osmotic regulation.The domains Bacteria and Archaea ubiquitously have cell walls (though they differ in composition from each other, and within Bacteria cell wall structure varies,

What organisms undergo anaerobic respiration what are some examples of it?

Most organisms can undergo anaerobic respiration for a short time as witnessed in yourself when you feel that during sensation in your legs when you run hard and fast for a while.  That feeling is from the buildup of lactic acid in your muscles because you aren't supplying

What type of organisms is always in the beginning of a food chain?

It would seem that the ultimate beginning of a food chain is going to have to be a form of single celled plankton single celled? I don't know.As far as land based...fauna or flora...lichen or molds or moss or something along that line. Geez, obviously

Which organisms, other than humans, kill for fun?

The problem here is: how do we know that an animals kills for fun? How do we know the animal is feeling "fun"? We can try to have an educated guess for an animal's motivation for killing, but we cannot know for sure.We can say that an animal may not have killed another for food,

Why is aerobic respiration important to living organisms?

Aerobic respiration is important because it is the most effective way to produce energy from organic molecules like glucose. For photosynthesis the complement to it, using water as electron donor, is the least effective. Using hydrogen sulfide is much more effective, but it is

Why is diet Snapple bad for your organism?

Diet Snapple, like many sugar free products, contains aspartame, an artificial sweetener that is being phased out in Europe due to potential health concerns but is still popular in the US. The jury is still out concerning the exact extent of the possible dangers of aspartame and more research