Can a human flex any of their muscles so hard that they would injure themselves or tear the muscle?

It is very unlikely but not for the reasons that have been put forth so far.Plenty of YouTube videos show that muscles can excerpt enough force to injure/tear but the force requirements for such are very high. Without some sort of external resistance

Does humidity cause joint pain?

This is an excellent question and one that does not have an easy answer. Many people with knee ostheoarthritis report increased pain with temperature or bad weather conditions (cold makes it worse, and stormy weather makes it worse). It's not a question of humidity but rather of barometric pressure.

Has anyone had shoulder surgery to repair a SLAP tear within the last few years? The procedure I was supposed to get 10 years ago was reputed to be a painful one, and difficult to recover from. Any new procedures out there?

I haven't had the surgery, but have treated a hundred SLAP repairs in the last 10 years. I haved mixed news for you.If you needed a SLAP repair 10 years ago, and have not had any procedures, there is a good chance

How to stop knee pain without surgery

Good Question Actually. Cant explain within quora. I have added a detailed article here. You can check it out if you have some time :)If you're like a lot of people over age 50, knees that have served

How to deal with shoulder pain

Nice doubt, to make you understand everything I have included an article in detail here. Find some time to check it out.Main causes and how to treat shoulder painPain in the shoulder can arise at any age, but it is usually more common in young athletes who use the joint in excess, such

How to get rid of persistent back pain

This is by means the only solution and it may not work for a lot of people.I also struggled with believing it helps, because it meant I had to keep away from it, but I think it's worth trying to

What are good ways to help with joint pain in older dogs?

In the US, there are several options currently. Consider the acronym WEDSW: Weight. Dogs on the thin side have healthier joints. It is important to maintain muscle tone but have very little fat.E: Exercise. Dogs with joint trouble should get at least 30 minutes per day of low-impact exercise. Physical therapy can also be performed.

What causes joint pain in the human body?

The most important detail in answering this question is: Is the pain acute (less than 6 months' duration and of more sudden onset, perhaps due to functional injury) or chronic (greater than 6 months' duration, and probably a combination of local tissue dysfunction and broader CNS dysfunctional

What can cause the sudden minor pain in my hip joint?

North American English. You gave good history but persistent hip pain in adolescents must be evaluated by physical examination & imaging. It is rule. Do not delay with the hope that pain will go away. Pain may go

What causes joint pain in the human body?

The most important detail in answering this question is: Is the pain acute (less than 6 months' duration and of more sudden onset, perhaps due to functional injury) or chronic (greater than 6 months' duration, and probably a combination of local tissue dysfunction

What is the best non-narcotic pain medication for joint pain?

When I first saw someone introducing Master Lu and Little House (download template at guanyincitta or guanyincittasf for free ) on the website years ago, given that nothing to spend or lose since there's no fee and its scriptures been recited by people in the

A small but slightly heavy wooden wall mounted cupboard door fell, missed me luckily, but did brush my elbow. There is no injury but I'm feeling strain and pain on the top side of the elbow, located to a small area. Is there anything I can do?

When the human body and mind is experiences an event, they act in concert to save your life. Sometimes, we can be hit quite hard by something and never feel it hitting us. Only later, when the pain of bodily damage shows up do we

Are there any exercises to relieve the knee pain?

Anand Gupte Having worked for knee pain treatment in Pune for over 10 years, we have seen many cases of chronic and acute knee pain and managed cases successfully to yield positive results. The diagnosis to knee pain is critical to providing the

Can knocked knees be corrected without surgery?

Essentially no.Medicines are chemicals which alter or modify other chemical reactions. Therefore medicines are used for chemical diseases in which certain chemicals are deficient or in excess.Knock knees is a physical deformity in which both knees are angled inwards excessively(called as valgus deformity).Therefore medicines will not cure knock knee.

Can osteoporosis of the spine be reversed?

Yes. I just got my bone density test back last month and these were the results. Bear in mind I did not have osteoporosis but osteopenia in the femoral neck of the left hip.In my lumbar spine which has had artificial disc replacement I grew 13% more bone than my age group.In

Can you heal these broken bones and how?

The photos that you showed refer to broken bones that fall under the category of GSW (Gunshot wounds). It is an Open Fracture which under the Gustilo-Anderson Classification would fall under Type III (b-c) fractures. This is despite the fact that

Can you sprain a knee by mere overuse?

Yes, it is definitely possible. It depends on your age and prior conditioning of the muscles and the joint. An older person who is not used to walking long distances often can feel his knee is sprained within a km, whereas a routine marathon runner who has been doing it often may not feel anything after crossing half

Do back-stretching devices relieve back pain?

If you really want to relieve back pain it's not just regular back exercise that you'll find helpful but in fact those done with an Inversion table considering that the pain cause is mostly due to the muscles.Inversion therapy has proved to be game changer and when done right using quality equipments it's certainly really helpful.Most of the inversion

Do broken bones heal stronger than before the injury?

Sort of.... During the healing process a callus forms around the fracture site. The callus is ossified (turned into bone). Since the callus is bigger than the original bone, there is usually more bone tissue than originally at the fracture site.

Do injuries like plantar fasciitis, tendinitis stick with you the whole lifetime?

The wear and tear athletes subject their bodies to in their prime of their athletic career most often leads to serious health problems later on in life. Some of the most popular sports that put players at a high risk of being injured include basketball, soccer, football,

Does broken bone ever truly 'heal' completely?

There are several different conditions that can hinder bone healing:.Diabetis..Renal problems..Smoking..Poor diet..Osteoporosis..Impaired circulation..Stress.Age is a factor and so is any original displacement/angulation of the fracture or a delay in treatment.Infection and broken bones can be a disaster and can lead to limb loss.Children usually heal faster as their bones are softer and they tend to bend and

Does regular walking hurt knees over time?

Only if you walk by carrying heavy weights like furniture for more than 2 hours, 365 days of the year for non stop more than 10 years then perhaps MAYBE you will hurt your knee.Always remember, our forefathers at some point were hunters & gatherers and they roamed around for food for days and days and they were

Everytime I get new shoes I get severe pain in my hips for two or three weeks. What does this mean and how can I prevent it?

Perhaps you have a different leg length, or very slight scoliosis? Or just one flat foot? It's extremely common. One of the new shoes could work as a heel lift of some sort until worn down. That can cause pain all along the spine, hip, also in the knee, under the

How to fix golfer elbow? Is it possible to fix it

Golfer's elbow is normally created by abusing the muscles in the lower arm that enable you to grasp, turn your arm, and flex your wrist. It can be removed easily by an Orthopedic Surgeons. In this situation, your doctor may suggest an oral NSAID

How to check knock knees? How do they check it in the armed forces

Knock Knee is a term used to describe the condition of knees when the both the knees touch each other when legs are straightened it also includes a large gap between the knees.Genu valgum is the scientific name given to knock knee, in Medical Exams of

How to cure my osteoarthritis of knee

Osteoarthritis is the condition in which the bones of joints get more closely with one another. And when this happen it will cause pain , swelling and Stiffness in body.Here I am mentioning some of the reason of Osteoarthritis and how to cure them . Please have a look:Symptoms Of Osteoarthritis:Weight GainPainLoss of joint spaceSwelling or TendernessCracking sound

How to get rid of persistent back pain

This is by means the only solution and it may not work for a lot of people.I also struggled with believing it helps, because it meant I had to keep away from it, but I think it's worth trying to see if it makes

How to get rid of upper back pain

Upper back and neck pain may hinder your daily tasks and make it difficult for you to do normal day to day work. It will get worse if you do not do anything about it and limit your movements and capabilities.The cause of upper back

How to start in the gym with knee injury

Start by going to a doctor. Once your doctor rules out any serious issues, allow the knee to heal (at least to the point where you are no longer limping). Once you cross that stage, you are good to start exercising. During the initial few weeks there will be mild

How to treat a sprain knee

A sprain indicates injury to a ligament. There are 4 primary ligaments of the knee:The anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments which prevent the tibia from sliding forwards or backwardsThe medial and lateral collateral ligaments which prevent the knee from laterally or medially bendingDepending on the level of injury, surgery may be required; in which case

How does a fractured bone heal?

Fracture healing occurs in three distinct, but overlapping phases :1) the early inflammatory stage; 2) the reparative stage; and 3) the late remodeling stage.For normal fracture healing to occur a number of requirements must be met:

How long does it take for a sprained knee to heal?

It depends entirely on the nature of the injury and how severe it it is. I do a lot of fitness training and my knees are somewhat not as good as I want them to be. I do leg exercises but I have to be careful when doing them and what exercises I do to reduce the risks of

How long in general does a bone in the arm or leg take to heal?

Peace be on you.1=Bone healing, 6–12 weeks to a significant degree.Surgeon will decide patient is ready to put weight on legs or use limb, depending on location and severity.(search bone healing foothealthfacts org )--2=homeopathy for fast healing: symphytum , arnica (immense swelling), calcare phos (slow healing), silicea (brittleness, often fracture)Best wishes.

How long will it take for swelling to go down on knee with bursitis?

Recovery Time For Knee Bursitis & Treatment OptionsBursitis in the knee is both a common and frustrating condition to have. Knee bursitis varies wildly in its severity and can be treated in a number of different ways.Luckily, I have suffered from multiple types of bursitis in both knees. As an athlete, I can share

How long will it take to cure my friend's knock-knee problem by exercising?

Joint and bone deformities (eg. knock knee) are generally are of two types the structure one and the functional one the functional one are the defects are the distortion in the joint due to the muscular inbalance that is one group of muscle is very tight another

How many joints are there in the human body?

360 joints.First: 147 joints in the vertebral column25 joints between the vertebrae.72 joints between the vertebrae and the ribs.Second: 24 joints in the thorax2 joints between the bones of the sternum and the thoracic cage.18 joints between the sternum and the ribs.2 joints between the clavicle and the scapulae (shoulder blade).2 joints between the scapulae and the

I have heel pain in both feet. What can I do to get rid of it?

Heel pains occurs below the Heel or Achilles tendon and it can be caused due to many other reasons as well. If you have pain the Heel then first consult doctor. If the doctors confirm the reason for the Heel pain then you can

I have snapped off my pinky toe right before the joint and have undergone a k-wire fixation surgery? How long will it take to start walking again considering I've haven't walked in 3 months and my calf muscle is smaller?

We never told the patient to not work instead we said patient to walk but they are different types of strategies to walk after effects in the lower leg fingers on the lower lege first month to walk with the Walker but

I'm 26 and having an AC joint separation which may be grade 3 because I can see a bump on my shoulder but I don't have any pain from day 1 of the accident. Do I need to undergo surgery or is there any other way to reduce the bump?

If you don't mind having a bump seen on your shoulder and if it's not painful, leave it alone. A surgeon like me would always want to operate a grade 3 AC separation. It's a surgeon's delight.But if you don't want that bump to be seen, instead of you

Is it normal to have small disc protrusions (L4/L5 and s1) ,(MRI notes in comment) at age 22 that aren't causing any problems? Or Does this mean that they could herniate easily?

It is common to have a disc bulge in these discs, but it is not normal.The research I have done on the subject shows that about 80% of us have at least 1 disc bulge by the time we are 30 years old. This makes it common.However, a

Is knock knees curable?

Knock knees are usually part of the normal growth and development of the lower extremities. Some cases, especially in a child who's 6 or older, may be a sign of an underlying bone disease, such as osteomalacia or rickets. Obesity can contribute

Is there a permanent or good treatment of joints, knee joints pain and swelling of a more than 20-year-old problem?

It is difficult to give a solution or treatment which fits all knee problems.A few indicators may helpKnees are indicative of inflexiblity and stubborness. Whenever you kneel before someone you have to bend your knees. If you have been refusing to do so

Is there any exercise or therapy to fix postures because of bones?

Hi,in most cases (except birth defects, diseases and so forth) the bones are where they are because muscles put them there; the muscles are the boss so to speak. So an imbalance in the body/posture must be corrected by correcting the muscle tension. Often there is an imbalance between right and left (asymmetry) and/or

My knee aches when I go down the stairs or take any sudden jerk which puts pressure on my knee? Is there a fat pad under my knee which wore off? Self diagnosis apparently shows signs of Patella tendonitis? What should I do?

First thing you should do visit the knee specialists. And tell him about your condition. If you are 100% sure from self diagnosis that you are suffering from the Patella tendonitis. Here are some things that you should do:Don't play

The X ray report of an 80 yr patient says that 'non displaced fracture noted at intertrocanteric region of right femur bone. Total hip replacement noted on left side.' Will the patient be able to walk on his own without any replacement after time.?

Yes , for sure,, if the patient has undisplaced fracture of hip, all patient needs is absolute bed rest. For about two to three months. The patient will also require daily phisiotherapy to keep the joints mobile and keep stiffness away ,, to

What are the best workouts for leg strength after an ACL injury?

I had an MCL injury during a hard run. It took me six weeks of recovery and was so painful I could barely walk. Gave up on all activity and needed to talk rest and get the weight off my legs. The physio. Was excellent and the sessions were

What can I do to strengthen my knee and cure side knee pain?

I should premise by saying I'm not a medical expert or physical therapist. I'm a recreational runner (25 - 30 miles per week).This sounds a lot like IT band syndrome. I struggled with IT band syndrome on and off for about two years. I've had it on both

What causes hip or knee pain?

Over weight in most cases. Vit D deficiency or calcium definitely or all of the above. Thyroid problem may even worsen the condition. Palm jaggery with saseam seeds dry roasted will help. Equal portions of them made in to powder can be kept in a tight jar and must

What causes shoulder pain to be worse at night?

The shoulder is a very mobile joint with movement in several directions. It is susceptible to injury, both directly and due to 'overuse' or repetition.Any pain which persists or which results following a traumatic injury MUST be reviewed during a face to face consultation with a medical professional.I'll mention the common causes of

What could be the cause of my wrist pain?

Causes of wrist pain can include arthritis and injuries. Common wrist injuries include repetitive use injuries, sports injuries, fractures, and sprains or strains. Problems with the nerves, such as pinched nerves, may also contribute to wrist pain.Treatments for wrist pain depend on the cause of the

What exercises can be done if a person has knee and back pain?

The knee pain is probably due to weak muscles in the calves,thighs and gluteus.There are several exercise including stretches which done daily to strengthen these muscles help knee pain.Initially ice packs help to lessen pain,avoid climbing stairs.Yoga helps in the long

What exercises can I safely do with a knee injury?

Hi Lisa ! Thanks for askingWhat sort of injury is it? Assuming it's not a major injury,the exercises I recommend areinitial few days- restonce pain allows gentle range of motion exercises then gradually quads, hamstring exercises initially with low resistance and gradually increasing resistance.Water is also

What happens if someone with ankylosing spondylitis diagnosed at the age of 28 years stops taking medicines, will have a fast impact on the spine and the joints?

The way to keep AS inflammation at bay: balance calories ingested vs. calories burnt doing daily routines and exercise. Excess calories eaten will result in formation of chemicals that are deposited in various parts of your body causing inflammation. If this situation is sustained over an extended period, those chemicals causing inflammation build-up

What is a simple home remedy for knee pain?

Knee pain has become a common medical condition nowadays. It is even more common for women.Although the exact location of the knee pain can vary, it can originate from any of the bone structures compromising the knee joint, the knee cap or the ligaments and cartilage. Mild to moderate knee pain

What is an ACL injury and why is it so severe?

ACL is important ligament in knee joint. Whenever a person get sudden twisting force on the knee joint during playing or bike accident there is chances that ACL can be torn. ACL is one of the most common sports injury so it is very common. I have treated more than 4000

What is knee support?

Knees are functionally the most important joints of the body as they help in movement and also bear the weight of the upper body. The knee joint is formed by the femur, tibia and patella bones and is supported by the muscles and ligaments around it. Most

What is the best course of treatment for an injured ligament of the knee? Better non-surgical, surgical, just PT, equipments like laser, magnets, diathermia, etc?

Nobody who knows the answers can answer this question...nowhere near enough info...which ligament? Any associated damage? How old are you, what do you do for work, for recreation? I can tell you what is NOT the answer: lasers, magnets, diathermy. Sometimes non surgical approaches work well but many

What is the cost and time for leg lengthening in India?

I do not perform surgery to increase height. We perform for cases like one leg is short by 7"and twisted. That making human normal is cosmetic reconstructive surgery. Cost of those can be $10K to $85K in any country. Read Distraction osteogenesis on Wikipedia. That is done. Dangerous process. Complications are written here :

What is treatment for osteopenia?

Osteopenia = lower than "normal" bone density but not yet having reached the level of bone density loss we call osteoporosis see Osteoporosis Definition - Diseases and Conditions - Mayo Clinic, in practice meaning it isn't yet associated with more bone fractures.So we would treat it by lifestyle and dietary means like:weight

What is wrong with my knee? It doesn't hurt and isn't swollen but I have a hard time stretching it fully out when walking, because it feels stiff and as if the knee isn't 'strong' enough to hold up the body. Could it be the meniscus or inflammation?

I would say you might have a tear in the meniscus. If this is the you should see a sports injury doctor as you will most likely require phyiso as well as other tests to determine exactly what is causing you the stiffness.Many times

What kind of doctor would you see for osteoporosis?

If your DEXA shows osteopenia or mild osteoporosis, your best practitioner is probably not a doctor, but a personal trainer.  Drugs can increase bone density, but have side effects which make them inappropriate unless the risk of fracture is very high (see Paul Rochmis' answer).  Hormone replacement therapy can slow bone loss in postmenopausal women, but unfortunately

What sports or movements should people avoid if they want to prevent knee injuries later in life?

Just about all sports that involve lifting, running or jumping will always have some risk to knee injuries because they all involve some load, force or weight transfer through the knees. Twisting and stopping results in mostly ACL injuries. Any movement of ligaments

Which is the best knee cap for knee pain?

The best knee cap which I can recommend is Dyna Knee Cap. Specially designed to relieve knee pain by providing consistent compression. Stabilises the knee joint by relieving excess pressure on the patella. Dyna Knee Cap not only relieves the knee pain but also helps you to regain mobility in a most comfortable way.

Why can bones heal themselves?

Why? Because bone is tissue and like nearly all tissue in the human body, it can produce new tissue to repair itself.That's the

Why can't I straighten up my elbow and rotate my wrist after surgery? My elbow shattered and got dislocated 15 years ago. I had a cast for a few months. I did all the exercises, but can it be corrected with surgery still?

The reasons can be many often there is more than one contributing factors as belowseverity of involvement of joint and malunion of fragmentsexcessive scar tissue formation and tightening of covering of joint- like ligaments, muscles which have healed in shortened positionOnset of arthritis of the jointprolonged

Why do knee muscles atrophy so quickly after knee surgery?

Don't forget that orthopedic surgery is essentially sophisticated carpentry. Surgeons are cutting, drilling, cauterizing, stitching, sometimes even hammering. Add that on top of the original injury that necessitated the surgery in the first place and you've got plenty of inflammation. The body's

Why do my joints crack and pop when I move around?

A two part answer here. First before the answer, this is not a medical answer, just a layman's approach.It sounds like you do not move easily, that your joints are stiff. You need to get out and move and exercise more. Exercise will improve how well you move.the popping

Why do my knees hurt when I fold my legs or bend them quickly or jump?

WEAK Leg muscles . muscles that were once strong mow weak due to lack of real hard exercise. from the Glutes to quadricep's hamstrings and Calves, all are Large muscles. IF you can Cycling is the Best exercise for your lungs to your toes . GEt outside on your Bike.

Why do people doing heavy workouts at the gym end up with orthopedic problems?

It can usually be chalked up to technique, injury history, over-training, recovery and putting more load/stress on highly specific areas of the body. For example, a person who squats very heavy, very frequently in a manner that the knees bow repeatedly and their particular structure

Why does my knee hurt when I fold my legs?

Apart from diagnosing the cause by a proper consultation with your doctor to rule out meniscal problems etc, there are certain exercises mostly ignored by many to strengthen the muscles around the knee joint that help stabilize and address the problem in most cases.Please

Can a human flex any of their muscles so hard that they would injure themselves or tear the muscle?

It is very unlikely but not for the reasons that have been put forth so far.Plenty of YouTube videos show that muscles can excerpt enough force to injure/tear but the force requirements for such are very high. Without some sort of external resistance

Can walking incorrectly cause knee pain?

Walking Tips:Choose Right Shoes: The best shoes for your knees are ones that are flat and flexible, such as athletic shoes for walkers that bend in the forefoot and have a low heel-to-toe drop. Avoid high heels, pointy toes,

Do you get knee problems from running too much?

Interesting question ... As I have written about on my website, Osteoarthritis is not caused by running.  As a whole, runners have less arthritis that their non-running counterparts.  That being said, if you already have arthritis then running can potentially cause if to worsen.  Running can lead to

Does barefoot running cure Plantar Fasciitis?

Running barefoot is a personal choice, although a bit lame for an adult unless you are Zola Budd. While there is nothing really wrong with running barefoot (i.e., without shoes to be clear), what is the point? Shoes are fine. I do

How to regain flexibility in my knee

If you've dislocated it twice, your MPFL is gone. And patella is moving out of alignment.Get it reconstructed and restart quads exercises.Also assess the tibial tuberosity where patellar tendon is inserted that may also need to be moved.However isolated MPFL damage is a very simple case,

How to strengthen my hip joints without putting much pressure on the knees

You cannot strengthen joints, you strengthen the muscles around joints. When you say pressure, I assume impact, since standing causes pressure.Your hips are surrounded by some big muscles (e.g. glute maximus) and smaller muscles (e.g. glute medius). You've got strength and stability, where the larger muscles are strength oriented and the smaller muscles are stability.Yoga

Is walking good for knee pain?

Yes walking helps to reduce knee pain for arthritis patients. It is an excellent low impact exercise to lose excessive pressure on the legs. It strengthen the leg muscles and rebuild the knee joint by increasing mobility. Walking promotes weight loss that can decrease stress on the knee also.

My body muscles get easily strained, is it a disease?

Maybe not. But why risk if you think this worsen with time?But muscle strain (pulled muscle) occurs when your muscle is overstretched or torn. This usually occurs as a result of fatigue, overuse, or improper use of a muscle.Strains can happen in any muscle, but they're most common in your lower back, neck, shoulder, and

What causes knee pain in the front of the knee?

Anand Gupte having worked for knee pain treatment in Pune for over 10 years, we have seen many cases of chronic and acute knee pain and managed cases successfully to yield positive results. The diagnosis to knee pain is critical to providing the proper treatment.The treatment plan

What causes stiff calf muscles?

It may appear glaringly evident that you will effortlessly have the capacity to recognize regardless of whether you experience the ill effects of tight lower leg muscles. That is not generally the case in light of the fact that tight calf manifestations

What foods help strengthen the knee joint?

Gelatin is known to help specifically The Great lakes gelatin. There are also specific meats that you should stew to pull out the nutrients and that is great for helping to strengthen the knee. After I tore my ACL (I did not get surgery) I found that the biggest contributor to my knee strength was actually knowing WHAT

Why are so many hip replacements needed?

This is entirely speculation, based on my own personal experiences and observations. I believe that hip replacement surgery is becoming more common not for the reasons you specified but rather, because it's gotten so much better. Using an example of something I know of in particular, let's look at knees for

Are there some exercises for adults to help fix slightly bowed legs?

Yes...Check out the work of Pete Egoscue (Egg-GAH-scew). You can probably begin with the Double Switch and the Double Double ECises (Egoscue Exercises). After doing those daily for a couple of months, you should be able to progress to the more advanced Ankle Sequence ECises on the slant board. All these exercises help to adjust your ankle-knee-hip alignment.

How to heal an ankle ligament tear quickly

You have to be a little more specific about how the injury occurred as well as who diagnosed it as a ligament tear. The injury can be anything from a ligament tear to a hairline fracture as the tenderness and swelling is persisting for more

How long does it take a bone to heal? Can a small fracture heal significantly faster than a complete break?

Normally a complete fracture in long bones such as tibia or femure require around 9 to 10 months to completely unite.Yes incomplete fracture will take somewhat less time to unite around 3 months ,There are two types of healing actually primary union which occours if bone edges are totally alingned and secondary union which occours if there is a

I impacted my knee and feel sharp pain but only when I press the kneecap, I can walk and run just fine. What could this be and what should I do?

Sounds like a meniscus issue. I have a cracked meniscus in both knees (my right is worse than the left). I can climb mountains, run steep trails, weight train, sprint and complete basically any plyometric jumping exercise. Yet, there are times I find it difficult to climb

The left side of my tummy & lower back (love handle) is way bigger than the right side. Could it be a symptom of some underlying serious issue?

It doesn't sound serious but you should probably let a nurse or doctor look at it just to find out why this area is bigger on one side.I doubt this fatty area is a sebaceous cyst, but I have seen a few on the side (the flank) so this