Are there any positive benefits of laziness and procrastination?

By my estimation, I would be getting paid around $20,000 a year (commission factored in) to do precisely nothing and be super lazy.It was awesome. I liked it. I like doing nothing.For about 3 or 4 hours a week, sometimes, I would walk around Battery Park at the tip of

How to overcome procrastination at work

By nature, humans have always gone down the path of least resistance. We've all felt the looming cloud around us saying

How to not procrastinate on the homework I need to do

1.) Ask for HelpWhen I went to University the assignments I would procrastinate on the most, were the ones that I didn't know how to do.Not because I was lazy.Always ask for help from a professor, TA, classmate if you're lost.2.) Do it with a friend2 brains are always better than one. Having a

How to overcome procrastination and jealousy

Procrastination and jealousy seem to be unconnected.They are connected at a deep level.Most procrastination is based on fear, and lack of confidence.Jealousy is based on attachment to permanence, fear of not finding a better replacement, and fear of being invalidated.You can overcome both by building your winning person.If you

How to stop procrastinating and go to the gym

This advice goes for any activity that I know I need to accomplish but am feeling ambivilent about:Just concentrate on doing the first portion of the task; don't think about making yourself "work out". Just worry about making yourself get into

How to study with focus and concentration and avoid distractions and procrastination

##We have highest level of Concentration in the morning and after 2-3 hours we connect with our daily routine, real world and our job/business/ school and we start taking pressure then slowly slowly we start to lose our concentration level.Now we have two options:[A] Avoid taking pressure: Manage your work and daily routine in such

How does one solve procrastination?

You can't.Nobody can stop procrastinating. It's essential.What?! What about those hotshot CEOs? Do you think they also procrastinate?Yup, but we'll talk about it later. I'll tell you how to use procrastination to get your work done :Make a to-do list : Those who have written goals actually accomplish much more than an average person. Make a to-do list a

Is there any science to overcome procrastination?

Hi,You know something, the best part is you have a desire to overcome procrastination.You are aware of it. Most of the time, people are either not aware of it or does not bother.If you have taken the pain to open Quora, write

What are some things that I can do to limit my time on electronics? I waste so much time mindlessly scrolling on my phone and I feel like I'm losing myself. I want to stimulate my mind more and be more creative. Can you provide me any tips?

The first step I took to minimize my screen time was to get rid of any push notifications for social media, especially if the notifications didn't have to do anything with me (Facebook I'm talking to you).Because what do you

What is the best way to waste time on the Internet (not counting Quora)? What is the most fun currently?

I will suggest you not to waste time but make use of that limited time that you have by using your time wisely, according to me most people spend their time on social media platform like Facebook, Instagram just consuming others content.In my starting days

What is the biggest waste of time in your life?

Going to college.I leave for college half awake, half sleepy at 7 a.m everyday and return home at 6 p.m, deprived of energy and any will to live.My parents think I go to college to learn things and earn a

Why am I not able to concentrate?

In the first place, I think you need to take  a  close look at the larger scheme of things in your life.Don't use excuses as your alibis.Nothing works, unless you do.Nothing changes until something changes. This is Physics.For things to change

How to become motivated to stop procrastinating

Extrapolate.It has worked quite decently for me and still does.You see, we have decent minds and we can estimate fairly well where our actions lead us to, especially when you have some experience (a few years).When I was 33 I was restless. My life seemed

How to convince myself to stop procrastinating everything

A2AConstantly scare yourself about how short life is and how luxury time is.I used to have the problem of laziness and procrastination. There are tons of advices online, but easier said than done. Most people procrastinate because deep inside they don't have a sense of urgency, they thought they can do it tomorrow or do

How to stop procrastinating and getting distracted

1. Eliminate distractionsFirstly and most importantly – don't try to fool yourself. There's a little chance that exam preparation with your friends will get you anywhere. Surely, it's more fun, but your focus will be sparse and fluctuating as you'll interact with others. Also, your mate's progress might put you off as

How to stop procrastinating on schoolwork

Hi Reese,The first thing you need to do is ask yourself if you really are procrastinating or is it laziness.Elliot Berkman, an Associate Professor of Psychology says procrastination is a

How can we eliminate laziness?

Laziness could be both physical (called lethargy), or emotional. Obviously, if you feel continually lethargic, it could be that you need some medical attention to see what could be making you feel listless.However, if It is emotional (you just don't feel like doing anything), that's a different

How to deal with and fix my procrastination problem

Since I don't know you, I can't be sure whether what I'm writing about applies to you, but it applies to me and to many other people, so here goes.There's a type of sleep disorder called a Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder.

How to waste time

There is a past, and there is a future. if you are alive: there is only a potential for a present- in the middle of the continuum.   You can do nothing regarding the past- , and the future is unknown, no matter what you may

How does one overcome extreme laziness and lack of motivation?

I've always been proud of my skill of remembering minute details from a movie, names of actors, details of their career and what not. I think everyone has some kind of quirky obsession that defines them, we would all forget a concept for an

I am 25 and very lazy. What should I do?

I am going to tell you one simple truth. No matter how many motivational videos you watch or self help books you read, it is not going to help you. Not one bit. For normal people it might work, but for us it will motivate us for an hour hardly and

Is it procrastinating if I don't know what to do?

Coming at it another way, how can you know you are procrastinating if you don't know what you want to do? You cannot put off doing something when you don't know what that something is.It is normal for people to experience times of

Is the gym a waste of time?

Waste of time? Is that the best you could come up with?You know what I hate the most? Travelling. I like going places. But I hate the journey in between. I often feel like it's a waste of time. But how many people would agree with me? Isn't it something along the

Those who used to be bad with procrastination but overcame it and are productive, how did you do it?

My hardcore procrastination problem disappeared not because I found more will power, motivation or a better strategy, but because I saw something new about it.Here are a few insights I had around procrastination:We don't actually need motivation to do something. The need for motivation is just a belief, a myth we've

Was your time wasted today?

This seems to be a subjective question and is open to interpretation.One can only decide if the present is a waste in the future. Like Steve Jobs said, you can only connect the dots looking backward.In my personal opinion, my time is wasted only if I

What do I do? I feel tired and unmotivated all the time, have anxiety and stress. I can't concentrate on college and CAT preparation. I tend to escape through unproductive habits like procrastinating. Every sphere of my life feels scattered.

Seems like you have a undefined word or a concept, quickly find that and redefine it or define it.This happens usually, when we do not study with a dictionary next to us.Basic basics basics, go back and check, where you lost interest? What you did not understnd? Which is causing mind to collapse.Control the desperation, release.If

What do intelligent people do to waste time?

Duplicate of other answers, but yes, reading.  I read a TON of news, mainly politics from local DC and NYC up to international, plus some urban planning/development news.  I'm very interested in the world around me, my ability to interact with it, and how to effect positive change. 

What is the rationale or scientific reason for procrastination as a human behavior? Do other animals procrastinate, or is this uniquely human behavior?

Thanks for asking this question. I have a totally different take on procrastination. I'm not sure if anyone else will identify with it, but I've found it to be true for me. I used to believe I was supposed

What should I do to stop procrastinating on school work?

There are plenty of best tips around overcoming procrastination and I quickly picked up the following questions on Quora. They may be helpful in addition to the answers you receive here:What's an efficient way to overcome procrastination? - 4000+ answers

Can Adderall stop procrastination?

Adderall by itself will not stop procrastination. Procrastination is a behavioral problem of one's executive function. Adderall is designed to help you focus but it does not control the direction of your focus. You need to work out certain habits and behaviors to

Even though I want to better myself, I'm not taking self improvement seriously by not focusing, procrastinating and not applying people's solid advice like I should. What can I do to change that?

There is nothing you can do. Oh wait, there is so much you can do, which will greatly change your life if you do it.Other answers will tell you all about various great things that will help if you do them. You yourself already know so much about them as

How to get motivated, stop feeling lazy and not give up anymore

source of information :- Natural_Health_Tips(click)1.Poor sleeping patternsSometimes you are sleeping for 5 hrs and sometimes its 11 hrs/Sometimes you are going to bed at 11PM and sometimes its 3AM in morningYou may never realized but your body and mind required time to adjust

How to motivate myself to do better everyday

Thanks for asking this question! I hope a few good answers on Quora will certainly help you determine your best path forward.I highly recommend that you read these three answers I have written on Quora, as they somewhat go over journeys, methods of being a great student, and also suggest how

How to stop procrastinating when I really need to study

It was a battle to study.I would procrastinate before class.I would procrastinate before exams.I would procrastinate before assignments.At the time I thought it was normal because so many students had the same problem.But then I realized it didn't matter if it was normal, it was

How to stop wasting my life and get up

There are so many ways we could go with this.In the past, I've explained what procrastination is, and why it's the opposite of almost everything you've ever been told about it. You can read my two most popular answers here and here.Today, I feel like going in a

How to get rid laziness of learning new things

The best way to fight "laziness" to do anything is to make a plan. Set clear goals and objectives, and time slots to work towards them, then try to stick to your plan as much as possible. You might still have a tendency to procrastinate,

How to improve myself a bit every day

Everyone suffers at this stage of life.Most importantly never get Demoralized and never be the part of rat race.Just be what you are.Yes if you want to improve your English the best way is to read books and learn a new word daily and

How to really start doing what I really want

I also have millions of ideas in my head, but I only got a few of them (say, 5%) to actually work. Good news for me is... that number used to be 0%. It all changed when I gave some thought

How to stop myself from being lazy

Same way you stop eating that extra piece of cake or following that guy out of a bar when you are married. It is a choice in that very moment. How do you stop being lazy? Be present. Be aware. In that very second when you know you have something to do, stop and think and make

How to study without wasting time

First set a goal for yourself on what you want to achieve. Develop your will power and determine that you would reach your objective. These are basic to concentration. Plan your study program in such a way that you spend more time to learn topics in which you feel

How to motivate yourself to work hard and stop procrastinating

Greetings Reader!My father never wanted a boss on his head. He wanted to be the owner of his own business. Ergo, he tried his hands on a few businesses early in his life but sadly those ventures never panned out well.The failure of repeated efforts to run a business of his own got him and family

I am very lazy with no motivation. How do I motivate myself to do something?

Remember that- Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out.You'll have to work hard to achieve something in life!

I have become lazy and lack motivation. What should I do?

I don't motivate myself. I just constantly scare myself.There are tons of advices online, but easier said than done. Most people procrastinate because deep inside they don't have a sense of urgency, they thought they can do it tomorrow or do

I'm going to have a lot more spare time soon, I will spend half wisely, what are soon good ways to waste the other half of my extra time?

I used to find constructive things like writing, studying (what I chose to study), brain games, reading, art, etc to be very fun. Of course, this is when I had more time! If you're interested in any of those hobbies they may work well for you, else just do whatever makes you

Is it a waste of time and money to study philosophy at university?

Everything else is a significant waste of my time. Then yeah, it is a waste of time. It was an entire waste of time.From school work to careers - in starting a company or even just our every day lives.

Life: What are the most common ways people waste time?

Here's how we waste time best:1) We allow ourselves to get distracted by entertainment, people and the latest media.  The ease of turning on that TV, looking at that video, texting away with a friend (or the more

What are some real time-wasting things?

Thank you for requesting my answer.There are so many time waster's of life. The good thing is that it is up to each individual to CHOOSE if they will waste their time doing these or NOT and doing something more that will help

What are the best ways to stop procrastinating and motivate yourself daily to achieve goals?

3 Easy Steps to follow to avoid procrastination and maintain consistency:Step 1: Decide and fix the things which you want to complete. Don't overdo things. Keep a few but important tasks as a target. Overdoing often leads to the failure and demotivation.Step 2: Calculate your estimated time that is to be

What is the best career for procrastinators?

I was a HORRIBLE procrastinator.I'm not sure I ever studied for a test more than a day in advance. Often times in high school, I waited until the period before the test to study.By the second semester of college, I was consistently pulling all nighters before

What is 'wasting time'?

If you are speaking of procrastination, wasting time would be thinking about doing things you need to take care of, but not acting on them. Being this way can lead to horrible consequences. I have seen people lose houses, spouses,

Why can't I stop procrastinating on something I really want to do, is there something wrong with me?

Procrastination is natural reaction of resistance. I try to use procrastination to my advantage, to perfect my timing. So, to explain timing can be everything, weather you are in the wrong place At the wrong time or the right place at the right time. Procrastination can

Why is it that we waste so much time when our lives are so finite?

We do it because we fill we have to run and scramble to accomplish things before our time is up. People want to be remembered and thought of after they die. Some of us wanna get get a job, get married, have kids, grow old with your

Will Adderal stop procrastination?

In my experience, Adderal will help narrow your range of focus so that you'll do only exclusively whatever you're focused on for hours on end.Problem is, if procrastination is secretly on your subconscious agenda, then that's exactly what you'll do with the narrow focus Adderal will

Would meditation help with procrastination?

It's important to understand all physical & psychological healing takes place during sleep. That's because the conscious gets out of the way & lets the unconscious healing processes do their thing far more unimpeded. Meditation is basically turbocharged & focused sleep, in terms of its medicinal properties.Procrastination