How to prevent stomach ache from overeating

Really? Think about it, it's a no brainer! Stop overeating. Since this is easier said than done, here are some pointers. Do not do any other activity while eating and eat alone or with just your immediate family. Mindless eating, that which we do

How to know that you are overeating

You're eating way more calories in a day than your average person.Every time you eat you feel full to the point you feel like you're going to be sick, or you actually do get sick.Your eyes are bigger than your stomach (preparing bigger portions than are necessary or possible to finish).You eat meal sized portions when you're

Is overeating healthy food unhealthy?

Overeating may be known for primarily causing weight gain, which if you're obsese will cause heart problems and a host of other problems. But that's not the only way overeating can cause damage. There are other mechanisms too. Particularly, high blood glucose levels will lead to diabetes for many people.Overeating