Why do we need oxygen?

To explain why we need oxygen one most first understand how metabolism works. The overall reaction for metabolism is: Glucose (C6H12O6) + 6 O2 --> 6 CO2 +  6 H2O + Energy Obviously, oxygen is necessary for this reaction to occur, but why?In reality this reaction is a  oversimplification, and is really made up of many

Does anaerobic respiration occur in plant cells when there is a lack of oxygen?

Yeah.... clearly...Anaerobic respira­tion is the exclusive mode of respiration in some parasitic worms, many prokaryotes, several unicellular eukaryotes and moulds. In micro-organisms the term fermentation is more commonly used where anaerobic respiration is known after the name of product like alco­holic fermentation, lactic acid fermentation.The mechanism

Does respiration always take place in the presence of oxygen?

No.Many microorganisms are anaerobes and manage it happily without oxygen. They are expert at anaerobic respiration. Anaerobic microbes were here on earth first long before algae evolved and started releasing oxygen from H2O into the atmosphere. That event changed things totally allowing the evolution of

From where astronauts get oxygen in space?

Breathing Easy on the Space StationLife support systems on the ISS must not only supply oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from the cabin's atmosphere, but also prevent gases like ammonia and acetone, which people emit in small quantities, from accumulating. "The primary source of oxygen will be water electrolysis, followed by O2 in

How long can an astronaut stay in space without oxygen?

An astronaut can survive in outer space without oxygen,but for barely a few seconds.After about 15 seconds,he/she will start losing consciousness from lack of oxygen.That's a totally different case from Earth.On earth you can easily survive a few minutes without breathing because there is no vaccum on Earth (naturally occurring).The astronaut may suffer

In a bright environment with no oxygen, can plants undergo photosynthesis to produce oxygen for their own consumption, given that they cannot initially undergo respiration due to a lack of oxygen?

In a bright environment with no oxygen, can plants undergo photosynthesis to produce oxygen for their own consumption, given that they cannot initially undergo respiration due to a lack of oxygen?Short answer: No - without oxygen for respiration, plants will surely die.Some O[math]_2[/math] liberated by photosynthesis is

Why do astronauts breathe 100% oxygen?

I believe it is because spacesuits operate at a lower pressure to make them light and flexible. A suit with a normal atmosphere of 80% nitrogen and 20% oxygen at the lower pressure would not provide enough oxygen for an astronaut to breath. Operating a spacesuit at normal air pressure is

Why do we die from a lack of oxygen? Is it because of acidosis, low ATP output from anaerobic respiration, or does it relate more specifically to neural cells?

Good answer on Quora:https://www.quora.com/Why-do-cel...The key word is cell necrosis. The answer given before talks about cells swelling, which is true, but the first stages are a loss of permeability that allows calcium ions in. Calcium is a powerful signalling molecule that activates lipases, proteases, and nucleases. Membranes, proteins, nucleic acids are hydrolyzed.

Why do we need oxygen for respiration? Why not other gases? Why just particularly oxygen?

Gaseous oxygen is a highly reactive molecule that would dearly love to react with something (almost anything) to gain four electrons and become two O - - oxide ions (as in ferric oxide) or share them covalently (as in water).This reaction releases a great deal of energy: enough for

Why do we only need oxygen for respiration?

The two gases for respiration are carbondioxide and oxygen, we inhale oxygen and exhale carbondioxide because it is not a useful compound for animal cells.Now why do we take oxygen for respiration .1- Oxygen is taking for respiration for oxidative reason, it removes hydrogen atom produce during glycolysis and Kreb cycle to become reduce NAD and

Why does anaerobic respiration need no oxygen?

Aerobic respiration is in a different league, compared to anaerobic one, in terms of output of usable energy, which is about 10–15 times greater. Oxygen is a highly electro-negative element, which means that pulls electron strongly, and thus generates greater energy for the

Can oxygen burn?

As burning is the process of combining with oxygen, it is definitionally impossible for oxygen to "burn".  Although I haven't done the math on it to confirm it, I doubt that oxygen will spontaneously combine with fluorine to form oxygen difluoride in significant quantities, as the latter compound is fairly unstable and dissociates into its constituents at

Does the human body use/need less oxygen during sleep?

Yes I think for a human being in ideal conditions not afflicted with any sought of health problems generally consumes less oxygen while sleeping than awake or working ...Is b'coz I can answer from principle of Boyles law in chemistry which states

Is oxygen literally killing us slowly in the most unpainful way?

Well, technically, YES. Oxygen, as you know, causes the oxidation of substances. So, when we breathe in Oxygen, the Oxidation takes place in the atoms of our cells. Also, when we breathe in Oxygen, the Oxygen incompletely reacts with Hydrogen to form the extremely reactive hydroxide ions. This is the reason why we have antioxidants. Antioxidants prevent the

What are the consequences of substantial, long-term net decreases of phytoplankton for the oceanic dissolved oxygen and atmospheric breathable oxygen, and how do we measure changes in this phytoplankton-generated oxygen?

I would like to suggest a solution to the problem of decline in phytoplankton and DO in oceans.The Science Daily report cited does not mention micronutrient availability.It is possible that deficiency of micronutrients in oceans is the reason for decline in phytoplankton.‘Low micro-nutrient levels in ocean water hit productivity'So dosing micronutrients in oceans could be the solution.

What is the chemical equation for magnesium+oxygen=magnesium oxide?

First, we need to know the formulas for the chemicals involved.Magnesium, I guess, means elemental magnesium - which is typically just a metal. This means that it's possible for single atoms to react, so the formula is Mg_1, or just Mg.Oxygen is commonly a diatomic gas, meaning

When phytoplanktons make oxygen does the process all make more phytoplankton?

Phytoplankton come in many varieties and all of them share this characteristic as far as I know-they multiply by division. This makes growing them in containers rather difficult. They could be and probably will become a valuable source of protein and oils. But as they multiply they keep us on our toes, at one quarter full the

Why can't we take oxygen out of the water so divers have an unlimited supply of oxygen? Fish can do it; why haven't we figured it out yet?

Such a device would be an interesting bit of chemical engineering. In effect, you would need to build a small chemical processing plant to fit on the back of a diver.The concentration of dissolved oxygen in water at 15 deg C is about 10mg/liter. This goes up at colder temperatures

Why can't we breathe nitrogen instead of oxygen? What is oxygen's role? Do plants need oxygen and nitrogen at the same time?

The role oxygen plays in keeping us alive is actually pretty complicated, but I'll try to simplify.   In order to stay alive, our bodies need energy.  They get that energy by reacting the food we eat with the oxygen in our blood.  That reaction forms

Why do our body cells require oxygen?

Our body cells require oxygen to release energy. The oxygen that we take in during respiration is used to break down the food we eat to release energy from it. When we breathe in oxygen, it diffuses into blood from the lung alveoli. The lung alveoli have very thin walls in order to make the diffusion

Why do we need oxygen?

Because our bodies are designed to use it via the Mitochodria in our cells as a fuel.What are Mitochondria?To produce all of that energy, mitochondria require oxygen. Mitochondria effectively burn your food in a carefully controlled way to produce that chemical energy by a process called

Why is it that the brain needs oxygen?

All cells in your body need oxygen, which they use to produce energy. This includes neurons. Your brain requires a lot of energy, so it depends on oxygen, which is delivered through the blood."Despite comprising only 2 percent of the body's weight, the brain gobbles up more

Why is oxygen needed for burning?

A common misconception is that only Oxygen burns objects. However, Fluorine can do this job too. Carbon dioxide can 'burn' objects too! Rather than burning, we require a new word; oxidation.Burning means you combust something, hence you could call it combustion. In layman terms, combustion is simply very rapid oxidation. What

If you jumped out of a plane at 30,000 feet could you survive the fall without oxygen?

Yes, assuming the canopy isn't deployed at the height or anywhere close to it. If you expediently exit the airplane while it is depressurized and are fairly athletic you won't pass out right away. However, free falling from 30k to 10k will take about two-minutes, during this time you'll