Do smart people like video games? If so, what type of games do they like?

Video games are no longer a niche interest that is derided for being enjoyed only by sheltered nerds (speaking as a nerd who remembers when games were considered nerdy).So your question is basically like asking

Should I allow my 12 year old to play 18+ games?

This really does depend on the maturity of the kid, your family values, and the content of the game.Find out why the game got the 18+ over rating. Is it a porn stimulation game? Is it extremely gory? Is it

What are some of the best role Playing Games (RPGs) ever made thus far?

There's no such thing as "best [insert genre] game ever made". First of all, the best of something is always subjective, it's like prettiest woman or best oil painting, everyone has their own "best". Secondly, video games has been constantly changing, evolving on all

What are the most difficult video games you've played?

The most difficult games have already been mentioned. No, not dark souls. Dark Souls is soft.The answer is Ghosts N Goblins (NES) and Ninja Gaiden (NES). Only about 1% or less of video game players can defeat's mean.Ninja Gaiden can only be defeated by

What effects would playing a video game 10 hours a day for a month have on your mind?

Let's see... my latest obsession is Elder Scrolls Online. I've played roughly 8–10 hours, most days, for around 3 months. This is not my longest run - that would be Skyrim.Admitting this fact causes me shame, but with a little twist of evil laughter because it's almost certainly my favourite thing to do. I feel guilty (like a

Which GTA game has the best graphics of all the GTA games (excluding GTA 4 and 5)?

GTA San Andreas. It was the major turning point of the Grand Theft Auto series. It featured the greatest story line, good graphics (for it's time) and what's better, is that there is a modding community for it.The modding community has NOT FAILED to meet any modder's demands. For

Would not watching television and not playing video games make you smarter?

No, it would not. The absence of something cannot make you smarter. However if you were to replace television and gaming with studying, then you would become smarter.However.It would depend on what you watch/game compared to what you study. If you watch

Am I the only one who thinks that GTA IV is better than GTA V in many ways?

No, not at all.First up, any question at all that begins

Do you prefer to play video games or do sports?

I would say I will prefer both Sports & Video Games. The reason why i pick both is Playing Video Games helps us to think smart and find a solution in real quick time. Where sports helps me to stay fit as well as think smart (forming Strategies).But

How are large, open world games like GTA V made?

** I do not work for Rockstar and or am affiliated with Rockstar games and their affiliated companies responsible for the GTA franchise, intellectual property, and or GTA:V. This is just some insight to how the process typically works.

How to run GTA V on 4 GB RAM

A2AI'll start of by saying that the game is memory hungry. The game is designed to look up a lot of 3d rigs and other resources for displaying the map and the environment. This ultimately results in the game asking for a considerable amount of memory. Also the

How to call numbers in GTA V in PC

To bring up the dial pad you first need to:Bring out your cell phone, the button for this is

How long can you play video games per day?

Well, it depends. This answer won't be a happy one, but it's possible to play roblox for 24 straight hours, without sleeping, walking, or even eating. ( they took bathroom breaks.) However, one player, Snowly, died while playing world of Warcraft, and this proves that you can play

How many hours a day can I play video games?

There is a saying popular in gamer community: Eat >> Sleep >> Play >> Repeat. It depends on you and the game you are on, especially on your passion for gaming. If you are a hardcore gamer then you might play game

How much time should kids spend playing video games a day?

This is quite a personal thing for parents but in my opinion it should be no more than 3 hours a day and that should be split. If a child is playing video games for a long time then they are missing out on a whole load of cognitive and social skills that they will never

I purchased GTA IV from Amazon. After installing the game, the problem of the infinite loading screen starts. How can it be resolved?

You surely should have no problem after this using this method:Go to the folder where you have installed GTA IV.Find a text file named ‘ commandline.txt ' ,if not there then you'll have to create it.Open it with your Notepad.Add the lines as shown in the image given below:

I used to play intense video games 14-17 hours per day for 3 months. Is that bad?

I played competitive StarCraft in high school (8 years ago) in the same manner as you described. For nearly a year actually.I suffer no long-lasting health problem, at least none that I'm aware of. Short term troubles include:Weight lossWeak physical

Is it okay to play video games on computer for 3 hours each day?

It's certainly okay if it doesn't disrupt you from other important matters, such as work, family etc. Whether it's actually good to pursue that is up to you. Is gaming your main hobby or do you feel it takes time over some other activities you'd like to do?We choose what we do with our free time.

Is it possible to get paid playing video games?

Yes it is entirely possible to do so, however you should probably know the reality. Not a lot of these people succeed at doing so. Here are a few examples.Video game tester: Unfortunately this job is not as easy as it sounds. It requires

Is it sad to play video games at 32 years of age?

Sad to have an enjoyable hobby? I wouldn't think so. Not unless you quit eating, sleeping, WORKING to pay for those games, as well as your other bills. Not unless, like cell phones, tablets, and other media paraphernalia it takes your attention

Is playing video games for 4 hours bad for you?

Is watching tv for four hours bad for you? Is reading for four hours bad for you?Perhaps I'm biased because I play for at least four hours daily but I honestly don't see the problem. Nearly 20 years ago, I

Is programming a good replacement of gaming for a teenager?

When my son (now fully grown - and a pretty decent software developer) got

Should I buy a PS4, Xbox One, or a gaming PC? What are the pros and cons of each?

I am going to clump Xbox and PS4 together for now and just compare them to a PC.Xbox and PS4 both offer one very important thing that PC probably will not: ease of use. In order to make use of PC, you need to

What are some not so famous strategy games that you would recommend?

For pubg•When a grenade is coming fall back to stairs•During fights, prine unnecessarily to confuse or enemy as for a time being during gun fights if you go prone while shooting then you miss sone bullet at your head. But don't go prone for whole match as it is very irritating opposite

What are the best multiplayer games on Facebook?

Last stand: Dead zone is pretty good. It's a zombie based survival MMORPG, with scavenging, base design and defence, crafting, upgradable characters, action, PVP, good story, and many other great features. It's free to play, but does have in game purchases; however these aren't crucial (I've never had to pay). Great gods

What are the best PC games or mobile games?

I know quite widely about mobile games while i'm not that much familiar with pc games but if i would have to recommend you best mobile games then you must pay for. 'cause almost every best games as far as i know they're paid. Some of them are,1.Limbo2.Bloon td 53.Bloon td 64.somorost 35.Machinirium6.Animal super squad7.Chameleon run8.Prune9.Zenge10.ReddenStill some best

What are the best turn-based strategy games?

All the answers here are pretty good, though I'd argue that some are actually turn-based tactics games, rather than turn-based strategy games. There are two big differences between the two. The first is that in turn-based tactics, there are a finite number

What are the effects of playing video games obsessively?

Any addiction is not good and gaming is not an exception . Addicted gamers will give more importance to the interactions in games than they give in real life. They skip meals,sleep less,can gain/lose weight due to significant playing and neglect their personal hygiene.

What are the pros and cons of playing video games?

Pros are different depending on the type of game, but the general ones are:Strategic thinkingProblem solvingHand-eye coordinationTeam skills (team based multiplayer games)Spacial awareness Creativity (some games)Cons mostly come from spending too much time playing games and not participating in other activities. Like

What are your best video game ideas?

The following has been taken from a blog I wrote awhile back that I'm still (eventually going to be) working on. Follow it if you like, I'm pretty confident it won't effect me either way but it'd be pretty cool if it got popular!THE ULTIMATE GAMESo, I don't want to give away

What is the best RTS game?

That depends on what you're looking for, really. Do you want quick, fast action that involves a little base planning and easily ended matches? Check out Age of Empires (I, II, etc).If you're looking for an in depth RTS that will force you to has out the nitty gritty details, while

Which of the single player indoor games makes us fit always and can be played at any time?

Any insane activity, from dancing to your favorite tunes, to the second best thing and the best thing ever (wink wink), is fun and can be done at any time you want.Start doing self challenges, like set a goal for yourself, and complete them.(Say 25 sit-ups/push ups etc. in a particular amount

Why do game developers keep releasing unfinished products? IE. Dayz

Lately, I've been discussing this with friends and relatives who are involved in the gaming industry. Nice that I got this request.Some might've not noticed, but the gaming industry is suffering a couple of shifts that I won't mention in depth. Yet

Why does it take so much time to get GTA 4 installed on a PC?

The original one installs in 10–15 minutes.A Repack version of the game would take an hour or more depending on your CPU and HDD speed.I suppose your installing a repack version or compressed version of the game.. the extraction process may take a long time if your CPU is slow

Why would someone spend the entire day playing video games?

Yep. It's fun. Even though it can seem a waste to some, for those of us that find gaming fun, it's a wonderful and cathartic escape from the drudgery of day to day life.This is not to say that I don't sometimes feel guilty for spending too

Are video games educational?

Every activity you perform can be considered educational, in that it will cause neural links to form in your brain.So, the question as asked is too vague to answer with anything other than an unqualified

Are video games really that bad for you?

I grew up gaming, just as you did. I played computer games from the age of 3 or 4 years old. I started playing more complex PC games when I was in 3rd grade like Wizard 101 or Free Realms, and also began calling a friend over the

Do old people play video games?

They definitely do. I mainly play destiny 2 so I've always met different age group of players when I lfg (looking for group) to do end game activities.My clan itself consists of few guys over 40s. We usually play together at reset, just to knockoff weekly milestones and stuff.We recently helped a grandpa cleared his

Do you think that watching a movie is similar to playing a video game?

It depends on what game it is as there are many different game genres that are more like movies than games, but generally, no. A movie is just a very long cutscene. You have no control over what happens. In a game,

Does playing video games improve concentration?

Whilst stating that occupying your mindset to playing video games can improve your concentration it can also become quite disruptive as you loose yourself in the moment.Your time comprehension gets hindered, and if you get interrupted the feeling of high concentration can be slightly distributive by itself. This can lead to anger and

How to get free gun skins on PUBG without paying any UC

U can complete Achievements for skins find them in the achievement secrion.....Or u can go to shop then to the redeem section and buy skins from the silver fragments u have.U can get silver fragments by dismantling the double items u have in the inventory (u won't lose all the items one is always reserved).Thanks for reading....

How to know if you are good at video games

When you're proficient in a variety of genres, finished a lot of games and perhaps reached a point where you play most games starting on hard. There's more to it of course, being a good gamer requires a lot of patience, emotional control and good observation.I recently attempted

Is playing video games immature?

CAN playing video games be immature?  Certainly.  Just like there are multiple adult children right now... 30+ year old kids that still haven't matured mentally.  Nothing wrong with them, I'm not saying that they are mentally disabled.  I'm just saying they never learned

PC gaming vs console gaming: What are the advantages of each platform over the other? Which is better?

Consoles only have one advantage: it's easy.That is literally the only advantage console gaming has over PC gaming. You buy the console, you buy a game, you plug it in and you play. It just works. Nothing could be easier, and this remains

What are greatest video game cutscenes?

A game's story couldn't be more interesting without really good cutscenes: those that further makes the gaming experience epic instead of becoming a nuisance.One of the greatest video game cutscenes comes from Gears of War 3 where Dom finds Maria.It's one heck of an emotional

What are some good adventurous PC games?

Sorry - a gamer is a gamer - whether a girl or a boy. So, I don't believe that girls will necessarily like non-violent games only. And I am pretty sure because I have cousins who just love games like Diablo. So, here are my recommendations of some great

What are some legitimately entertaining video games that can make you smarter?

Games like MOBAs will improve your reflexes , sub conscious thinking power, your macro decision making, micro decision making and best of all they are a blast to play. Example: Dota 2, Smite, League of Legends, etc.

What is the best game for PC?

HiUmm.. you cannot come to a conclusion to a particular game to be the best game for pc i.e every game has its own nature and each person have a particular taste on which type of game that particular person like.So in my case I like

What is the best video game to play while watching TV?

I do this all the time due to the boredom of grinding.Games that have a time limit, quick time events, fast-paced action or high difficulty are not suitable for watching TV due to the distraction.Basic rules:1) Turn-based RPGs (like Pokemon) can be played while watching TV, with the exception of games like MHStories, which

What is the most fun computer game project you've worked on programming?

Fun for playing the game or fun for making the project?Personally I found making the project more fun than actually playing with it after.It's an AR (augmented reality) game that challenges you to walk around an area in my city to find a virtual character.Me and

What is the most fun two (or more) player video games that you can play with people who don't always play video games?

Good question!I can think of a few.***DISCLAIMER*** I am not a competitive person, I play games for the joy of playing them. I'm not averse to the odd challenge, but you won't find any PVP games on this list (but I do list a

What is your review of StarCraft II?

Disclaimer:  I do not work on the SC II team nor do my views necessarily reflect that of the team.  A key part of SCII gameplay is the flexibility to develop solutions for situations the player may find her/himself in.  Though some

What life lessons have video games taught you?

Thanks for the A2A!  When I was seventeen years old, I became one of the highest ranked World of Warcraft players in North America.  Below are some of the most powerful lessons I learned on my quest for Internet fame and

What makes a 100% strategy game fun?

An interesting question. For me it is games that are highly dependent on luck that are not fun (although I do like games that combine luck and skill, such as poker).Chess is my favorite game and it contains no luck element. Why do I enjoy it? Because it is deep.

What makes video games fun?

There are multiple reasons what makes video game fun, but I am pointing out the important ones from my point of view.1. Creative Mind-sets - Not all, but most of the games we play now a days, challenge your mind to become more creative and active at all times. Be

What screams 'I'm a pro in PUBG'?

The Tier, basically is the standard of differentiating a noob with a pro. People with Gold tier, when meets an Ace player in their squad, they are like..

What's better: playing video games or watching TV?

This is tough, I'm a certified couch potato and have done much of both they both have ups and downs.TVYou can do other stuff at the same time such as dont interact with it so if you just wanna chill out after a hard day just flop on the couch

What's worse, watching TV or playing video games?

Doing either to the detriment of important parts of your life.Neither is objectively bad. You can become a couch potato by doing either or both in excess. You can become a worthless slob without doing either. Nothing's bad about doing an entertaining pastime. What's bad is losing too much

Why do kids enjoy watching videos of other people playing video games, but don't actually play the game themselves? Is it a generational thing?

I wondered about this too, I've actually been asked multiple times to stream my gaming along with my friend Paul. I don't actually know how to do that, but I may give it a try.I'm 80, my friend is 84.I guess that they are curious about what we can do but the fact is that I'm

Why don't I want to do anything in life?

I take it you are interested in a change, which is why you posted this question. You've taken a step because you recognize the futility of how you are curently living, good job.. and I do mean that, you are looking for a way out.Part of the problem with modern life is that people are marketing to

With supercomputer and quantum computer techs on the rise, how come video game developers don't try to develop a really close to life simulation video game? For example, the game could run on its own forever till shutdown and still retain things.

With supercomputer and quantum computer techs on the rise, how come video game developers don't try to develop a really close to life simulation video game? For example, the game could run on its own forever till shutdown and still

How to let my wife playing video games with me

Find games that she will like, try to start with story based ones and let her warm up with those. If she likes it and wants to play more, you can start diving in to the multiplayer ones and play together.Don't shout or swear to her if she dies all the time