Are dinosaurs mammals?

Surely this should be and easy Yes/No answer. Either they are or they are not. Well, the answer is not that easy. Surprise!Under the classification system developed by Linnaeus (1707-1778) dinosaurs were often placed in the Class Reptilia (Reptiles). As such they would not have been considered to be mammals.

Are humans apes, or did we evolve from apes?

Humans are primates. The physical similarities between humans and monkeys/apes has been noted since ancient times. We have grasping hands with opposable thumbs, fingernails instead of claws and forward facing eyes, among other common attributes.One hundred years before Darwin published his "Origin of Species", the Swedish naturalist Carolus Linnaeus (aka Carl von Linne) established

Are turtles related to dinosaurs?

Universal common descent really does mean 'universal'. All life on this planet is related. Turtles are related to dinosaurs. Turtles and dinosaurs are related to other animals like us humans. All of us animals are related to other eukaryotes like plants. And all of us eukaryotes are related to bacteria. It's not

Did velociraptors hunt in packs?

Thanks for the A2A. The short answer is, we don't know. The somewhat longer answer follows ...Evidence for pack hunting in dromaeosaurs (

How is it that plants evolved much later than some animals?

If we are talking about land plants here, which were the first true plants, then animals did predate their appearance. The oldest plant fossils date back to around 450 million years ago, while the oldest animal fossils we have been able to fix a rough age to have

If humanity evolved over millions of years, why is it so hard to find their bones when each evolution must have lived several thousand generations, and yet we find a wealth of dinosaur bones that lived millions of years earlier in the timeline?

Do you know how many fossils we've discovered of Australopithecus Afarensis, a single species of human ancestor? Remains from more than 300 individuals (source). Do you know how many Tyrannosaurus Rex fossils have been found, the iconic dinosaur predator? Remains from

If prehistoric animals are so much bigger, capable of being more deadly, and stronger than animals now... why aren't they here in place of those animals?

The kingdom Animalia (Animals) have been around for ~1/2 billion years and cover a huge swath of sizes, shapes and ferocity (of degrees of being docile). Hollywood and museums show us the biggest most interesting animals because that's what draws crowds (aka money).Hollywood would love to have this terrifying critter on the big screen...

Were dinosaurs extinct long before humans appeared on the face of the Earth?

Yes and no. For one, birds are dinosaurs*. So, at least one lineage of dinosaurs did survive. However, I'm assuming you mean the non-bird dinosaurs, aka the non-avian dinosaurs, and those all did go extinct a long time ago.Around 65 million years ago, there was the Cretaceous–Paleogene, K-Pg,

Were Velociraptors the fastest dinosaurs?

No way, Velociraptors were not even as fast as Troodon. Don't let the

What are the animals which were evolved from dinosaurs?

All branches of dinosaurs evolved into more dinosaurs. Some became extinct, while one branch, the avian dinosaurs, survive on to this day. Modern research has revealed beyond a shadow of a doubt that birds aren't just descended from dinosaurs - they

When did dinosaurs become extinct?

We are still in the dark to accurately answer this question. However, estimates shall suffice for the time being.The reason? Scientists can't agree whether the major extinction events the Earth witnessed occurred over thousands or millions of years or simply in one lively day.

Why do people call dinosaurs animals?

Reptiles are animals. Mammals are animals, birds are animals, reptiles are animals. Reptiles are not plant life, nor are they bacteria, fungi, or viruses.Life is categorized into 8 taxonomic classifications: Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus and Species. The broadest

What do we know about Denisovans? How closely related are they to Neanderthals?

This is a complicated question. Denisovans are actually a hybrid species made up of at least three different species of archaic hominids. Around a million years ago, there was a

Why did God(s) create dinosaurs that lived millions of years before our species?

Well,  He created whatever He wanted,  for His own pleasure.  Dinosaurs are  fascinating and really capture everyone's imagination,  like Leviathan in the book of Job. Here's Job's description of Leviathan, no one is 100% sure what this awesome beast was.  Some think it was a