How does the Vivre gym compare to Form Fitness in downtown Palo Alto?

I was a member of Form for most of 2006. I was  a member of Vivre April 2011-November 2011.Both gyms have the requisite treadmills, stationary bikes, and ellipticals. Both have a spin room and group exercise room. Both offer childcare, massages,

What's the best gym in Palo Alto?

Prometheus CrossFit. CrossFit box is obviously very different from your typical gym, and it's not for everyone. Classes occur on a group schedule, so you won't be able to workout at any arbitrary time. CrossFit doesn't align with everyone's workout philosophy. It's not

What are the best crossfit gyms in San Francisco or Palo Alto?

My trainer when I was playing professional baseball has a gym in San Mateo and as far as individualizing a program specifically for YOU and YOUR goals, Josh Courage is the best you will find in the Bay Area. Its not necessarily a "Crossfit" gym but the exercises will be very much like a Crossfit