What are cheap consumer goods in Panama, Panama?

I lived in Panama for four years.  Groceries are (shockingly) typically more expensive than the U.S. or Europe, with the exception of some local goods.  You can get some better deals on clothing, such as Puma, but electronics are typically more expensive. 

What is Panama?

Panama is a small Central American country of roughly 4.1 million people. Due to it's geographical location - isthmus wedged between North and South America - it has been dubbed "Hub of the Americas." It's capital and largest city is Panama City, whose metropolitan area is home to nearly half of

Was the US Invasion of Panama worthy of so many civil deaths?

Yeah.A few million people died in ww1 because of a land dispute between to nations.A few thousand dieing in a war which brought control of what would seen be the Panama Canal of the US.(Also, I though the US did a favor for Panama and they gave us full access to can and lands around it)The Panama canal, has

Why is Panama so poor?

Panamá is not poor, It's one of the most prosperous countries in the entire Latin America and has one of the most steady, fastest-growing economies in the region.Panama has been one of the fastest growing economies in Latin America over the past decade, with real GDP expanding an average of 8.4% between

Is Panama City, Panama a good place to retire?

If you said Panama, I would say absolutely, however, restricting it to Panama City may provoke my bias.Where to retire relies where you are most comfortable and what type of life you would enjoy. What I may say may be the exact opposite of what you may like,

How does the Panama Papers leak benefit the U.S. elite?

It doesn't. I believe it actually mostly harms them, as it does for political and economic elites everywhere (although some more than others).I mean, sure, as of today (6 April 2016) no major political or corporate figure in the U.S. has been directly linked to Mossack Fonseca,

Is the economy of Panama City, Panama mostly based on tourism?

The economy in Panama is fairly diversified, but ultimately geared towards services rather than raw materials like many countries in the region. The main sectors include: construction/real estate, financial services, tourism, mining, logistics, and energy. Obviously, with the Canal there is quite an emphasis on logistics and related services, but it's also a financial services and banking hub.

Is it safe to travel in Panama City?

Assuming you're referring to Panama's capital, it's as safe as any big city, provided you exercise common sense and good judgement as you move about the city.You should be fairly safe if you...Avoid slums like El Chorrillo and Curundu.Avoid poorly lit and sparsely populated areas at night.Avoid Calidonia at night.Avoid flashing

How can the economy of Panama City be diversified?

Economists and politicians could argue all day on how to diversify our economy; however, if our focus is making the great leap forward, we should narrow it down to three things: reduce corruption, improve transparency and innovate processes. To that end, Panama should consider sprinting towards new technologies that'd integrate smart contracts, digital currencies such as the dollar, digital

How many days should I spend in Panama City?

I would say 4 nights in Panama City is just fine, but there are many destinations in the country you also can visit and take advantage of you trip. Here a great link who can help you finding information for your trip. Panama Travel Guide

What is the traffic in Panama like outside Panama City?

Depends on where. You can drive within cities like Chorrera and Arraiján where a lot of people live and find that it's the typical Panama City formula of lots of cars + aggressiveness in driving. However, if you mean taking the Pan-American highway up to David or some other place in the interior, the highway

Is there any canal like Panama Canal in the world?

Not exactly, but the Welland Canal enables ships to pass between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario while the natural passage way between those lakes is Niagara Falls.

What are good neighborhoods in Panama City for families to live in?

It depends mostly on your budget. The best place to find what you're describing would be a gated community. There are many of those in Costa del Este, Albrook and Condado del Rey. There are always amenities and activities for children, sports classes, birthdays, etc. On expats, Panama welcomes people from all over the world and

What are a few unique pieces of advice about living and working in Panama?

Try the pizza downtown.   Wait for low tide in the Pacific side and ride a bike out to islands.  Check out the sloths.   Buy Molas from the Cuna tribe people.

How does traveling to Panama compare to Costa Rica?

The saying in Panama is that in Costa Rica there are a hundred people looking at one bird, and in Panama there is one person looking at a hundred birds. Panama has everything Costa Rica has, but Costa Rica has done a much more effective job of promoting itself as a tourist destination. In the past, Panama had the

What are the 'must see' sites on a one week trip to Panama?

In the city, visit the Causeway and the Canal. Then go out in old town Casco Viejo or enjoy the great view from the rooftop bar of the Hard Rock Hotel. Bocas del Toro is amazing; dolphins, surfing, snorkeling and partying. Besides that, a must see are the

How safe is Panama for tourists?

Hi,As a Panamenian, I would say that we don´t see a lot of kidnapping here,If you like to walk, I highly recommend the Waldorf Astoria because is near to the

What are must sees & best restaurants in Panama City, Panama?

Location-based service Foursquare might help you out on that question. Lot's of recommendations from a bunch of users: https://foursquare.com/search?q=...Degustapanama.com is also very useful and full of recommendations.Personally I really like Hábbito (Spanish, ambiance, drinks, food) The Wine Bar (Italian, ambiance and food,

How is the weather in Panama City, Panama in December?

Normally December is the dry season. Usually, Panama's weather is 8 months of rainy season (with October and November being the months with most rain) and 4 months of the dry season. The months vary but usually April-May to November-December is the rainy season. However, this year (2015) the weather has been very

Do Panamanians have an inferiority complex toward US?

We lived in Panama for 2 1/2 years and never once met a Panamanian who wished he were an American or displayed any feelings of inferiority toward the U.S.It doesn't surprise me that the English-speaking Panamanians you met would have an American accent; after

What kind of food is Panama City, Panama known for?

A2A.I would add to what others have said by adding that seafood and fish are particularly good and fresh in Panama. We are surrounded by oceans, after all. For example, a good ceviche from the fish market in Panama City bay is

Is Panama City a place worth visiting?

I am visiting Panama City, Panama right now. Have already been here two weeks and plan on staying one month more. Of course Panama City is worth visiting. I am very impressed with Panamanians and their love for music and parting.

Who owns the Panama Canal?

The Panama Canal is owned by the Republic of Panama and capably administered by the country's ACP (Autoridad del Canal de Panama) which is a part of the national government. The Canal's 'ownership' was transferred by the US Government at the end of 1999.

What are the best aspects of living in Panama City, Panama as a young adult?

I regret to see so much misinformation about Panama as presented by people who have missed the whole point of how to enjoy the Panamanian Lifestyle.I can sum it up in one phrase:Everything is Possible in PanamaThe fellow that talked about sex trade has some valid points. The truth is, that if you can't do any

What kind of activities can I do in Panama?

City sightseeing is very safe for everyone.Visit the Panama CanalShopping (for luxury items go to Multiplaza Mall and for regular ultra cheap but great quality stuff you should go to Albrook Mall)Check out the gastronomic offer in Panama City.Take a walk, jog,

Is there an ongoing property/housing bubble in Panama City, Panama?

2004–2014: First of all we have to understand who is the public that is buying a major % of the construction that is going on in Panama since the past 10-15 years. Before it started off with majority of foreigners (mainly Venezuelans and Colombians) who were moving to Panama.Construction companies focused on luxury real estate

Why is Panama so poor?

Panamá is not poor, It's one of the most prosperous countries in the entire Latin America and has one of the most steady, fastest-growing economies in the region.Panama has been one of the fastest growing economies in Latin America over the past decade, with real GDP

Where is the best place to see the sunrise in Panama City, Panama?

To see the sunrise. Go anywhere near a coast. The causeway. The beach. You will seee a beautiful sunrise. I love yo go to Palmar beach andf see the sunrise there. Panama is one of the only countries in the world whete

How safe is Panama?

Personal safety an individual experiences while living or traveling in Panama depends a lot on the places you frequent.Inside the Canal Zone of Panama are located train stations, for instance; if you wait at a train station during daytime hours from say Margarita,

What is the theft rate for tourists in Panama City, Panama?

I just moved to Panama 2 months ago. Before I did, I made sure to conduct extensive research on the country, in general, and Panama City, in particular.As with any other city in the world, there is crime. But whether or not you

How hard is it for an American to work in Panama in Central America?

To work legally, you must be an official resident of Panama. This residency takes some time and money to obtain. The Panamanian pay scale is lower than that of the United States, so you'll be working for peanuts unless you've been hired by a US company

How is life in Panama City, Panama?

Chaotic. You'll need a car 99% of the time if you want to go from point A to point B since there's little infrastructure for pedestrains. Also, you need to plan your day and plans strategically since there's hopeless traffic in the morning beteeen 07:00AM-11:00AM and between 18:00–20pm. There are some

Where does Panama City's skyline rank among other cities in Latin America?

I think it's among the best.  It has some of the highest buildings in Latin America, and the ocean in front to boot!

What would happen to Panama City, Panama if an 8.0 earthquake struck the city?

If I remember correctly 6-7 years ago we were struck by a strong earthquake. They found some minor damages in some schools, hospitals and houses etc. The interesting thing is that Panama construction are all based on earthquakes regulations. Because of that it also makes construction more

What are the best restaurants to try when visiting Panama City, Panama? What should you try while you're there?

Best restaurants in my opinion are:Maito - national modern fusionSegundo Muelle - PeruvianBambú - JapaneseHopefully you get to go to these ones. You will have a good experience.

What are the odds I would get robbed traveling in Panama City, Panama?

I believe the odds are pretty low. Because of the heat, taxis are really cheap and the fact that the city has virtually no sidewalks you will move everywhere by taxi/car.Of course like in any city the chance exits. But It's not

How many locks does the Panama Canal have?

The Panama Canal has 3 locks total, with 3 chambers on each side of the ocean (total six): 3 on the Atlantic Side (the Gatun Lock has 3 chambers), and 3 on the Pacific Side. On the Pacific side, the total of chambers had to be split

What are some positive sides to living in Panama?

The sun shines almost every day;The fruits, eggs, vegetables are very fresh and inexpensive;Fishing on Lake Gatun easily yields ~100 filets in 1/2 day; it's

Where is the best pizza in Panama City?

Try Leonardo's Calzones are almost 12 inches and in La chorrera stays open late. . Woodfire pizza at Picasso Bar and Restaurante is in Coronado where I stayed three months this year. Domino's in Panama is better than in USA.and has great chicken nugget strips.and Jo jos..

How is life in Colon, Panama?

I am Panamanian raised in Panamá city and I have never been to Colón. Considering that it is only about 58 km away from Panamá City, that should tell you something.The province of Colón has a lot to see. It has the most beautiful Caribbean coast line with plenty of

Should I retire in Costa Rica, Mexico or Panama?

Chuck Bolotin created a webstie Best Places In The World To Retire when he was thinking the same questions as this. There is a forum that will be answered by people that have moved to and are living in these countries under the Q&A tab.

Can I drink the water in Panama city?

Yes. Tap water is drinkable in Panama City. Some people I know say

Which are some of the oldest, most well known, delicious restaurants in Panama City, Panama?

If you want to try local flavors you may want to go to El Trapiche in Via Argentina. There is also a Restaurant called Parrillada Jimmy near Atlapa, awesome food. Another recommendation would be Napoli for Italian food. Those three fit your description.

How much does it cost a Naval vessel go through the Panama canal?

It depends on the type of vessel and its load.For example for Panamax container ships (which transit in the old locks) at full load it is in the neighborhood of $500,000.For neopanamax ships (which transit in the new locks) at full load it nears the $1mil.Wilhelmsen (one of the largest shipping companies)