Are panda bears considered friendly?

Giant panda has survived for more than about 8 million years, they certainly have ability to defend themselves well. They are very peaceful animal and prefer to live alone. so they avoid having fights with others unless being thereatened. wild pandas are very

How strong are bears and pandas compared to human men?

Pandas can grow up to 1.5m long and weigh as much as 150kg. While their large molar teeth and strong jaw muscles are designed for crushing bamboo, they can deliver a very nasty bite. can also swim and, unlike most other bears, do not hibernate for months at time during winter. Giant panda are excellent climbers,

To which animal family do pandas belong?

The classification of the panda has been the subject of much debate. Some scientists thought that the giant panda should be classified with the red panda, which until recently was considered to be in the raccoon family. The red panda now has its own family. Both the giant panda and the red panda feed on bamboo

What do pandas contribute to a wild ecosystem, and why aren't they extinct?

We don't always understand how important each species is to their environment probably only after they went extinct. But it is true that the Giant Panda wasn't the best survivor in the wild today, which could had been a result of poor adaptation to a very particular range of food sources and a generally restricted range today.