How to hem pants without sewing

This answer has been edited to include more detail.PERMANENT HEM - The simplest, cheapest, quickest solution is to use glue. Make sure you are selecting a craft/fabric type of glue which is also dry-cleanable. If the glue is not dry-cleanable, just make sure the

How to temporarily hem pants

It's pretty simple. If u know basic stitching then just fold your pants inwards(make sure it's even on both sides) and stitch it around. And if u don't know how to stitch at all, just take a needle and put a thread through it (colour similar to that of your pants). Make a knot on one end of

In fashion, what is the protocol if my tailor hemmed my pants too short?

Ugh, the "tailor blew it" issue....and you probably can't buy a replacement pair!The protocol is they should offer to make it right; that is, let the hem out longer.How much longer do you need them? How much of an inseam did she leave?If

When males wear shorts pants, do females look up their pants legs?

Not if they can help it!I once copped an eyeful of my mate Bill's hairy bollock, when he had short shorts on, and for some reason he was also going commando. It was a picnic day with me, my husband, Bill, and my daughter who was a

Who are some good tailors for men's suits & trousers around Vile Parle or Dadar (Mumbai)?

Hi! My family is residing in Dadar since more than 70 years now and in terms of buying fabrics, we only trust a shirting and suiting store in Dadar West called Plaza Textorium. It is right opposite to Veer Kotwal Udyan on N.C. Kelkar Road. You will definitely find good collection of fabrics there. If

Am I a old soul, even I was born generation z I don't dress up trendy don't wear a lot of brands wear baggy pants sleep on time and eat healthy food?

Hey hey hey !  Who did tell you that u are old soul . You aren't a old soul.Dear aap unhen dekho jinke pas pehno ko thng k clothes nhi.. kuch k pas toh clothes bhi nhi..Toh aap ab khud ko dekho .. zruri nhi h

Are pants supposed to be worn at the belly button line or at the hips?

Yes.Pants are supposed to be worn at the height the patternmaker set the rise for. The rise is the distance from the center of the crotch to the top of the waistband. Some trousers have a low rise and are meant to be worn at or even below the hips. Some are made with a higher rise and,

Can I wear track pants to hike in cold weather?

I mean, technically you can, that doesn't mean you should. Really it will depend on what they are made of. If they are made of polyester, then they should be reasonably good at wicking sweat off your legs and drying quickly. But the biggest concern I have with track pants, especially in

Is army cargo pants good for trekking?

Thanks for A2A..If the objective is trekking, then any light-weight, breathable, easy-drying pant is good for trekking.The choice should depend on the region in which you wish to trek, not if it is a cargo pant or not. I have trekked all my life in shorts, track suit

Is it healthy to wear two trousers?

Why 2 trousers? If you are in weather that is -25C or -10F then yes to get from point A to B for heat and you remove the 2nd trouser once indoors. Otherwise no. However if one trouser is a see through material then it's very thin and you are using it as a

Is poly-viscose trousers better or Cotton trousers?

PV trousers are more formal than the cotton ones. While I have strong reservation against a 100% PV trouser, I can say that they definitely are very durable and don't lose their finish even after many washes. Cotton feels great on the skin and

What are some good ultra-light and breathable long pants for hiking?

A good pair of lightweight hiking pants is essential for any hike in warmer weathers. If you are truly trying to be lightweight, consider the difference in weight between packing a lightweight pair of non-convertible pants and a pair of shorts-would it be more space-efficient to just bring the convertible pants?These are some good options for pants that are

What are the differences between track pants and sweatpants?

The name. On a more particular level, workout pants are made of heavier material and typically hotter than track pants. Track pants are made of a light weight nylon material. Frequently those taking part in olympic style sports lean toward the lightweight material giving simplicity of development. Many individuals may consider and wear both for brandishing exercises.

What colour of pants match a black and white shirt?

I'm going to answer your question, and then I am going to give a detailed answer that will help you never have to ask a question like this again.

Why do people wear their pants below their boxers?

This trend among young males makes no sense whatsoever !' if they knew how foolish it was and how awful they looked they would pull them up ! This started I believe , in the prisons when men wanted to send a silent signal to another prisoner that they wanted sexual relations! It became popular

Do I need to wear shorts over compression pants?

You asked: Do I need to wear shorts over compression pants?I'm firmly in the

Do you wear yoga pants in place of sweat pants?

Yes, I do, all the time. It's just more comfortable, I think, with the yoga pants, they're a great invention. And they look much better too. They're tight, so they keep your blood flow upwards, which is good and they

Is wearing a skirt, the same as wearing running pants?

No! A skirt is a skirt and pants are pants. I assume you mean running skirts if you are trying to compare them to running pants. The skirt (if short like some running skirts) will provide a level of freedom of movement no pants can

My bust size is 44 inches, my waist size is 31 inches, and my hips are 45 inches. I wear a size 38DD for my bra size. I wear a 10-12 in women's pants. My weight is 148 pounds. Am I fat/unattractive?

I am a bit more truthful than most, not so blunt as many in my opinion but opinions vary. If you are 5'5″ tall, unless you are muscular, I feel you are fat, but this does not mean you are unattractive. I am just talking about fat and there are many attracted to your measurements.In my opinion though, at

Wearing pants is boring, are men tired of only wearing pants?

I'm sick and tired of wearing pants every day. As a man, it's pointless to go clothes shopping once you have enough to make it between wash cycles. Both the style and colors are extremely limited. Why buy more of the same? I

What are comfortable casual pants/trousers for men that are not jeans and not sweat pants?

What are comfortable casual pants/trousers for men that are not jeans and not sweat pants?Good question. Unfortunately there are not a lot of options for men that are not jeans or sweat pants.Consider trying tapered joggers. They can be made from denim, cotton or even the same material as suit trousers are made from. They are the latest in

What are the reasons why you wear yoga pants outside of yoga class or working out?

Workout clothes, which were once pushed to the back of the wardrobe, now dominate the fashion scene. Yoga pants are not just pants, these are anywhere, everywhere and all time pants. Sales of iconic denim jeans have fallen 6 percent in past year after decades of almost steady growth.

What kind of people wear compression pants?

Compression sportswear is usually worn by athletes, including shirts, shorts, tights, sleeves, socks, or underwear. They are form-fitting garments often made from a spandex-type material.What does the research show?One small study of compression shorts found some gait changes that might reduce injuries.Through testing repeat-sprint and throwing performance

When did men begin to wear pants?

Leggings had been used by ancient Romans and Greeks as well as many others. It was not a great leap to attach a top to some leggings that could be held up with a leather or rope thong around the waist. The invention of

Why do all girls wear tight pants during their workout?

Sure there are probably some women that enjoy wearing the tight pants because it shows off their body and it gets men's attention but to be honest it is no different than some guys that show off at the gym to get women's attention. To say no women

Why do Mexican people wear long pants in such hot weather? I was in Mexico working, and in 90 degree weather, most people were wearing long pants.

Look at my profile picture. That is a proper outfit for Northern Mexico in late April under clear skies and some 95F. Long pants and long-sleeved shirt. You can also wear a short sleeved shirt.Only tourists wear shorts and T shirts

Why do people like to wear pants with no pockets? Where do you put your stuff?

Thanks for the A2A. You asked: Why do people wear pants with no pockets? Where do you put your stuff?A couple years ago, I started wearing leggings (yep, guys can wear them too, and we can be straight and do so, we don't have to be bi, gay, a cross-dresser,

Why do people wear pants that are too big?

Perhaps to feel more comfortable. The prior trend toward skinny jeans and snug fitting trousers may look good when you are standing up. But especially if you work in a professional position or in an office, you are going to spend a lot of your time sitting down. And then is the time to sit down when eating

Why do people wear yoga pants in public?

Guidelines foir what is considered acceptable in public has changed drastically over thosuands of years. Time was, in the 1700's to 1800's, a man could not even touch a young woman's hand, except to help her get out of a carriage safely. If a woman showed her ankle, even in