What strategies keep children behaved?

As a  mother of two (adults, now) a grandmother (ouch!) of two, a former Preschool and Pre Kindergarten teacher, I have always relied on positive discipline. I like it because:1- It works!2- It does not require always dwelling on the negative.Positive discipline is based upon pointing out, and

How to get my 2.5-year-old son interested in studying

2.5 years old is a bit too young to get him interested in academics. What's important at this point is that he meets developmental milestones for his age (like running, talking, eating on his own, potty training, etc.)However, you may start getting him interested in books, or shapes and colors (if you want him to

What is the best age to teach a child how to swim?

I teach swimming from six months up to adulthood. Even though I teach parent-child classes because I cannot choose which classes I will and will not teach at my facilities, I do not recommend them.