Can I ask for a divorce from my husband if he is not willing to leave his parental home?

No, you cannot! as law does not classify that as a reason enough to file for a divorce.Off late, I have a feel that people think

Can I divorce my parents?

I'll break it down to you."My parents suck." - Someone in nepal has no roof over their head. You have some access to internet to bad mouth two people that provide that for you. Please appreciate."Typical Indian Parents" - My parents are indian. I have curfews

Do husbands love their wives less after they have kids?

Answering this anonymously because of the potential backlash I may get.Do not mistake what I am about to say. I love my wife to death. She is one half of my soul, my teammate against the world.BUT, I do not find her as sexy as I used to before she had our son.Before you

Do Indian parents favour love marriages? Why not?

The Love marriage centric societies have found love in multiple partners and societies are destructed to the core. The family system is destroyed and hardly exist. In america the marriages are down trend and live ins are uptrend. It is pretty common to have more than 5 parters

Do introverts make good father/mother/husbands/wife?

It's not based just on introverts. Actually, introverts can also be of many types. They could be brooding types. They could be artist types. They could be kind types. You know what I mean? So, the introverts which are not 'the

Do you avoid marriage because your parents got divorced?

No!I'm my own person. My parents divorced and my mum is forever saying how marriage is bad and how ‘all men are horrible' blah blah blah.When I was younger, I believed her and then I met my partner. We have been together 4

Do your parents fight after 22 years of marriage?

Yes ofcourse.Dad : Why are you murmuring always?I have asked for supper long ago.Mom : (Shouts)If you have taken your tablet,I would have given it on time..All is your fault!!See how careless you are!!I donno why my father had found such a man like you for me?You cant even take care of your health..How can you look after us

How to believe in love again after my parents' divorce

How can I believe in love again after my parents' divorce?Just because your parents have divorced does not mean that they do not love each other. There are a lot of people who love each other dearly but just can't stand to be in the same room with each

How to convince my Indian parents to let a black man marry their daughter

Very difficult for me to answer as a parent myself. I dont need convincing, you should be sure of yourself and your relationship.What I would like to say is that Parents typically do not wish ill for their children. They act out their insecurities when their kids want to go in directions

How to convince my parents to let me marry a financially unstable and different caste guy

     Parents know their kids better than anyone. There is a reason why they are against this marriage. Your parents have raised you with a standard of living and they are afraid that you will have to sacrifice a lot if you happen to marry this guy who is at the beginning of his career.      You parents

How to convince my wife having a second child is a good idea

In your question you ask how you can convince your wife to have a second child. This tells me that you have suggested it and she has said no.Offer to carry the fetus and give birth and then provide all the money

How to prevent my parents from getting divorced

Here some ways given to avoid divorce and to know more visit this article.I am an adult and my parents are getting divorcedThey are 20, 30, 40 years old and face the divorce of their parents.But even if one

How can one become a good wife?

You asked - "How can one become a good wife?"Because this is a global forum, I would like to make it clear that my answer is not intended to have universal appeal or application, and particularly I am certain that it would be of no

How to celebrate my parents' 25 years of marriage with them when it has been one long fight between them

I understand the position we think we hold in these circumstances as children of couples with this effect on us, the effect they have on each other.It is not up to us. Feel them out, let each parents wishes lead your plans around it. A kind word, a gift, a card anything that is truly you or truly

How to convince husband for planning a second child

Me being a guy, I would like to ask you.have asked your husband for a second child?Mothers are the symbol of mamta ("maternal love", in India).A father might be not equal to a mother but again father is

How to convince my baptized Sikh parents to let me marry an American guy

Some times what we see and feel is correct is not correct for others. Same is happening in your case, what you see as good (Marrying a guy of your choice), is not a good idea for your parents.And to understand this you have to be a mother of a young

How to convince my parents, I need a divorce

You are an adult and don't need your parents permission to get a divorce. It's a decision that only you and/or your husband can make.It is respectful to inform your parents that you are divorcing, because you are their child and they love you and want you to be happy with your life. Speak to

How to convince my parents to let me marry a guy who I love

It's been a long time that you are in a relationship and now you have made your mind to marry your girlfriend/ boyfriend but you don't have courage to talk about it with your parents, then this article may prove as an ‘Icebreaker' for you.Before we explain the 8 ways of convincing your parents for love marriage,

How to convince parents to let me marry my girlfriend whose parents are divorced and my parents have come to learn she has gynecological issues

Are you convinced that you want to marry a girl whose parents are divorced & also that she has gynec issues? If yes, my friend then you need to pull up your socks and leave no stones unturned to convince your parents.You could hypothetically

How to do If my parents are agreeIng to my marriage because I am pressuring them and telling me after the marriage you are on your own am a muslim

Well, being married is anyway the doorstep to independence. So the question is if you are sure about your choice. Is he the right person to be the base of your future family? (who knows) I assume your parents don't really like your choice. So maybe it would be a mature act to sit down with them and ask

How to ensure my selfish, immature (soon-to-be ex) husband does the least harm to our child

You can do four things:Get out of this relationship.Get out of this relationship fast.Get out of this relationship much, much faster.Get out of this relationship RIGHT NOW!How can I have a happy marriage, knowing that my wife will try to poison our

How do i get my parents to divorce?

First of all, I want to say thank you for reminding me that kids are far more logical about these things than parents give them credit for, I think. You at least have a very clear view of the truth of a situation.

How to get myself prepared enough to try to explain to both of my parents, they need to seperate? After 36 years marriage, they have been through so much with one another but they are horrible for each other. All they do is fight

They are enough mature at this stage and this is their personality and can not be break without proper technique tools.You may ask certain questions such as-1.What is purpose of your life?2.How you are different from other human.3. To whom you would like to live at this

How to prevent my parents from getting divorced

I grew up in a happy home. An older brother whose 2 years older than me, a half sister whose 12 years older than me (but didnt live with us since she was old enough to be on her own) and my mom and

How to resolve conflict between my wife and parents

First be fair to both of them, Both your parents and your wife need you as son and husband respectively. Though many may not agree but, we are sensible humans, so 2 things a to be considered1. Parents today and are in need you as much as you needed them when you were young (In terms

How to tell parents that I got married against their wish

Congradualations. Maybe a letteR explaining all your reasons. And the wonderful things you see in your mate. Also be sure to tell them that they did a great job raising you, you have a good head on your shoulders for

How do Indian parents come to know that their son or daughter is ready for marriage since they are the deciding factor for them?

Different parents have different parameters to figure out when their children are ready to get married. For most it's not when their children feel they are ready  to be married.Most of the time, it's the neighbors and relatives [Char log] who decide it's time for the

How does a husband who loves kids cope with a wife who does not want to have any kids?

I always knew I wanted to have children. It never even crossed my mind that I may not have them, it was just a given. I was almost 27 when I met the man who would become my husband and while I knew the night we met that

How does divorce affect children?

There is no question that divorce dramatically affects children according to the most current and accurate research.Dr. Girard's answer below is worth reading carefully on this question, as he quotes such research. I understand his answer less optimistically, however, than perhaps he does.Absolutely the damaging impacts of divorce

How does it feel going through a divorce, having a teen aged son?

It feels like hell.  When I divorced my first husband, my two kids were 16 and 17, and it caught them (and me) totally off guard.  I discovered he was having yet another affair (after promising he would never do it again after cheating with TWO of my friends).  I could forgive a mistake, but he aparrently made

How does regret in marriage affect their children?

I can answer this since we were born in a family where my father was very vocal that he made a mistake in listening to his dad and marrying a woman from arts stream and who was not educated though my mother was a PhD.Everyday of my life in my house I saw my parents fight, everyday my mom

How does your parents' divorce impact you?

When I was nine, I came home from school to see my crying mother smoking a cigarette in the kitchen. This was, in itself, not an entirely unusual occurrence. On this occasion, though, with minimal preamble, she said,

How should I convince my parents to marry a divorced girl? She is girlfriend from my college days. What should I do?

Why do THEY want TO MARRY a divorced girl? just kidding. How old ARE you? how long ago WAS your last connection w/this girl? WHAT happened that you 2 broke up? Is SHE the one advancing for a reunion w/you-IF so, WHY? (does

How should I forget my GF? I'm 25. Both of our parents didn't accept our marriage and due to immense pressure from her parents she got married 2months ago.

First of all, block her from all social media options. Fight the urge to check her updates/WhatsApp DP etc. Change everything that can remind you of her. DO NOT listen to sad songs or watch romantic movies. DO NOT hang out with common friends who would pity you. DO NOT throw yourself at the next girl who

How should one convince his parents for marrying a girl who is a month older than him?

Hi,I think age in Indian society is particularly considered to be maintained with a certain difference where males being elder in most of the cases. So it is highly a traditional and cultural aspect rather than any calculations or logics on maturity levels. Now I suppose that

I am a 20 year old child of a happily married couple, and my parents started fighting over a stupid issue last year. They are still fighting on that issue, how can I solve their fight?

You can't do anything about it. It is not your fight. You have no responsibility in the matter. When they come to you and complain about the other they are being unreasonable. They should not do that. You need to let them know that it is not acceptable that they

I am an Indian woman. How do I convince my parents to let me marry outside of my race?

I am happily married to a British guy now.I never had a type. I just wanted to feel loved. I would consider a person, when my body and mind said 'this is crazy'. I was attracted to guys. Period. I trusted my biology, chemistry, and physics when I am attracted to somebody. I gave myself

I don't think I want my Husband's children. Has anybody else felt this way? Experiences?

You are together for seven year and you don't want to give birth to his child because he is secretive, disrespecting, impatient, self-praising. Why are you with him if you so hate him. And again you are with a person you so disrespect for 7 years and you don't see any fault in yourself?!Thanks Quora for

I want to marry a divorced girl and she's 7 years older to me, I love her a lot, how can I convince my Indian parents?

I loved and almost married a woman seven years older than myself, too. She was also divorced and came with a couple of kids. After that experience, I don't think I'd intentionally pursue a woman that's older ever again.It's. Subtle. But even a

If divorce is inevitable, is it better to end it now or later with a 2 and 4 year old?

I agree that more information to guide you toward a decision. The reason to stay, even if you are not getting along, is in terms of security for the children. To have some house, same father and same mother for five years is better than two years. Those secure years of bonding to parents are

If I marry my boyfriend, do I need to marry his toxic parents?

If he is fond of them then your marriage is pretty much doomed if you consider them toxic. If you don't love him enough to find something likeable about them, you should cut him loose. Don't put everyone through the trauma not to mention time wasted. Even if you convinced him to turn his

I'm a 22-year-old girl, and I told my parents that I don't want to marry now and might marry after 30 years, but when my relatives found out, they said my parents should take me to a psychiatrist. What should I do?

That one liner in Question Details is quite weird. You may love the idea of adoption but the guy who'll be spending rest of his life with you may not. Okay foolish things aside, I must tell you that most of the girls I know closely have Masters

Is it advisable that my wife (we are divorced) sleeps with my 9-year-old son?

I'm not going to offer a position either way, this could be appropriate or not, depending on the reasons for this happening. I'll address your real underlying question: is this something actionable that could be used to effect a custody change?  In general, not really, unless your wife is

My 27 year old son refuses to get married. What can we do?

Nothing. He is a adult. If your son marries just to appease you or cause he's expected too, that will only make matters worse. It's more important that your son is happy. Marriage is something you do when your ready and mature, not out of force. It's his life to live. If your son marries just

My 32 year old sister is having marriage phobia. She don't want to do marriage but according to Indian society, marriage is very important. My parents are really worried. What should I do?

There is a wide range of options, depending on how far you are willing to go to support a positive change in society.The most radical action would be putting your parents in an old age home, so that your sister will be able to use the house without having to get married: this was the

My husband does not want to move out of his parent's house, but I can't live with them anymore. How do I deal with this ?

Judging other questions things are a bit more complicated than just ‘my husband does not want to leave his parent's home'.When you marry you make a long term commitment to your significant other. Living together is part of this. And specially in early marriage it's easiest to spend this time with two people and

What are my options if my wife wants children but I don't even though she agreed to this before we married?

So, when my wife and I were on our first date, I made sure to say, "Listen, I have two adult children. I've had all the kids I'm ever gonna have. So if you're looking for kids, I'm not the guy." Her

What can I do if my parents are not accepting of my love marriage?

Even before you begin taking any drastic decisions, the first thing you should do is ask yourself these questions:

What factors correlate closely with divorce?

For the lowest risk of divorce marry a virgin, Asian, agricultural engineer (college graduate), who attends church weekly.  For the highest risk of divorce, marry an African-American massage therapist college dropout who has had 16-20 sexual partners before you who does not attend church weekly.Number of sexual partners before Marriage:

What happens when you don't want kids of your own but your partner wants them?

This is one area where you can't compromise and have both parties equally happy with the outcome.  You can compromise on 2 or 4 but not "none" versus "not-none" doesn't work.You  get to decide as a couple, if  either one

What is the procedure to get married without parents' consent?

I won't go much in detail, will simply lay it out as this -Do you have a place of your own ? if not then are your parents ok with it ?Once that is covered, hope you have a job

What is the reason behind parents worrying for her daughter marriage instead of her career? Why tilldate girls is not equally treated as boys?

I dont know whats killing you inside that you are asking such questions... But there are parents that do worry for their daughters career keeping aside the tension of her marriage. And if in case your parents don't agree then you must try to prove them that you can do best

What percentage of the financial burden should a husband with children be responsible for?

It should be based on the division of duties between both the mother and father. Couples divide responsibilities differently from relationship to relationship. However, even when both parents have full time careers, statistically the mother has more responsibilities within the household, including

What should I do to make my parents like my boyfriend? They don't want me to get married to him because he wasn't a good person earlier, but after being in a relationship with me, he has changed himself but my parents don't understand it.

Your parents are worried about you. They can see things about your boyfriend you don't because even if love doesn't make you blind, it prevents you from seeing what you don't want to see. And your parents have more life experience-they're aware that changes can't be considered permanent when they've

What would you do when your parents are forcing you for marriage at the age of 22 but you want to chase your dream first and your parents are not getting convinced?

Try to find a partner that will allow, rather help you chase your dreams.Marriage should not mean end of your dreams, it could be start of completing yours dreams.Try to convince your parents to let you choose the partner as per your expectations.Discuss your expectations and dreams in meetings and see if you both are comfortable with

Why are Indian parents so strict about same caste marriages?

Caste system is not the same in the 21st century as it was in the past.Irrespective of the caste people are choosing their careers.But the mental and social stigma has not yet gone.Even if there are persons with changed perspectives about the caste system peer pressure is not

Why are some parents so possessive for their children to the extent that they do not understand that they are contributing towards the break up in the marriage life of their children?

Well someone had shared the signs of Kaliyuga story by Krishna on Quora already, so I am just adding the link to his answer instead of copying: Sabyasachi Panda's answer to What did Krishna say about Kali Yuga?Krishna explains that one of the signs of Kaliyuga is that Parents would not know

Why can't a girl's parents stay with her after marriage while a son's parents can?

Why can't a girl's parents stay with her after marriage while a son's parents can?Why would anyone's parents stay with them after marriage? That sounds horrible. I can't even imagine having to have either set of parents underfoot while getting used to a

Why do all parents wish their child to marry a woman who is younger than him?

Old Dynamics of Marriage :Its an Old practice. The society was designed in a way that Male has to go out and work and the Female has to stay at home and cook. Because the male was supposed to lead the family and steer them through all ups and downs, it was inevitable that he needed a follower

Why do Indian parents support arranged marriages? Why are they so much interested in marrying their children to a stranger?

Till 70 years ago arranged marriage was with known family only ..there use to be some one in between knowing both family and both person.Even today proper verification is required and done during arranged marriage processMatrimonial profile ..most are misliding and no one

Why do many Indian groom's parents do not allow bride to have a job after marriage inspite of being educated? Do they expect the same from their own daughter?

It's not true. In 1987 I got married. I got a govt job within six months.My in-laws are the first people to tell me to join. My husband left it to me.My parents and in-laws both scolded me for not joining.Infact I was in need of money. I would get pension also after retirement if I

Why do my parents fight even at the completion of 30 years of their marriage?

People communicate in all sorts of ways. Some couples communicate by fighting. If they have been fighting for 30 years, they aren't going to change. If it irks you, my suggestion is to simply leave when they are upsetting you. If you leave every time they start fighting, they might well get the

Why does a girl leave her parents after marriage?

There is a moment, usually after a period of cohabitation, when young people decide to get married.Few people marry without having lived in concubinage before.The marriage decision is a way to socially announce a commitment and feelings, but young people claim that, basically, their relationship does not change.In the joint life,

Will you marry if you found out your girlfriend of 5 years/would-be wife lied about having a 4 year old daughter just before marriage & miscarried?

Runaway buddy Runaway..Many will say she trusts you do much now that she shared her past, Many will say if you love her what does it matter and a lot of politically correct nonsense.Some might say i have been there and i did this and i

Due to bad financial conditions, my friend got married to a rich man who is 12 year older and is married having 2 children. Now she become mother just after her marriage. They do not love each other. What will she do in such kind of marriage?

So long as there is no abuse, I would advise marriage counseling sessions to try and tease out some issues and try and make it work while the children are young.Both her and the partner must at least have had some attraction to begin

My 30-year-old son is getting married. What is expected of me financially?

Assuming the bride's family is paying for the wedding, you should host the rehearsal dinner.  Beyond that, you could offer to help with other expenses.  Maybe pick up the reception bar bill or offer the bride's family some $$$$ to help with the cost of the wedding and reception.  Often, the groom's family will host the rehearsal dinner and

My wife and I are getting divorced. Is it ok for my 5-year-old son to sleep with me?

Yes, of course! There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. You should be doing everything in your power right now to assure your son that he is loved and protected.I'm not sure what reason somebody could come up with to disapprove of this. It seems to me both appropriate and natural that, during a time of emotional

Why do we have to leave our parents when we get married?

There is nothing to show that one has to leave parents which is initially hard but if one wants, one can stay back with spouse to take care of aging parents. India has two systems : the son -in-law stays with wifes parents known as Ghar Jamai or Illarikkam or Veed Maapale or Mane Alyya. The other system

Why does people are sending their parents to old age homes after marriage?

Mostly children do not want to send their parents to old age homes. But after marriage everything changes in parent children relationship.When another person enters into the life of the children, he\she finds it impossible to get along with the parents of his\her spouse.You cannot blame them for it. You cannot expect

After I register my marriage without my parents' knowledge, can the girl stay with their parents for 4 years?

Are you adults? Both of you 18 or older? If yes, then your parents and her parents have nothing to do with you two getting married. You are adults and free to marry whom you choose.If one or both of you are minors, then, depending on the laws where you live, you probably need to have the

Do adult people in other countries live with their parents after their marriage like Indians?

Depends. We live in USA with my inlaws. My friend in India, lives away separately from her inlaws.While staying with parents is still more prevalent in Asian culture ( India and other Asian countries) things are changing, especially in Urban setting. As the couples get

Do Indian parents favour love marriages? Why not?

The Love marriage centric societies have found love in multiple partners and societies are destructed to the core. The family system is destroyed and hardly exist. In america the marriages are down trend and live ins are uptrend. It is pretty common to have more than 5 parters either gender. More than 50% marriages end up in divorce per

Does having children really ruin a marriage?

No, it doesnt ruin a marriage. Not simply cause and effect. But there's definitely a lot more room for loosing out and with out being aware, AND making the right effort it could be ruined. Let's keep it simple, you must dedicate time on a steady basis -

Does Indian law states that the husband has to look after girls family after marriage just like his own parents?

The maintenance under section 125 CrPC is meant for wife, minor children and even major children unable to earn and  parents  who are financially unable to maintain themselves.   In laws or any other relatives can not claim this maintenance.See the language of this section to understand the law relating to

How can a Hindu girl convince her parents to let her marry a Muslim boyfriend?

You don't have to convince you parents if you are going to do something good,special and life-changing as your parents would be happy and proud of your decision later. But be careful while taking the decision and look into a few things seriously.Who

How to convince my husband to leave his job to raise our child

Please consider the facts exposed in this post:How can I convince my wife to leave her job to raise our child?I can't make any specific judments or suggestions regarding the status of your personal relationship but there is are very clear and important

How to convince my parents to let me marry inter caste

If you're from a businessman family, convince them you can marry anyone with a businessman background, irrespective of caste.If you're from a military/warrior family, you can marry anyone with a militaristic/warrior background, irrespective of caste.If you're from a scholar/intellectual/merit family, you can marry

How to get consent from my parents for marrying my GF

Follow the steps below. Tell your parents you're gay now. Tell them you're deciding to get married to your boyfriend becasue your parents didn't approve your marriage with your girlfriend At this point your parents will be so shocked and desperate that they'd want you to marry

How to make my future husband believe that I will take care of his parents

You have no idea what you are getting into. Undercommit and over perform If you mean it. And if convincing your future husband about this matter is so critical, you are headed for a single handed struggle.Pardon my bias but differences are common and natural. A mamma- papa boy will barely give you and any support in

How to tell my parents that I can never have children

Tell them you need to share some information with them, and then just be honest with them. Have you had tests to confirm this? If you have then take this along as well. If you don't feel you can do it then perhaps talk to the family Dr to see if they can talk to your parents. Sometimes

How can my girlfriend convince her parents to let her marry me as we are from different castes?

Girl can never start a conversation of her own marriage. They are made like that.She can just announce your coming to her home. The reason for the visit be kept surprise. She will introduce you as her friend and then

How did your parents' marriage ruin your own marriage?

My parents never intentionally ruined my marriage. I used to think that deep down my mother didn't want to see me happy but she was not in my marriage so she could not have been the reason.I actually think my parents marriage

How to convince a guy to not stay with parents after marriage

A2A!!Whenever this question comes up in your arranged marriage set up, tell him that "You would prefer living separately rather than with in-laws and you are not against living with them and that would be your secondary choice."After you tell him this, you need to inquire first what does

How to get my wife to be less dependent on her parents for any decision that she wants to make in our marriage

You need to set that boundary NOW. Any and all decisions in your marriage should be made by you and your wife alone unless you mutually agree otherwise. You need to make it clear to your wife that if she's not done suckling at mummy's teat, she can return home and you'll choose an adult for your 2nd wife.

How to stop my parents interfering in my married life

There can be two ways but be careful you ust be polite and keep a smile on your tell them politely that now after getting married you wish to explore your life in your way and you will ask them for guidance suppose

How do Indian parents react on inter-caste marriage?

let's take a boy named Rahul.Rahul: Mom and dad i like a girl.Parents: okay, who is she?Rahul: She works with me.Parents : we mean which cast she belongs too?Rahul : She does not belongs to our religion.Parents : ( in aggression )What are you talking ? she doesn't belongs to our religion

How do parents feel if their daughter does not want to marry ever?

That would definitely be shocking and quite unexpected They might first think that their daugther is joking then their parents might freak outThey would ask for an appropriate reason and will start thinking about the reasons and also what the society will think about her , they might ask

How does life feel when your parents are not divorced?

To me, it feels amazing. Yes, my folks have had their ups and downs, but they worked through it and now they are as happy as they can be. I like it because I am able to get the perspective of both parents if I have

How should a new step-parent behave towards their new step-child in the beginning of a marriage?

Hopefully you have already started to develop the relationship well before the marriage. If not, you'll need to start at zero.This child has no reason to trust or love you. They have no reason to listen to you. Your job

How should I convince my girlfriend's parents for our marriage?

Well, our love story is we have been into a relationship since last 4.5 years, the moment we started i was the first person to inform his elder brother that H**** we are into a relationship (its not like that, i like her or something, i love her & she

How should I forget my GF? I'm 26. Both of our parents didn't accept our marriage and due to immense pressure from her parents she got married.

First, you must accept she is married.If you have good morals, you know you must stop longing for her love.Try learning about self-love, do the things that you enjoy and find fulfilling. Meet with friends, take up old hobbies, examine your philosophical or spiritual side.Also, remember your parents did not approve of the marriage either...and they probably think you

How should my boyfriend convince his parents for our intercaste marriage?

I want to ask to people that caste is more important than happiness? I always say No. Please enjoy the life. Your child is wanting to marry a girl or boy not caste. Youngsters please eradicate this caste from society. Only you guys can do this. Go get marry that girl or boy

I am 25 years old. I don't want to get married. How can I convince my parents?

I think you are tilting towards asexuality, where you do not desire physical intimacy from any humans. Also you want to devote your life to finding the bigger meaning behind life and its existence. You can probably find any spiritual organizations whose ideology matches with yours and get ordained with them. Then they will take up the

I am very shy person. After 1 year of marriage, I didn't see face of my parents. I eagerly want to go at my parent's place but I am scared of telling this to my mother-in-law. She is an angry person. What to do?

Hello dear ,Thanks for A2AI understand that you have certain desires , which are very much justified but you cannot open up as you are scared that it won't be approved thus creating a quarell .My dear friend ,( I am assuming that there is no critical or important reason that is stopping you

I did love marriage without my parents permission as no one was agree with this marriage. Now my life become hell. Everyday I feel isolated. What should I do?

your life became hell because of the wrong choice. Not because you married against your parents permission.Even arranged marriage with your parents consent also can go wrong.Only mistake what you did is you could have waited and convinced your parents if you want to

I love my girlfriend (other caste) but she doesn't want to marry me, she wants to marry the guy of her parent's choice. What should I do?

Stripping away other details...You love a girl.She does not want to marry you.She wants to marry someone else.OK, sounds like, for whatever reasons, she does not want to marry you.Caste doesn't matter, and the fact that it is the guy her parents want her to marry doesn't matter.She wants to marry him.Go find a

I want to get married. I am a 22-year-old guy. How do I ask my parents?

You are allowed for marriage legally as you are now 22, so whats the problem in telling your parents that you want to get marry.If you have gf than inteoruce her to your parents and if not than ask your parents to find out a

I want to spread one message to all the parents of India that apni beti ko udne do don't force her to do marry, don't stop her to study, give chance to her she will definitely make proud to you.what is your view on this?

My mother studied only up o 4th std. She was martied off at the age of 19. . She herself sudied a home English and zHindi/visharad. She had 4 daughters and 3 Sons. She saw to it that all daughters were post graduates. One-a Prof, Two became doctors, one

If a girl can leave her family after marriage, why is it considered bad if the girls asks her husband to leave his parents after marriage?

Because we are a part of double faced society. They say a girl should treat her in laws like her own parents but this statement is not applicable to guys. If they do so, its your good luck. If they choose not to tr3eat them as their own family, you are bound to adjust with the fact. The fact