17 years ago, my parents divorced & remarried. 2 weeks ago my dad died. My mother was the sole beneficiary on the life insurance policy. She kept all of the money for her retirement, even though she makes $200K/year. Would you do this to your kids?

Something this question does not address that makes me wonder....after the divorce, which parent primarily raised you and your sibling(s)? If your mother raised you or even primarily raised you, did your father contribute much to the cost of your care? Do you know who assumed the better part of the financial burden of raising you?When my father

Am I a bad person if I can't wait to move out from my parents house?

It is the age to go out on your own after you graduate from college, get a job and look for a place to live that you can afford. Once you are in your own place you can set your own rules and eat

Am I being abused by my mother?

First of all: We don't have enough information to advise you properly. Try to find someone you can talk to about this in more detail - a counselor or a relative. Would you confidently diagnose someone's description of stomach pain over the Internet? This is just

Am I being emotionally abused by my parents?

You already know the answer. Yes you are being emotionally abused by your parents. They will have a different view perhaps simply wanting you to do your best. Parents can fuck up too. Their strategy for parenting seems sub optimal at best for you. Failing to adapt to circumstances is not uncommon. Philip Larkin poetically notedThey fuck you up,

Are my parents emotionally and mentally abusive? What should I do?

My mom used to physically abuse me, she would scratch me and hit me and twist my wrists or slam my hands in doors. Dyfs got involved and she stopped from than on but she is still very nasty towards me. She is a raw vegan so she denies me food unless its fruit, she doesn't believe in

Can a 14year old shower with his mother?

When you get a sunburn if you apply vinegar all over your body and shower it off with hot water as quickly as possible, it won't hurt and peel. But it must be done quickly. We only have one shower and waiting for someone to use it first doesn't work.

Can children be happy with divorced parents?

Divorce is, like, the worst thing that could possibly happen to kids, right? At least, that's the general assumption. As a child of cooperatively divorced parents, I grew up in a very different reality. I believe there are certain aspects of divorce that can actually contribute to a child's happiness. Here are eight of them...No more fighting

Can I ask for a divorce from my husband if he is not willing to leave his parental home?

No, you cannot! as law does not classify that as a reason enough to file for a divorce.Off late, I have a feel that people think

Can I divorce my parents?

I'll break it down to you."My parents suck." - Someone in nepal has no roof over their head. You have some access to internet to bad mouth two people that provide that for you. Please appreciate."Typical Indian Parents" - My parents are indian. I have curfews

Children of single mothers have double the drop-out rate as children with both parents. They have lower GPAs, poorer attendance records, higher rates of divorce. Do single mothers know this?

I think the socially, emotionally, and intellectually intelligent single mothers are very aware of this. I was a divorced/single mom for eight years. My focus was on my children, their education, and adjustment. My kids are now 28 and 31. My

Did you get to choose which parent you lived with after your parents divorce?

No.I lived with my mom because of the following reasons:My mom had already completed her first degree and had a stable job and income whereas my dad would move to another town after the separation and would need to find employment to pay his way through college (he attended a private university, that's why). Hence, it made

Did your parents get divorced?

No. They have been happily married what will be 54 years this October 24, 2017.They share religious views, moral standards, and economic responsibility.They own a working cattle ranch, that has been in my father's family since 1903. They share frugal habits.They have only had ONE argument in front of their children in all these years.

Do children born to parents in love marriage get more love and affection from both parents as compared to parents who had an arranged marriage?

NO.........IN love marriage ,there are more commitments before marriage.as no one is perfect and able to fullfilll all your desire, there is dissatisfaction after marriage and even force them to think over their choice.now there is less expectations in arranged marriage, as

Do Indian parents favour love marriages? Why not?

The Love marriage centric societies have found love in multiple partners and societies are destructed to the core. The family system is destroyed and hardly exist. In america the marriages are down trend and live ins are uptrend. It is pretty common to have more than 5 parters

Do parents really love all their kids equally?

A better question would be do parents like each of their children equally, and for many of us the answer is no. Children have different personalities and interests as do their parents. Some combinations mesh better than others. So a parent may feel more comfortable with one child and have more interests in

Do parents treat boys and girls equally?

Well my parents tried to for a very long time. Until the so called society decided to put it's foot in between. To be very frank, my childhood was pretty great. I was allowed to do what I want, play tennis in whatever clothes I wanted

Do people often change their mind about having more than one child after having their first child?

I am the third child in a family with six children; my wife is the third child in a family with five.  We are currently expecting our fifth child any day now.When we were dating, the joke was that she wanted "no more than ten". Then reality set in. We were the

Do you avoid marriage because your parents got divorced?

No!I'm my own person. My parents divorced and my mum is forever saying how marriage is bad and how ‘all men are horrible' blah blah blah.When I was younger, I believed her and then I met my partner. We have been together 4

Do your parents fight after 22 years of marriage?

Yes ofcourse.Dad : Why are you murmuring always?I have asked for supper long ago.Mom : (Shouts)If you have taken your tablet,I would have given it on time..All is your fault!!See how careless you are!!I donno why my father had found such a man like you for me?You cant even take care of your health..How can you look after us

Has anyone discovered a secret their parents kept from them all their life?

My mom passed away in 1981. Life continued and we all got older. And then, I don't remember when, sometime after 2001, I think, my sister called and asked me if I had ever known of Mama living in Texas. To my knowledge, Mama had never even been to Texas. We soon found

Have you divorced your parents? Why?

I still talk to the parents and on friendly terms. No I haven't disowned them. Once a guy/girl hits 18–20 yrs old though he/she can't still be allowing the parents to be calling the shots though. The women in about every race are

Have you ever looked at your kid and realized you didn't know who they were anymore?

My child went to live her dad last year and he's not as rational with co parenting techniques as I had been for the past 7 years on my terms so I rarely see my daughter any more.... However, we video chat for hours at a time so I can at least still

Have your parents ever asked you for a large amount of money (as in a loan)?

Yes, and even though I don't have many people who know me on Quora, nor does my mother have an account, I prefer to answer this anonymously out of respect for her.My mother was always a workaholic. She graduated high

Have your parents ever kept a secret from the rest of the family?

Yes, my parents kept a secret from my sisters and me.My mother's father died in 1956, when my parents were engaged. We were told that he had a heart attack. It was a credible explanation that I never questioned.When I was 22 yo. my sister got a little tipsy on Christmas Day, 1989. We stayed up

Have your parents kept a huge secret from you and finally told you when you were an adult?

My parents kept an enormous secret: I found out when I was twelve. So, not an adult, but I will answer this anyway.My great granddaddy was in the most awful place. We are southern, and he was old: 96! and my mama and daddy didn't

How and when did your parents divorce?

My parents didn't divorce. They should have-but they didn't. They were from the Old Country-when you marry, it's for life. When I announced my impending divorce my parents casually told me they hated each other, but they stayed married (my

How can a parent make sure that the child is fine while dealing with a parents divorce? What questions should be asked and how much should the child know?

Having dealt with this in my own life in many ways I will share with you what I believe God has taught me about this matter.1. Children should never be involved in adult matters, the parents need to discuss these things between

How to believe in love again after my parents' divorce

How can I believe in love again after my parents' divorce?Just because your parents have divorced does not mean that they do not love each other. There are a lot of people who love each other dearly but just can't stand to be in the same room with each

How to convince my Indian parents to let a black man marry their daughter

Very difficult for me to answer as a parent myself. I dont need convincing, you should be sure of yourself and your relationship.What I would like to say is that Parents typically do not wish ill for their children. They act out their insecurities when their kids want to go in directions

How to convince my parents to let me fast as my exams are during Ramadan, and they think that I should concentrate on studies and should fast after my exams are over

As for breaking the fast because of exams, Shaykh Ibn Baaz (may Allaah have mercy on him) was asked about that and he replied:It is not permissible for an adult of sound mind to break the fast during Ramadaan because of exams, because that is not one

How to convince my parents to let me marry a financially unstable and different caste guy

     Parents know their kids better than anyone. There is a reason why they are against this marriage. Your parents have raised you with a standard of living and they are afraid that you will have to sacrifice a lot if you happen to marry this guy who is at the beginning of his career.      You parents

How to convince my wife having a second child is a good idea

In your question you ask how you can convince your wife to have a second child. This tells me that you have suggested it and she has said no.Offer to carry the fetus and give birth and then provide all the money

How to get a divorce from my parents in India

If you are old enough and have the means/resources to care for yourself you walk out. You leave home.You accept responsibility for your own life and go and live it as you want to live it, wherever you want to live it.If you feel you need to I would go and talk to them and let them

How to get away from emotionally abusive parents

People may tell you emotional abuse is not a thing, and other people have it worse, but your emotional pain is real, okay? I've been hit by a parent and I've been emotionally abused by a parent, and I will say I'd rather be hit. At least people recognize your struggles and you can get

How to make my parents divorce

Tl:Dr *don't split up your parents.Long version: That is very twisted. If your parents like each other than no one should get in the way of that. If they don't like each other than they would have already been divorced.

How to parent my own parents

Well, just show him the brighter side of life.Tell him that you always wanted to spend your free time with him. But you never got a chance since he was busy at work. It shows that you still want their love.Having said that, start playing indoor games

How to prevent my parents from getting divorced

Here some ways given to avoid divorce and to know more visit this article.I am an adult and my parents are getting divorcedThey are 20, 30, 40 years old and face the divorce of their parents.But even if one

How to talk to my parents about me thinking that they're emotionally abusive

Talk to a trusted adult, such as a school counselor. You are going to need backup. Ask this counselor to schedule a meeting at school with your parents and yourself. This will give you time to prepare.Parents, in my experience, are used to their kids accusing them of being mean. I've seen a 2.5 year old scream,

How to tell if my parents are emotionally abusive or if this is just me being a teenager

The fact that you even questioned it tells me that they are. People who were never abused don't question it and don't tend to go ‘maybe it's just me.'Perhaps you were told that ‘maybe it's just you', directly or indirectly.I can't put together a complete

How to tell my adoptive parents that I want to meet my birth mother without hurting their feelings

I would hope that your adoptive parents had believed this time might come. Your desire would seem both natural and healthy.Do it with love and with sincerity. They may well be uncertain or fearful. Take their fear away with respect and

How to get away from abusive parents

Go to the counselor in your school and ask this question. If you do not have a counselor at your school then go to your teacher or any administrator and let them know you are being abused at home and seek their advice. Generally they will contact the

How come some parents won't let their daughter have a relationship?

Parents believe that this sort of control will help their children grow up to be healthy and well adjusted. The problem is, being controlling doesn't always work. Girls who aren't allowed to have a relationship will resort to casual sex.Also the controlling of the parenting leads those kids to seek out controlling and often abusive relationships.

How did you decide to move out of parents' home?

My mother was abusive. After everything she had already put me through...She had a fiance that threw things at me, constantly called me names, lied trying to get me into trouble, videotaped me in the sauna, insisted I was having sex with

How did you feel, as a kid from a relatively stable home, to find out that your parents are getting divorced?

When I was about 12 my mom came to me, said I'm thinking about getting a divorce ? Your old enough to decide what parent your going to live with? But your brother and sister are coming with me! Where are you going to live?I look her right in the eye, said what makes you

How did your child's mother react to a custody order that was ruled in favor of the father?

A little background history:I am an American and living in Germany for more than 30 years. My wife is a German citizen, but originally from the Ukraine. She has lived here in Germany for almost 18 years.5 years ago my wife decided that she did not want to be married

How did your life change after your parents got divorced?

My life changed drastically! I remember my parents constantly fighting; I remember them being physically abusive and my mother always being upset. I remember my father trying his hardest; but sometimes in life some people aren't meant to be no matter how hard they try for their kids.We (myself and brother) were very

How did your parents tell you they were getting divorced?

They did not. It was when I was 16 that I found out. My parents relationship had been bad for ages. I applied for an ID card and needed my parents consent. I stood at the police office and the clerk asked me: does your parents have joint custody of you? I answered of course: I should think so

How difficult is it for parents to get a divorce?

In the US it is usually quite easy for anyone who is married to get a divorce. You don't have to prove anyone did anything wrong. As long as one person wants it and asks a court it will be done.If the parents can reach an agreement on who gets what (including possession

How to celebrate my parents' 25 years of marriage with them when it has been one long fight between them

I understand the position we think we hold in these circumstances as children of couples with this effect on us, the effect they have on each other.It is not up to us. Feel them out, let each parents wishes lead your plans around it. A kind word, a gift, a card anything that is truly you or truly

How to change the thinking of my parents, who are against a love marriage

First things first, this is a complete change in their mindset that you want to introduce and it will take time.Now, you have to make sure that they let go of the negativity they have for love marriages. This negativity may

How to convince a guy whose parents rejected me

Please don't convince him. If he really loves you he'll convince his parents for you. And please do not marry against yours and his' parents will. Would you like if your kids the same to you in future. The best way would be that he tries to convince his own parents

How to convince my baptized Sikh parents to let me marry an American guy

Some times what we see and feel is correct is not correct for others. Same is happening in your case, what you see as good (Marrying a guy of your choice), is not a good idea for your parents.And to understand this you have to be a mother of a young

How to convince my parents, I need a divorce

You are an adult and don't need your parents permission to get a divorce. It's a decision that only you and/or your husband can make.It is respectful to inform your parents that you are divorcing, because you are their child and they love you and want you to be happy with your life. Speak to

How to convince my parents that I should be allowed to go abroad for MBA

There would be many reasons for parents. Most frequently it is the fear of bad company sometimes it is the high cost and in many cases it is the seperation anxiety.Over the last fews years we have counseled many such students in the company of their parents where intially parents are not

How to convince my parents that I should get a divorce

You're an Indian I'm guessing.You are legally an adult. You don't need to convince your parents you need a divorce. You just should engage a lawyer and file for one. With what you're saying you can file complaint for domestic abuse also.Your parents are not the ones living with the torture, you are.

How to convince my parents to allow me to marry a divorced woman

Thank you for the A2A. I am going to go against conventional wisdom here.Sometimes, it's easier to seek (and get) forgiveness instead of permission. This is one of those situations.Even if you explain all the reasons why she is the

How to convince my parents to let me marry a divorced man who is 20 years older than me

How much does your relationship to your parents matter to you? Are you willing to loose their respect, their support, their involvement in your life. Willing to accept that they'll criticize you and likely give you harsh words for it (and perhaps more).

How to convince my parents to let me marry a guy who I love

It's been a long time that you are in a relationship and now you have made your mind to marry your girlfriend/ boyfriend but you don't have courage to talk about it with your parents, then this article may prove as an ‘Icebreaker' for you.Before we explain the 8 ways of convincing your parents for love marriage,

How to convince parents to let me marry my girlfriend whose parents are divorced and my parents have come to learn she has gynecological issues

Are you convinced that you want to marry a girl whose parents are divorced & also that she has gynec issues? If yes, my friend then you need to pull up your socks and leave no stones unturned to convince your parents.You could hypothetically

How to deal with a terrible father

I know exactly what you are going through but believe me you have plenty of options . its your life and you should have it your way.most people donot really want freedom because freedom involves responsibility and people shy away from responsibility. you should think of moving out of your house. you must be aroun 23

How to deal with an overbearing widowed mother

If ever there were a reason to talk to a social worker or family therapist, this is it. Your mother needs to be in social situations with people who can become friends. You may need to make her cooperation a condition of giving her further help. No one is as effective

How to deal with emotionally abusive parents when I am only 16

I've been dealing with it for a long time, so I can give you some tips.Find a close friend. Find someone you trust who you can talk to. My mom calls me everything from worthless to a burden to saying she wishes I was dead. She trys to trick me into thinking that my only two close friends

How to deal with narcissistic parents when they emotionally abuse you everyday and sometimes physically abuse you

If you don't give any details about your situation then there are possible assumptions we can make:1 - You are one spoiled brat, outraged because their parents refused them something, and you are calling a simple slap in the face

How to deal with neglectful father

I'm sorry you have a terrible father who abused you physically and continues abusing you emotionally (even though the physical abuse was apparently in the past). I don't know your age but it is not too late to go to authorities and confess the secret you have been keeping. You may not want to

How to deal with parents asking for money upon news of my windfall

Figure out what you think is the real tab that you owe your parents. Disregard things they spent to raise and educate you, since those are things every parent should do for their children.If you can afford it, give them the figure you came up with.

How to deal with verbally abusive parents

As a child...Sometimes you have to play pretend. Usually a verbally abusive individual is looking for an emotional reaction. If you respond negatively or fight back, then you will get into bigger trouble. The situation may even turn physical. If you don't

How to do If my parents are agreeIng to my marriage because I am pressuring them and telling me after the marriage you are on your own am a muslim

Well, being married is anyway the doorstep to independence. So the question is if you are sure about your choice. Is he the right person to be the base of your future family? (who knows) I assume your parents don't really like your choice. So maybe it would be a mature act to sit down with them and ask

How do i get my parents to divorce?

First of all, I want to say thank you for reminding me that kids are far more logical about these things than parents give them credit for, I think. You at least have a very clear view of the truth of a situation.

How to get myself prepared enough to try to explain to both of my parents, they need to seperate? After 36 years marriage, they have been through so much with one another but they are horrible for each other. All they do is fight

They are enough mature at this stage and this is their personality and can not be break without proper technique tools.You may ask certain questions such as-1.What is purpose of your life?2.How you are different from other human.3. To whom you would like to live at this

How to handle my financially irresponsible parents who keep asking me for money

I think your focus is in the wrong place. It seems like your focus is on your parents. If you take your focus off your parents, the problem is much simpler: Get away from them.The focus you have is normal in crazy families: the children hover around the parents, frustrated, but still enabling them.Parents who are this dysfunctional are

How to persuade my parents to let me marry a girl of my choice

If it is an arranged marriage, you have to convince them as arranged marriages doesn't happens without parents.  If it is a love marriage and you want to convince your parents then you have to do some hard work.Try convincing them by highlighting the strong points of the prospective bride. 

How to prevent my parents from getting divorced

I grew up in a happy home. An older brother whose 2 years older than me, a half sister whose 12 years older than me (but didnt live with us since she was old enough to be on her own) and my mom and

How to resolve conflict between my wife and parents

First be fair to both of them, Both your parents and your wife need you as son and husband respectively. Though many may not agree but, we are sensible humans, so 2 things a to be considered1. Parents today and are in need you as much as you needed them when you were young (In terms

How to tell my parents I have a boyfriend if both are against me dating

This very much depends on your age and the quality of your school-work. Parents naturally want their `children` to do well in their studies and when the word `boyfriend` is mentioned they often think their daughter is wasting precious time when she should be studying. Would it be possible to say that you need help with an essay

How to tell parents that I got married against their wish

Congradualations. Maybe a letteR explaining all your reasons. And the wonderful things you see in your mate. Also be sure to tell them that they did a great job raising you, you have a good head on your shoulders for

How do Indian parents come to know that their son or daughter is ready for marriage since they are the deciding factor for them?

Different parents have different parameters to figure out when their children are ready to get married. For most it's not when their children feel they are ready  to be married.Most of the time, it's the neighbors and relatives [Char log] who decide it's time for the

How do our parents (or any person over 40) say they had a stable job at 25 and most young people nowadays can barely pay for food? What changed?

I don't think much has changed except, as another poster stated, that which we take for granted.I was barely able to buy food at age 25. The difference is that I lived with virtually no luxuries at 25, either. Yes, I had a car. But living

How to stay fit when you have kids

Well, the first thing to do is to accept that your body will change after child birth.Give up on the notion of getting back to your

How does divorce affect children? How can they overcome it?

This will vary by family.In my case I was traveling a lot for business. It wasn't weird or terribly unusual that I got an apartment closer to my regional office, which was about 50 miles from my home. My kids liked the swimming pool at

How does it feel to be raised by sexist parents who favour their sons over their daughters? How do sexist parents treat their daughters around the world?

This is not my story but my mother's. She was born in 1966 in the South of France, to a family from the

How does it feel when your parents get divorced?

I was about 14 years of age (give or take... I've never been good at remember that sort of stuff) when my parents divorced. The divorce itself had no impact on me.The separation twelve months prior was a relief to me. When the family meeting was called

How does regret in marriage affect their children?

I can answer this since we were born in a family where my father was very vocal that he made a mistake in listening to his dad and marrying a woman from arts stream and who was not educated though my mother was a PhD.Everyday of my life in my house I saw my parents fight, everyday my mom

How does your parents' divorce impact you?

When I was nine, I came home from school to see my crying mother smoking a cigarette in the kitchen. This was, in itself, not an entirely unusual occurrence. On this occasion, though, with minimal preamble, she said,

How many children do you think you want to have?

We didn't want kids at first. I was too immature and self-centered to give up big pieces of my life to children. But my wife began to want children more and more.When our first child was born, at his first checkback doctor appointment, when my wife was still sore and bleeding

How Many Kids Are Too Many Kids To Have For 2 Parents?

We have had neighbors who have had One child, and typically those families were totally dysfunctional. A lot have two children and they all seem fine. Several have three children and they all work well together.One neighbor has Twelve children (about an 18 year span) and they work together like a well-oiled machine. I coached one

How much should you get paid to clean? My teenage daughter is currently arguing with me that she should get paid $20 an hour for regular household chores. I told her we would give her an allowance of $8 an hour and she said that's too low.

If you're insistent on paying someone TO clean, the minimum wage in your area is likely to be a starting point for salary. Where I live the number varies based on how large an employer you are, but it's in the

How should a divorced parent respond to an ex-spouse who refuses to help pay for their child's college?

I expected this is what would happen and I was not surprised. About the only aspect of our divorce that he actually did was pay child support and alimony. And that was because I had it done threw probation since

How should I convince my mom to let me marry a divorced woman?

In my opinion, you need to follow your mothers direction. A long time ago at church I visited with two single women in the library and they told me about a single guy that married a divorced woman with two children.

How should I convince my parents for an intercaste marriage?

I was in a relationship with my classmate during b.tech.I belong to an orthodox Brahmin family and she was from Kshatriya family.Our relationship started from 2nd year of btech and we are very careful from the starting of our relationshipI just

How should I convince my parents to let me get divorce from an emotionally abusive husband?

Hey there,I exactly know what you mean. Been there, done that.I am a family person. The cutlture I come from doesn't support divorce/ separation. My mom (I lost my dad at a young age) is a business women and single handed got us four siblings married and ‘settled' as it is termed in my home

How should I convince my parents to marry a divorced girl? She is girlfriend from my college days. What should I do?

Why do THEY want TO MARRY a divorced girl? just kidding. How old ARE you? how long ago WAS your last connection w/this girl? WHAT happened that you 2 broke up? Is SHE the one advancing for a reunion w/you-IF so, WHY? (does

How should I deal with verbally and emotionally abusive husband who disrespects me and my parents to a great extent?

Your answer depends on a lot of factors.Have you tried talking to your abusive spouse ?Have you told him clearly ,that you feel traumatized ?If this continues ,and you are in the marriage as you do not want divorce ?I have no place to advice but seek a counselor to fix your marriage.I

How should I forget my GF? I'm 25. Both of our parents didn't accept our marriage and due to immense pressure from her parents she got married 2months ago.

First of all, block her from all social media options. Fight the urge to check her updates/WhatsApp DP etc. Change everything that can remind you of her. DO NOT listen to sad songs or watch romantic movies. DO NOT hang out with common friends who would pity you. DO NOT throw yourself at the next girl who

How should one convince his parents for marrying a girl who is a month older than him?

Hi,I think age in Indian society is particularly considered to be maintained with a certain difference where males being elder in most of the cases. So it is highly a traditional and cultural aspect rather than any calculations or logics on maturity levels. Now I suppose that

I am a 20 year old child of a happily married couple, and my parents started fighting over a stupid issue last year. They are still fighting on that issue, how can I solve their fight?

You can't do anything about it. It is not your fight. You have no responsibility in the matter. When they come to you and complain about the other they are being unreasonable. They should not do that. You need to let them know that it is not acceptable that they

I am an Indian woman. How do I convince my parents to let me marry outside of my race?

I am happily married to a British guy now.I never had a type. I just wanted to feel loved. I would consider a person, when my body and mind said 'this is crazy'. I was attracted to guys. Period. I trusted my biology, chemistry, and physics when I am attracted to somebody. I gave myself

I don't want to live with my parent-in-laws, but my husband can't live without his parents. How to persuade him to shift?

Run; run far, and run now. This situation and he himself will never change. I married my now husband 9 years ago and we have been together for 10; in those 10 years it has ALWAYS been him and his family, what is best for him and them, what will make THEM happy, or him happy, and FUCK ME

I don't want to live with my parents anymore. What should I do? Please tell me. Help me.

We don't know your age & circumstances as knowing these would've made this advice more useful & practical!Since you don't want to live with your parents for whatever for, whether they are restricting you, are non supportive, have their married

I want to marry a divorced girl and she's 7 years older to me, I love her a lot, how can I convince my Indian parents?

I loved and almost married a woman seven years older than myself, too. She was also divorced and came with a couple of kids. After that experience, I don't think I'd intentionally pursue a woman that's older ever again.It's. Subtle. But even a

If an inter-religion couple marries and remain in their own respective religion, what would be the children's religion and who gets to decide the religion of the child?

No one, except the children themselves!!!Well during the growing stage, teach them about both religions philosophy and set them free to follow what ever they feel like without any prejudice. I know it would be difficult for egoistic parent, but understand clearly that children have come with their own