Should I let my 16 year old daughter go to a party with beer?

It really depends. On the legal drinking age in your country, how responsible she is, who else will be at the party ( only friends or strangers?) I'm 18 and have been drinking since i was allowed to (16), and

Why do some people hate going to parties?

Like others here, I dislike alcohol, loud noise, drunk people, dancing and big sweaty crowds.I don't know how other people are able to enjoy and even hear what's being said in loud environments, but some part of their brain or ears must just be different

What are some of the best party songs lately?

As a professional DJ, this is a sample playlist I would use to get things moving - taking its cues from old skool (what can I say, that's how I kick it, yo!):Pink - Get This Party Started

What happens in Indian Armed Forces parties or get-togethers?

Sorry, it is a lot of rubbish. I served long years in the Indian Navy and have never come across any such thing. There are been contual rumours. If some one like me and my colleagues who are ex-nda's have not come across such practice, it must only be a rumor nothing more. However, many officer's servile attitude could

Which indoor games are suitable for a group of 15 adults (not board games)?

You could try Werewolf, a.k.a. Mafia, a.k.a. lots of other names.See Werewolf | Board Game | BoardGameGeekTo summarise; I'm linking to Boardgamegeek, but it's not actually a board game. The game is about the group try to identify which individuals is actually working against the group

Do MIT students work hard but party harder?

There are two populations in that regard. Both work hard but some don't party at all and some party very hard. MIT has far more diversity and the answer is really far more nuanced but there's also significant semantics involved. Is a 48 hour stratego marathon partying? Is sailing through your work because you're a bloody

How to get through parties with people I hate

Well you can't ignore them always! Ignoring won't make you overcome this problem. Rather learn to enjoy by yourself. Try to be more cheerful and enjoy the party. Try to get involved with other people. Enjoy the party,food,music and don't care about people who affects your happiness. It

How often do successful people go to parties?

That depends on the successful person in question. And also on the person's industry which can determine a lot of their behavior.For instance, a Goldman Sachs broker has a high chance of hard partying simply because it's expected in finance. To the contrary, few Oxford physicists

What are the best hangover remedies for after New year's parties?

You'll find a lot of tips and tricks to follow before and after party to avoid a hangover after drinking. But I'll recommend you to carry a shot of anti hangover drink. Anti hangover drinks are really helpful to stop hangovers. All you

What was your most embarrassing moment during a night out?

I was working for a leading high tech company in the 90's when my manager asked me to attend a gala event with suppliers and partners. His wife requested to bring my wife to the event. The night before I hit my left elbow with the corner

Why do people like going to parties so much?

1. Simply put, it's fun.Every person goes to a party for the plain reason of having fun, it's both acknowledged and practiced. It's a sensorial experience and the setting is meant to heighten all five of it. In that particular moment in time, you forget who

Why do people party so much?

Well partying is a personal lifestyle choice and varies from person to person. Some like to party every weekend , some like to party everyday after work , some like to party twice or thrice a year on special occasions and some dont like to party at all.Now

Why do some people hate going to parties?

**In case you find the answer wayy too long to read, skip to the summary section :PI was invited to a party. I went along with some of my friends(they were invited too). Me being me..went wearing a jeans top, while

What is the most entertaining thing you've seen during a bachelor or bachelorette party?

I have only been to one in my entire life but this is what happened. The groom to be was really drunk, he passed out. We proceeded to strip him and then cover him in brown shoe polish, head to toe. We set him in a big tin wash bin and crazy glued his arms