How to improve my communication skills and personality

Talk to strangers. Pick one everyday and talk to them about their lives, their ambitions, everything that they are comfortable telling you.Talk to yourself everyday. The more crystal clear you are internally, the more clarity it will exhibit during your outside dialogues.Take feedbacks, especially from girls. They have the ability to judge a guy

How to improve my communication skills for interview

Interview tips: 10 tips to improve interview performanceEven the smartest and most qualified job seekers need to prepare for job interviews. Why, you ask? Interviewing is a learned skill, and there are no second chances to make a great first impression. So study these 10 strategies to

How to improve my communication skills within a month

The first step to becoming a good communicator...Know Yourself.Self-awareness is about understanding your own needs, desires, failings, habits, and everything else that makes you tick. The more you know about yourself, the better you are at adapting life changes that fit your

How to improve my social conversation skills

Improving your conversation skills.Conversations can be tricky.It's a balancing act between listening, contributing, and not thinking about what it would be like if your cat was as large as a Great Dane. (Am I the only one who thinks about this?!)Two secret hacks that

How to improve your communication skills

I know how you feel about wanting to improve your communication skills. I'll bet mine were not as good as yours are now.When I was twenty people used to ask me if I talked because I rarely said anything. That continued up until I

How to build social intelligence

Pay attention. That's the simple answer.It's also a hard thing to do. We all get caught up in our heads sometimes, and if you're asking about improving your social intelligence, you probably feel some level of social anxiety, which means that any given point in a social situation you're probably

How to improve my communication skills being an introvert

Development of good communication skills totally depend upon one's determination to learn and practice.If you are an introvert then it will take time for you to be good at communication. But practice makes a man perfect!Good communication does not mean to be good

How to improve my interpersonal skills

I'm an introvert, an INFJ, and that didn't stop me from trying to improve my interpersonal relationship skills. Because i realized that while i am breathing, I will always be talking with people. If i am going to talk to people, then i

How to improve my workforce's communication skills

Decide which aspects of the communication skill needs the most improvement. Choose from the following list (this is just an illustrative list and not an exhaustive list )• Language skills• Public speaking skills• Writing skills• Listening skills• Non verbal skills• Conversational

How good are you at your communication skills?

Gifted.It has as much to do with my introspection as it has to do with my cognitive empathy. Noticing my own pitfalls and bad habits in communication allows me to guess when others might be facing the same thing.Case in point: Because of

How should I improve my communication skills and comprehensive skills?

Communication can either be verbal or written. So if you are only trying to hone your verbal communications, listen to anything and everything in English.But if you want to improve your spoken English and at the same time you don't want to learn bad grammar or say build poor writing skills Do not follow Hollywood movies and subtitles.You

I am the only guy who does not go to gym in group of gym freaks. Should I hit the gym too as my buddies want me to or remain the way I am?

First, Let me tell you that its your personal decision that you want to hit the gym or not.Second, in my personal opinion, you should hit the gym for sure. Not because your friends are doing it but the importance of

I think I married a narcissistic, immature woman. What can I do as a husband to help her?

IME, the best thing you can do for the people you care about is to be the best you that you can possibly be.  You can't fix her, you can only control your own behaviors, and one of them is to consciously manage your own boundaries  When you hold

Is it worth ending a marriage over a husband's infidelity?

If your husband having sex with other women is not an issue to you, then by all means do not end the marriage. Agree to have an open relationship in which one or both of you can see other people and allow each other to be happy that

What are some good books on improving social and communication skills?

Here are a few books which will help you develop better social skills:How to Talk to Anyone​What is great about this book is that it's content is organized by specific scenario, so it is very easy to find the information which you want when

What are the least successful parenting strategies?

By letting a child make grown up decisions to learn a lesson.It is the parents job to teach them from making the same mistakes that we did. Kids can be hard headed and make dumb decisions just for spite.That is not the proper way to do things.The proper way is to educate our children so

What is the best tip you can give me?

The best tip at this moment that I can give you is an important one because it affects all areas of your life.It is this:Learn how to ask great questions; then ask them. (To do this you will need to understand and learn the components of

What is the best way to defend yourself from narcissistic verbal abuse?

There are occasions when you have been on the receiving end of one of our conversational narc grenades which has been thrown at you as we then walk away from the ensuing carnage, sucking up the fuel and marvelling at our own brilliance. There will of course been times when you wished that you had something which you

What is the single most underrated trait a person can have?

Back when I was a student in university, there was a guy in my class named Sima.Sima was really funny. In my opinion, he was one of the funniest people I've ever met.There are some comedians who spend hours and hours every single day writing content in

What should you never say to your husband?

When will you purchase separate house for us ? I am not comfortable in staying with your parents. I don't want to tolerate the tantrums of your parents.You'll have to choose between either me or your mother.Don't be too clever. Stay in control. I can destroy

What should you say to a couple when they get married?

Condolences? If you're a lawyer, give them your card for their divorce in a few years.I know it sounds cruel, but I've seen hundreds of fails marriages. Most of the girls I went to school with have been passed around by the boys like cheap prostitutes. Of all of them,

What's the most underrated social skill, in your opinion?

What's the most underrated social skill, in your opinion?I read other answers first and I must highlight the perfect zinger of an answer so far and it is this User-9985704685808865576's answer to What's the most underrated social skill, in your opinion? which was unfortunately collapsed due to the

Which thing is the best to do for improving communication skills?

Here are a few tips you could consider to work on your communication skills-Read,read and READ. Get your hands on newspapers,blogs,books,etc. Reading helps you in a number of ways.Make it a habit to learn 5 new words everyday. You should preferably write them down.Communicate in

Can you strengthen the muscles around your neck to survive being hanged?

Well...It may come as a surprise to the collected wisdom of Quora gallows experts, that there is a gentleman who claims to have done just that.His name is Li Liangbin a martial artist who apparently has remarkably strong neck muscles. He claims his can hang himself and still breath.

How to get my brain to practice web-thinking

Realize that you are unique, and an aspect of everything.If you want to make real, surprisingly great, progress, use the greatest secret human power. It is the ability to use widely dispersed knowledge in its essential form in order to

How should I convince my girlfriend to lift weights?

This is a tough one. I agree that lifting weights is a good thing, but it just isn't for everybody. If she doesn't want to do it, bitching and moaning ain't gonna help. How about seeing if she might be interested in something else at the

What are some common features of interpersonal communication?

I have mentioned the answer for your question and there are many communication course are available and to know them click here.Most important nature or characteristics of communication are listed below:Nature and Characteristics1. Communication involves at least two persons:Communication involves at least

What are some interesting facts I can bring up in a conversation?

Hopefully, the person you are having a conversation with is known to you, which gives you fuel for a conversation between you. Think of the person's job, the family, the wife, hobbies, etc. If you don't know anything about these aspects,

What is a productive way to fill the summer break?

I'm considering that you're a student, first of all the most important thing you need to do is decide whether you want to study on a particular day or enjoy. Do not sit to study if you can't and don't deny to enjoyment saying that you've

Why are human relations so difficult?

Around the globe, human behavior can be divided into two distinctly different and divergent categories... 1) prosocial and 2) antisocial. This is the one great chasm or rift in the fabric of humanity and the vast majority of society is unaware of it (although I'd say that

How to be more social and have more friends

I can definitely identify with your dilemma. As an introvert, I am only to happy to stay in and keep to myself. It is only when day after has has gone by that I begin to realize that I am missing social interaction.Several years ago,

How to deal with people who are extremely frustrating

Your very strong feelings over this suggest something is amiss with the way you view things. That doesn't mean you don't have legitimate things to be frustrated about, however. I remember a story about a child who was

How does one make friends? I have been diagnosed with severe depression, and I have just forgotten how to talk to people.

Having been through very deep depression for over a decade in my life l understand how you feel. I didn't think I would ever have friends in my life for years but I learned some things I'd like to share with you as my life is completely different now and people look to me

Meeting new people: Why people don't call me back?

Hard to know exactly why, but you could try some things based around one simple idea I will mention in a minute that will hopefully be a game-changer.Try this. Don't leave these tedious messages. Don't call that often. People hate phones now, and dislike voice messages worse. It's so formal and binding. If people do

Nobody cares to talk to me or invite me out. What's wrong?

A2A.Umm, well, I can give you two answers, one you will like, one you won't. The one you won't will probably be a more profound explanation.The answer that might cheer you up.First of all, analyze the scenario. What

What are 10 things you hate?

The 10 things that I hate are-Fruits. I know ! I know ! I am familiar with the kind of expressions you just made, but species like me do exist.Crowd. This irritates me a lot. I cannot have so many people around me. I kind of feel suffocated.Travelling- I don't know why but

What are things that you don't know how to do that most people know?

My misfit list :-Whistle - After innumerable attempts by my friends and folks, this is one of the things I can't seem to master.Swim - When I was a kid, I had a near drowning experience. I tried to learn to swim multiple times after that but in vain. I

What is the difference between interpersonal communication and group communication?

Group communication means talking to or within groups. This could be done face to face, for example in a presentation or meeting, or through other means, e.g. communication technology, where you communicate with more than one person simultaneously whether they are

What's the best approach to dating a transgender woman?

Just treat her like any other woman. Leave the transgender part out of your thoughts about her and the dialog. She is a woman. She was always a woman. She will always be a woman. She just has an unusual medical history that most women do not.

Why can't people mind their own business?

This is about the time when facebook was very popular in my school, every kid was crazy about it and uploading photos, videos, tagging people, showing off.Then some day one kid asked our physics teacher

Why do people get jealous when others succeed?

Why jealousy is counter-productive – Chengeer Lee – MediumYou may see all these

Why do some guys find it easier to talk to girls than other guys?

In my experience, it's not really a general rule, per se; it depends on the kind of company you keep/have around you. If the guys around you are like-minded, you'll probably be just as comfortable around them as you are around women. If, however, you're the "sensitive" type or are

How to deal with useless relatives and in-laws

My observation is that family gatherings are actually difficult times to really talk to people.  Everyone is distracted by the 37 conversations going on at the same time.  The adult beverages don't help either.  In order to have meaningful conversations with relatives, you need to be strategic and focused.  Make it your

How to improve my decision making skills

There are some really good answers backed by psychology here but I think my advice is much simpler and easier to implement.People don't make decisions because they are scared to lose. It's the lack of fear of failing that has allowed me to make decisions so quick. I make decisions

How to start an interesting conversation

Stop thinking and just start talking.En route to a lunch meeting, walking briskly, you almost bump into a woman headed in your direction. "Excuse me," you say, letting her pass, realizing she's not just a woman, but also a very beautiful one. She's your type: brunette, athletic, light eyes. And now she's in your eyesight.

How to stop being so desperate to have a girlfriend

I really appreciated the way you put forward your situation. At least you have the guts to say there is a desperation in you. Trust me there are Not a single human being who dont have any kind of desperation, its just matter of the extent, anyways with your

How to end a conversation without being awkward

You can get away with anything as long as you create that sort of atmosphere and speak well. You can say,

How to make a real conversation with people

Originally answered: People Skills: How do you make a person feel like the most important person in the world when talking to them?There are techniques to help us engage with one another. We have developed signals that affect the subconscious of others in such a way that

How to start a conversation

Start a conversation with anyone.There's a phrase my mentor likes to say:

I think I married a narcissistic, immature woman. What can I do as a husband to help her?

IME, the best thing you can do for the people you care about is to be the best you that you can possibly be.  You can't fix her, you can only control your own behaviors, and one of them is to consciously manage your own boundaries  When

What are examples of some interesting skill one individual can develop if he spend five to ten minutes a day?

This is something my grandfather taught me when I was a kid. Once you make a habit out of it, the rewards are amazing.Every night, before you go to sleep, take a few minutes to yourself, and start remembering the happenings of the

What are some useful computer related technical skills, not involving programming, I can learn within a day?

Piping.  It is one of the most powerful skills available that few people who don't spend a lot of *NIX command line time know.What is it:   Take one program:   Dir (or ls) and pipe the output to ANOTHER program (say findstr or

What are the most interesting skills to have?

Hello,In our toddler years, we start learning how to speak. In our childhood years most of us are going in school learning how to read and write, but after all of this, we still need to apply almost a lifetime to learn how to acquire other skills.One of the most important skill that most people do not

What social skills do programmers need the most?

Do software developers have poor social skills?Why is is that software developers have poor social skills in relation to the rest of the population?Quite a few software developer positions require little creativity and socialization. Is this the reason?Video source: Social Skills TubeNo, the ones with GOOD

When do I say that person doesn't deserve a second chance?

When they have done more harm than goodWhen they've cheated on youWhen they hold you back in life as in don't let you try or succeedWhen you cannot tolerate themWhen you find them or their behaviour disgustingWhen you know they're lyingWhen

Why are some people better at letting go than others?

I'm not a psychologist, but my amateur perception from my own life experience is that it has to do with expectations for the future, and is related to optimism/pessimism.Many things in life are experienced only one at a time - relationships, books you're reading, places you're living, jobs