What is the most useful skill that a person could learn and practice?

CompassionMad at that fast food establishment messing up your order? Let it go.Mad that a service is taking too long? Let it go.There are so many situations that are out of our control, and taking your anger out on those around you won't fix the problem. Two wrongs don't make a right. Sure there are employees at establishments

What are some tips and tricks for breaking bad news to someone?

I usually follow these 3 steps:Start with something nice or general (some background).Tell the bad news.Point out something positive or general that has to do with it. if there isn't something positive or general to add,

What is the single most underrated trait a person can have?

ACCEPTANCE.I think it is a generally misunderstood concept and often mixed with settling down. Accepting does not mean being satisfied with what you have ,it is trying your best to be better and being satisfied with the result of your attempt. This

What is the single most underrated trait a person can have?

ACCEPTANCE.I think it is a generally misunderstood concept and often mixed with settling down. Accepting does not mean being satisfied with what you have ,it is trying your best to be better and being satisfied with the result of your attempt. This

How does one deal with evil people?

I was visiting a friend who is a Chabad Rabbi in Cincinnati, OH. He was holding a bris for his son, and his father-in-law who is the head of Yeshiva in Manchester, England was visiting.Chabad is an Hassidic Orthodox community more formally known as Chabad- Lubavich for the city that this group originated. They are famous for

How to get to be more curious about others

I agree with getting to know yourself better.Learn to ask good questions: 5 TED Talks to Ask the Right Questions | Happy MellyIn order to know yourself better, you need to clarify how your similar or different from others. Are you typical?What is your belief in justice?

What is the single most underrated trait a person can have?

ACCEPTANCE.I think it is a generally misunderstood concept and often mixed with settling down. Accepting does not mean being satisfied with what you have ,it is trying your best to be better and being satisfied with the result of your attempt. This

What kind of people are the worst kind of bosses?

as in all things, the uninterested is the worst kind of anything, boss or otherwise. The overly interested can occasionally be a pain in the ass with its suggestions for ‘improvement', but the uninterested is the slob that continually provides the drag against which the entire machine must compensate; on an assembly line, hundreds of errors can

Why are so many people socially dumb?

Edward Hall noted that, at least in America, cultural values and social skills were not regularly taught. Why is it "bad" to be late? Why should you look someone in the eye? Children would be taught swimming by being thrown into the deep end of the pool if swimming were taught like social skills.

How to defend yourself against provocation

Sometimes if a person hits all of my buttons, I may get defensive. If I am mad enough, then I need to leave the room, before everything gets out of hand and I say something I shouldn't say. Sometimes I just don't talk

Do people need communication?

It is a personal preference really. I know of a small number of people who just really don't care for it.A world wide yet possibly little known example was Benney Hill. At the time of his death I was jolted a bit to learn he was a recluse and lived a life far

When is a person regarded as anti-social?

Anyone who doesn't conform to societal norms  is labelled anti-social.

Does technology makes us alone?

Only if you let it de-humanize you. True Story that happened to me;I was sitting in the quiet area of the public library, when I overlooked a stranger cheerfully scanning every single face in the library. Without thinking,

What communication skills do I need for a CV?

Are you looking for a job in the Communications field?If so, below are the skills that I look for when hiring a person starting in this profession. These skills should not just be in the CV but should be skills that you have already

Why do some people feel good about making others feel bad?

I struggle with this. I noticed that in myself, it's usually because of a sense of "justice." For example, I knew two people who were in a relationship together, but I didn't think they were a good couple. This was compounded because I disliked one of them, because

Captain America: Civil War : How could the Avengers have avoided the infighting and worked things out?

Yes. It could have been avoided. Easily.The reason for the fight between the avengers was due to only one silly reason: Iron Man.Iron Man simply couldn't keep his cool, at any time. He is the worst leader ever and couldn't make one calm decision.In the

How to stop being childish and immature

There was a little boy, he was brilliant in studies, well behaved, everyone loved him, just a little complication in genes made him short in height.He enjoyed his life like other kids, wasn't aware how being short is considered a sin in this cruel world.As time passed, difference in height became even more

How to make people feel good

It is easy to make people feel good.  First, when you meet a person for the first time be interested in that person and his/her life.  Don't say "It is nice to meet you" especially if you are just introduced.  Think of some questions that will stimulate conversation.  For example, if you meet someone new at a

What is the greatest peer pressure you've ever felt?

In junior high and high school, late 1950s going into the early sixties, it was wearing what everyone else was wearing.

What makes people feel loved?

honestly if you ask me yourself.It depends on you how you perceive the world. okay think of it this way when you are angry like really angry and your mum or dad or teachers scold you or well they try to correct

Where should I look during a conversation?

You can also consider alternate between looking at him and your notes or the presentation materials, which still indicates you are interested.When you asked my this, I think about what I do when the opposite happens, ( I give people eye-contact too comfortably),

How to get better at remembering the conversations I have with people

Question for you..are you wanting to remember so when you see them again you can recall what you spoke about?  This may sound silly but I've worked with adults who have kept a small pocket notebook and have jotted down the person's name, where/when

Can a person be classy by acquiring the skills to be classy? Or is class something a person is born with - either you have it or you don't?

A2A. I would describe Classy as someone with outstanding social etiquette, someone who converses intelligently and good sense of hygiene.Now as far as the question is considered, I think it can be acquired by honing one's skills and learning by following examples. At the same time

When should I pay for someone's meal?

Northwest United States. You should buy someone's lunch when they have done you a favor. If a vendor has purchased your lunch many times, you should buy theirs once in a while to avoid the appearance of unethical favors. Sometimes

How to ask an overweight person to be quiet

Thanks for A2A, you've described the problem which you're facing brielfy. This kind of behaviour is usually seen when a person is over stressed, he's looking for something else and he's not comfortable. I would suggest you to counsel him either you or conuslt

How to talk when there's more than one person

Hahaha I finally stopped doing that when my friend turned around and jabbed me in the shoulder, repeatedly. I stay quiet a lot now.Conversations have a rhythm to them, like music, or dance, or martial arts like capoeira.You can not learn this while talking or thinking of what you want to say. Watch others and

Should I act more social?

You know, five friends is a good number, especially if you get along well and can have honest conversations. As life moves on you will naturally befriend new people if you are willing to show others kindness. And kindness isn't a big deal. It's treating others just

Can people with autism become parents even though their social skills are poor?

First, becoming a parent does not require so many social skills, it only requires fertility and a brief opportunity. Being a parent, long term, is the hard bit, requiring social skills.Second, autistic parents often have autistic children, and can be very well placed to understand and raise them - perhaps even better than some neurotypicals trying to

What makes someone awkward?

Being perceived as awkward comes primarily from when the awkward person has misjudged a generally socially accepted role, status, or action in relation to others.  The awkward person projects a misplaced sense of entitlement to to that persons time or attention.For example,  the source of creepiness in terms of male/female interaction comes from the male developing ideas

What services should you leave a tip for?

In the US, you tip mainly jobs that provide you a personal service.  These are typically underpaid positions and their services are considered luxuries by many (optional).  Usually the people receiving the services are in a better financial position than the person providing the service.Examples:Host/Maitre D'/Waiters/waitresses/bartenders at a restaurant.Hairdressers/barbersNail salonsHotel concierge/doormen/bell

What should I do so that people will remember me after the first conversation with them?

People always remember how you made them feel. Just being aware of this fact is a good idea and will go a long way in how they will remember you.You want to be remembered in a positive way? Be respectful, smile, keep a balance between listening and talking, compliment them if appropriate,

How should I put my thoughts into words effectively?

The most effective communication is that which is understood by almost all, and that which is understood as intendedThe key then is to make it as simple as possibleStart your preparation with the end result you want to achieve in your mindBreakdown the thought(s) in to smaller bitsArrange them logically.  There will be multiple possibilities -

Why in some people's life everything seems perfect?

It is human nature to presume things before even getting to know the exact situation of the person. It does seem to appear that other people lives progress in a far more linear fashion than our own. It really can seem like

Do people who live with roommates generally have better social skills then people who live alone?

This question intrigued me... So, I'm answering it...The answer to this question is: MAYBE. Reason? Because you can

How to stop people from approaching me when I just don't want to be bothered

Oh, that's not that hard.I'll assume you're talking about

What makes a woman feel loved?

Being known and understood, I believe.Understanding women can be difficult for guys because we apply a different structure to understanding people than women do.Of course, it's not a binary thing.. these things are characteristics, and some guys have stronger female traits, and vice versa.However typically, women are much more aware

Do you look down on people not having 'it'?

so basically you are evaluating people as to their disposition - which means grouping everyone who's "just moving along" or treating each day as "just another paycheck" or using spare time to spread gossip.. while you are still trying

How to become a hit at cocktail parties

Give off a good vibe. And contrary to the popular belief, it can be learned. I was not in any way, shape, or form, a socializer, as a matter of fact I was extremely shy and anti-social. But once I learned how to interact,

How to text a girl who left her number on a napkin at work

You don't even know which girl left the number, so basically you're starting from scratch. Actually, you're starting from a negative, since you can't be sure that the number really does belong to one of those three girls. They could

How will a girl react to a stranger asking her out in India?

I would advise against it because the few times I've been in that situation I've just felt kind of scared even if that's irrational that's the truth and most Indian girls know what I mean because we've basically been conditioned to doubt the intentions of any male stranger.You mentioned the elevator and

Is it normal for someone to talk to themselves out loud in public places?

Yes it is, and for different reasons. If an individual is experiencing psychosis, they hear and sometimes see things that others don't. In this case, a person might be answering the voices they are hearing. In the mental health field, we call this

Is it okay to put yourself first?

I can relate. I have seen more than many people my age and have been told I am mature for my age, even though I look way younger. I can say that in the past I use to worry about people, what they

What specific actions can I take to develop my charisma?

A big part is mastering the art of emotional contagion, i.e. the art of infecting people with your emotions. In order to do that you have to feel the emotions first and transmit them in a subtle but noticeable way. Learn to

What's the best way to reply when someone wishes you happy birthday?

I would recommend you to use Wishfie where you can can post and express your bday wishes to your close and loved ones.Wishfie is basically a social video app that helps you to share your opinions on trending topics or anything that matters you the most .So for instance you want to wish someone

Why do some parents allow their children to scream?

There are many possible reasons. Some seem more reasonable than others. A few of the most obvious reasons:Some kids scream because they lack the faculty to discuss an upsetting situation rationally. They also often get upset about things that make no sense to adults.