What do people get wrong about Australians?

Given the number and type of questions on Quora, apparently it is very difficult for many overseas to get these things through their heads.Australians are not all of British or Irish origin.Australians are not all descended from convicts, only about 22%. This

Do Australians like spicy food?

Australia is one of the most multi-cultural countries in the world. People from everywhere have contributed their cuisine to the wide variety of food on offer.Some of that food is spicy - Indian, Mexican, Thai, Sichuan to name a few - there's lots more.It

How do Indonesians view Australians and vice-versa?

I am an Indonesian. I can say that we are trading way much lower than the potential we could create together.As Indonesia's middle class grows, I can witness more and more of Indonesians go to Australia for tourism. Where for Australian in Indonesia, they are

What do Australians think about Hindus and Hinduism?

it's not necessarily something that comes into play much so there's not a lot of negativity. I've certainly never heard a bad word about Hinduism and have worked with many, many Hindus. Things like Diwali are fun (kind of like Chinese New Year, only

How do Australians see themselves?

It is a difficult question in a country where at any one time over 25% of the population were born overseas for the last 60y. It depends very much on who you talk to and how old they are.I happen to be a 5th generation Australian who

Who is the most well-known Australian of all time?

If you are referring to the most well-known Australian internationally (as opposed to the most well-known Australian in Australia), it depends on what you are interested in or what field or category you are talking about.Entertainment / the ArtsKylie Minogue, Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Chris Hemsworth, Cate Blanchett, Mel Gibson, Paul Hogan, Steve Irwin,

Are Australians modest?

First of all, 2 thingsAll people are different, you can't say all Aistralians are this or thatWhat is your definition of modest?Australians don't tend to like people who talk about how great they are. If you are really that good, your deeds

Do Russians like Australians?

Most of the Russian never seen Australian and vice versa probably true, this is nothing to dislike or like here.And in terms of politics, most Russian don't see Commonwealth of Australia as independent political entity either, so there is no real heat generated from here (at least so long as

What are Australians offended by?

I want to echo what most others have touched on which is three key points.Telling us How we should act without any knowledge of Australian society, mateship and Big noting yourself.A recent one is Harry Connick Junior, he came to Australia and without knowing dick about Australia called us

What do you really think about Australians?

By far the first stereotype in America portrays Australians as fearless. The sort of,

What do you honestly think about Australia and Australians?

Australia is enormous country that is actually continent itself. With 25–26 million people, Australia is one of the sparsely populated country. However, 98% of the population live in 50 km of the coastline. So rest of the huge country remains remote and untouched. I have been living in

Why do Australians sound like Australians?

Ah, well, you see, we all had a vote in 1900 and decided that ‘strine was the accent that suited us best. This was enshrined in the Australian Constitution on January 1 1901 - The Australian ConstitutionThe relevant section is

What do think of the current Australian Labor Party 2018 / 2019?

This is a question where you can get a thousand answers with shades of opinion right across the board. I'm a swing voter, prepared to vote for the best as I see them.The Labor Party in particular I think has not yet demonstrated a strong case to be considered the best for next year's election. I think they

What are Australians mostly obsessed with?

Living on the coast, buying their own home and overseas travel.Residents of some states, particularly Victorians, are also obsessed with Australian Rules football.

What do Australians think of Vietnamese people?

Apart from the guy on the other answer who has trouble distinguishing Sydney from Australia, the view of Vietnamese is generally good, after some rocky times in the 1980s when the ‘evil immigrant' du jour was the Vietnamese teenage male, dealing drugs and driving flashy cars - most are either dead now, grew out of it, or

Why are some Australian guys so obnoxious?

One thing I've noticed about us Aussie's vs Americans is this.Americans speak directly and usually mean what they say.Australians are loose. Take the piss out of scenarios and are on loose terms with a lot of what we say and talk about.

What do Australians think of Brits?

Australians increasingly don't think of the British or increasingly think worse of the British as Danny Parsons has pointed out.My own p.o.v. is that I was robbed by the British. Australians love to make fun of Americans because they know little of the world are continually fed news as it

Are Australians religious?

Are Australians religious?Not to the extent to what we Aussies perceive as the hypocrisy, inconsistency & fanaticism of the USA based evangelical & affiliated churches (as a rule: tell us you need a private jet or enforce tithes for your own benefit and you'll see your revenues & congregations dwindling).The

Can members of this group please begin to think about tackling a problem that I have as an Australian saving the beautiful iconic Australian kangaroo?

I would like to Kindly remind the writer of this question that I too am an Australian Citizen who has travelled extensively around this wide brown land. I have seen no shortage of Kangaroo's that you seem so concerned about however I do stand to be corrected by anyone with cold hard facts and not

Are Australians more racist towards Asians than Americans?

YES!I will write some point form to try to help you understand the Australian mind:1) Australians love their relative isolation as they a single country on a big ‘island' (continent, technically). 2) They want to protect their way of life and culture from

How do Australians spend their free time?

Well Australians are people, and like all people, we are the same, different, and similar. They have cities, where people put on a colored shirt, tie and drive nice cars to work every day just like many other western cities. However

Why are some Australians against Christians?

Athiest Aussies are against Christianity for pretty much the same reasons some athiests everywhere are. They belong to satan and all that belongs to satan is in opposition to what belongs to God and some more zealous types are more open and radical about it than others.

Would an Asian Australian accept a white Australian or a native indigenous Australian (not that white) as a true Australian?

The question is a problem. Australians do not use the terms Asian Australian or white Australian or native indigenous Australian in the sense that these are hyphenated-Australians and separate communities. An Australian of mostly European descent may identify as indigenous. An Australian from an Asian country identifies more with being Australian AND if they choose, their Vietnamese or Chinese

What do Australians think of China?

A2A. This is just my own guess. I cannot really speak for all Australians.China has a profound economic relationship with Australia. We have long depended on China for manufactured goods and more recently for sale of our natural resources. We also share some cultural links with Hong

What do Scottish people think of Australians?

We think that their gun/knife laws are even more ludicrous than ours.And that they're a bit loud and brash, but usually pretty well straight as a die and actually fairly unlikely to be called

What are white Australians called?

I am an Australian with white skin... I call myself

What are Australians tired of explaining?

Tired of :_Explaining NO we don't have Kangaroos hopping down the main street of our city. Yes we do have dangerous creatures here but we don't see them often some people have never seen any at all. Just be aware.Explaining that we drive on the correct side of the road.We have a lot of laws but

What do Australians think about Prince Philip being given an Australian knighthood?

Thanks Peter Baskerville for the A2A.I think it's fair to say we're not impressed. When the idea of Australian Knightoods was reintroduced by Tony Abbott last year, there were lots of people who thought it was a pretty silly notion and a throwback to a bygone

Are Australians racist towards Indians?

I have been living in Australia (Sydney) for over a year now. And I have the typical brown Indian look (which means I can't be mistaken for some exotic European or Brazilian).I have hardly, if ever, faced racism from the Aussies (although I have run into issues with some Asians here, specifically

What do Australians think of American accents?

As others have mentioned, most of our media intake comes from America. As such, listening to American accents almost becomes a default when we are watching movies or TV shows. Because of this, the average Australian subconsciously knows a bunch of American accents (if only in their most broad definitions). As children, we begin to pick

Why do people think Australia cheats?

I'm assuming that this relates to the recent cricketing incident when an Australian player was caught tampering with the cricket ball during the recent test match against South Africa. This is major news in Australia and is being reported widely on TV, Radio, Web, Newspapers etc. An Australian player was

Who is a famous Australian soldier who served in WW1?

Mate of mine said I should answer it properly.. ;-)My two entries...Pompey Elliot - Major General and ex Boer War veteran. Lead troops at Gallipoli and eventually the 15th Brigade at Polygon Wood and his counter-attack at Villers-Bretonneux. Loved by

Do Russians hate Australians?

A2A - I am Australian and I have met a few Russians. One time in Tallinn I walked past a group of three men speaking Russian. It was about 1am and they seemed quite drunk.One of the men came up to me and said something in Russian. I don't know what it was

Why are Australian guys shy?

You'll get wildly varying answers from people so I'll give my two centsAustralian guys, well a lot of western guys in general don't have power in court if they are accused of anything. Same thing goes with kids, an unplanned pregnancy will financially ruin some men for the next 18 years.If a girl consents to sex one night, then

Do Australians not like foreigners?

I wouldn't say Australians dislike foreigners.They used to. For many years following Australian independence in 1901, the White Australia policy was the unofficial government policy toward immigration. Australia welcomed British and Irish immigration, didn't like (other) Europeans much, and actively excluded Asians. There was strong anti-Asian sentiment after the fall

What do Australians think of Indians?

Before Answering that lets go to the history about these two nations 200 years ago.BOTH Australia and India are former British colonies with a love of cricket; however, Britain's interest in each was vastly different. In India, Britain wanted to make money. In Australia, Britain wanted a dumping ground for

What do Australians think of Holden?

They used to be the best cars for cheap power.The stock Aussie V8s weren't super powerful, but with some simple and cheap modifications you could get some big gains. Those old iron-block engines were near indestructible, and with a decent exhaust system they sounded amazing.They were really easy

What do Americans think of Australian people?

As an American, I shall offer my two cents to the discussion. Most of the Australians I've met during my time here have been fairly

What do Australians think of the Netherlands?

A beautiful, liberal place with tall people.I spent two nights in Amsterdam, so I don't have very much experience with The Netherlands as a whole. My time travelling there was some of the best of my 5 and a half week European jaunt. We stayed in a house boat B&B and cycled everywhere. I don't remember any bad

What do Australians think about this video?

My opinion is that the interviewer has found a couple of people with pretty extreme views, asked them a bunch of questions obviously designed to inflame their prejudices, and essentially given undue oxygen to a set of views held by a very small minority. Sunday Night presents itself as

Politics of Australia: Considering his progressive views, shouldn't Malcolm Turnbull have joined the Labor Party instead of the Liberals?

The proposition this question makes is not as startling as it first appears.There's a sometimes faux political skirmish that Australia's media loves to exaggerate - the idea that Oz's two major federal parties are extreme opposites, locked in a perpetual battle to the death.

What drives the Australian economy?

How is Australian Economy?I must be living in another country to Jeremy! Australia is headed to the brink, with an over heated housing market. Now the most expensive in the world.The cost of electricity and gas is now so expensive, a family can spend 5000. on electricity a year.Gas heating can cost 3500. more.The cost of a

Do Americans like Australians?

Americans love Australians, I'd say more than any other country. Canada comes in a close second but that's primarily because Canadians don't have an accent and when you live near our northern border there's so little difference in the people that it's hard