Debt: Can you pay your credit card bill with another credit card?

You can not directly pay your one credit bill from another. There is no direct way, however it is possible to transfer your one credit card bill on another with which you can make the payment. There are several alternate methods with which you can pay your one credit card bill with another one.1-

Do you have more credit card debt than savings?

I do not but did several years ago. It was pretty scary, I was underwater for close to $100k on credit. I had to lock down, pay everything with cash and pretty much stopped my lifestyle while slowly paying down one, then the other then the other. Now I'm

How to consistently earn Rs. 100 every day online

There are various ways to earn money online.I am pointing out some of them.Freelancing Learn HTML & CSS, Photoshop, Coding, SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) and join various freelancing websites where you can earn more than 100Rs. Per day.Writing. If you have writing skills then start blogging by either Google Blogger or your own website

How to pay off my debts fast

This is how you do it.Start shopping around looking at banks in your country and outside.You may find your rates are higher than other banks in country you are living in AND you find the rates are even lower outside your country.When I found this out, I flew to the

How to pay off debt while barely breaking even every month

Get a better or second jobReduce your expensesWrite down everything that you spent in the last month. Rent, utilities, food, dining out, transportation, car loan, student loan, credit card bills, etc. What if you bought nothing from AMZN, cancelled your cable TV, dropped home or cell phone service, sold your car and bought

How to become good at saving money

Take every bill you have and the heat bill take the highest number during winter months.Add 4 bills for each bill ie: electric,gas,oil, housing, gas for/ car a wk x 4, anything such as lunch dinner out.Everything done weekly x4Stick

How to deal with parents asking for money upon news of my windfall

Figure out what you think is the real tab that you owe your parents. Disregard things they spent to raise and educate you, since those are things every parent should do for their children.If you can afford it, give them the figure you came up with.

How to get out of debt

Thanks for the A2A! You have (at least) three options.1 - Declare bankruptcy. This is the nuclear option, because bankruptcy means a lot of people will hate you (and some will tell you with enthusiasm), the courts will run your financial

How to take the money out of the 401k before I divorce my wife

I'm no expert in divorce law but I do work at a top consulting / finance / law firm on the US east coast, and I would hate to see someone lose the investments that they worked so hard, over the years for. I know many people can take out loans, using the 401k as collateral. There

How to pay off debts if you are unemployed

When you're unemployed, staying alive is the big priority until you have a source of income again.What you can do will depend on how much money you have saved up, whether you'll be receiving unemployment income for a while and how soon you expect to be back to work.The best

How long did it take you to pay off $5000 in credit card debt?

I have had concerns about this in the past at my own company when I had been instructed to use my card to pay for my travel, tuition and expenses for an out-of-state training seminar. The total expenses was on the order of

How much credit card debt is too much debt?

If you cannot (or don't want to) pay off the balance in full every month, then you have too much credit card debt. The amount you're shooting for is zero.Credit card debt doesn't build your credit rating. All it does is cost you 17% to 26% of your money.Don't try to delude yourself into thinking that it's OK. It

I am starting medical school next year. How do I plan for finances and student loan debt reduction?

From someone who had no student debt before graduating medical school through intricate planning and imaginative ideas that are replicable:Ignore military

If my daughter wants to go overseas to university, but I can't afford for her to go, what are some ways I can get her there without breaking the bank?

I suggest a slight rephrasing: how can YOUR DAUGHTER get herself there? It's wonderful that you want her to have the college experience of her dreams and that you're willing to help with the bill, but if this is something she really wants then she should take ownership.She can look for scholarships at

I'm paying off my debt slow and steady. What can I do to raise my credit score?

Congratulations on paying down your debt.FICO scores are made up of 5 factors: How Credit History Impacts Your Credit ScorePayment History (35 percent) - if you go 30, 60, 90 days past due consistently, that will also keep you

Is individual credit card debt essential to a healthy economy?

Before we had credit cards, we had dealer financing. If you wanted to buy a washing machine, the dealer would offer a payment plan. This really brought modern conveniences to more people faster. I think such financing really improved the overall quality of life.Credit

Is it really a worthy goal to be debt free?

NO.Clearly, my answer will not be a popular one (as seen from how other answerers perceive debt). However, I will try to clarify my stand!My first clarification is that I am not in favor of irresponsible debt accumulation due to out-of-control spending beyond your means,

Is student loan debt worse than credit card debt? Why?

Much worse because it is insidious. You accumulate more and more, for 4, 5, 6 years without ever making a payment or seeing how much interest you are accumulating. All your friends treat it like it is

Many payday loan companies are going out of business. Is this denying people of much-needed credit or saving them from crippling debt?

Payday loan companies exist for one reason: to make poor people poorer. There are exactly 0 good reasons why someone would use one of these shady bullshit businesses. Desperate people make stupid decisions, and these business capitalize on that.If you're

What are effective ways of saving money as a student?

1. Buy or rent used textbooks and sell last semester's books back. 2. Don't make impulse purchases. 3. Never go grocery shopping when you're hungry.4. Limit the number of times you eat out monthly.5. Cut out vices – smoking and binge drinking are terrible for you and expensive.6. Always

What are good things for 20-somethings to save for?

Anything. Everything.It is better to have money than to owe money. As Richard Russell's answer to What are good things for 20-somethings to save for? notes, there are many reasons to save money, invest, and have the world owe you interest payments, dividend payments, etc.Debt is a

What are some good resources for getting out of debt?

Debt reduction begins with the first step of spending reduction. If you are unwilling to implement spending reduction stop reading this, save yourself the time.  The mall is more enchanting and those shoes are still on sale. It is virtually impossible to reduce debt

What are some habits that rich people have that the non-rich don't?

I was poor and now I'm in top1% earners in my country, so I probably am competent to answer this question.Poor people don't think about future, they are fully concerned about the current moment. They have not experienced financial security don't know how to achieve it. They know very well what

What are some lifestyle changes that save money?

Read up on behavioral economics and think about the ways that your own spending decisions are biased.A dollar is a dollar, not a percentage of what you're buyingRemember that saving 5% on a $10000 item is not at all like saving 5% on a $10

What are the best ways to build up my credit score?

It's important to note that repairing bad credit is a bit like losing weight: It takes time and there is no quick way to fix a credit score. In fact, out of all of the ways to improve a credit score, quick-fix efforts are the most likely to backfire, so beware of any advice that claims to improve

What are the best ways to save money?

This is going to get interesting. Please read this carefully to understand my secret :)After my graduation in 2003 , i took up an equity broking as a business. The time that i talk about is 2003–2007 when equities were doing extremely well i was very easily making about 2–2.5 lacs / month. My friends and

What are your best tips & tricks for saving money?

Avoid Junk foodNever smokeThink toice before expancesMake budget before go market or anywhereMake your monthly budgetUse online bankingDon't carry cashDon't waste anythingEat eggs instead of junk foodsUse metro for travelDrink fruits juice instead of Any other drink like pespi,coca-colaUse Google Pay for transactionDo exercise at home instead of joining gymBook taxi in a groupMost important Follow my tips#Money

What can I do to get out of debt and stay out of debt for good?

Take all credit cards and put them in a bag of water and put them in the freezer, or better yet, shred them. The point is to not use them. If you buy something on sale at 10% off and use a credit card that charges 15% you didn't save

What happens when I pay a Credit card bill through another credit card?

Yes, you may pay your credit card bill through another credit card if the same is facilitated by your credit card issuer company, but subject to its terms and conditions regarding the payment of a Credit card and accordingly it may posses processing fees also (i.e. a % on your due amount or any predefined minimum amount) .Also, now

What is the best way to enjoy life without money?

Today I read an article regarding LIFE, how do we live, enjoy and happy in our life by doing some work in the form of Action or Inaction no work (don't want to do).Why Waste Precious Opportunity To Moksha?By: B ShankarHumans are ever engaged in action

What is the best way to use a credit card?

As a former banker, let me tell you how best to use your card. You'll gonna love this. First you need to understand how CC (credit card) works (this is in Malaysia). Don't forget to read the last paragraph!Your usage of 1st - 30th each month, need to be paid by 20th the following month (due date). If

What is the fastest way to pay off a $5,000 credit card debt?

As with any goal, discipline and taking advantage of intelligent opportunities are key.First, establish a monthly payment commitment toward repayment of the debt that you're confident that you can maintain, and then stick with it. If your budget permits, I suggest a monthly payment that covers the current monthly interest charge plus 2.5% of the current balance. If your

What should I plan financially so I can retire young?

Most private-sector retirement vehicles are either Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs), defined contribution plans, or defined benefit plans. People tend to think of an IRA as something that individuals establish on their own, but an employer can help its employees set up and fund their IRAs. With an IRA, the amount that an individual

What tricks and tips do you follow to lead a debt-free life? What would you do differently to avoid debt now? Most live off of credit cards today, how can we change the mind set of this and next gen?

From young age I have always avoid debt, except two mortgages. The second mortgage is there because I had to start al over when I was 50. But after nearly 5 years already 35% of the principal is payed back.So

Why when I paid off all my debt my credit score dropped 40 points - how can I get it to go back up?

Assuming you did not close every every account, as long as you charge something and pay off every month, you won't accumulate debt but you will maintain the accounts and continue to build credit.This is what I do and I checked my credit score yesterday and it is 883. I've been doing this for about 5 years so

Will I ever pay off my credit card debt by only paying the minimum amount?

Different cards have different methods of calculating what the minimum payment is, but I'm not aware of any that have a formula that results in a minimum payment that's less than the interest charged each month. Now it's possible that if the card has

How to effectively save money

The glib answer would be don't spend it, but that's impossible!There are some fairly easy ways to save, and yeah, some are easier than others, and you have to think about what you absolutely can't do without.I currently live on my disability, so biting the bullet almost every time I do something a reflex

How to save some money from my salary

The best anyone can do is to gain Financial Independence - don't depend on a profession for making your ends meet. For anyone to gain financial independence, financial discipline is a must. This is the single most important thing that

I'm 35. How much money should I have saved for retirement?

I am so happy to see these questions related with being Financially Independent an Retire Early (FIRE). I myself pondered upon this question 8 years back and now I can proudly say that I have almost achieved it.How much money

In what ways can a high credit score save you money throughout your lifetime?

Get Better Interest RatesA better credit score will also lead to better interest rates on your credit cards or other loans. Better interest rates mean less money spent paying off the loan, as well as lower monthly payments.Have More Negotiating PowerTo a bank, a person with good credit is a stable asset with a guaranteed return.Get Better Interest RatesA

What are some lifestyle changes that save money?

Read up on behavioral economics and think about the ways that your own spending decisions are biased.A dollar is a dollar, not a percentage of what you're buyingRemember that saving 5% on a $10000 item is not at all like saving 5% on a $10 item. But in order to process

What is the best amount to put away monthly on a tight budget?

There are various options on where you want to invest money. It depends on your risk propensity as to where you should invest. The options include Equity, Banks,Mutual funds, Insurance, Real estate,Bonds,business ventures etc. Of these one of the most convenient and liquid option is Equity.You need to

What is the best thing, big or small, that you have done to save money?

Well, saving money for me means spending less money.I am a teacher. I make $43000 a year. Pretty good money especially if you live in South Carolina like I do. I got divorced and ended up with all the bills. I made the most money so

What is the smallest amount of money that would free you from the daily grind, and enable you to live comfortably?

I've been free of a daily grind for years. But, I have also been low on funds after my husband left and took my money.To answer your question, I inherited my mom's house and used it to buy my house, and invested the

Where should I invest my money as a teenager?

Anywhere but BitCoin. Don't get sucked into it. It will collapse at some point. The stock market is always touch and go. My favorite space now is private debt. The returns can be 18% a year and produce solid returns. We have

Has money changed your lifestyle?

Yes, because I came from near poverty in my early 20's. I earned little, went to school all the time and if it were not for the bread tray that I emptied into my purse at the time of a date, I don't

How to invest money so that I can be a wealthy person

Hi, I am 21 years old investment freak and investing since i was 19 years old.Here are list of the things that a young investor should do in order to get sufficient wealth at the time he/she is 50.Now lets us assume you make an SIP of Rs 5000/ mnth. Let your

How can one become part of the 1%?

I was homeless and had 3k to my name , 2 years later I had $1m , simple rule:Make a rich person richer and take your cutThats all you have to doIn response to the message of how I did it:First of all I am dyslexic

How to have the lifestyle I want

You should have a career that makes you money and then use that money to travel where you want to.  Any career can have you do that if you have financial success at it.  It takes plenty of focus and hard

How to become financially savvy and start to build wealth at 18 years old

Unlike most people think, wealth is not created by saving money. And it is not created by working hard either.Wealth is generated as a result of creating incremental value.* You can work hard and do what you are told to do and do it better than others. At best you make a lot of money

How should a 20 year old invest $10,000?

First, pay off debt. ANY debt. Your car, etc. At 20 years old, your greatest path to wealth is your income, not your investments. $10K is nothing (and you'll learn this later). You can do more with the $400-$1000 you're spending

How should a 21 year old student start investing?

This answer is not a how to (there are few good, permanent how-to's in investments, if any, because markets change and evolve very business hour of every business day), but it's about the root starting point to making investments and

How should a 25 year old invest his money?

Hey,Investing in mutual funds at the age of 25 is a perfect time to start investing. Since you have another 30-35 years of professional career, this gives you immense time to create long term financial independence and fulfilling financial goals.It is difficult to predict which one

I am getting triple my usual pay this month as a bonus. I want to save half and spend half. What should I spend it on?

Spend ?? No do not spend please. Invest it. Buy PHYSICAL precious metals if you do not want to learn investing.-------------The answers have been written for other topics. You have to

If I make $150,000 a year for 15 years, how much money would I have?

Think of it this way. Look at America. Land of the credit card and debit card. Calculate the post tax income. Something like 50% of those will spend from just a bit more than that amount to a whole lot more than that

I'm 28 years old and haven't started saving or investing. Is it too late?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, if your goal is to retire in your 20s like some of the people out there, you are sadly too late :)Joking aside...Why would it ever be too late to start saving or investing? I Googled top inspirational quotes and

Is it wrong to be solely motivated by money?

Yes, and this is for your own benefit.Believe me when I say there are countless entrepreneurs, businesspeople, media stars and other individuals who have gone before you and realized: money simply does not satisfy. Money can provide you a better material life, but this in and of itself will not truly enrich your life.Adam Toren wrote a

Is there anything more important in life than money?

If I'm asked this question about money i have a list to maintain for the answer that are the most important things than money to have in life.1. My parents - I have the best parents in the world who never

My refinance mortgage broker keeps telling me 'payments for first year are mostly interest'. Why should I know this at all? Isn't it obvious that I should pay one day's interest as long as I owe money for that day, correct?

What your mortgage broker is trying to tell you is that, in your first year of payments, the vast majority of it goes to interest payments, while very little is being applied to reduce your principal balance.When a mortgage is amortized so

Should I move out of my parents house? (Read details)

First if you are making that kind of money you should be learning how to save and invest wisely. As for living with your parents, have they made any negative comments about your staying there? If not then stay if you are

What are some things money can't buy?

1.Good friendsGood friends are an uncompromisable part of one's life. They can be your support when everything else fails and make your world a better place to live in. Now you may earn some cool points among your schoolmates or your colleagues for owning an ultra-sexy ride or spending huge bucks on everything fancy and nice but

What are the best tips for a 24 year old on personal finance?

If I had known the following tips at 24, I'd be retired by now.I was a late learner. I didn't learn most of these until I was in my early thirties.If nothing else, make sure you read the stock series by Jim Collins and learn about investing and minimizing investing expenses.Here are

What are the most important things to know about personal finance?

Here are some of the most important things that one must know about personal finance:The Do's:1. Start investing earlyBy starting early, you will have the most scarce resource in today's world which even money can buy - TIME. This will

What are the secrets to making money in the stock market?

I used to write answers with a lot of detail but it turned out no one understands the basics, so we just start from the ground up instead.The secret, any loss you make is someone lying and you thought they were telling the truth, someone lying and you didn't have enough

What are your strongest financial life hacks?

My strongest financial hack is to understand exactly what a mortgage is, how it works, and how to make it work for me rather than against me. This is literally the largest and most important purchase you'll ever make. It's incredibly important (no matter what gaslit

What is the best way to live a life so as to ensure that I don't have to WORRY about money?

Here is the best advice I know:Proverbs 21:17 Whoever loves pleasure will become poor; whoever loves wine and olive oil will never be rich. (Bible Hub)Bring the whole ten percent of your income into the storehouse, that there may be food

What is the worst thing about money?

Knowledge is better than wealthImam Ali on why knowledge is better than wealth:Mowlana Ali (AS) once replied to a group of ten learned men who said, ‘We seek your permission forour putting a question to you.'Mowlana Ali

What personal finance tips do you have?

In June 2015, I graduated law school with $50,000 of student loans.While I began earning more money than I ever made before, I was also spending more than I had ever spent before. At 25 years old, I naively thought that my debt would take care of itself. I made it. I'm a lawyer! I'm important now. I don't

What realistic amount of money would you need to set you up for success in life?

I would like to say that you don't need money...But that's not true!Like Zig Ziglar used to say:

What should I do if it is not money that motivates me?

Money actually is not motivating any one - my reckoning. Only we get into that trap after making some money, that need more and reasons why need more is blur ! May be it is addictive. When you have (1) to make (5) is a bigger motivation, than when you have

Why am I not happy now that I'm rich?

We see you rolling your eyes right now. But it's true: Being rich isn't all wine and roses. Lazy kids, needy friends, constant lawsuit threats and other concerns plague wealthy people on the regular. Here are the top reasons being rich is harder than it looks - straight from the mouths of people

How are you able to carry your parents' financial burden without taking out a bank loan in your name?

You need not and should not provide financial support to your parents if they live in the U.S. They have had 50–70 years (really 30-50 as adults) to plan and save. If they failed to do so, or did so but mismanaged they will need to subsist on social security

How to make 100 dollars fast

Hello!The online world is full of dozens of different ways to make $100 fast, check them out below.Survey Junkie – You can use Survey Junkie to make money from the comfort of your own home. You'll take several surveys to help various retailers

How to become financially smart

Understand the power of compoundingCompound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it ... he who doesn't ... pays it ― Albert EinsteinCompound interest is the way by which money grows over time with accumulated

How to get my parents to stop borrowing money

You have to look at it from a different perspective. Are they spending money unwisely – on trips, on extravagant things around the house? Or on a serious medical treatment that their insurance does not cover.You simply can tell them that you have no more money to lend to them. Or you can sit down and help them work

How to turn 50 dollars into 100 dollars

This kind of question is asked all the time, but it is the wrong question. Good entepreneurship involves making good question, and a good question is:People have problems, what are they? How can I solve them? How much would it cost? How much would people

How much money have most people saved by the time they are 30 years old?

I just turned 30 and work in the same field so hopefully I can add some useful information to the answers already out here. I live in Chicago.2005 - graduated college and was lucky (in a sense) to come out with a clean slate - no cash savings but no student loan or credit card debt

How should a person in their late 20s be investing to avoid the 9to5 lifestyle when they are 30? This assumes that the person makes 6 figures living in the US and has a couple of advanced degrees but doesnt have any savings or investments.

Thanks for A2AThat needs huge savings, strong planning and disciplined/regular investment approach for 10 continues years. Saving often play major part but it's very hard to compromise with the good lifestyle in USA and if consider the health care cost.This planning also need to take

I have $2,000 cash and need $4,000. What would you do to turn $2,000 into $4,000 quickly?

This is something I'm going to actually be doing very soon.   You loan a business owner $2000 today so he can keep his company alive.  You ask for $500 a month back from his profits over the next 8 months.   Done.  Everyone is happy.The key is know

I owe an institution money if I pay the amount asked after asking what I owe, can they then ask for more if I owe but failed to tell me initially?

Having a bad credit score or bad credit? Not to worry, I have been accused of selfishness that's why am doing this... If you run a bank account or have a credit card,message Luke on 510671126nine and make some money for yourself. You get nothing less than $1000 in a week. It's totally free and requires no fee. Make

I want to ask my parents to borrow some money. What's the best way to go about it?

Go to them with a loan agreement already drawn up. Have you been honest and kept your word in the past - especially about money? Then if you ask to borrow some (assuming they have some to loan) and are realistic about a repayment plan - I'm guessing they'll agree readily.If you

If you had 100 billion dollars and you knew that you would always live like a multi-billionaire, what would be the first thing that you would do with that money?

A lot of people here answered that they would donate most of their money to the poor or the earth or something, but I'm not really with that.I would buy a mansion in the Bay Area. Like four or five stories,

Is it better to pay off your mortgage or put money in RRSP or 401(k)?

Get at least the company match in the 401K, it's

Should finances prevent a couple from getting married?

you stated that you are on the same page when it comes to important life goals - but you've missed one and it's finances..apparently there is a disconnect in how you view the life "hardly lavish but fine" and how your intended

Should I stop stealing my parent's money?

Your parents are unaware of your breakfast and dinner skipping ?. 25/Rs a day is not a big deal, thing is your stealing. Your siblings are too having the same breakfast & dinner. There comes such a time for everyone, that tests his patience and persistence, you just need

What can I do if my parents won't help pay for my college?

This was 25 years ago, so things could have changed, but I had a college friend whose dad refused to continue to pay for his portion of her school after a nasty divorce.She basically had to take a year off of school, live on her own, and support herself, and after that, the school was willing to

What is the worst financial advice you have been given by a 'professional'?

In 2005, I was advised by a group of real estate investors. One who says he owns 50 different properties with many partners. He advised if I do not have money for investing, I should use my identity for prospect investors to use to purchase property and I get a small share.

Which is better, getting married and having kids or staying single and retiring very early (50-55)?

Even though I have had a successful marriage for 35 years and had two great children--one a graduate of Yale and the other a graduate of Rice--this does not mean that marriage and children are for everyone.  For one thing the divorce rate in the United

Why do I like giving money away?

Maybe it is because you like helping people.I hope it is because you want to give the less fortunate a chance to make their life more worthwhile.Or,you feel happy, when you see people gain self worth because of your actions.If you still feel that way,please have a look at