A man has been saving money in a secret spot on his own property, unbeknownst to his wife. If they were to divorce would his wife have any way of finding about this money?

It could depend on how he came to have the money, how long this had been going on, and how much money was involved. If he had at some point started sticking back half of his paycheck then it's probably someone could figure

Are you worried about your credit card debt?

I was. I used to be a chronic user of credit card. I realize a simple basic truth.Credit card companies give you a credit card so you can spend more...Although I was paying off the credit card due by the end of the

As a college student, how can I make money online without investing a huge amount of money and time?

I would like to introduce a niche passive income source for students, which monetizes an activity that students normally regard as a huge expense - printing.There is a platform called Freenters that pays students for printing ads along with

As an American nears retirement age, how often should they check the SSA website and what should they be looking for? Do most Americans getting ready to retire do these things?

It's a good idea to check annually. Set up an account online with the SSA and they will email you once a year to do just that. At full retirement age (67 for most current workers) the maximum benefit is $2,861 per month this year. It slowly

As someone who paid off all your student debts or never had any to begin with, what would your indignation cause you to do if those Democrats steal your tax money to bailout those who haven't paid off their student debts yet?

Here's the thing everyone is missing about student loan debt forgiveness. The US Tax code says that forgiven debts taxable. This is not something that the Democrats can likely change... it's a HUGE amount of money and I don't see how they could get the legislation passed.So, you're

At the age of 60 and closing in on retirement, what is the number one 'course of action' to be prepared for retirement?

Dear Judy thank you for the question!It is a great question and one that millions of people should be asking themselves.I don't think there is ONE answer to your question. Like ‘retirement' itself I think there are a lot of parts and what is the ‘one' thing that is important is

Can credit card debt be canceled?

Yes.If you do not pay your credit card debt, the late payments/ default goes on your credit report.After some time, the bank will ‘charge off' the debt/ This also goes on the credit report.What many people do not know: The cancelled debt gets added to your income. Yes, you read that right.The bank will send you

Can I pay a credit card bill with another credit card?

Technically, yes you can do that, although you won't be able to do this in a straightforward manner. Most issuers won't allow you to just key-in another credit card number online to make payment for your card.But there are several ways around this:You can take a cash advance from one credit

Can I pay a debt collector with a credit card?

If it were me dealing with collection agencies: I'd ask for full details (down to individual transactions on a credit card/utility bill/whatever) of exactly what they're supposedly collecting and what/when it relates to.Ask for those details and never admit you owe a penny ("who me? I don't owe anything"

Can I pay an ICICI credit card bill with an SBI credit card?

You can add the money from your SBI credit card to Paytm wallet and then transfer the amount from your paytm wallet to your ICICI bank account.There is a transaction charge of 2.8% approx. which will be deducted from the total amount transferred.Once you have money in your ICICI bank account, you can easily pay your credit card

Can I pay my credit card bill using same credit card?

The short answer is no.First of all, your credit card doesn't have any money

Can I save money?

This will depend heavily on your personal financial situation. If you have significant expenses, such as medical bills, debt such as student loans and credit card bills, family liabilities (also known as children!), then you may not be able to save money right now.However, most people should be able to set aside at least a portion of their

Can money save someone's life?

Yes. You can donate your money or use it to pay for vaccines, clean water, basic health supplies etc. This first batch can cost as little as a few dollars.If you have a few hundred, then you can pay for a bicycle

Can prepaid gift cards be used to pay off credit card bill?

Although there might be a better way to do this with lower fees, one thing you can try is to secure a Square account and card reader (for free), then use the gift card to pay yourself. The money will

Can you pay American Express with another credit card?

With my knowledge and what i looked up I would say NO you can not but I did come across this trick that I thought I would share. Yes I know it is from 2013 so it might be to old. But you

Debt: Can you pay your credit card bill with another credit card?

You can not directly pay your one credit bill from another. There is no direct way, however it is possible to transfer your one credit card bill on another with which you can make the payment. There are several alternate methods with which you can pay your one credit card bill with another one.1-

Do countries have debt the same way I have credit card debt?

Yes - and no.For a start, because they are seen as a good risk, their debt it much, much cheaper. Sometimes, this can make the interest lower than inflation, meaning they are effectively earning money by taking on debt. Investors buy these bonds because they are seen as safer

Do debt collection agencies literally 'buy' debt from credit card companies or get 'paid' when they 'collect' debt from consumers?

Whether or not the debt was bought or not is irrelevant. You owe the debt. Rarely does a consumer have a chance to settle for less than 50% on a credit card debt. When debt is sold, which is not often,

Do ultra wealthy people prefer to use debit or credit cards?

They do have credit cards but they don't actually use them, at least not frequently.Ultra wealthy people do not travel or go out alone, even on a date. Nearly all of them would go out with at least an assistant/secretary and a couple of body guards. These entourage would pay for whatever the boss buys, unless the purchase

Do wealthy people have credit card debt?

Highly doubtful, but then again, it all depends not just on the size of their assets - but also how leveraged are they.Truly welathy people are able to get loans, when needed, at almost zero interest rate (based on my experience with the wealth management departmetn of a large international bank).If this sounds as if they're

Do you have more credit card debt than savings?

I do not but did several years ago. It was pretty scary, I was underwater for close to $100k on credit. I had to lock down, pay everything with cash and pretty much stopped my lifestyle while slowly paying down one, then the other then the other. Now I'm

Getting into debt is caused by bad behavior and so getting out of debt cannot be accomplished until the behavior changes. Why or why not is this true?

Well...for starters you made a bold statement vs. asking a question! It's true that a lot of debt is caused by bad behaviour but in doing my job over 20 years I can attest that everyone's circumstances are quite different. Student debt is a cycle caused by our flawed

How to be free of a financial problem

Hey,A great way to start this off with, is a plan. Create a plan to sell items, pick up a new job and budget.In general, an extreme thing that can be done is selling items. Whenever people are low on money they may have a yard/ garage sale that sale many items, like clothes, furniture, DVDs and miscellaneous items.

How to build credit after paying off debts

After paying all your debts, draft a feasible strategy and follow it persistently. You can do things like:-Never delay the debt payments be it any: credit card outstanding, existing loan EMIs, utility bills and so on. Everything gets recorded in your repayment history.If you are thinking of applying for a new credit card and you already have

How to consistently earn Rs. 100 every day online

There are various ways to earn money online.I am pointing out some of them.Freelancing Learn HTML & CSS, Photoshop, Coding, SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) and join various freelancing websites where you can earn more than 100Rs. Per day.Writing. If you have writing skills then start blogging by either Google Blogger or your own website

How to get money

Three simple steps to easily make 105.000$ a year:Step 1 : Go to Uber and signup as a driver. After your account got approved, start driving. The average UBER driver makes 50.000$ a year.But wait, we want even

How to make an extra $100

1. Buy cheap from various sources (friends, garage sale, online) and sell online for a higher price. A high school girl who did this and was able to buy a house was invited to Ellen DeGeneres. Or just sell stuff online in general. A lot of people rely solely on online sales by utilizing

How to make money online

Make Money with Online SurveysHere you can make money by completing small surveys which takes 5 minutes to 20 minutes depending on the requirement of a particular company.You need to write your feedback & opinion in a survey. You just have to select your choice from the question & there is no need to

How to pay off 10000 of credit card debt

Toxic relationships are dangerous to your health; they will literally kill you. Stress shortens your lifespan. Even a broken heart can kill you. There is an undeniable mind-body connection. Your arguments and hateful talk can land you in the emergency room or in the morgue. You were not meant to live in a

How to pay off 100k pesos credit card debt

If your account is maxed out and you weren't paying for a while, your account will probably be transferred to a collection agency.From there somebody from the agency will hound you thru your mobile, office and home numbers. If you manage to be elusive up to this point, they will try to contact you thru the social media,

How to pay off credit card debt

I assume that all these debts are still

How to pay off debt with no money

Borrow. You will need to first make a list of everyone you know, i.e. friends/family, that might be able to give you money to pay off your debt. If you can't find anyone who will give it to you, then ask if they will lend it to

How to pay off my credit card debt for free

hi there,I am glad to hear that you are ready to pay your debt. Did you say free, then in this scenario, better wake up my friend. If you have bills, you have to pay them my friend. It is just like

How to pay off my debts fast

This is how you do it.Start shopping around looking at banks in your country and outside.You may find your rates are higher than other banks in country you are living in AND you find the rates are even lower outside your country.When I found this out, I flew to the

How to pay outstanding debt

I remember of a recent incident, where a young man of about 30 years, who came to me for a consultation. He wanted to check with me different modes of borrowing money at a lower interest rate to pay off his high cost

How to solve my financial problems

Hi there,Solving your financial problems is possible, do the following steps and make your Life emptier, less stressful, and more free + happier:STEP:Use a sheet of paper (paper or in your PC), but paper is best. 1 for EVERY MONTH, so write the

How to use the summer to pay off $9,000 in credit card debt

Executive Summary – Paying off a credit card has positive impact. But there are a couple of issues that may not result in a significant improvement in one's credit score. In this post, we will explain why paying off your credit card debt has a positive impact. We will also highlight mistakes consumers make

How can one avoid credit card debt?

It's surprising to know most of the people in U.S.A. directly opt for the credit card debt, without even giving a thought to get a loan from a Private Lender.A good amount of people needs personal loans every now and

How to pay off debt while barely breaking even every month

Get a better or second jobReduce your expensesWrite down everything that you spent in the last month. Rent, utilities, food, dining out, transportation, car loan, student loan, credit card bills, etc. What if you bought nothing from AMZN, cancelled your cable TV, dropped home or cell phone service, sold your car and bought

How did you pay off a large debt quickly?

I am a 27 year old civil engineer from Auckland, New Zealand.I paid off 45000 $ NZD of student loans that had an interest rate of 13.57% in 1 year by saving 90% of my take home salary per month for an year. (2016–2017).Background-I

How to become good at saving money

Take every bill you have and the heat bill take the highest number during winter months.Add 4 bills for each bill ie: electric,gas,oil, housing, gas for/ car a wk x 4, anything such as lunch dinner out.Everything done weekly x4Stick

How to consolidate my credit card debt with bad credit

Toxic relationships are dangerous to your health; they will literally kill you. Stress shortens your lifespan. Even a broken heart can kill you. There is an undeniable mind-body connection. Your arguments and hateful talk can land you in the emergency room or in the morgue. You were not meant to live in a fever of anxiety;

How to correct my financially irresponsible husband

Thanks For A2AYour situation reminded of one of my known. But in that case wife did not take steps which led them to pay a really heavy price leaving a scar for life.In your situation, given that you have been married for 2 years only, I assume

How to deal with parents asking for money upon news of my windfall

Figure out what you think is the real tab that you owe your parents. Disregard things they spent to raise and educate you, since those are things every parent should do for their children.If you can afford it, give them the figure you came up with.

How to earn $1000 extra this month

Most of the jobs are usually substituting your time for income but some of them can turn into a business.1. Walk dogs – If you love dogs, and you need to walk, then this might be perfect for you2. House sit – Housesitting is becoming more and more popular these days, specially in

How to find financial records and personal information on my husband before he files for divorce or finds out if he has filed for divorce

First, you are entitled to gather up and compile and copy any documents that are marital documents. They are marital property. Things like joint tax returns and bills, mortgage and insurance and bank statements in both of your names. So if they are in a box

How to get a free credit card

Most of the credit cards are issued based on your income status and range. However, this does not limit you from getting you a credit card. You can check with various credit cards issuers about their eligibility and rules.Many of the credit cards issuers have some

How to get myself out of $25k credit card debt

From my perspective, the only real way you can get out of credit card debt is making the decision to never get into credit card debt again. How do you achieve this? Take every single credit card and cut it up and vow to never use a credit card again.

How to get out of debt

Thanks for the A2A! You have (at least) three options.1 - Declare bankruptcy. This is the nuclear option, because bankruptcy means a lot of people will hate you (and some will tell you with enthusiasm), the courts will run your financial

How to go about filing for divorce or get legal advice when my husband controls the finances

Go see a lawyer.  A consultation is usually available for free or for a relatively modest fee and the attorney would explain what procedural remedies are available in your jurisdiction.  You may be able to obtain help from an attorney on a deferred-payment plan if there is a significant marital estate.  In my state, Pennsylvania, you would be

How to handle my financially irresponsible parents who keep asking me for money

I think your focus is in the wrong place. It seems like your focus is on your parents. If you take your focus off your parents, the problem is much simpler: Get away from them.The focus you have is normal in crazy families: the children hover around the parents, frustrated, but still enabling them.Parents who are this dysfunctional are

How to make money fast and easy

Learn how to make at least $25 per day with these rich article. Sure you will miss any of the idea given. get your pen and paper ready for jotting.These websites below are not just the only reviewing websites but based on what is actually working out for me,

How to pay off a credit card debt fast with low income

Start by giving up everything that is not a necessity such as cable TV, anything but the most basic cell phone plan, eating out, expensive food (e.g. hamburger instead of steak), etc. Buy clothes at second hand stores. Used all the money saved to pay down the credit

How to save money in college

To save money in college, you need to do 2 things:Set a monthly savings goal - How much you want to save each month.Control your spending so you hit it.The steps are simple, but actually controlling your spending isn't. You need to have

How to save money on the gym

You Can Keep Fit Without A Gym Membership!Hitting the gym requires more self-discipline and cash than we care for, whether you're a confessed couch potato or a certified fitness fanatic, gyms aren't necessary if you want to stay fit and healthy! There are loads of different alternatives to get

How to save money while online shopping

Things you must know about online shopping !!!1.1. Always open shopping sites in incognito mode or in a private window.Why you must do this ?-->Once I was buying 16 GB Pen drive from shopping site, but the price was high. So I decided to wait for some days. I was expecting the lowering of

How do married couples handle finances together?

Keep in mind that everyone's situation is unique. I'll share what we've doing in our early accumulation years.BackgroundWe were together all thru our 20s, married at 26, and we're both currently 30. I stopped school after my bachelors and she worked full time while getting her masters. Turning 30 was significant for us because we

How do people accumulate so much credit card debt?

Credit cards are a trap, and most people don't use them correctly. They see som thing they like or want and charge it. Then instead of paying it off right away they make the minimum payment and continue to charge other items till they finally max out the card. They do this to

How do people get into large credit card debt?

Theses days very easily. The main causes are:The availability of Credit as a whole as a

How do people get rich?

So I got notified on Quora I had a request that asked

How to financially prepare for divorce

I would talk to an attorney in your area about how divorce is handled.I would make copies of all assets and debts that you are aware of now.Things like: real estate documents, bank statements, investment account statements, credit card statements, vehicle info., business info, student loans, car loans, mortgage loans, any sort of loan, etc. and put these copies

How to pay off credit card debt if you can't make the whole amount

Ideally, you should plan your finances such that you are able to fully repay the debts on time. Simply because credit card debts are the most expensive debts, with interest rates going as high as 40% p.a. (banks quote the credit card interest rate as 3.2 - 3.3% p.m. which comes out

How to pay off debts if you are unemployed

When you're unemployed, staying alive is the big priority until you have a source of income again.What you can do will depend on how much money you have saved up, whether you'll be receiving unemployment income for a while and how soon you expect to be back to work.The best

How to pay off student loan debt quickly

Summarize your loan situation - number of loans, principal balance, interest rates, outstanding interested. Figure out how fast you want to pay it off. Make a plan and stick to it.Calculate a payment amount for each loan proportionate to the interest rates (i.e. you should allocate more of your payment to a 6.8%

How long did it take you to pay off $5000 in credit card debt?

I have had concerns about this in the past at my own company when I had been instructed to use my card to pay for my travel, tuition and expenses for an out-of-state training seminar. The total expenses was on the order of

How much credit card debt does the average American have?

There are several ways to approach this question.A number often cited is $16,000 per household . This number is chosen deliberately to be high, usually with the goal of shocking us into thinking there is a big problem.This statistic is arrived at by ignoring people with no credit card debt: those without cards, and those

How much credit card debt is too much debt?

If you cannot (or don't want to) pay off the balance in full every month, then you have too much credit card debt. The amount you're shooting for is zero.Credit card debt doesn't build your credit rating. All it does is cost you 17% to 26% of your money.Don't try to delude yourself into thinking that it's OK. It

How much do you owe on all your credit cards?

$0.00 and have carried that balance since college.Getting a credit card was the worst mistake of my life (and I made some pretty big ones.)Anything I could do with a credit card I can do with a debit card and some money in the

How should a young person invest money?

Investing is not just about the numbers or calculations but about behaviour too.Let me share with you some some basics about money and investing. I feel these are what truly determine investment success.  #1: Never let your money be idleWhat if I say that I

I am starting medical school next year. How do I plan for finances and student loan debt reduction?

From someone who had no student debt before graduating medical school through intricate planning and imaginative ideas that are replicable:Ignore military

If a wife loves to use husband's credit card to buy expensive goods without his permission, is it okay? They're married but only husband works. What should they do?

If a wife loves to use credit card to buy expensive goods without her husband's permission, is it okay? They're married but only the husband works. What should the husband do?If you are the only one earning then you have probably taken responsibility for paying all the bills. It is probable that your wife has

If you are burnt out from working long hours, and you are also struggling to pay off debt, would it be better to move in with your parents?

That depends entirely on the individual situation. My wife and I moved into my parents house three years ago, after I lost my biotech job from a clusterfuck combo of depression, burnout, undiagnosed/ untreated ADHD, and a company reorganization that landing me with an abusive micromanager team lead.For us, it's worked

I'm paying off my debt slow and steady. What can I do to raise my credit score?

Congratulations on paying down your debt.FICO scores are made up of 5 factors: How Credit History Impacts Your Credit ScorePayment History (35 percent) - if you go 30, 60, 90 days past due consistently, that will also keep you

In Western married life, does the husband have to hand over his salary to his wife?

Who controls the purse strings, the wife or the husband, really depends on culture and family, and to a certain extent, the power balance between husband and wife. In Japan, the wife is called the domestic finance minister in part because the poor husband is so overworked and

In what ways can money save time or increase productivity?

There are two points in this question.First let us examine how money increases productivity. Money has two functions as a medium of exchange and as a store up value.As a medium of exchange it moves from hand to hand. The rent is

Is individual credit card debt essential to a healthy economy?

Before we had credit cards, we had dealer financing. If you wanted to buy a washing machine, the dealer would offer a payment plan. This really brought modern conveniences to more people faster. I think such financing really improved the overall quality of life.Credit

Is it better to pay off a mortgage or invest?

This is a simplified answer from a blog post I wrote: Should I pay down my mortgage or invest? - Foxy MonkeyFirst of all, Congratulations! It's a good problem to have.The answer is

Is it better to pay off your debt or save?

Is it better to pay off your debt or save?I'm going to assume you are starting off with nothing in the bank and some debt. I'm also assuming that you've done your homework; you've made a budget & are sticking to it, and you have money allocated either to reducing your debt faster than your payment plan, or

Is it considered greedy if a multi-millionaire doesn't leave tips or spend much money on others?

The following is a true story a friend of mine told me just last night. Amanda works as a waitress at a restaurant. She is one of the most outgoing people I have ever met. She has a regular customer, a Harvard student,

Is it good to pay off credit card debt with a personal loan?

Payment of credit card debt with a Personal Loan can be a good option. However, it has its own set of pros and cons as mentioned below:Advantages:Personal loans will carry the most significant benefits if you're currently paying high-interest rates on multiple credit card accounts.1. A comparatively lower rate

Is it possible to pay off your debt with a credit card?

Yes, you can do this, if you have a zero balance credit card with sufficient credit line and a "no interest during the grace period" policy.There are two ways that interest on "new" charges is calculated:1.  Some credit cards (particularly those aimed

Is it really a worthy goal to be debt free?

NO.Clearly, my answer will not be a popular one (as seen from how other answerers perceive debt). However, I will try to clarify my stand!My first clarification is that I am not in favor of irresponsible debt accumulation due to out-of-control spending beyond your means,

Is it smarter to pay a mortgage or pay rent?

That's a broad question, like if it's better to get married or keep dating. Everybody has an opinion, and the answer largely depends on the individual. But as it relates to real estate investing, owning is generally better than renting.From a financial standpoint, you

Is student loan debt worse than credit card debt? Why?

Much worse because it is insidious. You accumulate more and more, for 4, 5, 6 years without ever making a payment or seeing how much interest you are accumulating. All your friends treat it like it is

Many payday loan companies are going out of business. Is this denying people of much-needed credit or saving them from crippling debt?

Payday loan companies exist for one reason: to make poor people poorer. There are exactly 0 good reasons why someone would use one of these shady bullshit businesses. Desperate people make stupid decisions, and these business capitalize on that.If you're

Practical tips for saving money?

Get a notebook. Write down your Income sources and expenses.Focus on the variable expenses you can control. Such as meal and entertainment, certain utility bills, or any bill you can eliminate or reduce. The key thing is to WRITE it down so

Saving money can be the same as making more money. What are some of the best ways to save money that people don't know about?

Hi,There are many ways to save money from basic frugal living to strategic shopping and more. The other answers give some great tips and I would like to add a few more because that may not be as known.The best way to save money is to

Should I divorce my financially irresponsible husband?

I have been in your shoes, and I am not now. I am still married.I will tell you what worked for us, but of course it may not work for you - still I think there may be some nuggets to help you work towards your own solution.Money means different things to different people, and not

Should I just not pay my credit card debts?

I am not going to go all moral on you, that's just senseless. Giving away loans is calculated business risk, and sometimes the lenders miscalculate. It's obvious that the credit card companies truly made a bad decision when they let you borrow from them. So, when you stop paying them,

Should I pay my debt off or wait to see if the government is going to forgive student debt? I'm worried about depleting my bank account.

Do you realize that if you get the debt forgiven that you will be 1099C'ed and taxed immediately (likely at 22%) and owe taxes on the amount the next April 15th? The IRS will get their money and if you

Should I pay off a line of credit or credit card debt first?

There's two schools of thought...which one is better for you depends upon the specifics of your debt and your personality.1) Pay off the smallest debt as quickly as you can, while still making minimum payments on the other two. This gives you the feeling of "Hey,

Should I pay off credit cards or save? Why?

Step 1:  Stop spending everything you earn (and then some with credit cards).  That will cause money to accumulate.  If you don't have at least 10% of your gross pay leftover every month, you're doing something wrong.  Aggressive folks I know easily live 20% below

Should I pay off my credit card debt or build savings? Does the credit card debt make savings less useful?

The first rule of debt is to use the lowest interest rate available (including any finance charges or fees), preferably zero percent on credit card paid off in full every month.First concept of credit cards and high interest debt is to always cut the interest charges by paying off the credit card debt.

Should I save up money or pay off my debt?

I can only weigh in here based on what I would do. And that would be to bring my savings up to $1,000 as fast as possible and keep that safe as a little emergency fund. Then I'd throw everything I had at my credit card debts and try and

Should retired people pay off their mortgage?

The answer is a firm "it depends." It depends on the remaining outstanding mortgage balance and where the funds to pay off the mortgage are coming from. Many of these decisions are based on whether or not there is a need to improve the

The best ways to make money?

the reality is there are so many ways it's difficult if not impossible to say what the best way is. There are so many variables and so many moving parts.It's kind of like asking which the best car or which the best food is.It depends on if:you have any idea what you're doingyou have a

We live with my in laws. They pay the mortgage and my husband and I pay all other taxes and bills. My mother in law just told me she wants us to pay half the mortgage as well but won't add our names to the house. How do I say no in a polite way?

Thanks for the A2AYou kindly thank your In-laws for allowing you to live with them and you understand that it is difficult to always pay all the bills and it because it is, it has been your pleasure to pay for the sewer, water, gas, electricity, phone, city, taxes, etc.You can only imagine how hard it

What age do you plan to retire at and why?

I'm 77 and not retired - intentionally. I'm at a peak in my internal motivation and excitement about life's possibilities.I began to question the concept of traditional

What are easy ways to save money?

Some methods that have worked for me are...Less TV/Netflix (gives you more time to have a side hustle and you won't be spending on the subscription)DIY crafts (ex. I made my own big arm knitted blanket that only cost $40