If I am being 'taken', what is the best way to survive?

Use every trick that nature has ever given any creature that has even lived. Bite, scratch, scream, claw, pee yourself, kick, crap yourself, spit, smear that crap on your assailant, jump up and down, attack them. If you think it is disgusting foul and dangerous or just bat-shit

I'm 34, rich, and looking for something new. Should I become a high school teacher?

Depending on where you live, you may be able to get teaching credentials through a lateral entry program in a year or less.  You could definitely get a job teaching math, physics, or computer programming.  There's a shortage of teachers in those fields.  However, here is a

I am going to take workday integration training and then I need to take workday integration certification. How difficult is it to pass workday integration certification?

Hi there,The best advice I can give you is to pay attention during class, do the activities, and play around in the tenant on your free time. The best students dig around to look for solutions to their problems before

Why does my car make noise in reverse?

I assume you have a manual transmission or a Honda (Honda automatics are built much like manual transmissions).The answer is because reverse gears are dog cut gears. This means that the teeth are flat and contact another flat gear. This makes them very strong, but also makes them noisy. So, you have noise in reverse.

How many years do you think it takes to have the ability to completely change as a person in an enduring and fundamental way?

In my humble opinion I dont think there is any annual minimums set on personal growth. I'm not sure one can competely change either. You can change the way you think, the way you react, your attitude, your outlook, Etc but you can't completely change who you are as a person because your experiences

How to get my ipad air2 screen fixed or replaced at Apple Uk's store

Thanks for A2A.I agree with Chuck Rogers - the trick is getting a Genius Bar appointment.It occurs to me you might be asking how to get it replaced *for free* - for that model, I don't know of a way... Pay up and look big!

I need to create a Simulink model of Tesla Model S. How could I do that?

An entire Model S? I think you need to model it subsystem by subsystem. Pick one function, like the braking function, and see if you can get all the interactions up and running in Simulink. Don't be surprised if you have to wait overnight for some of the calculations to complete.This is how modern automobile

If my phone is in flight mode, will it emit radiation?

No they don't.Why?Because when the phone is being switched off or put into airplane mode,it sends a  "switched off "signal to the nearest MSO (A co-ordinating office for transferring phone calls).Now,the MSO updates the status of your phone number as "switched off".So when anybody calls you, it first goes to the MSO

My car was broken into but nothing was broken or stolen. What do I do?

Depending on where you live, usually there's a law enforcement non-emergency number you can call to report it. Depending on the the police department, they'll either record it for their records, send someone to do a more detailed report (which I can't see any point

My boyfriend never calls me, only texts, what should I do?

I am one person who hates Texting!!!!Ok if he usually calls you when you guys started then now he only texts you......something is breaking and its not him or you its your relationship.Tell me something is it usually the same time he always calls

Why am I failing my classes in high school?

You aren't providing enough information for a proper answer. Broadly, failing can be caused by many factors, or a combination thereof:Learning disability like dyslexia or otherMental health issueDevelopment delayUndiagnosed medical issue like poor eyesight, traumatic brain injury, etcLack of good study skillsKnowing what your best learning style is and studying accordingly - reading,

I've made mistakes in my life, bad choices, poor decisions, how do I become a better person and rectify my sins?

Who hasn't? I believe that in a higher or lesser degree, everyone has made mistakes in life.First of all, you've got to make peace with yourself. As you ask for help, I gather you now regret it and wish do become a greater person. That's a start for sure. You acknowledge your mistakes,

I was told that a teacher teaches different subjects and an instructor teaches only one subject, is this correct?

No, it is not true. My Teaching Certificate certifies me to teach Spanish. In the past I was an instructor in the Air Force. I went to specialized classes for that but did not have a Teaching Certificate.The real truth behind all this that synonyms of teach are educate, instruct, school, tutor, coach, train; enlighten, illuminate,

My 15-year-old son is browsing on his phone at 3:00 a.m. What should I do?

I'm pushing 60 and one of my favorite bad habits is looking around online on my phone in the middle of the night, when I should be sleeping. If I wanted to break myself of this habit in the name

I am about to start data science in the UEL. Is it worth studying there?

Hi,Learning data science is not at all easy, no matter where you joined. it is not like you are learning only one stream of subjects.here you are supposed to be good at computer programming, statistics, basic math, and hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeee patience, and many moreand even if you are learning from

I forgot my Facebook password and email password. How can I log into Facebook?

In circumstances, where you can't recall the Facebook password as well as that of the email, there is no reason to panic. The fact is, I too had been in a similar situation but somehow managed to pull through.There are some proven ways by which you can recover the account. To do

If you insert page numbers in a Microsoft Word document, how do you just remove the "1" from the first page?

Either double-click in the header or footer of the document (the top or bottom parts of the page), orClick on InsertIn the Header & Footer section of the ribbon, click on the drop-down arrow on Header and then select Edit HeaderThe header and footer area of the document will display:

Are "My Pillow" pillows good?

My pillow is my favorite one. Most of the time I have noticed that people don't know how to pick the perfect pillow. Even most of the pillows aren't old and deflated; it might not be the best choice for your comfort and support. According to

I scored a 46 on the autism quotient test. Am I autistic, and should I get myself tested?

I scored 45 on the online AQ test. I went to have myself formally tested and was diagnosed with AS by my psychologist.

I want to sell mobile cases on Flipkart. Where can I find suppliers for mobile cases in India?

It is not feasible to manufacture phone covers in India at low costs. So they are imported from China. Now here you can do two thing,  either import directly from China or buy it from someone who imports them in bulk. If your import quantity

I have a 12 year old son who is asking for a smart phone. What is the good age to buy kids a smart phone?

A 12yo needs a phone to phone or text home.   That's all.   They don't need a smart phone.They might _want_ one, and this can be a good introduction about how to get what you want in the world.

I want to learn Microsoft Excel and Advance Microsoft Excel. Which institution is a better option in Western Mumbai?

Just have a look here, you will get your answerLearn Advanced Microsoft Excel - Online Training by Nisha Kanojia on Learn Advanced Microsoft Excel Online

Why does my husband have to be so private with his phone?

Have you offered up your phone? If you want to browse his emails, have you brought up all of yours for him. All of them. From time immortal.Human beings are collectors of junk. But it's our junk. Do you trust your husband as much as he trusts you? Obviously not. I have had my

I am new to cooking. How can I start?

1. Start simple. Stir fries, omelettes, that sort of thing usually works well.2. Make sure to have your mise en place, in other words, get all the ingredients you need ready and set up for use so you don't burn food while finding and preparing them.3. Follow directions precisely and try to learn

I want to buy a second hand car in budget of 2 to 3 lacs, which car should I buy?

Considering your budget, you should get a great condition hatchback along the lines of Hyundai i10, Chevrolet Beat & Ford Figo. However while buying a used car make sure to look for these things before you make your purchase:-Proper paperworkCondition of the car body and paintworkFunctionality of engine, clutch, brakes and other componentsTest drive itPrefer

I forgot my password and the email address I used to create my Snapchat account. How can I log in or at least change my email address or password?

I would Google your name and Snapchat to see if anyone has commented on you.If you find your Snapchat address that way then you are on your way.After that,you can then ask Snapchat to email you a new password.

I just can't insert a tampon. How do I do it?

Honey, sit on the toilet and open your legs wide. It's scary at first. I was in France the first time I did it and  I was 14. I was lucky and had three of my close girlfriends outside the stall; they said: put your

I feel I can't focus on other aspects of life because of my girlfriend but she is doing that very well. Why do I feel that?

Because that maybe true she has her priorities sorted. She is in tune with her realities.As far as you are concerned, do you wish to spend all your time fantisizing about someone who will leave you for the very same reason? If she sees you would rather live in

If I use regular gas on a car that requires premium gas do I save money?

You save money for a while. But there is a reason why the manufacturer specifies premium gas. The Octane rating of a gas determines how it burns and premium gas burns better. The regular gas will cause "pinging" if it used under power. This pinging is pre-ignition, and can and will cause damage

I certainly can't afford a Mac. How can I run Mac OS X on my Raspberry Pi 2?

The Raspberry Pi does not have the binary compatibility to the Intel architecture that Mac OS X requires.  So no, you cannot run OS X on your Pi.

I am learning how to cook with hand tremors. What are some tips to make the basics of cooking easier?

I had a severe electrical shock about 40 years ago that left me with damaged nerves in one hand. This did not stop me from being a chef at many renowned restaurants, though. The key is to focus mentally on what you are doing. You can't stop tremors all the time, but

What are some affordable bulletproof cars?

Chevrolet Suburbanou know the scene in Clear and Present Danger, when basically all of Colombia's drug lords are trying to blow up Harrison Ford? Remember how he got out? The Suburban he was in got hit by an RPG, so he threw it in reverse, and rammed anything in

Why does my husband have to be so private with his phone?

Have you offered up your phone? If you want to browse his emails, have you brought up all of yours for him. All of them. From time immortal.Human beings are collectors of junk. But it's our junk. Do you trust your husband as much as he trusts you? Obviously not. I have had my

I want a Tesla but are electric cars better than gas cars?

Depends - are you driving long distances without a network of charges then it is not better.If you are thing of getting a cheap car then it is not better.If you want to have the flexibility of having it serviced by your favorite mechanic

I feel ridiculous when I dance, how do some people dance with no inhibitions?

When I was in my youth, I felt ridiculous when I danced, too. That's because social dancing was defined back in the late '70s and early '80s - aside from disco - was freeform and totally un-choreographed. What, exactly, are you supposed to do

If I am able to program in Python but not C or C++, what are my career options?

The short and obvious answer: learn C++! C++ is a strictly typed language and there are situations where this is the right choice. No one programming language is going to be right for ALL situations. C and C++ provide a solid foundation in software development.

Is my sleeping pattern bad?

No, I would say your sleep pattern is healthier than that of your friends'. You should sleep when you're tired, and rise just before the sun (sorry haven't got a reference for this but it's something to do with your body's circadian

I wanna start learning programming. Would you mind giving me some tips how to begin with?

I really like that you've got the initiative to start learning to code!I started coding about 4 years ago and I was literally lost at the beggining. I spent most of the time watching YouTube tutorials and trying to copy someone's

Would I pay the retail price for a Tesla Model S, or do Tesla stores deal like traditional car dealerships?

There are two ways to get a cheaper price on a Tesla:First, buy a demo unit. You will save several thousand dollars. Equally important, you should also be able to get the Federal tax credit (and maybe state incentives too, if any). The incentives go to the first person

When I Google images of cars, I always see these great 'concept' cars, but I never see such cars being sold? What is the purpose of these cars?

Usually:to let designers having fun (designing and drawing sedans isn't that fun, you know, so they can get crazy on concepts), a great example of this is Rinspeed:

Why does my battery percentage decrease if I drop my phone?

Dropping your phone shouldn't decrease your battery percentage.I should know, I've done it on more occasions than I can remember.However, if the drop is sufficient enough, it could cause internal damage to the battery which is actually a very dangerous occurrence.Batteries are Lithium Ion & they

I don't know anything about programming, how can I hack Google in 1 year?

Frankly, this is ridiculous.There is no possible way you could do that. Not unless you have ridiculous luck on your side.

I started high school at age 12.What age do American children start?

American children usually go to Kindergarten around age 5*. A "pre-K" year is also fashionable in some parts of the country.Elementary School consists of grades 1 through grade 5 or 6, depending on the school district. In my children's district it is through grade 5, where I grew up it is through grade

My car has been broken into, contents were stolen and I'm holder of a fully comprehensive car insurance, am I covered?

The comprehensive car insurance cover will cover contents of the car that were present during purchase of policy. This means if your car came with an installed radio and GPS systems, was covered under your car insurance and was stolen, the company will give you the insurance money.However

I overfilled my car's engine with engine oil, can that harm my engine?

No, not likely, but it really depends on the engine design and how ‘over full' it is. The primary issue is called