I am developing feelings for someone I shouldn't, that person shows signs of liking me too but a relationship could hurt us both, what should I do?

You know what you should do.... Stop this in it's tracks. I assume you are both married. If you have had happiness with your partner, then don't give that up for a fling... most of which end very badly.

If I removed my laptop non removable battery would it work on AC or battery must be plugged in?

Yes, at least it should.  The charging circuit should still be separate from the supply the laptop needs. Even when these batteries fail the power supply can still allow the use of the laptop. Cant guarantee it is with all models and makes but it does with at least some of them. I suppose the source of

I'm trying to make my own mini itx PC case with 3D print, is it dangerous? What material should I use?

Thanks for the A2A!Unless your computer regularly gets up to around 200°C you should be fine. Personally I'd go with good ol' PLA, hardly any volatile microscopic particles are released by it when heated, unlike ABS.If durability is a big concern, maybe consider something forgiving like nylon, or even fibre reinforced

I applied for bsnl broadband 13 days ago still they are not provided broadband connection what should I do?

First, check if your area is feasible. For that, check if there's any BSNL broadband connection in your area. This can be done if you don't have a landline. If you have a landline, then applying for a broadband connection

I forgot my iPad's restrictions password. Is there any way I can reset it without a factory reset?

I believe the answer is no. I'm pretty sure that's why the government and Apple are fighting now. Even if you had told Apple of your problem, they would not be able to open it for you, unless they open everyone's, which they are not willing to do.Step 1: Try your most obviously used passwords.Step 2: Find if

My boyfriend and I text at the same time. What do I call that?

I believe that between two people that are in a healthy relationship exist very strong bond that makes them text at the same time, call each other at the same time, think about each other at the same time. It's very normal if you two are very connected.

I hung up the phone on a telemarketer and they keep blowing up my phone on different numbers one after the other. How can I make them stop?

I found an app that you install and it stops all robot calls from coming through. It was free. I am not sure if it from Comcast, that's who I use for phone and internet. Regardless it works great. You can see the robot

If I asked you to give me your best SEO Tips then how many tips would be on your list? Will your SEO Tips work in 2019? - Please list your tips with details on why they are important for SEO

Given before answers are right. But keeping in mind all suggestions should be up to date according to Google algorithms, because these suggestions may be today valid, and the next day may not be.Do SEO, of SEO, If you posted some article on someone blog, then you should have to do SEO of that blog and

If my Android phone is stolen, how can I track it?

It can be tracked by using IMEI number or by using Android location.With the help of android location in ON mode you can track by using GMAIL account id and password. With this technology you can also reboot or lock

Why should I learn Microsoft Excel?

Very good question!.In layman terms, with excel you can do :-Maintain your data (inflow/outflow details) similar like writing in notebookYou can calculate values within excel with conditions/logics similar like calculation on calculatorCompare data with otherAnalysis your dataPresent your data with ghraps trendsVery easy to learn.Even if you are not from technical background even then you can learn excel easily.

Is my phone tapped or tracked at the moment?

Your phone is constantly being tracked - that is how the network knows where to route your calls. In a mobile network there is a

Why do I feel happy when I live alone?

Because you don't need another person or sex to make you happy.History is full of single celibates who have lived joyful and fulfilling lives. As far as sex goes, you can actually be far happier without having sex or any other form of intimacy. Why? Well

I drive a lot, isn't it cheaper to buy a Tesla Model 3?

My neighbor has had his Tesla Model S and already put over 100k miles driving to all of his businesses. He loves it. It's cheap to run and no maintence really either. The Model 3 is a smaller car and because of that and being a more normal car

If I change a car every 2/3 years, should I buy and then sell it or lease it?

Getting a new car every two or three years is fairly expensive, as I'm sure you already know, so you must obviously have a pretty good disposable income.So you have three choices:Pay for the entire car upfront, and sell it privately on Kijiji or something

My boyfriend of 1 year barely text or calls me anymore. What do I do?

How much do you want to hang onto this relationship? How important is he to you?Is the relationship, is he, important enough that you will try again to let him know how important it is to you to receive more communication? Perhaps using different words?If you have thought about

Why am I always happy?

It is a self- contradictory question !  An always happy state will never give birth to any question . If you were  always  happy , this question should not have come to your mind at all . Only unhappiness and discontent state can create such questions , not the always happy

If a laptop is always plugged in and charging, what is the effect on the battery?

Your question has a logical problem. When the machine is plugged in, it is not always charging.Batteries are

Do you think you're a failure?

Yes I consider myself a failureIf anyone has not achieved what he wanted them he is a failureI aspired to become an iitian started off well and was soon tipped as a potential iitian but due to several reasons I

If life is this uncertain, how can we live happily?

First I would say either embrace uncertainty or dismiss it.To embrace uncertainty you know thinks are going to constantly change and you look forward to it.If you are like me and hate

I'm new to Python. Where do I start learning?

If you are not familiar to programming:I recommend you to familiarize with C/C++ first. It will help you understand basic code rules (also named syntax). (Learn C++). You can skip this step but I strongly recommend starting with a more verbose programming language. Exercise by solving some problems (I used Codefights:

My cell phone battery is discharging even if cell phone is switched off. What could be the problem?

If you use memory card then remove your memory card from your mobile then see what happen some time memory card short (fuse) then this kind of problem comes so first you remove memory card from your mobile. and notice any change if no change then your mobile's power ic is damage.

Why do I sleep too much?

There could be a lot of reasons such as a bad diet, not drinking enough water, not getting any exercise, habit, environment, not getting enough sun exposure, narcolepsy, and depression just to name a few. It can also be caused due to a lack of motivation. You

I want to learn Microsoft Excel and Advance Microsoft Excel. Which institution is a better option in Western Mumbai?

Just have a look here, you will get your answerLearn Advanced Microsoft Excel - Online Training by Nisha Kanojia on Learn Advanced Microsoft Excel Online

Why do I enjog being sleep deprived?

Probably for the same reasons I have been allowing myself to feel the effects of various stages of sleep deprivation for decades.It's fun.It's better to have personally experienced it in order to adequately talk about it.No two cases of sleep deprivation

My iPad Mini is disabled. How do I recover pictures?

To recover pictures on a disabled iPad mini, is not hard.You will need your device, a computer, and a lightning cable.First, find your lightning cable(the cable you use to charge your iPad mini).Next, plug your lightning cable into your iPad, and put the other end into your computer.next, go to your files(it's called ‘computer'

I need some advise on buying a used car!

I would recommend that you look for a 10 year old Toyota Camry. Used it is one of the best deals around. Maybe not as cool as so many other options but it is inexpensive and reliable. One in your price range should have around 110,000 miles to be worth considering. As you are looking you may

Is my sleeping pattern considered normal/acceptable?

I will tell you what really has helped me out with sleep. Acupuncture. If you live in the states there are various "community acupunture" clinics throughout. This means you pay between $15-30 a session ( you choose what to pay on that sliding

I have a 12 year old son who is asking for a smart phone. What is the good age to buy kids a smart phone?

A 12yo needs a phone to phone or text home.   That's all.   They don't need a smart phone.They might _want_ one, and this can be a good introduction about how to get what you want in the world.

I'm really happy today, what should I do to be thankful to life?

Celebrate.Like every milestone, small one or big one. You gotta cross the checkmark.Celebration is the blueprint to hardwire your brain for happiness.Happiness can be everlasting if you know how to treat and nurture it daily.

Is my husband hiding texts and apps on his phone?

impenetrable on its security over the past few years. You used to be able to send a malicious media file embedded with malicious code that was designed to exploit the stage fright media library. It took advantaged of the integer overflow vulnerability which involves the input of a value that is out

If I only need a computer for word processing, which tech device is the smallest and most portable?

There there are multiple options out there, but I think the one that fully fulfils your requirements is the Surface Go. Tiny, affordable and well built this thing can handle all basic computer tasks. Even though it packs only a Pentium and either 4GB or 8GB of RAM, it

If I buy a Huawei tablet, how can I be sure they aren't sending my passwords back to Chinese hackers?

If all governments around the world think this way, in the future they will only be allowed to use their own brands.I believe that if China rejects the iphone, Apple will lose far more than Huawei.By the way, Huawei phone's operating system is actually android's, and

How does one become a high school teacher in Ontario?

Earn:high school diploma or equivalentUndergraduate university degreeGraduate from teachers' collegeThenBecome a member of the Ontario College of TeachersApply for lots of teaching jobs; usually work as supply teacher a lot for a few years before a full time position is available (dependent upon school board, grades to teach, subjects to teach)

My son is 10 months old, how can I encourage him to start crawling?

Babies develop their own methods for getting around. Give your baby the opportunity to move around on the ground so he can develop strength and control. Supervised, of course. You can put him on a blanket with some toys, and he can roll around and play with things.I don't think my daughter ever really crawled properly, at 10 months

My compound bow is set up for righty but I'm left eye dominant and I've been shooting with my right eye. Any tips for switching to my left with a right hand set up?

There is an interesting profesional compound archer Maja Marcen who is left eye dominant but shoots a right hand compound bow. As per the below video she turns her head so her left eye lines up with the peep sight and has a trigger release under her chin. This is

I have broken the glass of my iPad Air. What is the cost of the original Apple replacement screen?

The out of warranty charges vary from $200 to $400 for Original Apple replacement screen. However, if you go for the in warranty replacement, then you might be charged lesser amount, as the cost depends on your model of iPad and your AppleCare product Coverage.

I want to buy a Tesla as a first car 2 years after working; is this a bad financial decision?

A Tesla is really a luxury EV car. Luxury cars are usually works of art. People are really buying 40k–90k artwork that happens to work as a car.Now ask yourself this question, do you really want to buy a 60k piece of

Is there any portal to sell old mobile online if the mobile is giving the worst performance ever?

Recently I was myself looking for a reliable online portal for selling my mobile phone. Initially, I contemplated selling on sites like OLX and Quikr, then after doing some research, I changed my mind, as there are many scammers on these sites and it is not completely safe.I came across

Why does my new MacBook pro have a bad battery?

Luckily, all Apple products are automatically under a 1 year warranty. If you just bought the Macbook new, the device will be under warranty. If you want to double check, you can use this tool on Apple's website to make sure it is under warranty: Check Your Service and Support

I am interested in learning Japanese. How should I begin and how long will it take?

Depending on how much effort you put into it, it should take a few years at least to get to working fluency. To get a start at learning on your own some of the more common hiragana words and phrases from scratch, I would recommend the Beginner Japanese app and the

Is my phone case protective?

Try to drop ur mobile...so that you can test!!! JUST KIDDING...In this world, manything has the base of one thing HOPE Try to keep ur phone safe...its n ur hand...In the worst case...case ll protect!!!

Why do I learn advanced Excel?

All of us knows all the essential options of Microsoft Excel, but there are many advanced excel functions which very few people know. It is one of the major benefits of getting advanced excel training. Advanced Excel today is the need of great importance and taking in the skills of advanced excel can lead

I wish to get married to my bf but neither of our parents are in support. We are opting for a court marriage. Is a marriage without rituals good idea?

Marriage, in itself, is a ridiculous meme. If you guys want to live together all your life, by all means go for it. Coming back to court marriage - in my opinion, it is the best option. You'd only have close friends and people you really care

Why does my mobile phone charge end soon?

There may be several reasons.Background processess.Damaged battery.Tempearture of the environment you are in.Vibration in every touching the screenDamaged device.Get you device checked in the respected service centre.