Does the new feature 'Dog Mode' in Tesla Model 3 mean that dogs can now drive?

The official position of Tesla is that dogs cannot drive. But sales people and Musk's own PR statements frequently contradict this official position. As long as the dog keeps at least two paws on the steering wheel, the car will continue to navigate autonomously even as the dog is distractedly humping your leg. This allows you to relax

What is the most expensive cat?

The most expensive cat breed is the Savannah which costs anywhere from $1,500 to $50,000. Second most expensive is the Bengal which costs anywhere from $1,000 to $25,000. Third being the Persian with a price range of $500 to $5,500. For a complete list of expensive cats,

What are great hacks to make owning a dog easier?

Get another one.Seriously. They keep each other company and play with each other. They tire themselves out horseplaying and you don't feel as bad about leaving them at home during the summer.And if there's anything better one guard dog, it's two (or

What is the most expensive pet?

I guess that depends on exactly what you mean - do you mean just to buy or are you also taking into consideration the pets overall costs for their lifetime like food, medicine, special care etc.A quick look on Google says that the most expensive pet was a horse sold at auction for $16,000,000

How much do Pomsky puppies cost?

A Pomsky is a stunningly beautiful cross-breed between a Pomeranian and a Husky. There are two types: you have the straight hair and you have the curly hair. Everybody loves the Siberian Husky but can't manage the maintanance. You need to walk them a lot and

Are pets good for old people? Why?

Yes, but sometimes they have trouble taking care of them. Older people are often alone. You're never alone with a pet, it's not the same, but love is love. They don't judge.

What are the most and least expensive pets?

As you are a pet lover. So, you may need a pet vacuum cleaner and some of the times from to clean pet hair. You can find them below link....Best Robot Vacuum for Pet HairBest broom for Dog Hair

What are the most and least expensive pets?

As you are a pet lover. So, you may need a pet vacuum cleaner and some of the times from to clean pet hair. You can find them below link....Best Robot Vacuum for Pet HairBest broom for Dog Hair

Would large cats (lions and tigers) act like house cats if humans were larger?

Your question seems to be asking if the large size of a tiger, compared to a man, is the reason it acts as it does.To answer this, let's double the size... no, triple the size of an average man, and make him 17′

How do adult cats vocally communicate?

I like this question, thanks for A2A, to share my kitten story.I think they can gain and distinguish the information through their voice. I have two cats, the little one named "Sushi" just like a pig:), i mean she loves eating. They always play together, sleeping hold together, also

How do feral cats and dogs survive?

They don't survive very well. Probably 2/3 of feral animals are killed by cars, other animals like coyotes, or die from starvation, poisoning or disease.Domestic dogs and cats are not able to thrive without human assistance- that's why we call them domestic. They have been part of human civilization for thousands of years, which means that humans have selected

Do animals have pets like humans have pets?

Actually - yes. My Shelties have me trained to feed them twice a day, open doors so they can go out in the yard and play, allow them to sleep in the house, provide them with crates equipped with custom bedding, give them marrow bones ‘buttered' with peanut butter as a bedtime snack, give them

What's your dog's favorite TV show?

My Belgian Tervuren likes Swat and Seal Team, though he definitely seems to like Seal Team the best (I think he has a crush on the Belgian Malinois war dog). Most other shows he's more keen on the commercials than the action.Swat

If your dog was being attacked by a bear should you try and save it or save yourself?

The bear would normally run away from the dog.Assuming that the situation that you described happens, logically If you are unarmed it's better to save yourself , if the bear turns to you that's it, there is practically no way to outrun it .However it's not as

What is your cat's favorite sleeping position?

Well, as you can see, my Mikey is a professional sleeper.I want to say that he prefers to sleep upside down because he spends most of his awake time upside down as well. LOLI think Mikey just likes to sleep.

Can humans be trained as a pet?

Sure, and depending how you define

Will you show some pictures of your dog? If possible, could you mention the breed?

We had been living in a rented house with a cat named Moochie MacDonald (Moochie because she was a stray who mooched her way into our lives, MacDonald because we lived in Maxville, home of the Highland Games and the clans) and always said when we got

Why did humans domesticate cats?

Cats were never domesticated by humans, they just got so fat and lazy from easy prey and comfortable spots made by humans that they became easy to pick up and cuddle. Kittens were often raised in spots made by humans and humans had waste piles of fish or other corpses and

Do pets actually like to be petted?

I think that the pets who are inclined to rub up against you are pets that enjoy being petted. After all, rubbing up against you is just another way of the animal petting itself. Pets that flinch and stay away from you probably

Do caracals make good pets?

No, they are wild animals.  In many locales, it is not legal to own them.  They will never be tame.If you need a pet with exotic looks, attend a cat show.  Lots of choices there.Carolina Tiger Rescue - Home Page is full of other people's abandoned exotic animals.  They're full.

What kind of pet can I raise?

Top 3 parrot to own as petArticle below:Top 3 parrot breed to own as pet in India

What's the care guide for a pet human?

If we assume the alien creatures to be like us, wanting to observe their charges, our captivity would likely be similar to what we have done with our fellow primates. In the early years, many of the cages were simple square confines that prevented escape. Perhaps we would be kept in by sonic bands or glass-like

Do pets help human psychologically?

Yes of course they do.It's scientifically proven that having a pet can help with the psychology of human beings in distress. Anybody who owns a dog will tell you that their dog is part of the family, and is valued for its unconditional love.The benefits of having a pet are all psychological, and can even be spiritual. For just

If they were able, would cats pet us like we pet them?

My cat pets me. Sometimes he does it with his head, rubbing it against my hand or leg. Sometimes he uses his whole body, petting my leg with it. He visits me in bed sometimes and pets me softly with his paw as well. Sometime it's a light tap, sometimes he rests his paw on my arm. I

What are cats' favorite things?

Have you noticed cats just love to sleep, and sleep in the sunshine or near a working radiator is primo. Of course and almost equally, they love is to eat.They have their favorite things and get annoyed if you change them, ie., their cat food or litter box, or the time you come home.My

What would it be like to have humans as pets?

Completely miserable.  Humans are messy, aggressive, smart enough to be very, very destructive, and too willful to be trustworthy when trained.  Like any wild animal, they should be treated with respect for the damage they can do; one shift of mood, and they could turn on you.  Captive care is best left to highly trained professionals.  You're much

How did pet dog's ancestors live before human's advent?

The ancestors of the domestic dog were grey wolves, and like all wolves, lived in packs. The sequencing of the dog genome, followed by the sequencing of the genome or parts of the genome of many dog breeds, have settled the issue that the ancestors of the domestic dog were grey wolves (

What was your all time favorite pet like?

My one and true love was a female hamster by the name of Goodlookin'.She was a Chinese Winter White breed and around 3 inches (7.6 cm) in length. She passed away in 2008 at the age of 100 (in human terms).What was she like?She was cute and stupid.She likes to curl up on me. When I'm

What's your favorite color cat?

Well that is a no brainer for me....It has to be a Ginger.Now could that be because my Kitty (yes that is his name) is totally Ginger.As every good Cat owner knows, you never adopt a Cat, they adopt you and that is what my Kitty did one cold wet night.

An alien race makes human beings their pets, what is life like for pet humans?

Interesting - I think dogs understand us better than we understand them!I also struggle with how we would tolerate 'pethood' unless the symbiosis of our relationship was similar to that between humans and our animal companions. Slaves, on the other hand, makes more sense.If the gap

What animals take care of their grandchildren, other than humans?

African elephants have very strong family bonds and will look after grandchildren, nieces and nephews too. I'm not sure about Indian elephants but it's likely too.I watched a documentary following a matriarch of one group recorded over many years. I looked

Why did humans domesticate dogs?

Dogs were domesticated about 14,000 years ago from a currently unknown animal, which is thought to also be the ancestor of the modern grey wolf. The first domesticated dog's purpose, however, wasn't to be a cuddly pet.The first dogs originated

What are the benefits of puppy farms?

You know you're getting the lowest quality dog for the highest possible price for the maximum amount of heartache you're pretty much guaranteed to encounter through out the dog's lifespan! It's great!If you can't tell, that is 100% sarcasm. There is nothing great

When did humans start keeping snakes as pets?

Snakes are found in cultures and religions that have spanned the globe since time immemorial and have had myriad meanings or significance. Some scholars of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome (which existed in different time periods B.C.E.) have suggested that people kept snakes as pets or in the household for vermin

What would happen if domestic cats went extinct?

Aside from disappointed cat lovers, there would be an impact on the local wildlife. It would depend a lot on the country, with continents like Australia and New Zealand benefiting most (cats will also prey on other imported vermin - rabbits for instance - so the impact would not always be beneficial to the fauna).Because

If AI takes over, would they keep humans as pets?

That depends on their core programming.If the people creating the core programming knew that they were going to take over and thought that it was inevitable that some AI would take over even if they prevented these ones from doing so, then they might well include

What methods / tips can we use to educate a cat?

The only thing that works is positive reinforcement. Treats, ear scratches, attention and praise. Fuzzy won't understand the words you use, the tone of voice is everything. I can 'talk' to my cats and they'll start purring without me even touching them.If the cat has unwanted or misdirected behaviours, provide an

How do feral cats and dogs survive?

They don't survive very well. Probably 2/3 of feral animals are killed by cars, other animals like coyotes, or die from starvation, poisoning or disease.Domestic dogs and cats are not able to thrive without human assistance- that's why we call them domestic. They have been part of human civilization for thousands of years, which means that humans have selected

What is your pet's favorite thing to do?

One of my dogs likes to wait until I'm brushing my teeth in preparation for going to bed, and then hop onto said bed and sprawl out on my side. She's sizable, so that doesn't leave a lot of room for me. Also, she's generally on top of all the blankets.Fortunately, she's somewhat portable.

Should I let my step-dad keep my cat(s)?

Do what will be best for the cats. Not for you or for your step dad. You are the one that knows best where these cats will be taken care of and loved the best.I gave a cat to a BF when we split. This cat would bite everyone

Do seals like being petted?

Some seals do enjoy paying around with humans simply because they can be playful animals, but that does not mean you should get close to them and touch them. These are still predators that have natural instincts and who's play bites are only playful to another seal with thick blubber and a tolerance to pain. You

How do cats communicate?

Cats communicate through the same means as most animals: via verbal and physical cues. Verbal communication is evidenced by the "meow", the "purr",  the "hiss", and a few other sounds cats make. Physical cues include rubbing, licking (or cleaning), arching of the back, raised hair, extended claws. Typically the two are used together and are best interpreted together.

Can cats communicate with each other?

Cats don't differentiate by nation, region or even city. They have their own small territories and usually don't leave them.Two cats that have lived a block away from each other but never crossed paths are as much strangers as if one had lived

If humans disappeared tomorrow, what kind of evolutionary changes would dogs and cats go through, and how long would it take?

I'm not sure how long it would take for behaviorial changes to become technically ‘evolutionary', but if humans disappeared dogs and cats would become much like strays. This would happen quickly, perhaps within a few years. This assumes they'd be able to get out of the house or apartment, after their resources in those

If US pet owners were offered 100,000 dollars each to euthanise their pets, what percent would do so?

I'll take you up on that.I have a dog who has already had two Last Trips to the Vet. He sleeps in a diaper because he leaks a little, and he's pretty creaky. He needs a ramp to get into the car, and last night, he had to be lifted