Apart from their actual names, what 'pet' names do you use for your beloved pet?

The Naming of Cats is a difficult matter, It isn't just one of your holiday games; You may think at first I'm as mad as a hatter  When I tell you, a cat must have THREE DIFFERENT NAMES. First of all, there's the name that the family use daily,  Such as Peter, Augustus, Alonzo, or

Are humans related to dogs?

As Paul Roberts says, all life is related if you go back far enough.Dogs and humans are related, to a point.Dogs and humans are both animals, belonging to Kingdom Animalia in the Linnaean taxonomic system. Animals are eukaryotic (having cell

Are pet names demeaning?

Well, it depends on the name I suppose, but then you could also say the same about the names many parents saddle their own children with.I suppose one could question whether pets should have names at all. But that strikes me as a bit obtuse - from a

Can animals communicate with one another?

Of course they can. Life would be pretty miserable to all species on earth if they were unable to communicate. We can only communicate with a percentage of humans because of language barriers so must rely on other non-verbal methods to get by, animals do all

Can animals talk to one another?

In the sense of speaking with words to communicate ideas and abstract concepts, then No. They can't.But they can and do communicate quite effectively using a combination of grunts, screams and all varieties in between combined with body attitudes and facial expressions, they manage very well to get their meanings across, not only their own

Can cats feel frustrated?

Not doubt about it!Watch an indoor cat sit on a window sill, and bird or squirrel or chipmunk watch. Many will literally chatter in frustration that they can't get at that lovely moving toy/prey out there. Cats stalking their prey outdoors don't get vocal, they will make similar mouthing, motion, no sound -

Can guinea pigs swim?

They can but that does not mean you should force one to do so. If you put a guinea pig in deep enough water it will swim simply to avoid drowning. It does it out of the instinct to survive, not because it finds it enjoyable. Human infants hold their breath when

Can I vacuum my dog?

T4A2A, Jen.Addendum: if you can get close enough with the sound not scaring him, an upholstry brush might work. Like anything else, exposing the dog to it in his formative months-getting him familiar with it early on-will allow you to use it later

Can wild animals be domesticated to pets? Which ones?

We should not tame wild animals, largely in part because we alone can NOT tame wild animals- any wild animal in captivity is still a wild animal, and no amount of human interaction will inherently change that. The word tame implies obedience, and while

Did your pet's name become ironic?

I'll answer regarding a dog who lived with us the past two months. She was 15, and she would be going home this weekend.She died, Sunday April 23, at 4:08 am. A week before she was going home. Here is her story:Yoko was adopted from

Do animals have pets like humans have pets?

Yes. Koko the gorilla is a sign-language speaking ape, believed by her handlers to know more than 1,000 signs- she kept cats. According to them, she asked for one, chose it from a litter, named it, mourned it when it got killed by a car, then acquired 2 more

Do cats know people aren't cats?

Yes, they definitely do. The best way to describe how cats see us boils down to cats viewing us as a mixture of a mother/provider and a dim-witted kitten. I know that seems contradictory, but it really is a combination of the two, and it also depends on whether the cat

Do cats talk to themselves?

Why of course they do. They have complicated conversations with all kinds of people, we just can't access their wavelength. This is why humans have labelled them inscrutable for as long as they have shared our existence. I'm not sure if they are aliens or gods as the

Do dogs know people aren't dogs?

Dog apparently can discern even pictures of dogs from pictures of any other animal-including humans. In 2013, French researchers tested dogs with a series of photographs on computer screens: 3000 images of dogs of all varieties, and 3000 images of non-dogs. Backgrounds were all uniform

Do dogs mimic people?

Interesting you should ask this question. Recent research included the use of this talent in dogs.https://www.sciencedaily.com/rel...

Do most narcissists dislike pets?

Narcissists come in as varied flavors as other people. Some like pets and some don't. Some love dogs and some love snakes. Narcissism, however, will color their approach to their pets and what they expect from them. The main issue for people who have

Do you give your pets middle names? What is the full name of your pet?

So, I by no means mean any offense to any breeders out there, but I've often found it funny when watching dog shows to see names like GCh. Lockenhaus' Rumor Has It V Kenlyn (

Do you have any pet REPTILES and, if so, what are they and their names?

I have far too many (approximately 300) reptiles in my collection to name them all.However - Amongst my ‘favourites' I have a breeding pair of Royal pythons (Python regius) - named Anthony and Cleopatra. They're actually the second pair to be named as such - the first pair died of ‘old age'

Does my dog know he is a dog?

No.My dog never knew she was a dog. She always considered herself a Homo sapien, that too, the most sophisticated woman.She sat on the sofa like humans. With her back rested and forelimbs on the armrest.When guests would visit our home ,she would jump onto the sofa and greet them with a

Has one of your pets ever saved another of your pets?

Yes I did. This occurred in the late 1980's. We had moved back to CT from SC with out Labrador, Joshua. We finally bought a house and immediately adopted an Airedale terrier, Annie. Joshua was about 9 yrs old, Annie was only 9 months. In the middle of February, we were having an

Has your pet ever justifiably bitten anyone?

Yup and the spoiled brat had it coming. What happened later was not necessarily my intention though.I have a Cane Corso mastiff and this incident happened when he was about three months old. He's always been very laid back and super mellow, a real

How do cats see humans? Do they think we are just a big cat?

The strict answer is that we don't know. We can't look into the mind of a cat, let alone a sampling of a statistically significant number of cats.However, the big take-away I've always gotten from my interactions with cats is that they are very different. Some are just very affectionate by nature, and come right to people expecting

How to keep my dog cool

The warm, sunny weather of summer is welcomed by most of us, but it isn't always good news for pets. Heat stress in dogs is a serious issue, and owners need to be aware of the signs of a dog overheating, as well as how to keep their dogs cool and what to do should they become

How do pets (dogs, cats) recognize they are being called by their owner? How is it that they know their name or that they have a name?

Dogs do not recognize or understand their name in the sense that we recognize our own name.  For dogs, a call name is nothing more than an auditory stimulus.  They learn to respond to this stimulus because such responding is often followed by positive reinforcement of some kind - not just food, but attention, initiation of preferred activities

How long did it take for you to come up with a name for your pet, and what did you end up naming them?

The most recent naming exercise took about two weeks because we - the breeder and I - had to agree on a combination of call name and registered name.The criteria were:1. The name had to reflect the Prince and Princess theme of the litter; 2. The name

How many pets the most pets you've ever had?

Three so far. And despite being a vet tech, only the most recent two came from ny job, and is my boyfriend's fault. He would go with me on my kennel duty shifts(when we were closed, but still have live-in animals or hospitalized patients to care for), and at one point wer

How much would you spend on a sick or injured pet before you made the decisions to have that pet put to sleep? What is more important in your decision: your attachment or your financial status?

Omg I had a pet rattie , they have a life span of 1.5-3yrs , my little mate lasted 4.5yrs , but I was not ready to let him go. Till one day the vet refused to let me go home with the little thing , he said that my little rat was holding

In your opinion, are cats or dogs better? Why?

It really depends on your lifestyle, what you value in a pet, your time commitment, etc....  Some people decide to get both.  Here are some things to think about.  (I'm not a big cat person, so I may have some cat facts wrong).Advantages of

Is a pet called a pet because you pet it or do you pet a pet because it's a pet?

The latter. "Pet" as a noun dates to the 16th century (from, remarkably, a Scottish Gaelic word meaning "tame animal"). "Pet" as a verb, meaning "treat as a pet" (indulge), dates to about a century later. The sense of "stroke" is fairly recent, really just in the 20th century. "Pat" in that sense dates to the mid

Is keeping an animal as a pet actually bad for the animal?

I'll put it this way, in a non-science-y (yet a non-science-conflicting) way:Particularly for domesticated breeds of animals, by this point in their evolutionary path, it's crueler to set them all free, honestly.They're pathetically underdeveloped for the wild, compared to their wilder counterparts. I mean, pathetically.They're not as big,

Is rice healthy for dogs to eat?

I think Peaches are the best rice healthy for dogs to eat.The following benefits can be enjoyed by offering peaches to your best pet:Rich wellspring of vitamin A, vitamin C.Contains minerals required by your body.Rich wellspring of cell reinforcements.The peach will help battle different sorts

Is there an animal you would like to have domesticated and keep as a pet? Why or why not?

No. Domesticated animals are, in no way, the same as wild animals. You don't simply

My friend who is a self-professed dog trainer states that giving a dog treats for obeying a command during training is bribery and counter productive. Isn't a reward the best way to reinforce obedience in a dog?

I learned to train my dog under the supervision of a veterinarian who had specialized in animal behavior and held weekend seminars attended by professional animal trainers from all over Germany. She has published many books on animal training. (I have even translated some of them).One of the

Should animals be able to talk?

They do just not in our language.Every morning you wake up and hear the birds singing, they are talking to each other you just don't know what they are saying.When your pet meows or barks at you it's trying to talk to you, but they only know a

Should I keep a dog?

First of all, I want to make it clear, that you don't

What animals are easier to keep as a pet?

Out of all the pets I have experience with (cats, dogs, chickens, rabbits, russian tortoises, and finches), I would say the chickens, and finches are the easiest. Here are some pros and cons of these three birds:ChickensPros:Very easy diet (chicken

What animals are not suitable as pets?

The worst pets are, in fact, that bring harm to human lives and also those that find it difficult to adapt to the city life.Except for a Fennec fox or the trained Siberian Fox, red foxes are erratic by nature.American alligator or crocodiles make worst pets

What are good ways to help with joint pain in older dogs?

In the US, there are several options currently. Consider the acronym WEDSW: Weight. Dogs on the thin side have healthier joints. It is important to maintain muscle tone but have very little fat.E: Exercise. Dogs with joint trouble should get at least 30 minutes per day of low-impact exercise. Physical therapy can also be performed.

What are some cool names for a dog?

In Australia, it's not real easy to buy an Old English Sheepdog pup that you want as just a pet. Breeders breed for future show dogs and to breed from, and follow all the strict rules we have here , it's illegal to be a backyard breeder. Or at

What are some creative names for different types of pets?

A creative system for selecting pet names could be to choose names that end in "a".   Then substitute the following vowel for each pet... e, i o u.  Use Occupational surnames  to make the names unique.Cat named Sleeper.  (Sleepa) Sleepa Glazier...  next

What are some creative ways to name a pet?

There are several ways, a name could be based on color, size, or personality.Whichever category you choose look up synonyms for that word. Or look up antonyms if you want to go with their opposite, like Tiny for a St. Bernard, or Cujo for a

What are some good cat names?

Ah.... cat names.My first, was "Klaws Kitski" (after the great German actor Klaus Kinski - I was in my watch-a-ton-of-foreign-movies-every-day period)Then there was "Neferkiti" and her brother "Akh-katen", inspired by Akhnaten, the opera by Philip Glass (in which

What are some good female dog names?

Cute names for dogsace,alex,astro,baily,emjamin,biscuit,benny,butter cup,chips,chicho,dennyjag,lucky,max,kong,pie-boy,pup,ranger,timmy,rex,socks,scoopy,tiny,tom,bingo,ziggy.Alley,angel,bessie,buffy,candy,emma,emily,dora,coco,chrishtina,daisy,honey,indigo,exi,juilet,lilly,lolita,marry,muffy,peanut,polly,sadie,sweety,tippy,yasmine.aarondavinedeboratina

What are some hilarious dog names?

The two best, most hilarious dog names ever are.Classified and Mike Hat.Classified. I love this, from the Penguins movie. Imagine how great it would be to have a dog named classified.Stranger-

What are the best dog training books?

It depends on how 'serious' you are (ie: do you just want a housetrained, leash trained dog? or do you want to teach a few tricks and have great obedience?) If you want simple starter books try:Ian Dunbar's

What are the cutest cat names?

Ok, I'll light this candle.When I was a kid, I had three barn cats that only came to me. They were too ferral for anyone else. I named them

What are the good names for male dogs?

If you are Indian, you probably know all the hype around the term

What are the most creative pet names you've heard? (For pet animals!)

We had two kittens, named Loki and Pan.. the greek and norse gods of mischeif and chaos, surprisingly enough these were very appropriate for them. Our other cats.. well the names have been very varied over the years.. and they all have at least 2 names.. in that

What are the most popular dog names?

DOG NAMES...How much time do we actually spend

What are the most pretentious names for dogs or pets?

Once upon a time, a man had just got out of home on a weekday morning, ready to leave for office. Locking his door, he came out to the neighbourhood and was walking to the bus stand when he heard a lady calling someone by the name of his favourite niece. He got

What is a good name for a pet cat?

I will give you the names that I have called my cats, starting with the color names:GingerBlackieGoldie-named for her eyesPinky-named for his noseThen there was-Peaceful, which was also FullykinsSunnySadieMikaWinnieTigerPeachesSweet Pea, who got stolenShortyAnnaBootsTrulyLittle Boy (previously Sheena until a surprise was noticed)Nelson-also known as Tiny and Tiny round, and his best friend-Kitty DaveFauna-the love of Nelson's lifeTippy, aka Tips

What is the best name for a pet that you've ever heard?

I like my pets names. Mostly because they remind me of my pets.Mephistopheles: My current dog. If there is a hell, like a sulfur and fire and brimstone hell, it exists somewhere deep in the bowels of Mephistopheles. Every time another person is cast

What is the best name you ever named one of your pets?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.One day when I was 5-years-old and home sick from school, my dad came home early from work and said he had a surprise for me. He brought out a brown paper bag, and I expected there might be a coloring book and crayons inside. You can imagine my surprise when all of a sudden

What is the best or worst name of a pet that you have heard or given?

please allow me to submit my youngest cat's name for your (dis)approval: Murder.The thing about Murder is that I never meant to keep her. She was the last in a litter of kittens I had rescued and was trying to get adopted and she was not a very nice cat at all.

What is the best pet you have ever had?

Over a lifetime, I have had many pets, all memorable for their individual personalities. Some however, do stand out, as being particularly special, not just one.Mace was a Flame Point Siamese mix I adopted from our local shelter. I nearly didn't see him at first. When I had

What is the coolest mythological pet? Why?

Well... as they have human level intelligence you couldn't actually make a pet out of one... but to have a shape-shifting mermaid (legs on land... her beautiful tail in the water) as a very, very close friend would, at least for me, be the very best mythological creature to know... much better than a dragon,unicorn or other mythical animal....

What is the difference between a pet and a wild animal?

Wild Animal: an animal that lives in the wild without human support and intervention. It hunts and finds food all on it's own. Does not depend on a conscious supply of food from humans. Humans do not provide shelter, care and food.Pet Animal: A creature that

What is the most pretentious name for a female pet?

Queens are usually a good way to go. My personal favourites are:CleopatraMarie Antoinette (A two-part name is always more pretentious than a one-word conterpart)Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (And why stop at two, then?)If queens don't cut it for you, turn it up one notch higher - Goddesses. Again, some help:Aphrodite ('Venus' refers to

What is the most unromantic pet name you've been called or have called your SO?

Note: AYOO or AYAYOO(in southern India and Sri Lanka) used to express distress, regret, or grief.Example: ‘ayoo, why do things like this always happen to me?'Congratulations, you have unlocked a new Tamil word(South Indian Language).Go ahead!My roomie, Meenu who is a Ph.D got

What is the worst name for a pet you have ever heard?

As a small child I wanted to name our new cat ‘Steering Wheel,' because it was the same colour as the steering wheel.Despite this impressive display of deduction my mother forbade it on the grounds that it was too silly. So

What is your dog's name?

I often wonder if my dog goes by different names. I call him and he responds to my familiar vocal, human sound. People call him different vocal names if they like him and do not know my vocal calling, and he responds too!. However,

What is your pet name?

Certainly a different type of question- but I'd love to answer! At this moment, while typing on my computer, my very favorite cat rests his head on arm. His name is MOB (pronounced Moby- like the whale, Moby Dick.) But the MOB stands for the initials of a good friend of mine. MOB is 15 1/2 years

What makes an animal a pet?

What makes an animal a pet?There are funny tumblr posts, TV show lines, etc that get made into what in fandom is called

What's your pet's name, and how did you choose it? Does the name have any special meaning?

We named one of our dogs Tessie. I'm a huge Red Sox fan, and

What should I name my dog?

I belong to Galo tribe and in my tribe we have a special way of naming children. The child's name is kept starting with the last syllable of father's name or at times father's sisters' (aunt) name which is rare and used for extremely close relationship and mostly for a girl child.For example (hypothetical), my

What should I name my male cat?

I've always named my animals from the region their breed came from and/or (usually ‘and') their personality.One of my cats was a Manx. Called him Mannanan for Mannanan Mac Lir, an Irish trickster sea god, because that little b'tard was the

What should I name my pet tarantula?

I tend to name according to temperament or as a contrast to what people would expect some of my spiders' names:Raven-she's jet blackRaisin-brown and plump like a raisinBijou-very showy animal, beautiful colors!Beans-as in full of...Brownie-once mistaken for an actual brownie, I

What would you name your next pet?

Thank you, Kimberly Whitford, for the A2A.What would I name my next pet? Well, it would be a dog, and if it were a rescued dog and knew it's own name, then that's the name we would use, as long as calling it by that

What's a cool dog name?

I'm currently writing a book and tried to use relatively obscure names for the dogs in a half-hearted attempt to avoid offending peopleMishuNiquita/NiqiCooperRecklessLilyAshiKaliTaliDenaliSamsonIsaacAbrahamZashaZaghinaBainPhoenixAdrianDiamondLike I said. Half-hearted.Edit: I may as well share my (actual, living, not fictional) goat's names:Elijah/EliNizzyKiddyMiniLarryBananny (originally Annie)HollyHoboKevinFloPrincessElliRamboMonaNannaQueenEdit #2: anyone who reads this can feel free to use any of the aforementioned and following

Whats the best cat name for a cat with an attitude?

I have an orange male huge Garfield-look-alike I named Oscar Wilde as a kitten because he had an

What's the strangest name you or someone you know gave to a pet?

Well, let's see.....When I was in my 20's, my parents had a beautiful Siamese cat named Sophie. She got pregnant, and my mom helped deliver 3 beautiful kittens. The next day, my mom noticed that Sophie was not doing well. She

Which animal is underrated as a pet?

Already mentioned in the answers: Rats.It's so true. I've had many kinds of pets. Rats. Are. The. Best.I've had three in my lifetime and when I had to euthanize my last one (she had an abscess in her throat and was unable to eat) I sobbed like I've never mourned for a human.

Why can't we talk to animals?

We DO talk to animals. Dogs are known to understand many human words. Most can easily recognize at least a dozen or so, and it is thought that the smartest ones can reach vocabularies of hundreds of words. They don't speak using human sounds because physiologically they can't make the same sounds.

Why do you name your pets?

One most basic reasons to name your pet would be so that if you have multiple dogs (or cats) they would know who you are directing the punishment to when you start yelling.Imagine the confusion and stress in the room when you start yelling

Why does anyone keep an exotic animal as a pet?

Many of my clients have potbelly pigs, iguanas, chinchillas, sugar gliders, rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils, snakes of many types, tarantulas, Madagascar hissing cockroaches, tortoises, a number of different types of lizards, birds, reptiles and amphibians as pets.These animals are quite interesting, they do have personalities and adapt to captivity quite well. They

Why should not the dog eat sweets and what effect does eating the sweets have on his health?

eating sweets destroys a dog's nervous system as well as immune system. as most of these animals don't have the digestive juices nor mechanisms to properly digest sweet things, making these harmful. you shouldn't give an animal anything that they otherwise wont be getting in the wild. try

Why should we keep animals as a pet?

Why not? Pets bring a lot of happiness into our lives, ease the loneliness of those who live by themselves, and bring joy to our children and teach them responsibility. Seeing eye dogs assist the blind in their day-to-day affairs, guard dogs protect us, and special needs dogs assist those of us with medical problems and/or those confined

A mother dog keeps looking for her dead puppy. What should one do?

Was she able to smell her dead pup? I wood make a little place outside' & burry it real deep then put a board on top jus n case she digs it up? Though I think she understands she is just grieving. That would help her mourn & have a quicker recovery if she knew

Animal Rights: Should homeless people be allowed to have pets?

Several years ago I hit a situation out of my control that meant being temporarily living in my truck - we all have choices. On one hand people condemn those who give up their pets during hard times. On the other hand keeping the pets is also criticized. I chose to keep my dogs. It meant

Are cats and dogs aware that we are humans? Or do they recognize us as dogs or cats?

This is an interesting question, and not that easy to answer. Since I'm a dog lover and long-time observer of dogs, I'll try to answer for the dogs on Quora.Actually, I think the best way to approach the question is to turn it around: Do humans think of their dogs as humans or

Are cats evolutionarily superior to dogs?

So first of all some basic information about the animals involved and some definitions:Cats-The cat, often referred to as the domestic cat to distinguish from other felids and felines, is a small, typically furry, carnivorous mammal. It is often called house cat when kept as indoor pet or feral/feral domestic cat when

Are cats friendly to people or they just exploiting us?

Depends if the cat was properly socialized with humans. Cats are not dogs they are not fully domesticated so if you come to touch them and they don't know you they hide they see a giant monster after them. My cat is super social and greets people

Are cats smarter than dogs?

There are many ways of measuring intelligence (of animals) and these are determined in turn by a lot of variables which affect many animals differently. Lets take some details of particular behavior from each animal:DogsDogs (their Wolf ancestors actually) live in social groups led by the Parents (yes, they are not alphas). There is strong cooperation among members

Are dogs better than humans?

Is someone really expecting a no ?? If yes, just don't read it further. My opinion is never going to change even after 100 years ( I don't think I'll be alive till then)Dogs>>>>>>>>>>>>> HumansIn the span of 20 years I have came across many humans and many dogs as well.

Are domestic cats social animals?

It honestly depends. Here are two stories about two of my cats. One was named Beatrice, and one is named Winston.Beatrice:Beatrice was a black and white tuxedo cat. While we got her as a kitten and she was shown copious amounts of love and attention, when she grew up she grew up to only love one person. That was

Are exotic animal pets as sweet as classic pets?

As sweet? No, I don't think so. Exotic animals are animals that have a wild population.

Are humans gods to dogs?

My dog just kicked his water bowl against some furniture to notify me it was empty. It makes a distinct tone, like a bell. This isn't demanding or rude, it's a system he and I worked out for this when he was a puppy and his water bowl

Are humans related to dogs?

As Paul Roberts says, all life is related if you go back far enough.Dogs and humans are related, to a point.Dogs and humans are both animals, belonging to Kingdom Animalia in the Linnaean taxonomic system. Animals are eukaryotic (having cell nuclei that contains genetic material), multicellular organisms that consume organic matter

Are humans the only creatures to have pets?

No - baboons have been known to keep dogs as pets. See A Scientific Mystery: Do Wild Baboons Kidnap Puppies for Pets? A gorilla has been known to intensely care for cats: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kok...There's also the famous "crow and kitten" video- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1.... And even a lion that tried to

Are parrots more behaviorally similar to cats or to dogs?

While parrots are completely different than cats or dogs, if forced to chose I'd say having a parrot is closer to having a dog than a cat. Cats are aloof and independent and other than litter training, good luck teaching a cat to do things your way. Dogs and parrots each require quite

Are pet birds difficult and expensive to take care of?

To do it properly, yes. Pet birds cannot just sit in a little cage and eat bird seed all day. To feed them properly, you should get a bird that has been weaned onto a good pelleted product (Zupreem, Harrisons, and LaFebers all make decent products) and continue

Are pets important?

Thank you, Alexander Quach, for your A2A: Are pets necessary to you?No, they are not necessary but they do improve the quality of life. As I've noted in previous posts, cats, the pets I write about most often, have several health benefits and mental health benefits. I know that dogs are also

Are snakes nocturnal?

Evan and Julius are both absolutely correct, different snake species are active and hunt successfully depending on their habitat, climate and prey.When I was young and delighted in catching snakes, looking at them and then releasing them I thought all snakes were diurnal, because the species that I had knowledge of, were garter snakes, fox snakes,

Are there any animals that actually enjoy being hugged by humans?

Question could be examined from at least three angles. How do animals react to a human's hug as in are there any physiological similarities between animal and human response to hugs?Do animals offer hugs to each other in their native habitats

Are there any other animals, apart from humans, that have pets?

I have heard of the small Spider Monkey adopted a kitten and didn't want to let it go. I image by the time the cat was older it had bonded to the monkey. Of this I am not sure.Years ago, there was a gorilla named Koko

As an animal lover, what is it about animals that you like more than your fellow humans?

Thank you, Daniel Dudgeon, for your A2A: As an animal lover, what is it about animals that you like more than your fellow humans?Well, I'll start by saying that many humans have vast quantities of redeeming virtues, but certainly not everyone. In my life I have been fortunate to

Can a dog understand 2 or more human languages?

Dogs don't understand languages like we do-they learn to associate certain sounds with certain things regardless of what that sound is, just like they learn hand signals. Hence, no matter how many languages are used and no matter what the words mean (if they even mean anything), as long as

Can a Muslim keep a guard dog?

Yes they can. Muslims are allowed to keep a dog as a guard but not as a pet. As such miniature breeds are ruled out. As are breeds that are inactive. Breeds like Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Cane Corsos, or Doberman Pinschers are best. Interaction is required and of course