Why should people be happy?

Do I even need a reason to be happy?I used to believe that I'll be happy once I become successful or if I achieve something or get some recognition.Issac Newton and Thomas Alva Edison.Newton had a dog named diamond,one day Newton was theorising on modern calculus and after hearing the door bell ring he went to

What makes life worth living when poor and single?

Not being poor an preferably single for now, I wouldn't know. Life is life animals have life. Life has no program but to survive, only life that is aware of it being changed or terminated are humans.

Are people actually happy?

If you can connect with your inner soul you will be happiest of all. Lord Buddha was able to completely connect with his soul. No one can achieve that level of connection. But if you are able to connect to

How can we make our life simpler and effectiveness?

Here is your answer: 30 Tricks to improve productivity by Anurag Yadav on Aapka Dost Anurag

Why does technology advance rapidly?

Actually, in comprising with our ancestors, we are not evolving to be more smarter. Our advances in technology or other fields are largely based on precedessors' ideas. They have laid the foundation of modern science and technology. What we are doing

Are monopolies good or bad and why?

Monopolies are bad only when they have unethical business models or biased support of the government, or both.Monopolies are widely looked down upon in our society.The term monopoly, however, has taken on bad connotations to the point where goodness is rarely, if ever, associated with it. The one-sided evil ascribed

How does life live?

sometimes we have to ask our self .what's using my life?one of the things that we know about life is that it's always changing. sometimes you are up sometimes you are down.sometimes things go really well and sometimes they just don't.sometimes you are happy and sometimes you are sad.and that's what the thing is called life.but during those down

Why don't I know who I am?

The essence of who you are is:What you like; certain foods, certain animals or no animals at all, certain artists, decoration, culture etc. etc.What you like to do; concerts, hiking, meditating, watching YouTube etc. etc.What you'd like to reach in your life: start a family, get a certain job, kids or no, being

What are the good things about death?

For now, I like to think it's the most convenient way out, as in just simply but not easily putting an ending to all of this. That's something good for me. I just don't know when death will come to me.Actually, death

What are some simple, but great things?

SMILE"A War is born from a place where a SMILE is forget" - UnknonwnOne of greatest gesture, but a very simple one.

What is the good of death?

My maternal grandmother died when she was cooking. Cooking is her favourite thing.She started preparing meals at 12 pm and she died at 12 05 pm. Doctor stated that she died of a sudden heart stroke. She freezed for 1 second and she died.Later. Everyone

How much of your time or finances do you spend doing good things for others?

I once worked for the government. It was a long time ago and I was sacked for being me.On the job interview, which lasted about three minutes (no one else auditioned), I was shown an office packed floor-to-ceiling with unattended registration submissions.

Why should I live?

I want to try and tackle this question, even though maybe I'll sound like a complete douchebag. I'm sorry in advance.I don't like that people force us to live. I don't like that people tell us

Is family-life worth it?

It completely depends upon what you want to do in life NEXT WITHOUT FAMILY.Most of us it's needed for emotional, mental, financial and otherwise support. It's worth it.For Mother Teresa, Anna Hajare ji , Sindhutai Sapkal, HH Radhanath Swami Maharaj, Narendra Modi, They have HIGHER goals than normal house holds. It's not worth it.It's upto you.. :)

Did philosophy ruin my life?

This is an interesting topic, so thank you for the A2A.In my experience, what you have encountered can happen with philosophy, spirituality, relationships, self-awareness and self-discovery, formal education, or even moving to a new country with a different language and culture. Our identity and sense of self is often constructed - carefully and over many years -

How has religion improved your life?

It has helped me understand that, while interesting from a historical perspective, we have no need to blindly follow such practices. There are some sound moral lessons worthy of consideration. But largely such dogma should be considered an ad hoc collection of outdated myths and legions that served a purpose in past history but are harmful in

What are some unwritten social rules everyone should know?

If someone offers food they made themselves, always accept (unless you have allergies).If you are going to the supermarket with someone and they only want to buy a few items, don't use the opportunity to do your weekly shop.When cutting cake for a group of people, never give yourself the largest slice.If you are borrowing someone's phone

What's been happy in your life lately?

Marriage. I mean though it was not very late according to now time but yes the society feel you like that. I am an engineer and that time working as an assistant professor in the engineering college.Thay time we were facing financial problem because of certain circumstances. Due to which we were not

Do we really need a cellphone?

Yes, we do need. because now-a-days most of our loved one live at a far distance place to us. So in order to convey any message in quick and efficient manner it is required. But at the same time we need to understand that it

What makes life?

Life was created by God for His and our happiness.Although not easy to understand, see Abstract 1 of Life Philosophy by Joao Ferreira.

When is death a good thing?

If a population of animals did not age and die, they would fill their niche and either never reproduce or else watch nearly all of their children die. They would not evolve.Eventually, another population of short-lived animals from somewhere else would evolve to out compete the non-aging animals. Or the non-aging ones would face a new challenge they

Is hacking good or bad? How does it help?

It depends. Hackers are categorized whether as Black Hat(bad guys) or White Hat(good guys) and so does the whole hacking can be classified according to these two types of hackers...

Would you say that life is hard?

Yes. But for most people it's also balanced with good things too.But then there are those that are less fortunate...For people who had the misfortune to live during a war or live with the impact of genocide, or torture, yes life can be very hard.For people who are victims or are surviving members of individuals that have been impacted

How can people be happy doing nothing?

You're absolutely right. If happiness could be achieved solely through mindset, there would be no need to do anything. In fact, achieving such a state would be dangerous, because one would feel no compelling motivation to do the tasks needed for

How are we eternal?

Whatever material makes our body is eternal. Some twenty years ago I wrote : I was the sky, I was the sea, I was the wind and I was the tree, this is why I know that I will always be.Since ten years I have worked on a

What things make life memorable?

For me,  it is the especially good or especially bad experiences that are memorable.    I would much more prefer more good experiences in life.      Good experiences can sometimes take many many years of work. Bad experiences can happen within a minutes carelessness.     My favorite experiences have been a satisfaction at completing a

What is the way to make life happy?

Dear friend,Happiness comes from our conditioned mind. We used to say that, if we achieve our target then we will be happy but after that another target is in a queue .Do not plan happiness. Do not strive to be happy. Just be happy. By Acharya PrashantIt will be

How can we make our life simpler and effectiveness?

Here is your answer: 30 Tricks to improve productivity by Anurag Yadav on Aapka Dost Anurag

Why is driving a privilege and not a right?

Actually, the legal definition of

Does philosophy apply to life?

When most people think of philosophy they think of people like this:

Are people actually happy?

If you can connect with your inner soul you will be happiest of all. Lord Buddha was able to completely connect with his soul. No one can achieve that level of connection. But if you are able to connect to

What makes a monotonous life worth living?

Nothing.Good old Nothing is great for pondering your existence.Whenever you start to believe existence is monotonous, just think of the alternative.From there, you may further divide and categorize your life.You will find that you care about some things more than others. Don't limit yourself to these things, however.Else your life

What was the philosophy behind writing Python?

Not exactly the answer, but here it isThe Zen of Python, by Tim PetersBeautiful is better than ugly.Explicit is better than implicit.Simple is better than complex.Complex is better than complicated.Flat is better than nested.Sparse is better than dense.Readability counts.Special cases

What makes use desire something?

I, wonder if your question is

Can you see the future?

Original question: Can you see the future?Answer:Yes. I can see the future. Most of us can.Our brain is more powerful than we can comprehend. Our brain is supplied with information from the senses and what we perceive is actually the image our brain concocts from those data.Consider a stone that is thrown

Is the world eternal or not?

Yes, the world both as matter and spirit is eternal. see,नासताे विद्यते भाव नाभावाे विद्यते । (Bhagvad Gita 2/16) translated as, Non existence never comes in to existence and existence never gets totally annihilated. scientifically also, matter and energy can never be created or destroyed. If nothing is destroyed completely, why would not the world be eternal?

What is a word for: when life, family, external social pressures, and other possible factors all direct you towards a specific path or role in life that you wouldn't have done otherwise?

You can put your question in two different concepts; good and bad. Good could be expressed as groomed...molded...supported...encouraged...guided...prepared...nurtured. Bad could be called forced...pushed...told...coerced...duress...undue influenced...shoved...unwillingly...over-powered. just a few that came to mind :)

What is the best age for children to start school?

i think kids learn everything so fast its not about age ,its about kids behavior ,teach them to how to ask teacher  to go to potty, make sure they dont cry for parents , make sure they dont hit people, make sure they respect others, some times kids spit on others, you have

Why is everyone else's life so amazing?

As it is a well construed fact that the grass is greener on the other side. This is the biggest myth that our generation faces, thanks to the wonders of social media.We as a person look at ourselves with so much of self pity that it eventually makes the lives of others to appear to us

Which things make a life very happy?

There are no "things" that can make you happy. There is no "formula" or a "potion" that helps you feel euphoric. It is always all of the emotions. You need all to know them all!!I always say this, don't run behind being happy, you

What is a better life and what is a better future?

Better life is knowing Jesus, and better future is keep God's 10 Commandments. Not 8 or 9 but all 10.End Times Prophecy

How's life with your family right now?

It's going well.My brother is off to college, so it's quieter around the house! Thank Jesus. I get to still see my dad on the weekends. I can't stay there during the week because he lives 20 minutes away and I would have to wake