What makes you live life?

Two things:Hope. I hope one day I'll finally be able to say:

Is sleeping after 12am good or bad?

There's nothing to deal this biologically.:D. The duration to sleep and to stay awake varies based on a person and his profession :)It all depends on 2 things:1) what you did during that day's morning?If you remained to while away your time just by sleeping and didn't to do

What is the best thing to happen in your life nowadays?

I AM GOING TO PUT THE ANSWER IN THIS WAY. WHAT I AM GRATEFUL FOR IN MY LIFE.Everything is best if you look at the brighter side of things. If you indulge in self pity and stress then the quality of your life will turn out to be miserable.. I have good parents who never restrict

What is even more valuable than time?

Question asked: What is even more valuable than time?Being present !Yeah, you can have all the time in the world, including being prepared, feeling right, the list goes on and on, but if your not present or better, have high quality mindfulness or

Will science and technology make us gods?

Deity is relative. Gods are by definition worshipped superhuman beings with power over human fate. To become gods we need other humans to understand so little compared to us to see us as godlike. This is not a really nice thing but happened already - see cargo cults.

How can we protect ourselves from mistakes?

We cannot get that much control of our lives, to remain perfect, so mistakes are inevitable.We all make them, How can we learn what was a mistake, if we don't make them. It is important to remember not to beat yourself up, after a mistake was

What is life too short for?

Life is way too short for:Holding on to what you had.Comparing yourself to someone you're not.Arguing over something petty and insignificant.Getting so caught up in your feelings that it leads to hatred which then leads to a jail sentence.Staying in a relationship with someone you hate or don't love for the sake of not being alone.Taking abuse from bullies

What are the chances of living a life happily?

Magic 8 ball says... the chances are very good.Happiness is an emotion and free to enjoy. There are people in prison or dying of cancer that are happy, right now.The best ways become happy, is to be greatful, be good, look on the

Is life ever not worth living?

Life is a very beautiful journey and I think it is always worth living. Yes, life is not always a bed of roses and neither it is always covered by dark clouds. Each and every situations are temporary and will pass on. The

What's the point of life?

I visited a friend of mine in jail. He had been protesting a war and whenever you protest 18 year olds being killed, there's a chance you can get arrested.When he was in the county jail, he took off all his clothes and tried to flush them down the toilet. They had forgotten

You have one minute. What is your purpose in life?

Service to God's children, the sinner, the saved, the unrepentant. To spread the message of Gods unconditional love.Best!

How to be happy and successful all alone

Hey, don't let people push you down like that. They do that because they are jealous of your success, your band, etc. They feel better by teasing you for it to make themselves look better...in fact they are jerks. Sometimes, when people don't have what someone does have, they will try all their might to push you down

Is it possible to make everyone happy?

Yes it is possible to make everyone happy but it will depend on whether the other person feels mutually. You can try as hard as you want but if the other person doesnt feel it at the moment you can make him feel happy at a later time. The trick will

How does life live?

sometimes we have to ask our self .what's using my life?one of the things that we know about life is that it's always changing. sometimes you are up sometimes you are down.sometimes things go really well and sometimes they just don't.sometimes you are happy and sometimes you are sad.and that's what the thing is called life.but during those down

If you had the option to choose, would you want to know when you would die, or rather live not knowing? Why?

I'd rather not know about itImagine you have a test coming up in two weeks. You haven't prepared for it.There are two approaches to counter the testPrepare for it like crazy. Plan out every micro detail till the last day of the exam. Study for it but lose your self

Do kids really make your life better?

Kids are always a pleasure. We spend so much of our time overseas watching our grandkids grow because my children are both outside India. The atmosphere is generally happy and rewarding. The kids inadvertently affect our moods and keep us amused with

What makes life so interesting and exciting?

Question: What makes life so interesting and exciting?Variety.Even if we do not seek variety, we never know what will happen next. Being open to it makes it fun and interesting. Don't be afraid of it!

How to live a practical life

Practical life is based on your nature. Its not like you want. If you are emotional then its very difficult for you to live practical life. Being emotional is not bad but dont be emotional fool. Same time being practical is good but don't be robot.If i can suggest divide your life in both. During work be practical.

Is life intrinsically worth living?

Life is neither intrinsically worth living, nor not worth living. But intrinsically you are already alive, and not dead.That is why it's in your best interest - our best interest - to make the most out of life.Think of what it took to get you here, for you

What is happiness? Why are people going to be happy?

Here we live in the UNIVERSE of FULL CONFUSION .we all are running toward finding the the happiness but we cant get it .We are blaming one and other for all wrong and right we do ,never thinking of the impression which would lead in someones mind...slowly slowly

What makes college life challenging?

College life is challenging for three reasons.I. The learning you have to doWhile it can vary dependent on the high school experience - some people do find college easier than the senior years of high school - the density of the information and rapidity in

What is life like if you cannot live your life happily?

It will be the same as to most people, always searching the true meaning of life. There mind are so unconscious , just following the leads to nowhere. The get by on their lives and mostly based on what others are doing or buying. They tend to compete and to out smart

Why do you decide to live your life?

The one deciding to live life or not, is a product of life itself.How can it ask the question?Life came first, the deciding one came next.

Is turning evil really makes life easier?

It might see so and might as well - I've been contemplating this for a while, but to me has every time seemed that it is harder to turn evil than just get on with life as you know it.By turning evil you want to become

What is the best thing in life, according to you?

The best thing in life is life itself. Everybody knows that we live only once still how much time we give to ourselves to stay well and happy.How much time we spend on counting our blessings? I know many people who spend most of their time caring about how much money they could make ?Most important in life is

What makes life easy?

Our life is consequence of our thoughts and actions. We should be clear on what we exactly want from us and others.Having least expectations from others leads to easy life.We should not judge people and try to climb into their skin to understand their point of view.This world is dynamic and we try

What can I do every day to improve my quality of life?

Three things: Leave no trace, let others go first, and WWJD?Leave no trace: This simply means

To what extent does questioning yourself ruin your happiness?

When you are indesicive. In general, if you can't make a decision, that is when you need to step up and become more independent.Secondly, forget about happiness in general. The more you fear about being sad, the less likely you are to take risks

What does a person need to be happy?

Buddha's Guide To Happy Life:Four desires of a Human Being:Don't want to be poor. Wants to be rich. Wants to be independent.Respect in society. Respect among his peers.Being healthy.Know the meaning of life.Be the master:Learn as many skills as you can.Swimming, Photography, Calligraphy, Entrepreneurship,Job or whatever

Does life get easier?

When I returned home from Melbourne, Australia to Hawaii in Oct. 2016. I thought the stigma of luck was going to change. Complicated love relationships, arguments with friends I haven't seen in years change over days, having to go into six different jobs all of which had my brain spinning, and finally in the last couple months of

Will life become simpler and quieter if I severe all social ties and live the life of a hermit?

I don't think becoming a hermit will make your life simpler and quieter.If your life wasn't simple and quiet before, it will not be after you become a hermit; your same old inner problems will follow you wherever you go, and you may find yourself with even more problems.

What should people always remember in life?

That there is no point to live if you don't feel happy about something in your life.It can be a person, a pet, a passion or the sunlight.But It has to be something.Live YOUR Life!PS: All middle things are not to be ignored.

Are you happy with your life?

Am I happy? No I'm not. I want to become the centre of attention when I'm standing in a crowd but I can't.I want to score better than anyone in the examinations but I can't.I want to have a girlfriend who loves me

What makes you happy?

Happiness depends on perspective of a person.I'll usually be happy with the things around me and what I do.Waking up early and feeling the fresh air and enjoying the nature.Sweating alot by exercise.When I see or read humanity related things.Spending time with little kids and seeing their smiling faces.Reading a book for hours without boring.Silly fight

What should I do to make my life meaningful?

My family along with my nephew, 25 years old, who was unmarried visited a mental health center recently. He had previously told us that he was in deep love with a girl and he didn't have any other relationship other than this girl. We had to believe him due to our close relationship with him.The moment

Why is death good?

Death can be good on several different levels depending upon your ability to see life from other peoples eyes, I suppose. When your loved one is sick and in pain death can be a sort of freedom for all, not just

In your opinion, is life fair?

A master asked his students

What should everyone know about the Universe?

I believe that everyone should know that although we may be too small in size in comparison to the Universe. A single human mind can comprehend it all.

Why is a car important for human life?

I would like to pipout in history.Human invented WHEEL and his efforts of walking decresed ,to travel long distances.bullakcart n all such animal driven vehicles were used much but later on they even became difficult to use.because,maintaining animals became hard.With invention of engine n two wheelers,need of such vehicles

What is life's greatest philosophy?

It's no use going back to yesterday, because i was a different person then.Man is the only creature who refuses to be what he is.Without deviation from the norms, progress is not possible.When what you hear and what you see do not match, trust your eyes.There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.Wise man speak

Why are you living your life?

If you understand this poem you will understand lifeA Psalm of LifeBY HENRY WADSWORTH LONGFELLOWWhat The Heart Of The Young Man Said To The Psalmist.Tell me not, in mournful numbers,Life is but an empty dream!For the soul is dead that slumbers,And things are not what they seem.Life is real! Life is earnest!And

What makes life worthy and interesting?

There are a lot of things that make our lives worth living. For instance for a book worm, there are thousands of books remaining to be read. For a adventurer, there are millions of places to be explored. And for normal people like you and me , our aims and goals makes our lives interesting. We

In this ever changing world that we live in, which direction will the world take over the next ten years, more freedom and equality? Or do you see mistrust and conflict in the near future?

I see a future of mistrust and conflict no one is listening and the younger generations are seeking truth and there hasn't been much of that, there is zero integrity in our Leaders democracy seems to be a bad joke