How to look happy in pictures

Try to laugh rather than smile. This will engage the muscles in your cheeks up to the side of your eyes, making your expression appear more natural. It's worth practising with a few selfies first as this is a dynamic expression and you'll want to keep it

Is there any good free online photography course?

#Is there any good free online photography course? Best resouces, courses, books, tricks for the question: #Is there any good free online photography course?I checked many sites and all quora topics about this question!Below are best sites, resources to learn photography online.BEST 3 FREE AND PAID PHOTOGRAPHY COURSES ONLINE:=>1. Free course on YouTube: Beginning Photography EssentialsAuthor: Tony & Chelsea

What are basic tips for wedding photography?

I've been shooting weddings for 12 years now and while all of these answers so far have a lot of great info you should learn. I think that the question is so large and the answers can be overwhelming. That you should try to take

What are best app for photo editing?

It depends on your needs and skills.Do you need a mobile app? Or for a laptop?Do you need manual editing tools? Or a set of filter?Do want to

What are some Beautiful lines to comment on beautiful pictures?

Well there is always a sudden feeling when you see some picture.It's just you have to convey it in more sophisticated and beautiful way.Here are some Beautiful lines :In nature, light creates the color. In the picture, color creates the light.The beauty has no boundaries in this

What are the best ways to make money from photography, be it stock photography, wedding photography, model photo shoots, band/musician photoshoots, etc. Also, is there a way for a hobbyist to make money with photography?

You don't say whether "beginner" refers to your current skill level in photography or where you are at in terms of a career.If it refers to skill level, it might be a bit presumptuous to expect to earn from your photography at this early stage.

Can I earn by selling my own pictures taken by my camera online? If so, where can I sell my pictures?

Depend on how you want to go about it.Or style of your photography will likely dictate choice you will have.Stock photo is one of the popular option by many, but unless you have thousands of photo with fairly consistent good quality and cover specific subject well (thus show up nicely on

Can you share a picture you took of your reptile(s)?

Can you share a picture you took of your reptile(s)?I'd love to! I was given a beardie by a coworker. She had him for 3 years, and named him Reptar. She had gotten 3 dogs and didn't have as much time for him and felt badly he wasn't being handled as much and wanted to make sure

Can you suggest me some good photo editing apps that are free of cost?

As an instructor at - Freelance Web Designer Training  we like to give our students either low cost or free tools to use in their freelance web designer careers.There are a few good tools out there for

How do astronauts on the ISS take photographs?

A little of both. Astronauts are allotted a certain volume/mass of "personal effects" they can take up to the ISS on a launch, which can and often does include a personal camera. In addition, unmanned supply shipments can include equipment such as cameras, which then stay on the station and can be used by

How to find the best photo editing apps

There are loads of android app for the photo editing but finding a perfect app for the photo editing that is a challenge for us. I have done lots of research on that, and I have seen many useful apps for the photo editing. But I will be mentioned here only few apps that will be useful for

How to take photos of animals / birds without harming them

From as far as possible, in silence, hidden from view and scent. And be prepare to wait, a lot.When taking pictures of animals, you are basically hunting, you just replace the gun by a camera.First you need to know

Is photojournalism underrated?

I'd have to say that photojournalism isn't underrated or overrated - most people don't even really think about it. In fact, most people don't even see good photojournalism these days, and when they do they don't notice it. (I'm not blaming anyone for this,

Is this dog photo cool?

I can't tell what it is.I mean - after I really look at it I finally see the dog is holding a toy but the way it's processed and the angle makes it look like the dog has a big

What are nice photo drones under $250?

I would say go for a parrot bebop drone. It has a great camera, and can be gotten used for under 25o. It includes 4k video, built in gimbal, 16mp camera. It also has FPS, which means you can view the video while you are flying, and includes brushless motors which last up to 6

What are some good photos taken by you?

Here are few of the pictures I took with an entry level DSLR with specifications. And just for your information, specifications do not matter, because in my opinion, it is impossible to re-create an exact image, with exact specifications, even for the same photographer.There were few of the best of my work. Rest can bee seen

What are the best online resources for learning photography?

One good thing for Landscape photographers just like many other professions nowadays is the availability of resources online. Be you a seasoned professional or someone who is just picking a camera for the first time. We can correctly say we are

What are the most amazing photos you have ever taken?

Hello!First I would like to thank the person who asked this question here. 100+ answers already! Amazing photos with so many themes ! Great!A started taking photographs at the end of 2012 as an amateur photographer.Bought NIKON D5200 on 11/04/2013 (gifted by father :-) ) So even though I'm sharing here some

What does this picture show?

What I seeDie not in stable position : It's in play . Most probably it is used to depict mind . So your mind is playing games.Crank from left : Left brain active . Left brain basically relates to logic , analysis ,sequencing

What is a good drone for photography?

There's never been a better time to buy a drone. That's because drones are housing top-notch 4K cameras and sporting portable form factors. Super-steady video stabilization is feature of a best drone, and you'll find this in every drone model. And now a days everybody

What is the best camera drone to buy for under $150?

There Are many drones getting launched nowadays on daily basis by one or another company, but most of them are found to be simply waste of money due to their flying time, battery backup, access range and many other faults that one can experience in the

What is the best open source UAV/Drone for photo and video shooting?

The Pixhawk flight controller is a very large open source project. The Pixhawk flight controller can be found on an abundance of drones from a variety of manufacturers. It works with the Mission Planner software that can be used to monitor and program your drone to fly specific routes, or perform specific tasks.

What is the worst photo of yourself?

.. sort of subjective isnt it..? especially for people who doesnt value physical beauty.. or for people who hates how they look and feels extremely ugly despite being adored by many.. the latter often not keep anythin that reminds em of how ugly they feel.. and then, there's internal

What is your best photoshopped picture?

I am a graphic designer and working in Color Experts International. I use many image editing software's but Photoshop is my best choice. Here I have given some of my favorite Photoshopped images.We are upon a generation that believes that any and all information and media posted is without owner and copyright laws. Which of course, isn't the case.

What photos look Photoshopped but are actually real?

Thanks to technology and the 21st Century, there are millions of crazy photos circulating around the web. At times, it can be hard to point out which photos are real and which are photo-shopped – this is why I decided to round up the craziest photos out there that aren't photo-shopped but seriously look like they are.

Where can I sell pictures online?

Here's a non exhaustive list :ShutterstockAdobe Stock / FotoliaGetty ImagesIstockDreamstime123RFEyeEmDepositphotosBigstockphotoPond5 (mainly for video)CanstockphotoPhotoduneAlamyStocksy UnitedWestend61Most of these let you directly upload, some have an entry test (shutterstock, istock for example) for some agencies you have to be invited or submit a portfolio of your work.

Which app is better for photo editing?

Photographers never stop looking for picture-perfect moments. With smartphone cameras now offering great optics to capture high resolution, sharp results, a lot of images are now click from the mobile phone. There is a tonne of photo apps available that let you

Which is the best mobile photo editing app?

You can easily find so many photo editing applications over the internet, and all of them possess unique features.Some of these photo editor apps are powerful enough to have advanced photo editing features, but most of this app is available only for

Which is the best photo editing app for Android and iPhone?

There are hundreds of photography apps available, and so selecting most appropriate one can be daunting.From capturing, editing, sharing, and preserving the most vital moments of your life, you can do all this with these apps.Here are best apps specifically for photo editing for Android & iOS devices.PrismaIt is a popular app for Android that can transform any photo

Which is the best software for photo editing?

BEST PHOTO EDITING SOFTWARE:There are numerous video altering virtual products are accessible in market, yet this is my rundown of best video altering programming so you can deal with your video. In this new advanced period, PC programming have made to employment of motion picture altering substantially simpler.Here is an itemized list:1. Windows Movie MakerWindows

Which is the world's best photo?

The ‘Follow me to' series. They may not be the best in the world but are an epitome of creativity in photography at its best! Professional photographer Murad Osmann and his wife Natalia, the travelling couple, visit exotic and intriguing locales, with Murad capturing the beauty of a

Who took your best picture?

I did. But of course, I was in front of the camera. I took this photo while I was visiting national parks in the western USA. This huge lizard sculpture was outside of the Escalante region park headquarters, just west of

Can someone be very beautiful in person, but not very photogenic?

As Greg Scott answered, the main reason some people ruin the shots they're in is that they're self-conscious.  But I recall that when I worked in a Professional lab back in the stone age of photography [also known as the EMULSIAN period] where all I ever saw come through the

Has photography become boring?

Has photography become boring?Posting my photos online has always been offputting. My best pictures, either for their beauty or rare capture, get very few likes or comments, and photos that I actually dislike (usually focused on some stupid, trivial detail) get the most attention. In

How can one become better at photography?

10 tips for better photos1. Edit, edit, edit"Film" is now free with digital cameras, so take a lot of photos. But aim to only keep 1 or 2 from a shoot. Don't expect every photo to come out great. And don't show people every photo you take-- just the best few. A friend of mine

How do people look good in photos? Aside from natural looks, what are some techniques to look good in photos (full body and portraits)?

User-13643379292401207623 thanks for the A2A.As someone who loves shooting profiles both of myself and of others, here are some tips and tricks that I'd like to share :Work out and get a flawless jawline : People with great jawlines always look good in pictures.Drink a lot of water, and get

I'm 23 and already considering a career change. Should I go back to school?

Trust me friend, if you really like doing your work and are passionate about it then surely it is going to pay you off what you expect out of it.This is my personal experience. First of all don't panic, be patient.

What are some great photography hacks?

In practical, there are no such things like hacks. All you need to do is follow the basics. Basics are building blocks of any field or profession. When you know the basics, you can create your own hacks.Using the hacks when you are a profession saves your time but using them

What are some of the biggest misconceptions people have about what you do at your job?

Chef here.Whenever I see depictions of chefs in movies and TV they are generally shown with perfectly white coats moving far too slowly. Kitchen work is extremely stressful and you work at a breakneck pace. It's hot, sweaty, brutal, dirty, and dangerous work.The other misconception about

What are some things you would like to read about in a photography blog?

There is always nice to get that little sneak peak behind the scenes of a photographer's work. It has a huge educational value and can significantly improve your own skills. I was always keen on learning the work regime of successfull photographers.Other than that I

What are some voluptuous pictures of Scarlett Johansson?

Scarlett Johansson is a very famous actress and she is well-known for her role in the MCU as Black Widow. She has also appeared in movies like

What are the best iPhone photography blogs?

Best one is by Richard Koci Hernandez here AFAIK, he's the iPhone photography practitioner and instructor (associate professor @ CAL school of photojournalism). He has recently conducted a workshop at 1197 conference, which was one of the most comprehensive lectures on the iPhone photography I've had the privilege to attend.

What are the best mobile photography blogs?

I have been an avid mobile photography enthusiast for as long as I can remember. The first and the best camera at an arms reach always is your phone, so with that the phone cameras have also evolved to give spectacular shots when clicked right.Now

What are the best photography hacks only professionals know?

‘Professionals' in the true sense refer to the photographers who earn money from photography. Professional photographers know how to deal with various headaches that come with working as a professional which also includes managing the financial aspects and marketing.If you are referring to good photographers (which somehow happens to bewhat most people mean when they say

What are tips and tricks to look better in photos?

TL;DR: Before running out for botox, following are 10 things you can do to improve how you look in photos:Have a lot of shots taken of you, only keep the best.  Focus on flattering posture and angles.  Know facial expressions that work for you. Make sure your eyes are facing the light. Pay attention to what

What is the best place for photography blogging?

The best place to blog about photography is to start your own brand & website. It's actually easier than it seems.This is great process to follow in my opinion. I started my blog Photography Anytime following a similar process.Start with Instagram account. Create a list of 20 photographers.

What is your favorite PHOTOGRAPHY HACK and why?

Ready to go:Wait a second.First thing first,Do you Know what you need to create stunning, visually-appealing, emotion-evoking pictures?Your creative juices!Don't worry if you're running out of it right now...I'm here to help.Just read these 15 insane Photography hacks to up your photo game in minutes:Affiliate

What process did the photographer use to get this photo of Queen Elizabeth looking this good?

Two key things ... lighting ... and composition.First, note how carefully the composition has been designed. This isn't a random lineup of the family. The children arranged left to right, the elegant triangles within triangle arrangement of faces, and evoking a natural appearance of light falling through the window are deliberate

What should everyone know about photography?

Photography is like other art forms...  What I mean by that is that just about anyone can draw a picture.  Likewise just about anyone can take a photograph.I am personally quite pleased with the drawings that my first grandchild has given me since she was about two years old.  I'm also pleased with the

Why are people becoming selfie addict?

Because the majority of these people just follow what everyone else is doing and listen to media. We are seeing the second generation of these social media addicts in all it's horrendousness. I'm only a rocket scientist, but I wonder if there is a correlation between the ever inflating rise of obesity which

Why do I look good in the mirror but bad in photos?

Quite simply, your face is the wrong way round.As a portrait photographer, I've found about 90% of people will say they hate having their photo taken and are the least photogenic person in their family (if not the world).What I

Why do people in old photos look kind of ugly and so much older than their age?

People were often posed oddly, in imitation of old oil paintings. Exposure times could be several seconds, so they had to hold themselves still. This did not make for very casual photos. Fish lips and kiss face pouts were not as popular as they are today. People spent

Why do people shoot with film when it's easy to edit a digital photo to look like a film photo?

People still shoot on film because they get slightly more dynamic range, and unique color characteristics. Even an Arri Alexa, while coming close, still doesn't match the capability of film.A common thread I hear from people who shoot with film is

If someone takes a video/picture of me while doing something dirty with a girl (who gave consent), and it goes all over the school, and a teacher or administrator sees it, who will be in trouble, me and the girl or the video taker?

From a legal standpoint it is going to depend on the laws where you live. All three of you might end up in legal trouble.If any of you are still living under mommy or daddy's roof the parent(s) of any of you are free to dish out some punishment to their kid no matter what the law says.

What are some beautiful images of Kerala?

In the pursuit of Varnasahnkaram ideologyIt sickens me seeing so many of my south-Indian peoples trying to bypass & bury the facts by saying south-Indians & north-Indians look similar. How racist we south-Indians became? Every time there's a north-vs-south question, our peoples desperately posting pictures of mixed-race, makeup, plastic surgery queens of south-Indian film industry, to prove south-Indians look

What is the naughtiest picture you've ever sent someone?

Thanks for the A2A.Well the naughtiest that's a tough one. I have sent lots of nudes, pics of me getting head from wife to people we would

Which smartphone has the most versatile camera suitable for macro, wide angle, daylight and lowlight conditions equally?

LG and Motorola are well known for their wide angle cameras.For blur effect / portraitssmartphones with telephoto lens are well suitedEx: Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S9 Plus, Galaxy S10 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone Xs and Huawei P30 Pro.Latest