Is it appropriate to say 'good morning' after 12:00 o'clock?

Well,it depends upon which 12 o' clock are you asking about.If its 12 past midnight,then you can wish anyone Good Morning,say 1 0' clock or later.Don't care if there is still darkness out there!If its 12 past noon,then it is but obvious that you cannot greet anyone

What's an appropriate catch phrase for my 14-year-old son?

I must admit, this boy's three-word catch phrase has a certain impish charm.Still . . . as adults we know this is totally inappropriate language for just about anyone at just about anytime. If words like these fly around your home on a regular basis, you have a different

Why would my husband say he wished our daughter was another woman's child?

We are given no context for the statement. Spouses often have different opinions about raising children and different levels of empathy for their offspring.The same sex child can have a very different relationship with that parent than with the other.Is the child becoming the vicarious

How to grow myself to write content that will grab most people's attention (summarized in a phrase or two)

I learned the answer to this when I was fighting a mighty foe.What you have to do, is break down the gist of your answer to a sentence or two, and make it sound interesting. Maybe more interesting than it actually is.For example, in the first sentence in this answer, I learned how to write interesting answers by reading

Is it 'the USA' or only 'USA'?

The united states of America(USA), commonly known as

What is the definition of cardio respiratory endurance?

Cardiorespiratory endurance is the ability of heart and lungs to absorb, transport and utilize oxygen over extended period of time during physical exertion.Enhanced ability to take in oxygen(function of lungs) and deliver it to working muscles (function of heart) ,

At what age are you considered 'over the hill'?

You start to physically decline at around 30 but there are people at 75 who are still very functional so I guess it depends on the person but most people are fairly shot by 50 if they don't look after themselves. Interestingly researchers at Simon Frasier University

Is there a word or phrase describing the anxiety and depression high school seniors go through?

There's no word or phrase that can describe what you're going through when you're Anoxeric. You just need to calm yourself down and believe that everything shall pass. Once you have passed over that phase you'll realise that you've just

What does 'building character' mean? What are some examples?

Suffering adversity, going through hard times, facing life's challenges... all the stuff we go through in this life is supposed to have an indirect purpose. That is it should make us better people. Character usually means that you have some degree of emotional regulation, are able to curb impulsive behavior and, in general, have some degree of

What is your favorite 'phrase of frustration' that is at least somewhat unique?

Since I tend to get frustrated quickly when I mess up, I cuss...a lot. My coaches and teachers aren't very fond of my strong language, so I've developed some clean phrases to help cope. Be warned, I do use the lord's name in vain quite a bit.Here are some

Is the saying "if you don't have something nice to say then don't say anything at all" confusing at times?

A beautiful day and nice pleasant things are definitely something to enjoy. Nice people are great. Greater when they think the same as they act.No, its not really confusing. It's not an all day long and every instance thing to live by. In a

What do 'academic achievements' mean? What are some examples?

Academic achievement generally refers to the level of higher education a person has completed successfully.You can also measure academic achievements by grade point average (GPA), standardized test scores, or SAT scores. These can determine whether you will continue your education after high school by attending a university.On a resume, employers may require you meet a

​Who said "I love you" first?

Thank you for the A2A Gaurav More.To be honest, a few boys have told that they love me but I didn't actually care but there was this one boy that kinda stole my heart. He is the guy I love and it was him who said I Love You first.It is