Are kegel exercises harmful, particularly to the prostate?

Kegel exercises if performed correctly and following medical advice should not impact on the prostate.Often kegel exercises are recommended prior to surgery (if undergoing surgery to remove the prostate gland as with prostate cancer). Performing kegel exercises prior to surgery helps

Are push-ups bad for a 15-year-old boy?

Push ups are GREAT for a 15 year old boy. The thing about push ups, if done correctly, is that it is hard to hurt your shoulders. Damaging your shoulders doing bench press is all too easy. The push up position stabilizes the shoulder girdle in a

Are there any exercises I can do to ease upper back pain?

You may do these exercises right away.Pectoralis stretch: Stand in an open doorway or corner with both hands slightly above your head on the door frame or wall. Slowly lean forward until you feel a stretch in the front of your shoulders. Hold 15 to 30 seconds. Repeat 3 times.Thoracic

Can a disease ever make the body stronger?

Of course it can.  \We generally think of diseases as negative, but that view limits our understanding of health and healthiness. Disease is rather poorly defined by our medical systems, technically a disease is some type of disorder that can be diagnosed by a doctor. The Online Free Medical Dictionary defines disease

Can a woman work out during her period/menstruation?

Exercise at any point in your menstrual cycle is beneficial to your health, and during menstruation exercise is typically not harmful. Exercise can help ease menstrual cramps but not for everyone, some people will find that pushing themselves too much during menstruation can increase cramps and

Can lifting weights alone lower blood pressure?

I am assuming that you mean normal, resting blood pressure.No. Lifting weights can never reduce blood pressure or else the experts on heart diseases would have recommended weight lifting for those with high blood pressure.Blood pressure rise in older people is due to blockage and hardening of the arteries. The ways that

Can shoulder workouts stop shoulder dislocations?

The first thing that needs to be noted is have you been to the doctor??? The first time your shoulder has been dislocated, you absolutely need to go the doctor. If you have never been to the doctor, then ignore everything else and make an appointment. My

Can weight training prevent diabetes?

It will definitely help reduce the chance of developing type II diabetes, but not prevent.Even though it helps, it does not mean you should start consuming large amounts of sugars thinking you're fine; there's a limit to everything. If you are going to consume large amounts of sugar/related, make sure you expel the energy

Can you do hypertrophy training after strength training?

Short Answer: Of course.The two are interdependent, not mutually exclusive.Meaning you will rely on developing a certain amount of strength over time to develop hypertrophy and you will need a certain amount of volume (weight x sets x reps - typically associated with hypertrophy)

Can you get fit by just walking the stairs?

Walking or running up and down stairs will certainly improve your cardiovascular fitness and add strength and endurance to your legs.Depending on the size of the stairs you may be able to take them two or three at a time. If you

Disregarding looks, what is the most important exercise I can do regarding health?

Weight lifting. You can have a cardio workout and muscle workout. If you don't take as long of a break or any at all. Keep the intensity up. You can get a great workout in. Yes you can see improvements in your physical form but inside will feel great. Running is

Do ab exercises make your stomach look bigger if you have some fat?

If you strengthen your abdominal muscles and do not lose weight then it is likely that belly fat could be pushed out by the muscle growth and make your abdomen appear bigger . This can also be true if you are doing heavy exercises for your obliques. These exercises can make you look more

Do Kegel exercises really work?

Yes, kegels work. They work on so many levels, better erection quality, controlled ejaculation response and also incontinence. Here is an article I wrote on our site: "Kegels and Back Kegels:Kegels are an exercise performed by both men and women and serve a wide range of different purposes. For men, kegels are an awesome exercise and have

Do lungs benefit from daily exercise?

Yes they do. Lungs are our first engine which helps our body to get the nascent oxygens. Without these oxygens our body will be inactve in sense that if blood is not purified with the newly taken fresh air or i

Do push-ups really improve posture?

Push-ups are on of the most effective overall full body conditioning exercises you can perform essentially working 5 major muscle groups and the core. Push-ups work the chest, back, shoulders, triceps and biceps and as part of the core; work several muscles that make up the core.  A push-up not only engages

Does exercise help lower cholesterol? If yes, how? How much?

Yes, in my case.My readings are as below. Type, before, after and recommended.Total 7.3 5.7 5.2 (less than)HDL 1.17 1.58 1.04 (more than)LDL 5.4 3.69 2.6 (less than)Tri 1.6 1.02 1.7 (less than)Total/LDL 6.2 3.6 5.0 (less than)Do not look at the absolute

Does exercise prevent acne?

Exercise significantly improves your skin's complexion specifically in controlling acne. There are a variety of reasons that can contribute to breakouts. A leading factor is due to hormonal fluctuations within your body. Although, hormonal changes can be triggered for numerous reasons "stress" can play a huge component. When you stress you release cortisol hormones, this surge in testosterone

Does stripping mucus out of the lungs from heavy cardio exercise make the lungs more efficient?

Regular breathing exercises keep the lungs healthy. Especially breathless breathing exercises for asthma or chronic bronchitis patients increase lung performance. Apart from this, relaxation is reduced or stress reduces. Find out about some of these exercises:4-7-8 Relaxing StandSit back comfortably with the back straight. Expose all the lungs of the

Does swimming help in curing diabetes? Does it help in insulin formation?

Like any physical exercise, using your muscles lowers blood sugar by consuming it, and in type 2 diabetics lowers insulin resistance which will also lower your blood sugar, so is good, but won't cure your diabetes, and nothing will make you produce more insulin if you're a

Does the body burn fat before it burns muscle for energy?

The short answer is that it depends on what you've been eating.At steady state, i.e. no food and no acute physical activity, yourbody will be burning fat for energy, using fat released from your fatcells.  This is when you lose body fat.  This is the "norm"*.When

Gyms and Workout Facilities: What is the best exercise to strengthen core?

The secret behind an amazing core is (1) compound mid-section-centered weightlifting movements to develop raw core strength and (2) dynamic movements/ static holds to develop strength endurance. The best exercises for core strength are the squat and the deadlift. When you squat and deadlift, you are putting an immense amount of pressure on the

Has someone ever reduced his myopic eye power reduced through exercise?

Perhaps if I can, allow me to split the question:First-Has anyone ever had their myopia reduced?Yes, I have seen cases where the myopia spontaneously became less over many years. The amount of reduction is usually small ~1 dioptre or less. But in most cases, after the age of about 17 or 18, the myopia is very stable.Second-Was the reduction

How can amenorrhea due to vigorous exercise cause osteoporosis?

If you are interested in traditional medicine, I suggest that you read the following book:

How to detoxify my body from marijuana, caffeine and MDMA (ecstacy)

The simple way to detox fast is to eat raw food, though most people seek to eat for pleasure, raw food probably wouldnt be your first choice as one gets gradually used to eating raw and its an aquired taste, in

How to learn to make an effective exercise plan to get in shape properly

If you have the time you can learn anything through books, courses and certifications. Most entrepreneurs don't have the time to leverage learning something new and still focusing on their business. Another option would be to hire a virtual wellness coach. They don't have the overhead and other associated fees traditional PT have. They can be up

How to lose weight when I don't have time to exercise

IT STARTS WITH YOUR HABITS.Here are some suggestions:Upon waking up 2 glasses of water to wake up and regulate your metabolism, since you have had no nutrients or food energy intake in the last 7 - 8 hours during sleepStart your day with a Healthy

How to remain healthy

Get a good night's sleep! it increases ur immunity!!!Brush and floss your teeth routinely! Good oral hygiene protects your overall health, not just your teeth.Eat a balanced diet that includes 5 servings of fruits and veggies per day and don't skip the protein! If you want to cut calories, focus on the carbs. This will give you

How do athletes lift weights twice a day?

Definitely not counter-productive if you can sustain it and it doesn't affect your life outside the gym.Many professional athletes train this way, however, its their job.Pros of lifting twice a day:You can potentially train with more volume and intensity. Many times, the exercises later in the workout might suffer because of fatigue from the previous exercises and sets. Splitting

How to build stamina from zero

First of all kudos to have decided to have taken this new path !Since you haven't been running for a while it is common that you find it difficult to run a small distance too.Build up your running habit in small increments.Start with walk for 2 mins and run/jog at a

How to get rid of joint and muscle pain with home remedies

See below a testimony written by a close friend, who was dealing with all manner of pain.I'm a US Navy Gulf War veteran, who has proudly served my country. With my duties and responsibilities over the years, I have now to deal with mild PTSD, chronic issues (knee, foot, back, shoulder, elbow) to name a few and not to

How to know if I need more exercise

Feel physically and/or mentally tired? Do you feel lazy or unproductive the majority of the day? Are you unhappy and uncomfortable in your skin? if you answered yes then go get some exercise! doesnt have to be in the gym, go for a walk, join a sport, do something

How to make myself go to the gym

I recently read an interesting article - Pricing and the Psychology of Consumption - published by Harvard Business Review. What interested me was a section that talked about how consumption of a service is affected by the timing of the payments. My previous gym

How to relieve my pain after my first workout

The pain that you feel after a workout, especially if you haven't worked out in a while, is simply a build up of waste material in your tissues and micro damage to the muscle tissue (I am assuming here that you

How do squats help with lower back pain?

Squats DO NOT HELP LOW BACK PAIN!Generally squats as a way to prevent low back pain is not supported in the literature.Stoop or squat: a review of biomechanical studies on lifting technique. But, IMO the literature is incomplete. We do

How to do crunches

Lie on the floorLie on your back on a cushioned area of the floor or on a mat. Bend your knees, and place your feet flat on the floor. Keep your feet flat as you complete each step of the crunch, or place your toes underneath a couch or another stable object to prevent your feet

How to exercise to get the most practical body possible, which balances flexibility, strength, cardiovascular endurance and muscular endurance

By far the best way to achieve this would be to train in martial arts and fight sports.The very nature of the movement required balances and makes your body practical, your body will become stronger, faster, more flexible, fitter and you'd be able to scale walls do back flips and

How to shape up and stay healthy for the rest of your life

I made some changes to my physical activity five years ago and these have helped me to maintain a healthy routine over time. Find something you enjoy and make it a part of your routine.  This will keep you motivated and it will not feel

How does doing squats help increase upper body strength?

The body generally works with two groups is muscles to aid in strength and mobility. Biceps and triceps, abdominal muscles and lower back muscles, quads and hamstrings . When one of the muscles become weak due to imbalance in training,

How does one exercise with two sprained knees?

For some aerobic exercise you can use an upper body ergometer (UBE) or "hand bike," found in some gyms and any decent physical therapy clinic.  You can also do upper body resistance training and possibly torso exercises such as abdominal crunches. If you're a swimmer, you

How does twerking make your butt bigger?

Exercises is safe method to get bigger butt. For people who want to get bigger butt in short time, you can try Imodstyle Bigger Butt Fast (please search on google) . I have got great results with it. I've *gained an inch and half to my butt within 22 days* just by following that guide.You

How hard should i work out?

The old motto of "go hard or go home" is very relevant here: it is not enough to simply come to the gym and expect some magic to happen to your body without putting in much effort.And this is the part that is bound to confuse a lot of people. You have to

How long does exercise take to treat depression?

You start feeling better and more in control after the first session. Shoot for at least 45 minutes in your aerobic zone. (If you don't know what

How long will I live if I never exercise?

Just as long as many others that have never

How much cardio should I do each week?

Much less than is often recommended, and not in the way most people recommend.If you are working hard enough very brief bouts of

How much exercise is still safe if you want to lose weight and gain muscle?

You have to build up your body - and once your body is stronger, you're only limited by your genetics.Arnold Schwarzenegger was famous for his 2 hour twice daily workouts. He didn't start at that level. He built himself up to that point.The

How much exercise on a stationary bike is optimal for weight loss and cardio?

You need to burn more calories than you consume to lose weight.  Thus, you can bike for an hour, burn 700 calories, and still gain weight if you are eating too much.  Similarly, you can eat less than your daily caloric needs

How quickly can I lower my blood pressure with exercise?

There is no 'quick' way to lower your blood pressure; it's a systemic process that will take years to fully stick. However, some exercises are more conducive to lowering blood pressure than others.In this case, you want to focus on cardiovascular workouts.

How soon should I see the results of exercising?

That depends on what kind of results you are looking for. If you are talking about the immediate benefits:1. Relaxation: Caused by immediate release of endorphins2. Decreases Peripheral Vascular Resistance3. You will feel more energetic: Increases Heart Rate & Stroke VolumeLong Term benefits:1. Decreases

I recently began walking every day on a Treadmill to lose weight, and can afford to burn 100 calories every day, more or less. Is this good enough or far from being enough?

Just make it logical and do a quick math:To lose weight, logically your intake calories should be less than the calories you burn. (Intake Calories < Calories Burnt)Now let's do a quick math:Intake Calories in a day (I just quickly Googled this): - Sandwhich

If my muscles aren't sore after a workout, should I be working harder?

Like others have said, muscle soreness is not an indication of a good workout. All muscle soreness indicates is that you're not training that particular muscle/muscle group frequently enough.If you train each muscle group at least once a week, your muscles will stop feeling sore, and this is in no way a bad thing.

If spot exercises don't reduce belly fat, then why do people do sit ups?

Your abdominal muscles are an important part of overall strength.  Your spine by itself can't keep your upper body upright; it has too many joints.  The abdominal muscles figure into almost every motion you do.To experience that for yourself, do a few dozen crunches.  (Good crunches, not crappy crunches.  See User's comment below

Is a heart rate of 110 beats per minute healthy for someone who is at rest?

Don't chase the numbers, it's all about how good you feel about yourself.It's your heart it's not a machine to keep beating at same pace.Cardiology is a multi million dollar business and who decides this tachycardia and bradycardia.... It's the medical fraternity that does this.They take the average and

Is BMI a useful metric to measure fitness?

BMI is a very good metric for overall health.   It is hard to lose weight, and hence there is a lot of wishful thinking about BMI not mattering. For example: Consider a professional foot ball player, with a BMI of 27, and a body fat ratio of 6%. Should this person lose weight after retring?

Is exercise addictive?

Dopamine, a neurotransmitter - a chemical in your brain, gets released when you exercise. Dopamine has many functions, among them is learned behavior and reward. When you do something like exercise, you feel good (reward) and want to repeat it (learned behavior). This is basically what leads to people to get 'addicted' to exercising. They crave the 'feel-good'

Is intensive exercise bad for your heart health?

The American Heart Association gives the following general recommendations:For Overall Cardiovascular Health:At least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity at least 5 days per week for a total of 150ORAt least 25 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity at least 3 days per week for a total of 75

Is it alright to go to the gym everyday for 1 hour?

The answer is a definite yes. 1 hour a day is plenty of time to stay fit and with a good 1 hour training program you will have nothing to worry about. If you are looking for a recommendation here is something that I advise people at my gym who don't have a

Is it better to do ab exercises every day or every other day?

Do not train abs everyday. Twice a week should suffice.Remember, your abs are already doing significant work when you perform compound movements. There is no need to annihilate your abs every single day. Abs are just like any other muscle in your body. That means they need time to recover. When they get worked hard, a couple

Is it better to run an additional 100 meter every day until you get to 20 km, or is it better to run 5 km for a month, then 10 km, and the next then 15 km, etc.?

Linear progression isn't optimal, whether you do the increases every day, every week or every month. Better approach:Run five days a week, with three short runs ("base miles") just to keep your body accustomed to running, one medium

Is it better to swim after or before going to the gym?

First things first, it is very important to 'aptly' warm your body up before hitting one of the two! It is as important as washing your hands before a meal. Free hand exercises, a good jog or stretching out your

Is it essential to optimize diet with workout or only workout will do to build muscle?

Following a proper balanced diet daily will help you gain all the essential nutrients and vitamins which helps to keep the body healthy and fit.From a small kid to an old person It is necessary for each individual to eat healthy and stay fit. Doing workout is secondary activity apart from a balanced diet.Exercising is a great

Is it normal to have a headache every time after exercise?

Thanks for the A2A, Jennie :)A worrying question this.No, from what I understand its definitely not normal to have a headache after exercising.Hypertension, hypoglycaemia and spinal or nerve problems can be the culprit for headaches in some (not all) scenarios.If a

Is it okay to exercise during a stomach ache?

I am puzzled why this question first asked by an anonymous member in 2015 has cropped up now for re-answering!A person having a mild stomach ache that does not force him/her to seek relief from the pain and allows him/her to wonder whether to exercise or not and allows him/her to sit calmly and raise this

Is it possible to get rid of knocked knees by exercise?

Knock knees is a term used to describe an inward angle of the thighs when a squat is performed or while standing in a neutral position. This is caused from weak abductor muscles, which are found on the outsides of the hips and thighs. To correct this problem, do abductor-strengthening

Is it possible to have bigger arms without lifting weights?

Yes, you can always go the calisthenics route. Push-upsPush-ups build the chest, anterior deltoids, and triceps. They can be made harder by lateralizing and eventually doing them one-armed, as well as by raising the legs.  Pull-ups Pull-ups are the yang to the yin of push-ups. They train the lats, the muscles around the

Is it unhealthy to workout (cardio and light weights) twice a day for 30 minutes each time?

I do not have a science background so I suspect others can answer this question a lot better.  I can tell you from my own experience that I have been working out twice a day for about 3 years and no issues(other than less free time).  In fact, I know

Is the amount you sweat related to fitness?

Yes.Athletes will generally sweat more than "usual" as just another  sympathetic adaptation to training (ie better vascularity, capillarization etc all works toward keeping the body comfortable under stress - one aspect of which is sweat to keep the body cool).Of course, your body doesn't

Is there a point where exercise becomes bad for you?

The point is not really the exercise but the things associated with it that makes becoming obsessed with exercising bad.Ive already mentioned obsession which as most acknowledge is bad for you whatever the obsession. Poor eating habits generally follow or

Is there a risk for long term damage from taking Alpha GPC?

Dosage: The appropriate dose of alpha-GPC depends on several factors such as the user's age, health, and several other conditions. At this time there is not enough scientific information to determine an appropriate range of doses for alpha-GPC.Keep in mind that natural products are not always

Is walking 10,000 steps really the best health guideline?

Walking 10,000 steps is close to 8 kilometers/5 miles. If you start practicing it, you will realize that walking half of it throughout the day is not difficult but to achieve 10,000 steps a day you need to put some extra efforts.Its a good habit and keeps you fit.

Running (activity): How do I improve stamina and relieve lower leg pain?

Any drastic decrease in fitness level needs to be medically evaluated.  There are a number of different causes of leg pain after running a short distance, some of them medically very significant.  The most dangerous is called claudication: a decrease in blood flow to a region of

What are examples of simple daily exercise routines that keep us healthy with minimal time commitment?

Here are the 6 best daily exercise routines that will keep you healthy with minimal time commitment. Besides, these exercises also offer you LONGEVITY, strength, endurance, and agility. Please also follow the DIETARY GUIDELINES given at the end to COMPLEMENT it.

What are extremely good electronic gadgets to track my fitness?

Hi.My favourite health gadgets are Tellspec Food Scanner, Under Armour HealthBox, Slendertone <3 Trust me these are some of the BEST!!Tellspec Food Scanner: Many a times we don't have control on what we are eating and if you want to keep a track of it then

What are fashion tips for a short, obese man?

Having a decent wardrobe will help anyone make a better first impression, even if you don't have the best body. Being short and overweight doesn't mean that you have to dress poorly. It is possible to be a very stylish, heavyset man. You just need to pay attention to the details and select clothing that suits your

What are some good pre- and post- workout tips?

When it comes to muscle building, increasing strength and muscle mass, your training, nutrition, and recovery go hand in hand to get you results and make you able to see gains. But you have to know that your overall diet is the utmost

What are some good principles to keep in mind for how to exercise for heart health?

30–60 min aerobic exercise (running, cycling, swimming?) 4–5 times a week is close to the best you can do for your heart. It does not have to be the top of aerobic (65% intensity), even walking is okay if running would be

What are some of the best, reliable and authentic blogs on general health, fitness and well being?

Concerned that you have got some flab or you are wafer thin? Or neither but still a longing to be better? Feel that you have everything you need but wish for something more profound? Believe that your performance in bed

What are some relatively unknown health and fitness tips?

Thanks for the A2A1. Sleep structure is critical to metabolic health. Some body builders even take GABAergic drugs to increase lean muscle to fat ratio. 2. Green vegetable juicing. You don't need an expensive juicer to juice things! Instead of taking

What are the benefits of regular exercise?

Healthy body is a combination of balanced diet and exercise. We are careful in the matter of eating but physical labor is treated as negligent. But just like eating, exercise should be done regularly. Exercise is also helpful in keeping an important contribution

What are the best exercise goals for 'general fitness'?

Your question is fairly open so I will have to make some assumptions (so apologies if they are totally wrong).I assume by generally healthy you are not interested directly in physcial appearance, though no doubt you would be more than happy with any positive visual effects that occur as a by-product. I am also going to

What are the best exercise routines?

If you want to develop Hulk type of muscles, this post is not for you. I am more into developing endurance. Here are 6 best exercises which offers you longevity, strength, endurance, and agility. 1. Walking2. Cycling3. Running4. Swimming5.

What are the best exercises and workout routines to get rid of headache?

The endorphins will probably help numb your headache so you have many options, as there are many workouts which give you endorphins quickly.Squats get you going faster than anything, besides perhaps running and bicycling. I recommend whichever one you prefer. You don't need added weight to do a squat. It's my

What are the best exercises one can do to build strength and stamina without weights?

You can get a fantastic workout without weights and sometimes it's even good to do bodyweight circuits in a fully stocked gym for variety and when you want to focus on conditioning. It's hard to recommend something without knowing your fitness

What are the best exercises to help strengthen the knees if you walk a lot?

Top of the list is the leg press (squats, lunges, etc.)Next would be the leg extension. I would not recommend doing both the leg press and leg extension together as they both target the quads. Stick with one, do it to max inroad (fatigue).Stair StepperTreadmill with uphill inclineNext would be the leg curl.Next...calf

What are the best foods and exercises to improve lung health?

Free Online Business DirectoryFree Business Listings - Local Business DirectoryNational Web DirectoryUSA Local Business Listings.eBusiness Pages - USA Business DirectoryNot Just a Yellow Pages DirectoryFree list of 400 Law/Lawyer listingsWater – Water plays a huge

What are the best health and fitness tips?

Below are the essential non-negotiable components of any fitness regime .Any fitness schedule that misses out any one of these six components would be incomplete. Overemphasizing one over the other is also wrong as a balanced approach has to be taken.

What are the best ways to develop the muscles of the neck?

Neck muscles the most neglected part for most of the people and it can be a life saver. Strong neck is a sign of a strong man, it is one of the source of nervous energy, strongest animals by default possess strong neck.

What are the best ways to exercise during work breaks?

Here are some easy to do exercises which can be done during work breaks -Strengthening Of HandsFor this make a fist first, then squeeze tightly and hold this for 3-5 seconds. Finally release it and stretch your fingers wide. Repeat this with both your hands 5-10 times.BENEFITS – It

What are the signs and symptoms of exercising too much?

This article of mine should helpWhat is Overtraining?Basically, overtraining occurs whenever the volume and intensity of someone's workouts are exceeding their ability to recover. This means progress is coming to a screeching halt, due to delayed recovery and elevated cortisol levels.You are likely to lose mass and

What can I do every day to stay young?

This is the list:Sun exposure: Even 15 minutes of sun exposure daily is enough to do the damage. Read "Skin & Sun" blog to know more about how UV rays damage skin and what you can do.Stress: Mental stress releases

What can I do to relieve neck pain after working out?

Poor posture is a common cause of recurring neck pain and stiffness. In most cases, daily neck stretches and exercises are recommended to improve posture and reduce the risk of neck pain returning or becoming worse.Chin tuck. This exercise strengthens the muscles that pull the head

What can I do to walk and not get pain in my shoulder, shoulder blades, or upper back?

Thanks for asking.Posture-related pain often stems from doing far too much work, rigidly holding tension where it is not needed. This can be voluntary, but it often occurs at a subconscious/reflexive level. This unnecessary tension leads to pain and cramping, just as if

What does it mean to taste blood after exercise?

If you are exercising outside and are not used to cold weather (assuming it is cold outside) then that could be the problem.  Cardio exercise in the cold can result in a metallic-y taste in your mouth (can feel like

What effect does exercise have on sleep?

Self-rated sleep quality and overall sleep duration, sleep scientists like to spotlight the underlying sleep architecture. Sleep is not one thing . It is composed of several different processes. It appears that each of these different types of sleep seem to be independently important. Each has its own homeostatic process , that is selectively depriving a person of

What effects does physical exercise have on the brain?

Exercise in general grows new neurons (neurogenesis) and promotes new pathwys in the brain (neuroplasticity)A study at the Colombia University has shown that moderately to highly trained individuals were able to grow and maintain new neurons in the dentate gyrus of hippocampus at a 2-3 times rate that those who didn't exercise. This process can be compared

What exercise can be done when you have an injured elbow?

You can train every other muscle and body part except that particular joint and associated muscles. Imagine that you're a veteran from Afghanistan and you lost that whole arm instead of just injured it. What would you do in the

What exercises can I do if I have some pain in my right shoulder?

In my experience, most shoulder problems benefit from strengthening the rotator cuff. This is usually six exercises: Internal and external rotation, flexion extension, adduction and seated upright row. However, shoulders are complicated and you should have a professional evaluation by a doctor, chiropractor or PT to be sure of the right treatment.

What is difference between health and fitness?

Most people believe being healthy and being fit are one and the same. In reality they can be separate states of physical being. You can be really fit, and not very healthy; and you can be very healthy and not very

What is more effective, intrinsic motivation factor or extrinsic motivation factor in health and fitness?

Motivation factor in health and fitness varies greatly across different people.Some do it for sports performance, impressing their friends/girlfriends, some for betterment of their lifestyle, some for social reasons, some for matching upto the standards of their idol(s), some for following the guidance given by someone

What is the benefit of body stretching to your health?

I agree with all of Barts points and will also add...General day to day mobility - it's just easier to reach in to the cupboard for something or 1000 other small daily movements that we take for granted but can become more difficult if we start to seize up...Well-being

What is the best exercise for lungs?

Diaphragmatic breathing:Lie on your back with knees bent. You can put a pillow under your knees for supportPlace one hand on your belly below your rib cageInhale deeply through your nose for a count of threeTighten your stomach muscles and exhale for a count of six through slightly puckered lipsThis type of exercise works your heart