Is technology not a threat to life on Earth?

Not all technology. But the fossil-fuel burning technologies certainly are.The Extinction Crisis

Where did Earth get its gravity from?

From its mass. The earth weighs 5.98x10^24 Kg, IIRC, and has a radius[1] of 6378495m. so gravity = [math] 5.98e24 * 6.67408e-11 / 6378495^2 = 9.81 m/s^2[/math][1]/. Yes I know! oblate spheroid... but what the hell!

Why does the sky look red in the afternoon?

There are two reasons for this.First, let's talk about Rayleigh scattering. You probably know that sunlight is made of many, many different colors (wavelengths) of visible light. When sunlight passes through the air, some colors interact with air molecules more strongly

What time is taken by light to reach the Moon's surface from the Sun?

There is not much of a difference between the solar light reaching earth and reaching the moon. The only difference is that during the New Moon the solar light takes 20 seconds less while during the Full Moon it takes

Which would be easiest: heating up Mars or cooling down Venus?

Heat up Mars. All it really needs is a means to thicken the atmosphere and be made preferably, suitable for humans to breathe within. By "heating up", I mean reducing the hot-cold gap on the Martian surface, which will stabilize in the presence of a thick enough atmosphere. It already CAN get to +20 to

Do you think there will be life on Earth to see the day the sun dies?

No Earth's life from beginning to it's end is 2billion years it's roughly just passed 1billion years. The sun has approximately 25 - 35 billion year life expectancy.

How would life be different today if the earth was 50% larger?

  Assuming everything stays the  same exactly. The moon is still equally distant. that seems like the second biggest factor to the Earths new gravity from mass. Third would be a slight increase in temperature from the sun. I would guess that everything living would be about a third bigger.

If our moon was bigger, how would it affect Earth?

Well considering that moon was (in past) part of earth, if moon would have been bigger then, earth size would have a big small, so do earth's gravity, so do our bone density and many biological functions, tides on earth would been even bigger because

If the Sun's gravity is constantly pulling planets toward it, why hasn't the Earth been pulled into the Sun?

Answer 1:The Earth is always being pulled towards the Sun by gravity. If the Earth were stationary compared to the Sun, it would fall into the sun under the force of gravity. However the Earth is actually moving sideways compared to the center of the Sun at 3 km/second (~2 miles/second). The Earth is not

Will humanity actually consume all of Earth's forms of energy before humans go extinct (or before human planetary migration)?

No, on a technicality.We might be able to consume all the fossil fuels and mine out all the nuclear fissionable ores but there are always other sources of energy. But there are many MANY non-consumable sources of energy.Geo-thermal is fairly reliable.Hydroelectric power is

Could we ever live on the moons of Jupiter?

Yes, the innermost Jovan moons will be in the radiation belts of Jupiter but the mid to outer moons will be suitable for human habitation.

Which star appears in the sky as the star which all other stars revolve around?

Jules Stoop is correct on both counts, however, on the second count, he has not mentioned the second one.Which star appears in the sky as the star which all other stars revolve around?There are two stars around which it appears the other stars are revolving around, Circumpolar star. In the northern

Which is the biggest planet in our Solar System?

Nobody knows for sure, though the largest planet we know so far is Jupiter, by far. The Kuiper belt is vast and Oort cloud even vaster.Jupiter is definitely the largest planet that's anywhere near Earth, indeed we know that there is no largert planet right out to 26,000 times the distance from the Sun to the Earth (26,000 au)

Is it possible to plant life on another planet?

You have raised an important and interesting point.Planting life (microorganisms to start) with is pretty simple given the fact that man landed on moon way back in 1968 or so and now man has send probes that are bringing back soil/rock samples etc

What would happen if the core of the earth disappeared?

There cannot be an absent core. As soon as matter is removed, more would collapse towards the center forming a new core. Needless to say, the core of the Earth is enormous and a collapse on that scale would assuredly extinguish all life and probably blow off all light elements, including the hydrosphere and atmosphere.

How much time do all planets take to complete one revolution round the sun?

If you want to know the values you can google them. The values you will get will be according to earth's time. 24 hours is a repetitive phenomena on earth. Suppose we are living on mars the we would say that earth complete its revulotion faster then mars. Main

Why was planet Earth created?

Lobby 1 (95 % intellectuals and mathematicians): Earth was created out of sheer co-incidence. The universe was created out of Co-incidence. Probability Rules and There is NO damn reason. Pure Luck, Sheer fortune (or misfortune) and pristine chance is responsible for everything.Lobby 2  : (Few people including Einstein) God does not play DICE

What if we had more than 1 Moon? How would it affect or change Earth?

Who says we don't have more moons?A definition of "moon" according to the OED, says that it is any "natural" object orbiting a planet.Currently, there is a "mystery" object orbiting Earth, temporarily designated 9U01FF6, with an orbital distance between 50,000 and 460,000 miles and

In interstellar, wasn't the future earth still more habitable than the alien planets they discovered?

Maybe it was habitable for a little while until the crew found a new planet in the foreign galaxy, but in that short while things on Earth started getting progressively worse.There were two reasons for this decline:1) The fact that

What would happen to the earth if suddenly one of the giant planets disappeared?

We wouldn't notice any change initially, but I seem to recall hearing that the placements of the planets are not random - their orbits are in some sense resonant with each other in ways that are now stable; removing one

Is it possible that the probability of life spontaneously appearing is so low that Earth is the only planet in the Galaxy (or in the observable universe) in which it has happened?

Is it possible that the probability of life spontaneously appearing is so low that Earth is the only planet in the Galaxy (or in the observable universe) in which it has happened?I am not a statistician, or a mathematician. All I can do is read. However, it seems, from what I do read, that the odds of

Are there other planets with life on them?

We don't have a clue. May be billions. Or may be none. It's all conjecture until we have a fundamental understanding of how life can result from non-life. If it takes extremely fine tuning, then it's possible that only earth has the specific

What will earth be like in one billion years?

Bear with me here while I share my perspective...Man has a propensity for scientific advancement, engineering, war and revenge like no other life on this planet...we continue to develop weapons of incredible (and increasing) power with each advancement in understanding. With each advancment we

Could an alien race actually plausibly come to Earth with the purpose of conquering it?

Any civilization that can solve the problems inherent in crossing those interstellar distances would have a mastery of matter and energy that would eliminate all problems of scarcity. There is no mineral they could gain from earth that they could not obtain elsewhere. They would have a level of

What makes it possible for the planets to continue to orbit the sun without falling off their orbits?

The lack of anything stopping them from continuing to orbit the Sun.Newton's First Law

Will Earth fall into the sun?

-The better way is to say that earth will be swallowed by sun.-As per the theory of relativity, the earth will follow a spiral path ending in the sun because of the bent in space fabric caused by sun. But this will be a very slow process-many years before that

What would be a way to explore others sun systems?

Only by big telescopes, anything else is unfeasible. Reaching a different stellar system will take to the order of ten thousand years. Our civilization won't exist anymore on that time scale. Also currently there exists no technology that will survive a hundred centuries. It is inconceivable that such a technology will

How would the earth be affected if the sun suddenly disappeared?

If sun disappeared the consequences would be pretty dire. But our planet retains heat rather well, so we wouldn't freeze to death instantly.Those on the night side wouldn't feel much difference initially but eventually the lack of the

Is it possible to change the atmosphere of planet Mars to make it habitable?

We should first increase temperature and air pressure, so we can grow crops and walk around without space suit, just breathing apparatus.There are various ways to increase the temperature and air pressure. The best way is to ‘live of the land' and use materials that

Are we people able to reach Earth to its core?

No. Nobody can reach there. It's all molten metal inside there with temperature more than the surface of the sun i.e. about 6000 K.thenHow do scientists know what is in the core of the earth?   Well, we have a pretty good idea

What would happen if the earth doubled in size?

Couple of things, the main one you will have to worry about is gravity would double, thus doubling your weight.... Also the moon might not be a moon for much longer at that point.

If the earth spun so fast as to make days half an hour long, would life look as we know it?

Gravity would decrease considerably due to the tremendous centrifugal forces acting on everything including people. Someone will perhaps work out how it would affect the track and field records.The weather would be chaotic with winds lashing Earth at speeds that would blow away most buildings.The sea would be so confused, it would be tsunamis everywhere all

If the Earth is attacked by an alien army, which nation would fend most of them off militarily?

No nation on Earth has the capacity to fend any Alien attack. You talking here about entities capable of travel in time and space and arrive here from other planets.Their technology is much more advanced than ours by millions of years. We will not

Why are we on this planet?

Everything to humans is language.WHY - the ability to distinguish and care about future outcome, ie. weigh memories and desires, is one mark of a highly functional survival instinctARE - the re-affirmation of the concept of historical plurality implies both trust in the pattern of plurality as stable system AND conscious will

What would happen if Jupiter were to suddenly turn into a star the size of the Sun?

Nothing much.Jupiter is over 5 times as far from Earth as the Sun, at best.The light we would receive from this new Sun would be 1/27th that received from the Sun, again, at most.The gravity we would experience from the new Sun would be 1/27th that we do

What if the Earth became 46 times its volume?

Either Everyone Dies™ or Everyone Dies™, depending on how you interpret this one.Ain't life grand?OK, so first option: Earth is suddenly 46 times bigger but not heavier. The density of Earth is now 1/10th that of water and is nothing more than a loose cloud of material. But it

Does being on Earth count as being in space since the Earth is in space?

No. Technically speaking, the concept of space is better defined as

Why is only one side of the Moon visible from Earth?

Along millions of years, the Moon found a lock position in its orbit around Earth. The center of gravity of the Moon is not in the exact center of the mass. The side that we see is heavier, denser. As

Does Mars have a blue sky?

It does, but it's not as bright as Earth's, and it's often turned red because of dust.Here's a selection of images put together by Robert Frost. They are all true colour images of Mars' sky.

If flat earthers are correct and the earth accelerates upwards at 9.8m/s wouldn't all objects 'fall' at the same speed since the earth is moving not the objects?

I like Ed Smiley's answer... it at least tries to answer a queer question with a scientific proof of the incorrectness of its premises.There are abundant possibilities of proofing that Earth is not flat. Going o a mountaintop and looking around (good sighting