What was the first video game you ever played?

I remember gazing longingly at a table version of Space Invaders at the swimming pool my dad used to take me to. I'd maybe get to play a game or two each week after swimming. I was completely mesmerized by the graphics and sound and to this day the kind of 8 bit graphics with low-res CRT display

When do teens stop playing video games?

On their 20th birthday. They'll never play a video game as a teenager again!Seriously, speaking from experience, when I moved out of my parent's house and couldn't afford a computer or gaming console I stopped playing games. I had to pay rent, eat and utilities, not to mention spend

Do astronauts play video games?

Astronaut Andy Thomas played computer games as a mental escape during his stay on the Mir space station in 1998.More recently astronauts played an Alien Invaders video game while testing a HoloLens VR headset on the ISS.Thomas says he's experiencing many things

Is playing video games for 4 hours bad for you?

Is watching tv for four hours bad for you? Is reading for four hours bad for you?Perhaps I'm biased because I play for at least four hours daily but I honestly don't see the problem. Nearly 20 years ago, I

What are the benefits of playing video games?

You raise some good points about benefits of video games already. One thing I would like to quickly address though, is the idea of high opportunity costs. Most gamers (that I know, at least) are not concerned about the opportunity costs. First and foremost

Why would someone spend the entire day playing video games?

Yep. It's fun. Even though it can seem a waste to some, for those of us that find gaming fun, it's a wonderful and cathartic escape from the drudgery of day to day life.This is not to say that I don't sometimes feel guilty for spending too

Do you think that watching a movie is similar to playing a video game?

It depends on what game it is as there are many different game genres that are more like movies than games, but generally, no. A movie is just a very long cutscene. You have no control over what happens. In a game,

What is the best video game to play while watching TV?

I do this all the time due to the boredom of grinding.Games that have a time limit, quick time events, fast-paced action or high difficulty are not suitable for watching TV due to the distraction.Basic rules:1) Turn-based RPGs (like Pokemon) can be played while watching TV, with the exception of games like MHStories, which

What is the most fun two (or more) player video games that you can play with people who don't always play video games?

Good question!I can think of a few.***DISCLAIMER*** I am not a competitive person, I play games for the joy of playing them. I'm not averse to the odd challenge, but you won't find any PVP games on this list (but I do list a

What's worse, watching TV or playing video games?

Doing either to the detriment of important parts of your life.Neither is objectively bad. You can become a couch potato by doing either or both in excess. You can become a worthless slob without doing either. Nothing's bad about doing an entertaining pastime. What's bad is losing too much

How to let my wife playing video games with me

Find games that she will like, try to start with story based ones and let her warm up with those. If she likes it and wants to play more, you can start diving in to the multiplayer ones and play together.Don't shout or swear to her if she dies all the time

Why would my video game playing husband not like me playing video games without him?

Without more specifics I can only speculate and there's a lot of potential reasons I can think of off hand, especially if you're playing on his PC.Could just be that he's worried you might not know your way around a computer and doesn't want you to change any settings.He's worried you might play his